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Monday, December 7, 2015

Michael Raymond Wetzel: Father Of Six

Filmed on Sunday, November 29, 2015 (the first Sunday of Advent 2015):

Wetzel Family Advent Candle Lighting_Hope from Church of the Woods on Vimeo.

Mike Wetzel, a Christian believer, was slaughtered in the name of Allah on December 2, 2015, at a Christmas party at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California.

Obituary HERE.

The 14 victims of the San Bernardino jihad massacre:

Which religion is the religion of peace: Christianity or Islam?

Which group is the greater threat today? Christians or Muslims?

Related reading: Story asserts there were only 13 innocent victims. Guess #14 deserved it?


  1. One would never know who the good guys are with this administration. What a beautiful tribute to this wonderful family. But of course this carnage was our fault.

  2. I found Obama's speech last night to be insulting to the victims of the San Bernardino jihad massacre. All that Obama did was mention a number!

    Interesting take here in a CNN video...

    CNN: ISIS Will Laugh at Obama's Oval Office Speech

    1. Were those two ISIS inspired terrorists on a no fly list?
      I bet not.
      Does he know that?
      I bet not.

    2. Ed,
      The San Bernardino jihadists were NOT on a no fly list.

      I cannot imagine the Obama doesn't know that'.

  3. Decadent western culture is not compatible with Islam. That is the #1 reason for not importing Muslims. A nation can set whatever immigration policy it wants. Religious and cultural tests are not illegal.

    All religions look weird to outsiders, but making your women wear 7th century costumes, and sending for brides from the backwards nether regions of the backward society your parents came from are two outward signs of a refusal to assimilate and a contempt for liberal western culture.

    Why can't we have leaders who stand up and welcome those who want to join our society, but who will also loudly slam the door in the faces of those who want to come here to create pockets of obscurantism and ignorance.

    Finally, the No-Fly List.

    Supposedly, there are 47,000 people on it, and 46,700 are non-citizens. If we had a government that still had balls and a brain, they would all be deported. Now. No immigration hearing, no reviews. Gone.

    They can file an appeal at the US Consulate of whatever hell-hole we dump them in, and they can take their ACLU lawyer with them.

    1. I realize you are desperately trying to remain "rational" and to be as "temperate" as possible in all this, Silver, but I can sense the fury, frustration and bitter disappointment threatening to well up and boil over just beneath the studied calm of your surface.

      I fully realize that my Johnny-One-Note approach to the problem of Islam's latest attempt to conquer and destroy the West comes across as simplistic –– even fanatical –– but my own rage and frustration comes to the surface more each day, because I see all-too-clearly that virtually everyone from the Bastard-in-Charge on down is trying to believe this ugly thing can be TALKED and ARGUED into submission.

      I am not a violent man. Sometimes, I wish I had that capacity, however, because I think it's much needed always in the ongoing struggle we must engage in to preserve, protect and defend our LIBERTY. A precious heritage the leftist termites would like us to toss away like so much garbage.

      I truly believe, that we live as well as have and do still today, because "rough men stood ready to do violence on our behalf."

      As I see it, the trouble TODAY is that those rough men have been MANACLED by the pernicious, over-educated, under-experienced "dweebs" who seem to think that THEY –– and ONLY they –– know how to handle the challenges we always have had –– and always will have –– to face.

      I call them "dweebs," because they are men obsessed with man made THEORIES about what is and is not "ethical" behavior, and weighed down by their reliance on prolixity –– as though THEIR highly-overrated intelligence was the ONLY thing we had to rely on..

      I would dare to say this: When engaged in a WAR of ANY kind, ''ethics'' and lofty, dispassionate, air-headed theories devised in Ivory Towers by self-styled "intellectuals" are the very LAST things that ought to be on anyone's mind.

      Propaganda has become a dirty word, but we have forgotten we could never have prevailed in the two Great Wars without having been able to persuade the vast majority to regard The Enemy of those times with utter contempt and loathing. As a people, we HAD to want to ANNIHILATE both the Heinies and the Japs. Without that unbridled passion to prevail we could never have won a single battle.

      If we had allowed ourselves to be guided by "Intellectuals Morons" [Thank you, Daniel J. Flynn!], we would have been roundly defeated, and God only knows what the world would look like today had we lost.

      In my view either we must work very hard to regenerate and rebuild our collective capacity to feel UNBRIDLED RIGHTEOUS WRATH at whatever forces bedevil us, OR we must make up our minds to CAPITULATE, and try to survive as best we can in a world in which I frankly would rather die than be forced to exist.

      I believe we have been skillfully maneuvered to believe that because WWII was so very terrible, we must NEVER AGAIN dare to risk repeating such an action –– no matter what that reticence might cost.

      In taming ourselves so thoroughly by accepting the blandishments of the LEFTIST BILGE, which quickly took over at Nuremberg, the simultaneous creation of the United Nations, and the forced Establishment of the modern Jewish State three years after the war ended, we have virtually HAMSTRUNG ourselves, and are no longer fit to survive against hostile, totally unprincipled, viciously aggressive forces.

      In other words we have permitted ourselves to be EMASCULATED as a nation, and in so doing have rendered the tremendous effort, and great sacrifices of those who fought and bled for Freedom's Cause –– and for each of US –– null and void.

      It won't be long before I leave this world –– a few more years at at best. I truly hate to think that my generation did such a lousy job that we have lived off the fat of the land in utter profligacy with ever-diminishing awareness –– at the expense of our children and grandchildren.

    2. Intellectual Morons is an excellent book, and Flynn didn't just go after leftwing lunacy in that book. He did a nice takedown of Ayn Rand and a hero or two of the right as well.

      FT, I think we both agree our 'leaders' won't save us. Actually, they hasten our demise.

      It is in God's hands at this point. If we are to make the case for saving ourselves, our society, our culture, our classical liberal democracy and our way of life, we must do so with subtlety.

      Id-driven screaming (which I engage in myself) just plays into the hands of our enemies.

      You want hope? Go read the comments section of the NY Times for any article about Islam, immigration, or any other hot-button social issue we talk about all the time.

      Those liberal readers are voicing the same concerns as we are, but because we wear pointy tails and horns drawn on us--with our cooperation--by activists who hate us, those NY Times readers will ignore us, continue to vilify us, and refuse to listen to us, even though we essentially agree that there is a problem, and our liberal democracy and free society is threatened.

    3. I think what you are REALLY saying, Silver, is that a couple of million of us –– maybe more –– will have to be massacred and incinerated on our own soil by Islamic Terrorists before the so-called intelligentsia and the rank and file could be stirred to action.

      Ironically, the smarmy, lily-livered "intellectuals," against whom I rail so often, will, of course, be the first to be rounded up and killed, –– and the very last to allow themselves to be stirred to positive action against this too too obvious an enemy.

      I'm well aware that subtlety of the variety embodied in Eden's Serpent has played a large part in conditioning us to be so weak, so phlegmatic, and so frankly stupid. We have after all been so significantly "dumbed down" these past fifty-odd years that an old warhorse like myself can't recognize the country into which he was born any longer.

      As you said in alluding to T.S. Eliot's famous poem, our once fine substance has been rotted out from within leaving us hollow. Since then we've been stuffed with pernicious nonsense rendering us both frivolous and unworthy.

      I'm not sure we can ever recover. If we do, it may take centuries –– even millennia.

      God may love us, but I am fairly certain that He does not suffer fools gladly.

    4. Contemporary conservative rhetoric is not working. It is nothing more than autoerotica for rightwingers, and it repulses everyone else.

      Is say that even as the left is mired in their own tropes, but those tropes still work. They are now openly comparing Trump with that screaming Austrian named Schicklgruber, which reveals their unimaginative, plonkish thinking. Peru's Alberto Fujimori would be a better comparison.

      So, the left isn't any smarter than us. Their advantages in academia, pop culture and the media have rendered them dull-witted and intellectually lazy. Nothing says "I'm out of intellectual firepower" like shouting down and shutting up the opposition.

    5. SF,
      Are you now resigned to your "fate" as an obsolete individual?

    6. AOW: Can you expand on your question? I don't understand.

      I am not saying do nothing. I am saying if we are to convince others, we need to discard our failed tactics and rhetoric and find ways that work.

      Thinking liberals are as alarmed as the rest of us by speech-chilling PC, crime, terrorism, and unassimilated immigrants. However, they are repulsed by the flaming bellicose rhetoric emanating from the left.

    7. "...emanating from the right"

      Yes, the ISIS and islamofascist rhetoric much worse, and backed up by lurid crimes against humanity, but if we can turn down our volume and intensity, it makes their freakshow harder to ignore.

      Also, it is human nature to not want to agree with those you find distasteful, even when you know in your heart they are right.

    8. SF,


      Are you demoralized? Feeling powerless?

    9. Don't you think the remarkable success of Donald Trump's bombastic, simplistic, populist, quasi-demagogic rhetoric may bely the notion that a subtle, nuanced approach is the most persuasive?

      I am not big on Trump, but his tactics amuse more than they alarm. I just love the way he knees the P-C Ethos in the groin, kicks it in the shins, slaps it across the face and boots it in the behind. Not elegant, not erudite, certainly not subtle, but –– so far –– it's been remarkably EFFECTIVE.

      At any rate I absolutely DESPISE those tepid, weak-kneed Republicans–– like Jeb Bush –– who are presently vowing to support HILLARY if Trump should win the nomination.

      I keep having to remind myself of Horace Walpole's aphorism: "Life is a tragedy to him who feels, but a comedy to him who thinks."

    10. SF,
      if we can turn down our volume and intensity, it makes their freakshow harder to ignore

      The Left was victorious when the Right's volume was turned down.

      So, is it catch-22? Damned if you do and damned if you don't?

    11. FT,
      Clearly, Donald Trump is resonating with many people.

      I doubt that such would have been the case seven years ago.

      Obama has primed the pump for Trump, IMO.

    12. FT,
      Over and over again, Jeb Bush says with what seems like certainty: "Trump will not be the nominee."

    13. I don't feel powerless, but I do know that some things are out of my control.

      I also know that what we've been doing isn't working.

      I stand in amazement at what is going on in this world, but it's not surprising. I grew up in a small farm town surrounded by a large family of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents who experienced wars and hard times, and they passed the lessons along.

      Those who have no such elders and who have never seen some really crappy parts of the world and who have never experienced privations probably think cheap iPhones, 24/7 electricity and water, and relatively low crime is man's normal state.

      We will continue in the direction we are heading until some great event causes us to change course.

    14. SF,
      In my view, political correctness and various types of appeasement have been consummate failures.

      Recently, a former intelligence officer stated the there has been virtually no help from Muslim communities with regard to turning in radical Moslems. That mak s the Muslim communities complicit, IMO.

      Importing Wahabbist imams has been ongoing since at least the early 1990's. The terrible harvest of allowing that importation is upon us, the entire West.

    15. AOW,

      You, Ducky and I are in agreement on the poisonous Wahhabist influence, and it can't be blamed solely on Obama, because it predates him.

      It is well with our government's power to deny visas and to quietly tell the Saudis through private channels to stop funding Wahhabist activities in our nation.

      If polling is to be believed, US Muslim religiosity and sabbath attendance pretty much tracks that of US Christians, so half don't even attend Mosque regularly. These are also people who do not live in Muslim enclaves, so it is plausible that half the US Muslim population would have no greater statistical chance of running into a jihadi than you or I.

      Look at all the Iranians who came here after the Shah fell. Not a jihadi or murderous loony in the crowd. Those Iranians became good Americans, and they raised their kids to be good Americans.

      There is an intersection of factors to this phenomenon, and our government better throw some of those billions of dollars and intelligence analysis at it.

      I hate to keep harping on the Somalis, but that is where the trouble is brewing now, and they are a perfect example of who not to bring in. They come from a backwards culture that has been wracked by war. Two red flags.

      I go back to the Iranians as a counter-example. Iran was an advanced, almost western nation before the turds in turbans dragged it back to the 7th century. The people who came here were cultured and educated, as a statistical cohort moreso than native-born Americans.

      Having said that, I do not doubt what the former intelligence officer is saying. There are people here who have an agenda, and organizations like CAIR attempt to put up an innocent front.

      By way of comparison, and not conceit or back-patting, everyone should be asking why Christianity is not producing so many violent groups and spawning so many murderous rabid dogs willing to butcher, maim, blow up, decapitate and murder in the name of God.

      So, while I wish we would all tone down the rhetoric, we must not be silenced or bracketed by the Newspeak nannies, PC scolds and professional victims groups attempting to shrink our language and snuff honest dialog.

  4. Don't try to employ "nuanced' thinking where the Middle East is concerned. FACE IT. It's either DIDADIN or DEATH..

  5. Thanks for posting the video. Yeah, that Linda STASI has a perfect name. What an ass.

    I'm not as catchy as FT. But here's my T shirt: GT Houm Cat Yspwy -
    Get the Hell out of My Country and Take Your Stinkin' Prophet With You. Think they'll let me into school?

    1. Baysider,
      About Linda Stasi:

      NY Daily News Writer Has History Of Blaming Terror Victims For Their Deaths.


      ...The allegation is in character for Stasi, who has a habit of shifting the blame for terrorist attacks away from the terrorists themselves and onto critics of Islamic extremism instead.

      When terrorists attacked Paris newspaper Charlie Hebdo last May–slaughtering 17 people in the process–Stasi responded by arguing that solidarity with the victims was misplaced because the newspaper had published cartoons of the prophet Muhammed....

  6. "We follow the commands of Allah!"

    "Too bad. We can only accept surrender from your commander."

    1. Woo Hoo! Perhaps O'Reilly's next book should called KILLING ALLAH?

      Somehow, I doubt it will ever be written, but it's a helluvalotta fun to think about, ain't it? };-)>

    2. FT,
      Perhaps O'Reilly's next book should called KILLING ALLAH?

      O'Reilly would be beheaded -- if the book were published. I doubt that it would be published.

  7. Tuesday, December 8, 2015
    Neo-Fascist, Donald Trump, Calls for Total Ban on Muslims Entering the U.S., Including U.S. Citizens Returning From Abroad

    Donald J. Trump, Neo-Fascist

    Trump Calls For Total Ban On Muslims Entering The U.S.

    I've made a decision to call him what he is, a Neo-Fascist and a danger to everything America stands for.

    Neo-Fascist Trump calls for banning ALL Muslims entering the country, even Americans who have traveled abroad and are returning to their homeland, even Muslim-Americans serving in our armed forces -- Muslims who put their lives on the line to protect us.

    1. You elegantly prove P.T. Barnum's famous epithet:

      "There's a sucker born every minute."

    2. Pierre le Poupou dit:

      Qu'est-ce-que c'est en Anglais, s'il vous plait. Il n'est pas possible comprendre votre question.

    3. I'm no fan or air conditioner of Hillary's boy Donald Trump, but point of order:

      Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from immigrating to America in 1979.

  8. Indeed. He should go back to the Democrat party and start teaching on a college campus.

  9. Trump maybe in hot water right now , but at least he loves America, not like those a/holes on the left, Obsma & Hillary.
    That's why from now on I will refer to her (Hillary) as a neo-fascist. That's what she and anyone supporting her

    A vote for this lying POS would be a twofer -- a fascist, a Marxist, a commie, and a lying criminal.

    Hopefully she's not going to be the president. But like a abscess full of puss, her campaign has brought the ugliest of the ugly to a head and soon it will be lanced."


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