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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cackling Hillary

Caveat: this blog post is not an endorsement of Donald Trump for President.

Hillary is unlikable on so many levels. Nevertheless, every single Democrat in the land will probably cast the ballot for her. Go figure!


  1. From what I've seen most of those who would vote for this evil, phony POS or still support her serial rapist, lying, husband, are just as "unlikable" as they are. Their numbers flourish as our society plunges into Godlessness!

  2. In the end, Trump will pull out and endorse his candidate

    Remind me to interrupt the wailing and gnashing of teeth with a "told ya so."

    1. Beamish,
      I don't pretend to know what's going on with this Presidential race.

      I will say this, though. I lot of people who were enchanted with Obama no longer are. I daresay that the same is true of many who have long been voted for every Democrat that came down the pike -- that is, many lifelong Dems are moving away from the Party now.


      We shall see what we shall see. That's how profound I can possibly be on less than one cup of coffee.

    2. Who's your candidate in the race Beamish? Is it Jeb or Marco's turn to be President?

    3. I'm for the candidate advocating Romney supporters be run through tree mulchers.

  3. Nice pick. I know several life long true blue Dems who have had it. Never thought it would ever happen. Hillary's server has not been forgotten or overlooked by them.

    1. Bunkerville,
      That's encouraging to read!

    2. I think the same can be said of a large group of lifelong Republicans... They are just as disgusted with their party...

  4. I couldn't listen beyond the first cackle.

    This IS "issues oriented"...it shows her personality and how very hard she's working to appear likable via that laugh (which is obviously backfiring on most people because it's so very unappealing). She's trying SO HARD to appear like a normal woman with a wonderful sense of humor and falls so short.

    The issue is she's nothing but phoniness, the laughter's supposed to erase what we know.......that's a very BIG issue with voters who care about character. Of course, some of those turned off voters will vote for Trump, so this isn't the easiest case to make!

    Bunkerville...is that true? GLAD TO HEAR IT.

    1. First pleasant Christmas Dinner when politics came up. Sadly, I didn't have much to offer on my side.

    2. The issue is that she, like virtually everyone running is either a politician or a huckster.

      You make a big deal out of her laugh but give Cruz a pass on statements by his father where he described his son's senatorial campaign as taking place within a context where Christian "kings" were anointed to preside over an "end-time transfer of wealth" from wicked people to the righteous (WIKI).

      But Ted doesn't have much of a laugh, only a smirk.

      I still predict:
      Hillary wins the nomination but Sanders does well enough to reinvigorate a progressive wing of the Democratic party.

      Trump drops out in favor of Cruz.

      Hillary by a wide margin as the American voter rejects insanity.
      Cold comfort to some extent but American democracy has been mortally wounded by the Tea Party right and kapital.

  5. Marginally interesting...

    From the Daily Beast:

    Hillary Clinton’s Tone-Deaf Racial Pandering.

    First paragraph:

    Hillary Clinton’s minority outreach over the last week has rekindled the idea that she is a candidate who is out of touch, particularly when it comes to minorities. To many of us, her campaign’s insistence that she is an abuela for Latinos and the changing of her Twitter logo to represent Kwanzaa came across as pandering at its worst.

  6. __ Hillary’s Acrostic Confession __

    I’ve always had ambition to gain power.
    My motives frankly, I’ve not understood.
    At times I know that others think me sour.
    For me that’s not a problem. I’m no good.
    Unusual if not unique it must
    Cause many to perceive my style as vile.
    Kicking at the pricks adds to my lust
    Inspiring me to spew more and more bile.
    No one can stop me, I am positive,
    Because I am The Designated Choice
    In whom the Powers see a Factor Causative
    To silence soon forever Freedom’s Voice.
    Crushing, then discarding the Old Rules
    Happily I of all my fans make fools.

    ~ Hillary Rotten Clinton

    1. Hillary just like many democrats is good at pandering p. From her phony love of minorities to her forced,annoying laugh.
      I always feel like they just like the sound of their own voices.

    2. Lisa,

      Her laugh is much like the laugh of the Wicked Witch of the West. Sheesh.

  7. HRC Questions Her Mirror

    Magic mirror on the wall,
    Who is the vilest of us all?
    The mirror sighed, and then replied,
    "Because I cannot impart lies,
    The face you see now qualifies."

    ~ Anne Animus


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