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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Back In The Day

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With a hat tip to I Love Dino Martin for this joyful video (The Dean Martin Show, 12/21/1967):


  1. That looks like such a classy era...

    I love those oldies.

    1. SF,
      An era of great fun, too. I laughed a lot back then. So did most of America, I think. That era is gone forever.

  2. The good old days. Not that long ago really. I pine for them to be honest.The worse thing to hit the tube was Elvis flexing his hips.

  3. I've always loved "The Mafia Crooners"!

    While my peers were listening to the rockers of the time, I wasn't. I found a different niche.

    Sinatra was magic in person. I saw him twice in live concerts. His pipes were a bit froggy, but the magic was still there. In one concert, Sammy Davis was there, too, and he also brought the house down. Two GREAT entertainers in one show!

    I never saw Dean Martin in a live concert. He so rarely performed live out of Vegas, and I never managed a trip to Vegas,

  4. Oh for those fabulous variety shows of great, hilarious skits, good singing, the cute relationships we could see between our favorite singers, stars, etc....
    This is ADORABLE....
    I only saw Sinatra once but it was at an event of only about 300 people and I was literally sitting under his nose...pretty cool. Actually, I'd forgotten till now.


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