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Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Please read the two articles below:

1. ISIS Issues Fatwa Calling For Mass Killing Of American Dogs And Puppies.

2. ISIS judges order children with Down Syndrome and other disabilities to be killed in chilling echo of the Nazis.


  1. This Just In:
    Late Breaking News!

    All Los Angeles schools have been ordered closed over threat. Situation serious. Threats credible.

    1. Bomb threats on multiple schools. Some students had already arrived to school.

  2. The men of the WW II generation would have dived in long ago and done the grim work of eradicating this evil from the face of the earth.

    Not today. we are in the age of hollow men, and our 'leaders' are the hollowest of all.

    1. Ducky,

      We have the technology to target bad actors and groups without just going in and bombing and killing indiscriminately. So, no.

      Also, why don't we have a Berlin Airlift to the Kurds and the Jordanians so they can go in and finish these bastards.

      I am with those who decry ISIS as a perversion of Islam. Religious and political leaders in Jordan and Egypt have said so, so arm them up so they can kill the poisonous snakes menacing the umma.

      What's wrong with that? Shall we wait for one more nuanced speech from the Lecturer in Chief?

    2. We don't even have the brains to identify the bad actors and we sure can't predict the blowback, by definition.

      In a paroxysm of fear and hate we went into a war against a people we did not understand and expected they'd sit for our crap.

    3. Ducky,

      This is their war, not ours. Kurds, Jordanians and other need to be out front, not us. We play a supporting role.

      What is your solution?

    4. The Hague? Is that guy still around?

    5. Ducky,

      A few more thoughts for your consideration:

      You say we can't predict blowback and lack the brains to identify bad actors. True enough. So why continue streaming in people our government (despite their lies) has no way of vetting?

      As I said, this is the ME Muslims' fight. Why shouldn't we be arming them and supporting them?

      Some heavy hitters in the Islamic scholarly and religious world (Not to be confused with the Co-Conspirator CAIR Clowns) are condemning the bad actors in the umma, so they know who the bad actors are. They've identified evil and called it by name. We should give them the wherewithal to go in and eradicate it.

    6. Yes, but only because the Republican Party is confused as to whether all Muslims or all phone calls should be rounded up.

  3. Silver... just finished reading an article on the decades long slide in Army recruitment goals.

    It stated the plan was built on the idea that if America was ever attacked, people would quickly sign up to defend her. Now they are not so sure.

    For years in Iraq we operated with sub par troops, victims of both physical and mental issues, drug addicts and understaffed battalions.

    If not for forcing troops to over stay their deployments, we'd have been in a real fix.

    The WW II generation is over, and with it, the drive that inspired many to great things in the name of country.

    1. "Sub-par troops?"

      What an insult. Must have been one of those lefty articles that at turns demonize and then infantilize US military troops.

      Stay away from the fumes, Dave.

    2. So, liberals are surprised that American young people may not might fight for their country when they're never given a chance in schools to learn to love it? Amazing. Do you even realize the difference in education of the crap our kids are getting now and that the WWII heroes got, learning all the good about the USA, not just the bad?
      Sad to hear how much disdain you've got for it.

    3. Well there's that, Z but there is also the fact that the missions of the last 60 years have been pointless debacles.

      American foreign policy is still under the influence of Kissinger, "act, project power and define yourself in the results".
      It's no wonder that people don't want to commit to that cynical, pointless use of the military as an existential experiment.

      As far as education, min was better than my father's and I believe my grand niece's will be better than mine. Although she isn't going to be fed any cheap jingoist history.
      She'll know the difference between patriotism and nationalism which has been completely lost on you.

    4. Z... how should we teach specifically the military lessons of our post WW II efforts. What is the substantive difference between Korea, Vietnam and now, the Iraq War?

      As a teacher, how would you explain our methods of fighting these wars, or police actions?

      All of those conflicts have been directed by Presidents across both parties, military leaders of all stripes and a national congress in both the hands of the GOP and the Dems?

      Wanting kids to hear the whole picture is not a disdain for the USA. It is a hope for better, more informed decisions when the lives of our fellow Americans are on the line.

    5. As a teacher, I believe in age appropriate education and our kids are learning mostly about things like slavery and anti-capitalism, etc etc., before they're old enough to have developed fondness for the greatest country on the planet. That's a problem.
      Nothing's wrong with teaching differences between wars, or whatever else you brought up....it's context, it's age, it's stopping the constant disdain for who we felt were heroes when we were growing up.
      Everyone here should see contemporary history books! One fairly reasonable portrayal of our country talks about the depression and then the WPA, CCC, etc., and, in the middle of a discussion on those, says something like "the WPA, which had segregated tents for the workers..." out of the CLEAR blue sky...race isn't even remotely part of that chapter, but they get it in there. Very subtle, very stupid.
      That's all I'm saying.
      Young kids need to learn the goodness of this country, the brilliance of our founders, without learning they were really crap because they had a slave, for example.
      I hope that makes some sense to you. I wish it did to the 90% of our teachers, who are liberals. Teach our kids to love this country, when they're old enough, discuss the negatives...
      they'll fight again.

    6. Z,
      Spot-on comment! I second everything you stated.

      You are absolutely correct that negatives are inserted out of the CLEAR blue sky.

      The matter of age appropriate education is critical, IMO. School students today are learning way too early about "warts and all."

      In my view, students K-6 should focus on our great nation's essential goodness. Discussions which are more "nuanced" (hate that word, but only one cup of coffee so far this morning) should wait until at least the 7th grade.

      In my own experience -- and I've taught K through college -- even some 7th and 8th graders lack discernment. However, by 9th grade, most students are able to handle the balance.

      Let me be clear....

      I do not favor presenting only positives about our nation through high school. Why? Because many students exposed to only the positives fall apart when they encounter some ugly truths in college.

    7. Let me mention something else.

      I have taught the book To Kill A Mockingbird to 5th and 6th graders. Didn't work well at all! But when I waited until 8th grade, students were able to have balanced discussions about this important novel and gleaned a much better understanding of the book.

    8. AOW,thanks! You make good points about age appropriate curriculum....but here's something scary:
      Honestly, I almost cried the last preschool class I taught my 'Wee Americans' class to....would you believe that the 3-5 year olds had totally understood and loved my stuff for about four years, then, suddenly, the new batch of kids that age didn't have a CLUE, couldn't grasp anything but the VERY obvious?
      Too much TV? Too much video gaming at that young age? I don't know.
      But it scared the HELL out of me, seriously....a huge difference in only about 3 YEARS.
      I got so frustrated I stopped teaching that little class in patriotism. alas

  4. Actually, from a major who started as a private... he was saying that many of the troops were not fully healthy and battalions not fully staffed with people ready/able to serve.

    Willing, yes. ready? No so much.

    We're talking soldiers going into battle without personal body armor because they were medically prohibited from wearing it.

    Not sub-par in ability.

    How is a former infantryman, and now a teacher at West Point voicing that even remotely related to fumes?

    A reflexive defense against any military criticism is the kool aid for the right. Just as an inability to see a need for military might on the left.

    1. You said "Sub-par troops" and that is what I focused on.

      I was not reflexively defending against military criticism, but rather against one more leftwinger throwing rocks at people who served.

      We all know the Army chewed people up. That's what wars do. We also know they lowered medical and testing standards because they needed more people to throw into the maw.

      Thanks to our rotten culture, poor parenting, ritalin, drug acceptance and fast food porn, we are not as mentally or physically fit as we were in WW II.

      But anyway, back to you. I heaped scorn upon our leaders and you were blaming the troops... Please continue.

  5. Nellie Rose Field said

    Let's just surrender now and get it over with. The only way to stop the madness is to welcome it and give in to it.

    Who needs deformed children, pets and sick adults around anyway? They're just a drain on everyone's energies and no help to the economy.

    Be smart, join the strong ones. Everyone opposed should be killed and bulldozed int o mass graves.

    Allahu Akbar!

  6. Sadly, when they come for America's pets they will attack the sweet spot. Then all hell will break lose.

    1. Stephen King has pointed out that readers are infuriated when a dog is killed in one of his books, but when a child is killed, not so much.

      Just sayin'.

  7. And this should be seen as aid and comfort to the enemy by anyone with more than one brain cell.

  8. So, NOW can we start using the N[azi] word as a comparison without being dumped on by the ignorati?

    1. It's been appropriate to describe Trump as a Nazi for some time.

    2. Ducky, did I say that? ISIS is not seen as barbaric? Does ANYBODY think that?
      I'm under the impression you're not paying attention. Read my comment again.

  9. Please note this from the BBC...

    Paris attacks: Austria arrests two suspects at refugee camp.

    Get that? Refugees arrested for having connections with the Paris jihad massacre.

  10. Replies
    1. Point I would take away is that there were five different agencies and they probably did not share information nor have consistent rules and guidelines.

    2. I'm sure they have the same guidelines that causes the NSA to round up everybody's phone calls or the TSA to strip search grandmothers from Wichita so as to not make Muslims feel "profiled."

    3. Beamish,
      Yeah, it's all about making sure that Muslims don't feel profiled.

      Whatever happened to the valid procedure of suspect profiling?

    4. I'm not sure. I'm still on page one wondering why it's wrong to point out to Muslims that they are never going to advance as a culture until they teach their children that America is greater than Allah.

    5. I'm of the mind that if we're hearing about the grievances of Muslims, they're not being persecuted enough.

    6. By the way, Pakistan still hasn't thanked us for not randomly nuking their cities. What's up with that?

    7. Beamish,
      What's up with that?

      They know that what we have sitting in the Oval Office is zero threat to them.

  11. Throw in the fact that we cannot target threat if it is a Muslim threat.


    Isn't that a synonym for ISLAM?

    Wesley Ann Pyus

  13. "Vetted by 5 agencies" - yup, and all looking at the same data in the same way I suspect.

    As for students who "fall apart when they encounter some ugly truths in college." So true. And if they're lefties they run crying to the school administration for 'safe zones' so they don't hear ideas that upset them.

    1. Interesting you should say that, Bay. As you may or may not know, I've been posting graphic depictions of the sadistic barbarism Islamaniacs are currently performing in the Middle East. The pictures are gruesome beyond belief. There has been an astonishing LACK of participation on those threads considering the deadly seriousness and vital importance of the the problem illustrated so uncompromisingly.

      One of the few leftist participants I can tolerate informed me Just this morning, "I'm not coming here anymore."

      Normally comes across as Big Tough Guy –– sort of a Bluto type, if you remember Popeye –– and HE, poor fellow, apparently, just can't take it.

      It's as though he is blaming ME for DARING to CONFRONT my readers with the GRIM REALITY of what sooner or later we must face with the Islamic Invasion of the West.

    2. FT,
      One of the few leftist participants I can tolerate informed me Just this morning, "I'm not coming here anymore."

      Are you kidding me?


    3. FT,

      Given that leftists tend to season their absurd claims to intellect, science, and rationality with the idea that spending more money than they have will make them prosperous, did you really think photographic evidence would persuade people who couldn't pass an IQ test if they ate it with ExLax?

  14. Sorry for my lack of participation in this thread yesterday.

    Mr. AOW's scooter acted up while we were shopping at the mall -- battery charge dropping fast when it shouldn't have been doing so.

    After giving the scooter a few minutes of charging at Macy's (Fortunately, I had the scooter charger in the van!), I called the scooter store where we regularly get Mr. AOW's scooter serviced. The good folks there allowed us to drop off Mr. AOW's ailing scooter and provided us with a working scooter from the shop so that he could re-load into our van and get back into our house without my having to throw out my back by pushing Mr. AOW up our van's ramp and our home ramp in a manual wheelchair.

    We were exhausted once we finally got home. Too much stress!


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