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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What The Taliban Really Fears

Hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

The story of Malala Yousufzai


  1. Yeah, she is something, isn't she? She's become a national hero in Pakistan. Those people keep surprising me. Their president has praised her and sent her to the UK for medical treatment and I guess the Paki gov't. is footing the bill. Already a couple people have been arrested for trying to reach her in the hospital, claiming to be relatives. *They weren't.* The Taliban wants women to be oppressed below the level of penned goats, not educated as equals to the men.

    Islam is the cause of this insanity. I wonder what our world will be like only another hundred years from now. Wish I could stick around just to watch.

  2. And what do you think will be the likely consequences to her when all US and coalition forces leave?

    US policy has done her no favors, nor has Mrs. Bush ... whose heart is good, but whose head is ... well, never mind.

  3. We know about this girl, how many others have been killed, tortured, we may never know.

    I hope she survives and has a complete recovery, but medically I don't think it looks too good.

    Right Truth

  4. @ Mustang -- At this point, I'd say IF she survives the 'medical treatment,' she needs to stow away in somebody's field marching pack and get the hell outta Dodge.

  5. I think Taliban and Pakistan are just trying to milk pity for their islamic community self inflicted tragedy. That is how they advance their islamic cause and this method is another one of ther islamic method to "enrich"
    their islamic community.

  6. I don't have anything against their islamic woman with a book as long as their islamic woman don't push their islam or their islamic dressing to us nonbelievers.


  7. @ Anon -- "...as long as their islamic woman don't push their islam or their islamic dressing to us nonbelievers."

    With thinking like that, you're not going to be invited to the next beheading.

    Hmmm. On second thought, you may be the guest of honor.

  8. Hey leftists! What were you saying about that 'war on women'?

    N.O.W.? Women's rights groups? Dems? Hellooooo? So far, the only outrage I've seen is on conservative or right-leaning sites.

  9. Every able-bodied man and woman in that village should rise up and butcher any Taliban they can find.

    I'd be damned if my daughter would be next, or my son grow up to be one of those filthy beasts.

  10. That the Taliban are very much afraid of is the education of females. This they have proven by their heinous, cowardly cruel act of vilence with murderous intent toward that helpless young girl. Furthermore, they Taliban may be a scared that if a girl or women is educated she may investgate differnt points of views and then start to think for herself. So the Taliban resort to viscious acts of violence against those who can't fight back. This brings to mind the wisdom of the words of Thomas Jefferson when he stated "Enlighten the people generally, and tyranny and oppression of body and mind will vanish at the dawn of day."

  11. @ WS -- Jefferson never met the Taliban.

  12. Can't trust those taliban or those moslem women either. Eg, people like Warsi are only pushing their islamic agenda once they got educated. Whether they get educated or not, there is very little difference, if they continue to push their pro-palestianin and pro-islamic agenda or anti-free speech agenda.

  13. I never thought I would say something like this about a group of people, but the taliban are a scourge on this planet. Every last one of them.

  14. Cuba: So are Fatah, Hamas, Hesbollah, and the terrorists who control Iran. Agree?

  15. dmarks: I agree that these groups are all despicable, but from their actions, the taliban are one notch worse than the rest.

  16. The terrible heinous thing that a Taliban member did by shooting that helpless young girl was not only a viscious and cruel act with murderous intent but it alos exposed the mindset of those mind programed in non-watered down hard core Islam. Which is full of brutal and extreme misogyny. What the Taliban did also shows that Briggte Gabrel made a valid statement when she wrote in her book THEY MUST BE STOPPED that "Women in Islam are considered unclean, deemed inferior even to dirt."

  17. The atrocity perpetrated upon Malala Yousufzai is the REAL war on women.

    The overall silence in the West is deafening.

    Yes, right now the story of Malala has made the news.

    But similar atrocities -- I don't need to enumerate them here -- are swept under the rug so as not to offend Islam. Pfffft.

  18. Walter,
    They Must Be Stopped is an excellent book!

    It actually gave me nightmares -- because of both the content and the media's and academia's silence about these matters.

  19. Dmarks,
    Yes, all of those groups -- although some of them have quite the pr machine.

  20. WLIL,
    Can't trust those taliban or those moslem women either. Eg, people like Warsi...

    I hate to agree with your statement, but I must.

    The treachery is hideous.

    The West really doesn't understand the duplicity that is in play. **sigh**

  21. Black Sheep,
    ...I guess the Paki gov't. is footing the bill.

    Frankly, I've got my doubts about that.

  22. Hollywood is almost completely AWOL too.

    However, I do expect that Hollywood will churn out a film about Malala to make the bucks. In the process, of course, Hollywood will not tell about the many other atrocities.

    I bring up Hollywood because, particularly for the younger generation, films can have a lot of impact.

  23. Frankly, I don't trust any Muslima wearing a hijab -- when she can get away with not wearing one, that is.

    Malala should ditch that head covering. Period.

    For me, the hijab is a symbol of two things: the subservience of women and Islamic supremacy.

    Ex-Muslims, both male and female, compare the hijab to the swastika.

  24. Brooke,
    One of my cousins -- the smartest and prettiest of her generation -- converted to Islam.

    Her own mother has banned her from the family. The young woman's name is not allowed to be spoken!

    Harsh? Yes.

    But my cousin's husband served in Desert Storm, and her son served in Afghanistan -- both in the USMC. The hideous things that tell about what Islam sanctions!

  25. Mustang,
    Laura Bush is a wonderful person. But she is naive in the extreme.

    In fact, most librarians whom I personally know are the same way!

  26. Marine4ever,
    I admit it....I chucked when I read the second part of your comment.

  27. Sorry, AOW. That's just my way. I have that effect on a whole lot of people; they just want to up-chuck.

  28. Marine4ever,
    I meant "chuckled," of course.

    I can't type. Or something.

  29. I "chuckled" when I read it, AOW. You were right the FIRST time.

  30. I'm having a terrible time getting used to my new laptop's keyboard. The touch is so different from the dinosaur machine I was using for over 7 years.

  31. I'm still having a hard time with the concept of the fax machine.


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