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Monday, October 29, 2012


Not ravens (hat tip to FJ):

Even in the city, an ordinary autumn day seems spooky around this time of year ("Mist," from Duck's Flickr photostream):

People revel in fear and the eerie, particularly at this time of year.


  1. It must be the coming of All Hallow's Eve.

  2. I never really believed in the paranormal ... until the Clintons.

  3. I remember living in Germany. We had some really cool, creepy morning fog there...

  4. You doing okay n the storm. AOW ?

    Talked to my sister in Norfolk and they haven't had any troubles yet.

  5. Duck,
    So far, like your sister, we here in Northern Virginia are seeing only rain and the occasional wind gust. Nothing to warrant the shutting down of MetroAccess and the outpatient therapy center at the hospital, the closings of which mean that Mr. AOW will not be getting therapy today.

    We do have a few road closures in the Great Falls area -- or so I've heard. Those roads in Great Falls flood if barely two drops of rain fall.

    The weather forecasters say that the worst will arrive much later today and through the night and tomorrow. We're still hearing that power outages will come.

    It seems to me that the landfall of Hurricane Sandy will be far enough north that we here won't have it too bad. I hope.

  6. FJ,
    I hope that people will take the time to watch the video. It's very good. You find the neatest stuff, FJ!

  7. Mustang,
    The Clintons as paranormal? Yes, that fits.

  8. Duck,
    As a New Englander, you might find THIS of interest.

  9. First, stay safe. I hope that people remember to bring all their pets inside, even the outdoor variety.
    I will never get used to the gore of the Neo-Halloweenists. What is the point?
    I came across this blog while studying the history of Halloween. Hope you like it!http://www.catholiceducation.org/articles/civilization/cc0070.html


  10. New Jersey may get the equivalent of that '38 storm. It also took a turn and hit the coast full on rather than riding up parallel.

  11. Divine Theatre,
    Welcome! I hope that you'll visit again.

    Thank you for the reminder about taking care of our pets during a storm. Outdoor pets cannot do well in a storm of this size and strength. The cats here in the AOW household are indoor only; they used to be indoor-outdoor cats, but all the traffic and the roaming foxes have led us to decide that indoors is best.

    I see at your blog that you often focus on the well being of pets, those with homes and those without homes.

    I'm not into neo-Halloween. But I do enjoy Edgar Allan Poe, Ray Bradbury, The Twilight Zone, etc. And, yes, I also enjoy some of Stephen King's writing.

    Off now to read more thoroughly the link you left.

  12. We need a new Jersey. The old one at Leticia's is getting tiresome. His latest argument inadvertantly proves that the terrorists do indeed hate us for our freedom.

  13. Dmarks,
    I see Jersey's remarks over at Leticia's site.

    I tend to skip right over his comments.

    At my age, I don't have much patience with his kind of drivel. Besides, he's not really interesting in having a discussion.

    Just sayin'.

  14. I love the Halloween season because I, chicken that I am, love a safe scare. The frisson of a scary book or movie is all in good fun to me.

    An impending storm doesn't fall in that category. Hope you and your family stay safe and dry.

  15. Just wanted to share this with you, AOW. My daughter told me she was going to be Rosie the Riveter for a Halloween party and I immediately thought of your avatar. When I saw her photo today, you could have been twins ;-)

  16. It must be a good time to be a Duck. Everyone's talking so nice right now.... :-)

    This is terrible, here I am with a perfectly good generator and no chance of a flood. This life of warmth and sunshine in the desert mountains is just hell, I tells ya.

    Seriously, looks like Sandy is really pounding away. The East coast sure gets some nasty storms. I haven't read any report here yet worse than having to revise teaching schedules, so it looks like you're past this one okay.

  17. I've talked to friends on the Delmarva, a cousin I Kensington, Maryland, and other friends near the Washington Beltway and so far nothing but heavy rain and abnormal gusts of wind, but nothing terrifying.

    However, on Staten Island, the daughter of a longtime friend, who owns a house there has just told me her first floor is flooded with FIVE FEET of WATER. All her best pieces of furniture etc. are gone. She's trapped up on the third floor with pets typing on her iPhone listening to everything, "crashing around" below.

    So, the thing's no joke.

    On the other hand a lifelong friend in Bergen County, NJ -- not far from Staten Island -- reports he's "snug as a bug in a rug and enjoying the sounds of the storm outside the windows" of his cozy little house. But he always was a little nuts.

    I have yet to reach friends in New England.

    It's dramatic all right.

    Come listen to three classic versions of STORMY WEATHER at FreeThinke's blog tomorrow -- if you still have power.


  18. Black Sheep,
    The sun isn't up yet, so I don't know how much damage from Hurricane Sandy the AOW household has sustained.

    We lost power here very briefly during the night, but not long enough that I needed to connect the sump pump to the inverter.

    The high winds have died down now, but howled for most of the night. We are still getting some significant gusts, but nothing like yesterday's winds.

    The worst of the flooding area wide is yet to come.

    I do have a thundering headache because of the very low barometric pressure.

  19. Cube,
    Are you going to take a photo of your daughter in her Rosie the Riveter costume?

  20. That's a most Sinister Signpost in the foreground of that eerie alley Ducky captured amidst the midsts and filthy frosts of benighted Boston.

    Ever time I look at the picture, I could swear the signpost has moved a little farther in my direction. Soon it will no longer beckon. Soon it will reach outside its frame and clutch at me trying to draw me into a cold, metallic embrace.

    I must stay far away from the monitor today lest I be dragged toward Perdition.

    Conscience and
    Kinship while
    Yielding to Temptation

    Ducky, we must admit, is a dEVILishly lever fellow!


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