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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Muslims Enraged By Swiss Flag

With thanks to Will for alerting us to Jihad Watch's new venture:

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Use your freedom of expression while you still have it!


  1. Isn't time that Christians and Jews stood up and said "Enough Already!".

  2. Muslims are so enraged that the only place you can find this story is on the filth pile Spencer's blog.

    Shame on people who still promote that scum.

  3. Man bites dog.
    In other news, Muslims not enraged.

  4. Wow. I'm surprised that Ducky didn't stay long enough to make a misogynist insult towards Geller.

  5. SCREW the muslims! Give them an inch and they want a mile! Time to put a STOP to all their bullshit and give them an ultimatum--assimilate to western culture if you want to stay or GET THE F BACK TO WHATEVER SHITHOLE YOU CAME FROM!!

  6. I think it would be faster to name those things on Earth that moslems are NOT enraged by...

  7. There is a problem with this cartoon... Of the four muslime toons, one is wearing a Sikh turban and the other is wearing what looks very much like a Hindu turban. Hindu is probably the most peaceful religion there is and Sikhs aren't far behind, and they both detest muslimes. Sikhs, especially, wear turbans and beards and are often mistaken for muslimes by people.

    Otherwise, this was funny and a good example at the same time of islamic extremism.


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