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Friday, October 26, 2012

Obama Campaign Ad Equates Voting For Obama With Having Sex?

(with a hat tip to Reliapundit of THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS)

The devolving exhibited by the Democratic Party during this election season continues. Trashy, to say the least:

Wow. Just wow.

Have some people lost their minds, or what?

Check out this recent trash talking on the part of Barack Hussein Obama. Civil discourse, huh?  Pffffft.

By way of interest, please compare the above video to one of Vladimir Putin's recent political ads (hat tip to The Right Scoop), and note the parallels:

Some reading from the UK's Mail Online: "Barack Obama, the 2008 'hopemonger', has become the fearmonger-in-chief of the 2012 election campaign."  It's worth your time to read the Mail Online's October 25, 2012 article indicating that Obama really is America's Demagogue-in-Chief. Can today's American electorate recognize such tactics and repudiate them? We'll find out on November 6.


  1. OMG!!!

    She's got one thing right. Vote for Obama, and you're effed!

  2. Only one word occurs to me in response to this kind of thing:


    ~ FT

  3. By the way that Dunham girl (Can you BELIEVE that last name? INCREDIBLE choice, what?) need never worry about having to use birth control.

    What man worthy of the name would touch such a disgustingly unattractive creature, even with a ten-foot pole?

    ~ FT

  4. The pornification of our culture continues thanks to the grubby leftists.

    Democrats treat women as nothing more than walking vaginas in search of birth control pills, condoms, and free abortions, and they dare call conservatives anti-women cavemen?

    This ad as reached a new low in American politics, which is not surprising coming from the party of Bill Clinton.

  5. Absolute Marxist,
    I just watched that video to which you linked.

    YE, GODS!

  6. SilverFiddle, you just inspired me to think of a new song parody:


    Sung to the tune of Waltzing Mathilda.

    I can just hear it echoed lustily in every barroom across the land, can't you?

    And aren't you sorry now that you introduced the phrase? ;-)

    ~ FT

  7. Irefuse to believe that American women would fall for such trash. american women should be insulted!

  8. Obama has taken the presidential elections to a new, very new, very low - low. This is just pathetic.

    It is like Romney said, Obama is talking about SMALL THINGS, Big Bird, Binders, etc., while Romney is talking economy and saving this nation.

    Right Truth

  9. Lena Dunham the Tiny Furniture director.

    She's a low talent hipster. Don't know what this has to do with Democrats in general.

  10. WTH... just, WTH. Really BO, REALLY? Insulting doesn't even start. Dems officially are the caveman now... Girls are not like this. Not all of us at least (lookin at you liberals). But even still, wow is that idiotic and insulting. Have we as a nation degraded THIS far?!


  11. I wonder if that's the same Lena Dunham that's Ann Dunham's niece? Hmm, that would make her bozo's cousin.

  12. Gee, I would have never expected anything less.

  13. @ Duck****** -- "She's a low talent hipster. Don't know what this has to do with Democrats in general."

    LMAO! You're a RIOT!

  14. Water Fowl, that's what we all ask ourselves, on the right, about everything the left says.

  15. Wildstar,
    I was wondering if you'd comment on this post.

    Really, what else is there to say except "WTH"?

    You should have seen Mr. AOW's face when I played the first video for him this morning. The look on his face was priceless, I tell you. After the video ended, he said, "Never show me any such madness again, especially first thing in the morning!"

  16. FT,
    Are you going to write some lyrics for that song?

  17. "She's a low talent hipster. Don't know what this has to do with Democrats in general."


  18. More proof that leftism is a seriously debilitating mental disease. And no surprise she’s a Dunham, either —there’s something seriously wrong with that line.

  19. Hardly JonBerg.

    AOW presenting this as a Democratic ad. The site it sends you to is curious.
    I get sent to a site for Massachusetts registration that says some voters may be asked for ID.

    Odd site. No indication it has anything to do with the Democratic Party.

    Definitely not as laugh worthy as evangelical Republicans talking about rape. Now that's au courant.

  20. Duck,
    I don't understand your comment in that I checked to see where the video sends viewers. I got THIS.

    As far as comments about rape from various GOP candidates, I am quite appalled and disgusted by some things I've heard and read.

    You know me well enough to know that I do not in any way excuse rape, nor do I consider a pregnancy resulting from rape as God's will. I'm sure that you've read some of the personal comments that I've made elsewhere on the topic of rape.

    I do oppose abortion as birth control -- particularly revolving-door abortions.

  21. BTW, I put the label "Democratic Party" on this post because Obama is the Democratic Party's candidate. If the Democratic Party finds the ad offensive and disgusting -- as I do -- then the Party should object vociferously. Has the Democratic Party done so?

  22. Have the DemocRATS relegated women to no more than a life support system for their reproductive parts? No wonder the "gap" has closed!

  23. YE, GODS! Here's something else bizarre from the Obama Campaign!

    Can you believe it?

  24. Definitely not as laugh worthy as evangelical Republicans talking about rape. Now that's au courant.

    There you have it, folks … more wisdom from Nostradumbass; the same leftist puke who yesterday lectured us, ”… why not try to establish your vision and maybe find out you have points in common with others? But you can't do that, can you?”

    Not everyone on the right accepts the premise of predestination, that’s because the only Protestants who adhere to it are Calvinists, who received their wisdom from St. Augustine. But I think Ducky deserves an “Uno” for attempting to confuse the issue further.

  25. I think you should change the name of this blog from Always on Watch to Whack a Duck.

  26. @AOW don't blame him on that. You need to be pretty drunk to deal with it I would think. Or have an insanely high intolerance to BS.

    @Sam Umm... what's with the predestination thing- did Duck mention it and I miss it? I don't see the line of thinking.


  27. @Wildstar

    Ducky made this comment earlier: “Definitely not as laugh worthy as evangelical Republicans talking about rape.” He was making reference to a comment made by Indiana senatorial candidate Richard Murdock, who suggested that impregnation as a result of rape is “the will of God.” Calvinists believe this idea introduced by St. Augustine, but I do not. I just wanted to bring that to the Canard’s attention—there is so much he doesn’t know, and even less that he understands about what he does know.

  28. I posted the same video this morning before work, but the find with the Putin video IS SOOOOOOO TELLING!

    And creepy.

    Can there be any doubts as to Obama's methods?

    Obama sees us as nothing but genitalia. Time to prove him wrong!

  29. @Sam kay. And either my church is different, or you are wrong about the Calvinist thing, as I have never heard that before.


  30. Yeah, this was one of the more insane things they've done. Just goes to show how vulgar the left has become. Sadly, all too many of them find this sort of thing titillating

  31. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. Oh my gosh!! I actually lack the words, other than to say... they have really sunk to a lower level that I thought was impossible.

  33. Wildstar,
    I grew up in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Sunday after Sunday, we sat through long sermons on predestination.

    Now, I fully accept the sovereignty of God. No problem there. And I do believe the words of Romans 8:28, too. Those words are comforting -- particularly when our lives take a bad turn. In this life, we cannot begin to see the big picture that God fully comprehends. Sometimes, I do see glimmers of God's plan coming to fulfillment.

    My biggest problem with some Calvinists is their attitude of self-righteousness. Note that I said some Calvinists and not all Calvinists.

    I used to have two administrators who would calm me down when I was having one of my teacher rants, specifically, my rants about individual students driving me crazy, either academically or behaviorally. Both of these administrators said something like the following: "God brought such-and-such students to us for a reason. God has His plan." Then, the administrators and I worked together to solve the problems I was having. Over the years, I have learned to remain calm about certain matters that used to drive me crazy! However, as you well know, I'm not one merely to thrown up my hands and say, "It's the will of God. Accept it!" or "It's the will of God. It's all going to work itself out."

    Last night, as I looked at several of my homeschool students and saw wonderful changes in them, I thought to myself, "Now I see why the Lord brought such-and-such student to our group." You know what I mean -- and I'm not referring to just one student, either.

    Furthermore, on the way home after last night's party, as that one parent helped me load the car with food for the weekend and with the task of getting Mr. AOW and his scooter into the car, I thought to myself, "Wow! I'm so glad that this lady is here! Maybe the Lord brought her to our group to help me when my own family does not." [I had an ugly run-in with a family member yesterday afternoon and almost stayed home from the party -- I was that hurt and that upset]

    It does seem to me that God is watching over Mr. AOW and me as we go through all the difficulties we have experienced over the past three years.

    Do I sometimes get angry with God? YES! Don't we all? Sometimes life is so hard, Wildstar! But I've come to learn to trust Him more: "He has His plan."

    But I don't believe that God plans rapes and other horrific things. Why God lets bad things happen will remain a mystery until eternity, I think.

  34. Obama is down to appealing to the low information crowd, in other words morons, as told on Fox this morning.

  35. Hi AOW.

    I think you might want to see the 'updated' version of the vid . LOL


  36. I'm completely dumbfounded by women who, at this point, choose to vote for Obama. What more evidence do you need? Vote your "lady parts", vote your "virgin vote" or vote with your brain?

  37. Will,
    That's a great satire!

    Thanks for posting the link.

  38. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  39. AOW -- "Why God lets bad things happen will remain a mystery until eternity, I think."

    From the 'For What It's Worth Department:' I think you summed it up with "[it will] remain a mystery until eternity..." But, I also have to think that free will enters into the equation somewhere along the line.

    God gave us free will -- it's our INDIVIDUAL choice to accept or reject Jesus Christ as our personal Savior. God IS all powerful and it's His desire that all come to Him. God COULD just say, "Okay, everybody is coming to be with Me when the time comes and that ends that." But, if that were the case, God has taken a very precious gift away from us -- free will. Free will was His, and ONLY His, to give or to take from us. He chose to give it to us. It is OUR choice as to what we do with our free will.

    Good things happen to bad people, bad things happen to good people and the list goes on. Why? Well, that's the mystery to our lives. To experience life, we have to endure all sorts of things. Knowing that God is with us, through Christ who died for our sins, gives us that endurance to get through the hard parts of life.

    When Christ was on the Cross, one of the two men hanging beside Christ gave his soul to Christ. That man was promised that, before the day was over, he would be in Heaven with Him. Christ, however, DID NOT tell him he could come down off the cross.

  40. Water Fowl ... oh, never mind you wouldn't understand anyway.

  41. I just reread you post title. EXACTLY, If you vote for Obama you're getting F***ed.

  42. Woodsterman,
    Aha! I see that you understood the inference I intended by using this particular title for my post.

  43. Leticia,
    The Obama regime has played the games of class warfare, race warfare, and gender warfare. A great part of the Obama campaign-strategy consists of divide and conquer.

  44. Mareine4ever,
    Free will does play an important part in the affairs of men and in the CONSEQUENCES of the affairs of men. Most often, when we shake our fist at God, we should be shaking our fist at ourselves or at other men.

    That God gave us lowly creatures free will is proof that God loves us. We are not robots! We get the privilege of making choices. God certainly did not have to give us, His creatures, the privilege.

    It seems to be mankind's plague to make poor choices very often.

    Excellent point about the redeemed thief on the cross!

  45. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  46. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  47. I have no problem with that ad, it makes perfect sense to me. Vote for Obama and get F----d!

  48. AOW, why is it that you're able to say SOOO much better what I'm trying to say and with fewer words?! Education, aside.

  49. Libilityguy -- "Always On Watch said.. 'The Obama regime has played the games of class warfare, race warfare, and gender warfare. A great part of the Obama campaign-strategy consists of divide and conquer.'"
    "Really? Gee, I'd love to hear you try to explain that one! Lol!"

    Hmmmm... the very essence of AOW's comment IS the explanation. And we wonder why liberals are the way they are?

  50. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  51. Librulcrap, let me explain this to you in words of two syllables or less.

    I am the one who is deleting your comments. I don't care what you say or about what or who. You are too stupid to post here, go away.

  52. "This comment has been removed by a blog administrator"

    Is that idiot liberalboyy EVER going to learn?

    That was a LOT of comments I didn't have to skip over. Thanks! Good for you AOW!

  53. Marine4ever,
    My conciseness skills come from some four decades of editing students' essays and the other editing tasks I've done as an administrator in private education.

    But there's something else too.

    For years, I struggled with the idea of predestination vs. free will. I was much like Saul on the road to Damascus: I was "kicking against the pricks."

    I don't know now exactly who finally got me to understand that God's sovereignty is a huge part of that paradox.

    There was a particular moment in time in 1981 when I came to the realization that I am God's creature and that He loves me. Because He loves me with a love that I certainly don't deserve, I need to trust Him more. The moment that I'm speaking of was not being born again.

    I won't go into all the details of that particular moment in time. In fact, I have barely spoken of it in all the years since! But those who know me well spoke of the change in me, and my best friend even asked some time later, "What happened? You're different. You are so much at peace compared to what you were like a while back."

    My mother's term for what happened -- and I never told her of that moment in 1981 -- said, "You've finally grown up."

    I was 29 years old at the time that I finally found "the peace that passeth all understanding." That peace is what makes me able to carry on during times of terrible difficulty. Every one of us is in desperate need of that peace!

  54. Warren,
    My father used to say, "A person who keeps going somewhere that he isn't wanted is a horse's ass."

    "Horse's ass" was one of the few epithets that Dad used. And he didn't use the term lightly, either.

    I hereby declare Liberalmann a horse's ass.

    I was patient with him for way too long.

  55. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  56. Good for you, AOW! God DOES work in mysterious ways.


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