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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Halloween Poem

See Free Thinke's original poem:
"All Hallows Eve."


  1. No one's commenting because they're afraid, AOW. Deathly afraid of being tainted by the EVIL I represent.


  2. I'm not scared [whistling past the graveyard and walking fast] ;-)

  3. AOW -- regarding your question , gratefully there isn't any damage to shoot. Even the normally vulnerable surge areas like Westport and Dartmouth down on the Rhode Island border escaped without much damage.

    Nothing but a couple branches down in the neighborhood. Massachusetts really dodged one. Only about a thousand without power at the moment.
    Have to give it to Governor Patrick. He had given the power companies a warning to get their stuff together for this one and they listened.

    Closest real damage is down on the Connecticut coast.

  4. FT,
    I'm not sure that you represent evil!

    Maybe people just don't appreciate poetry. So be it.

    Besides, I think that everyone that hangs around the blogs is in political mode now. Talk about being wound up! I'm pretty wound up, too, but I can't eat, sleep, and breathe politics 24/7.

  5. Duck,
    Nobody is out hunting for unusual seashells? Maybe it's the wrong time of year for that.

  6. Don't get much in the way of shells up here.

  7. Tongue-in-cheek, AOW. Tongue-in-cheek!


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