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Sunday, October 28, 2012


According to the weather reports I've been hearing and reading, Northern Virginia, where I live, will be slammed by Frankenstorm.  Forecasts project Tuesday as the worst day, but heavy rains and high winds will likely arrive earlier.

Models differ because such storms have a way of rapidly changing course.

The following model appeared on the web a few days ago:

I've spent the past two days battening down the hatches here at the AOW household. My biggest concern is keeping the sump pump running if the power goes off for an extended period of time.  Bailing out the cellar of this old house is a 24/7 job without the sump pump up and running!

Loss of power also means the inability to access the Internet.  If I fall silent in the blogosphere, you'll know why.

I do have several  posts queued up.  Also, Sam and Warren are not in the bull's eye for this storm, so they will be managing this web site if I'm absent.

Today is Mr. AOW's birthday.  We're spending a quiet day hunkered down here at home.  No dinner at Outback until the worst of Frankenstorm passes!


  1. Let's hope you and yours come through this unscathed.

    It's almost remarkable how the media is referring so casually to this as a "superstorm", even though it's the first one in memory for most of us. I wonder if we're going to be seeing more such storms or worse?

  2. We both will hopefully end up on the "weaker" side of the storm. ;)

  3. Yes, Frankenstorm... not looking forward to that, as the sump pump is in MY room -.- Hopefully VA is better with power outages now, but if last June is any indicator.. Good Luck!


  4. NoVa here as well. Luckily we're not encumbered by PEPCO or the others out here by the West Virginia border, so our power may stay on or be fixed quickly.

    Since I work in Reston, I'm not sure if I'll be there on Tuesday.

    I'm always amazed at how fast generators sell out. Don't people realize they should probably get one before a storm appears on the horizon?

  5. I forgot to add, the Duracell and similar Battery Charger/Jump Start/Portable power rigs that are sold at Sears, Autozone, Ace, etc....are rated for 1.5 hrs of continuous power to sump pumps. That's what I have for mine.

  6. Best of luck, AOW.

    This one's really going to create a storm surge here but the worst wind events look like they'll be south of town.

  7. Getting ready for this storm has worn me out! This afternoon, I simply had to take a long nap.

    Already, local school systems here have canceled classes for Tuesday and Wednesday.

    This cancellation required me to make major changes in lesson plans for this first semester. I spent hours today doing so! **sigh**

  8. Constitutional Insurgent,
    Are you speaking of an inverter?

    We have one, but it won't run a lot of appliances or anything with a heating element.

  9. Stogie,
    The graphic that you made me is queued up to post on October 30 even if I lose electricity and web access. I do expect to lose power.

    At least Mr. AOW is better now, so I don't have to worry so much about whether or not the hospital bed (electric) is working. I used to have to worry about that as priority one!

  10. FJ,
    I hope that the forecasters of doom are way off with their predictions. I guess that we'll find out soon enough.

  11. AOW - Sort of. You can get a stand alone invert which you can hook to a marine or car battery with cables. What I have for my sump pump is a DieHard Platinum 1150, which is sort of like a portable power pak. It has an inverter switch and 2 110v plug receptacles.

    I'm not sure about the cheaper models, but mine is rated for a sump pump, and they're pretty easy to find. Walmart, Autozone, Sears, etc.

  12. Erratum! Local school systems have canceled classes for Monday and Tuesday, but are reserving the decision about Wednesday until later. I do expect that schools will cancel for Wednesday as well -- particularly if power outages are widespread.

  13. CI,
    The inverter I have will run the sump pump. I've tried it. But a sump pump doesn't require much power. A refrigerator, a coffee maker, etc., require more power than my inverter can provide. Oh, well.

  14. Be safe.

    I know you will, because I just saw Obama on TV letting everyone know the he's in charge, that everything is ready to meet your every need. Don't you feel safer with Obama in charge???

    The only thing scary this Halloween is the idea that Obama might win another 4 years.

    Oh and happy birthday to Mr. AOW

    Right Truth

  15. I'm hoping that because all the leaves are off the trees up here in Northern New Hampshire, that the power outages will be less and shorter than might be the case otherwise. Either way, all the hatches are either already battened down or will be very soon. Good luck and God bless to all those of you in this storm's path. They originally were talking about a cold front and a shit load of snow, I sure hope THAT scenerio doesn't happen!

  16. Stay staff, and prayers for all that are going through a bad time.

  17. Odie,
    I'm not going out in this mess. Why chance it?

  18. The winds have really picked up her in the past hour or so.

    It will be downhill for hours now! **sigh**

  19. Uh, oh:

    Tall ship HMS Bounty sinks off N.C. coast; two still missing

  20. Damn, I heard about the bounty a few hours ago when she was taking on water. I sure hope they find the missing two.

  21. I heard someone refer to it as a "Snoreastercane"... I think I like Frankenstorm better.

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Geeeeeeeeeeeez ! what a friggin storm ! Power out in Frederick County, Monocacy River rising.
    National Guard out closing roads and tress down in my lane. Horses in the barn and safe.
    Me thinks Wyoming is lookin really good !
    And fiance is helping me navigate this damn i-pad ! more later ...............

  24. Paladin,
    At the height of the storm here, I wondered if the trees in the front yard would snap off and blow away. The sun isn't up yet, so I can't see how much damage there is in my yard.

    We lost power very briefly here, but others near me were not so lucky because of fallen trees and downed power lines.

    The Potomac and Difficult Run have not yet crested. Flooding will be significant when that happens.

  25. Look at all the days warning the New York area had of this storm and contrast it with how ill-prepared they were.

    At least George Bush warned the mayor of New Orleans to declare an emergency in advance of Katrina. What did Obama do? Go to another fundraiser in Vegas?

  26. "At least George Bush warned the mayor of New Orleans to declare an emergency in advance of Katrina. What did Obama do? Go to another fundraiser in Vegas?"

    You do remember where Bush was on the day that Katrina hit NOLA don't you?

    At John McCain's birthday party.

  27. Regardless of what GWB did or did not do with regard to Katrina, I think we all know that if an incumbent GOP President were touring all over the nation during campaign season, the mainstream media would excoriate that GOP President.

    I've been watching CNN this morning and hear a lot of anger toward Obama for not being in NYC and not taking Presidential disaster measures during Hurricane Sandy's aftermath. H's basically being called "The Photo Op President." Didn't he do the same with the BP spill in the Gulf -- make sure to get photo ops? Yep.

    I think that we all know that getting re-election is Obama's priority -- over everything else. And I DO mean everything else! The man is a demagogue and has zero concept of the meaning of "elected public servant."

  28. Your 2nd paragraph seems to contradict your first.

  29. CI,
    To clarify....

    The difference is that I'm hearing this harsh criticism of BHO on CNN (Piers Morgan) but very little on my local news channels (NBC, CBS, ABC). In the case of Hurricane Katrina, I heard criticism of GWB on the local news -- the lead story for days.

    So, there is some criticism of BHO in the mainstream media. But excoriation? Nope.

    What IS playing on every mainstream local news program: long excerpts from Obama's latest campaign speech (not the portion about "revenge," though). Rarely do I hear a long excerpt from Romney's campaign speeches. The mainstream media's bias in favor of Obama is so blatant.

  30. I understand your position.....but this underscores why I generally don't put a stake in the ground in arguments of media bias.

    Though specific instances of measurable bias can be found...in favor of both major parties...most arguments are filtered through the lens of confirmation bias and perception bias.

    There seems to me to be very little im the way of objectivity and value added in this regard....though nobody really seems to be immune from it. I am predisposed against both Obama and Romney.....and both major parties...so I try and avoid subjectivity in favor of measurable instances of bias.....though I may not always be successful.

  31. CI,
    Well, I contend that the mainstream media is more biased in favor of the Democratic Party than the Republican Party.

    Furthermore, the mainstream media is biased against conservatism in general.

    In the end, I believe that the mainstream media affects voters more than should be happening.

    Media influence isn't the only factor, of course.

  32. Fair argument......though I think its a tough sell to equate perception of media bias to numbers of registered voter for either party.....since in the current era one can find news that caters to their predisposed notions.

    Of course my point of view is colored by my belief that the modern GOP is biased against conservatism......with no help needed from media outlets.


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