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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Personal Note

is sick!  As a result, I've been a bit distracted the past several days and tending to her nearly around the clock.

Symptoms: coughing, loss of appetite, difficulty swallowing, lethargy.

Today the vet came over and took Cameo to an x-ray center for some diagnostics. The x-rays are "unremarkable." We are awaiting results of blood work and urinalysis.

We have our fingers crossed that a hairball is the culprit.  Hairballs are relatively simple to treat and typically resolve well.


  1. I'm so sorry to know that your Alpha Cat is not feeling well.

    Glad the X-Rays are "unremarkable," but continued ill health for a beloved friend -- animal or human -- is always a grave concern.

    I do wonder if Cameo might not just be "malingering" a bit to grab some extra attention and "punish" you for bringing a young rival (Amber) into the house?

    Cats have more passion in them and much deeper feelings than most of us imagine.

    Whatever it is, I hope it cameo gets over it very soon. She's a most beautiful creature.

    ~ FreeThinke

  2. I really can't keep my mind on blogging right now because of my work schedule, Cameo's illness, and the Presidential debate tonight. Also, the piano tuner is here right now. Schedule overload!

    I'll have to load up on caffeine to stay up long enough to watch the debate.

  3. Sorry your cat is sick. I'm another cat fancier of sorts, though one at a time is my limit. A good, intelligent cat makes a great pet. I always get maybe too attached to them, considering how short their lives often are. They catch a galloping case of something, or get poisoned as I suspect my last one was, or hit by a car, or simply go too far from home and get lost.

    Hope yours recovers soon.

  4. Hi AOW.

    I would say sounds like a hairball, lets hope there's nothing else going on.
    Hope it is resolved quickly.

  5. Mr. AOW and I completely trust the judgment of our home care vet -- especially the senior vet, the one who is managing Cameo's care right now. Plus, he lives less than 10 minutes from our house.

  6. Cameo has eaten quite a bit of food tonight. At long last! Apparently, the appetite stimulant and the fluids athat the vet injected this afternoon are working.

    Maybe the hairball will get pushed out the far end!

  7. I'm so sorry. It is so frustrating when a pet is sick. They can't tell us what is wrong, what their symptoms are. My best to you

    Right Truth

  8. AOW,

    I sure hope Cameo gets better soon. She is such a beautiful cat. By the way, you sent me a link to photos of your new kitty, but the link was to a news site. When you have time, please send a better link.

  9. How old is Cameo?

    When you say loss of appetite, is she (?) still eating but only less?

    I lost Hobbes four years ago after a hard to beat infection returned and he just stopped eating altogether until he died. It was hell. I hope you are spared that.

  10. Poor kitty and her poor humans. I know from experience how hard it is to deal with a beloved pet's illness.

    Here's to a speedy recovery for Cameo. The increased food intake is a good sign.

  11. Mike,
    Cameo turned 11 on July 30.

    There is no evidence of any infection or tumor. There is also no indication of diabetes.

    So, the de facto diagnosis is a stubborn hairball blocking the pyloric valve. Also, the vet today mentioned that her stomach was swollen due to gas; that must have eased off now because Cameo is no longer sitting in the hunched position indicative of pain.

    For a few days, Cameo couldn't get anything past that hairball. Not even water! An injection of appetite stimulant helped as well.

    As of last night, she can now get some canned food all the way down. The problem with canned food: it's not the proper type of food for Cameo's chronic problem with bladder stones. Also, she has always preferred dry food over canned food.

    With doses of Laxatone and fluid injections, the hairball should soften and move on down.

    The vet will be administering more fluids tomorrow.

    I do remember Hobbes. So sad the way that you lost him!

  12. 11 isn't that old, so as long as she is eating you should be OK.

    Hobbes used to vomit up his hairballs so I never had a problem with that.

  13. Please tell Cam-camI have had sympathy suffering too! (Not even joking.) We all can't wait for her to get better!

  14. Lady Liberty,
    Cameo is back to sleeping in one of her two favorite chairs. Definitely an improvement!

  15. Get Cameo a steady supply of wheat grass from health food store. She does need the oil in her diet that Laxatone has, but the grass is a natural cleanser for cats..hope she is going better...

  16. This morning, Cameo appears$o be back to normal.

    Good thing! The vet bills for this round = $700!


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