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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More Recommended Reading

See General Dempsey Fires on Own Troops at Fix Bayonets!, Mustang's site. It is unconscionable and inconceivable that such a travesty has occurred!


  1. General Dempsey is a disgrace to his unifrom. Sadly, I suspect that half of our Pentagon are of a similar ilk.

  2. I'm not surprised, but as long as we keep heading down this submission path toward Islam/sharia, it will only get worse. Will Romney have the guts to turn things around? I hope so. He has Allen West campaigning for him and we all know where West stands. West understands who the enemy is and what needs to be done to defeat them.

    Right Truth

  3. Our Generals are political wine stewards in fancy uniforms. Dempsey has disgraced himself and should resign. I wonder how he sleeps at night?

  4. "Lt. Col. Matthew Dooley’s attorneys have put Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey on notice for a possible lawsuit for “concealing the truth about Islam,” after his course was shut down for its strong anti-Islamic content."

    Another one of those "my God is bigger than your God" evangelicals infesting the military gets canned and throws a hissy.
    Great theater.

  5. @Right truth

    Would you please explain how we are heading down the path to sharia?

    Would you explain sharia in a couple paragraphs?

    How does sharia differ radically from Leviticus and other fringe right religious texts?

    Isn't the goal to free ourselves from the most superstitious aspects of all the Abrahamic religions?

  6. Isn't the goal to free ourselves from the most superstitious aspects of all the Abrahamic religions?

    So THAT is what the Atkin's Diet was all about??? Who knew?

  7. Nostradumbass, please tell us everything you know about the US Military.

    Your uncles service under Lenin doesn't count, the US Military isn't supposed to have political officers to rat out those that fail to follow the party line or praise the Politburo vigorously enough.


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