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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Recommended Reading

See Did the mainstream media’s bias contribute towards President Obama’s terrible debate performance? over at Conservative Hideout 2.0. In my view, Matt has made valid points.


  1. Yes it did. Observant conservatives have been making a similar point for years.

    Progressivism is mainstream, and therefor sacrosanct and beyond question, causing progressive brains to atrophy in their complacency.

    Conservatism has to be fought for every day, sharpening the conservative minds and argumentation.

  2. He does have a good point. Obama was clearly not ready to have his policies and presidency questioned. More than questioned, hammered at and exposed as a failure, and his constant protection by the press undoubtedly added to his sense of invulnerability.

  3. No doubt His Highness was not prepared to have his views challenged. However, how could anyone possibly defend the record that Obama has made for himself.

  4. "Everyone DOESN'T love me? And not everybody AGREES with me?"
    that's hard to cope with! :-)

  5. Nine out of ten psychiatrists agree that Cerebral Atrophication is an essential condition for becoming and being a liberal. The other 10% are, in fact, liberals!

  6. Check out Joe Berg, Silver. There's your evolved thought.

    Bore me later. You folks can't get beyong the Old Testament and The Austrian Book of Common Economic Prayer and you call yourselves enlightened?

    Let's have some scuttle about the dangers of taxing the "job creators". Damn you folks have been so indoctrinated it's tragic.

  7. AOW, I believe the link is broken or the page is down.

  8. If you don't think the Left criticizes this schmo you should listen to last weeks Counterspin podcast.

    He take a much more violent beating from the left than anything I've heard on the right.

  9. The page appears to be down now.

    Was the page down earlier today? I didn't have time to check this morning.

  10. AOW, yeah, I have been called, "bigot" "racist" etc. Not all will agree with us, except those with intelligence.

    Silver nailed it, as always. I could not have said it more eloquently then he did.

  11. Not all will agree with us, except those with intelligence.

    Careful you don't walk into a straight right, Leticia.

  12. Well, they certainly have propped him up for the last 4 years and I think he was bound to fall eventually.

    Right Truth

  13. AOW- the page was up before, and I still have it loaded. It won't load anymore, so either the sight's glitching or they took it down... saved a copy to word in anycase.

    On topic: Ya, probably. The media has covered his but for so long and pampered him so much I doubt he thought he had anything to worry about. Except, live debate, no rules, no coverups. Without the media screening him, he was lost. Can't wait to see Biden! Mister big-mouth is funny enough even with his watchers, but they can't help him now...


  14. Wildstar (and others too),
    What planet is Obama on? See THIS:

    Obama 'believed he had BEATEN Romney' in Denver debate - after ignoring advice of top aides on preparation


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