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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last Night's Debate

(Please scroll down for Sam's post today)

From empty chair to empty podium.

Of course, Joe Biden thinks that Obama won the debate.


  1. Take a look at the spin in one diary entry at Daily Kos:

    So if President Obama was off his game during the debate, it was because he had more pressing matters on his mind: avoiding a war in the Middle East that involves NATO, Syria, Iran and Israel. It's easy to see why that would be more important to him, than winning an argument with an empty suit.

    I have a different theory of my own. Clue HERE. Lyrics HERE.

  2. Pffft. Obama was sequestered in a resort-like property for the greater part of a week to prepare.

    Since when have 'more pressing issues' even affected his golf game?!?

    Romney did everything I hoped for last night, FTW!

    As for Joe... He must be confabulating again! ;)

  3. Bill Mahrer: "Maybe he really DOES need a teleprompter." Heh.

  4. I left the following comment over at Z's site this morning:

    (a) What you liked about each candidate

    About Romney...
    1. He had numbers -- not effectively challenged by BHO, either.

    2. He projected a caring image.

    3. He came across as objective and showed not even one tinge of ad hominem attacks.

    I find it difficult to like anything about Obama. Sorry 'bout that. His participation last night was ineffective in the extreme. What's up with that? Hell, he didn't even have the demeanor of a sitting President.

    (b) What you disliked about each candidateRomney occasionally came across as striving to make human-interest points; I say this as one who has taught policy debate for over 10 years. Did Romney use appeal to the people too often? Maybe.

    Obama? Don't get me started. He blew this debate on almost every level. Plus, he actually told Lehrer to move on. Sheesh.

    And bringing up OBL in the context of a policy debate on economics? Wow, just wow.

    (c) Did either candidate “seal the deal?” Romney -- for now.

    (d) Is the press treating each candidate fairly in terms of the aftermath of this debate?

    Yes -- for the most part.

    Please check out the post today over at Z's site.

  5. It was good to see the real choom, er Barry show up last night.

  6. Leave it to the Daily Kook to try to spin this one.

    The president had more pressing matters? Like when an Ambassador was murdered and dragged through the streets in a terrorist attack and Obama coolly shrugged it off and jetted of to Vegas?

    More pressing issues like improving his golf game, playing basketball and schmoozing with the Hollywood set.

    Obama is an unserious man in a very serious time, and it showed last night.

    A big smile and that hope and change BS can only carry him so far. I hope this is the end of the road for him.

  7. where is Obama=

    Chris mathews was screaming the same question for five minuts last night. Obama looked like the amateur that he is.

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  10. Empty podium was right! That was the worst debating I've seen in awhile. Obama, really, massive fail. This proves you need a telepromter. First off, get rid of that phony smile, it was downright creepy and so plastic. Second, stop looking angry the whole time, you seem like a sore loser. Third, and majorly: LEARN DEBATE. Or at least logic fallacies. As homonie, appeal to the people (granted, done on both sides, but obama came off as much cheesier), strawman, and probably many more I missed. And repeating yourself ad nosium- I got bored halfway through! And one thing: details. Shut up. You GOT details, Mit explained as much as 2 minutes apiece would allow. If your whole plan can be summed up in 2 minutes, its too simple a plan. By far.

    And Mit... nice work. It seems he's done public speaking before (off the cuff) at least, debate maybe not because of several things (interrupting the moderator every time, etc), and to much appeal to the people, but a sounder speech I will say. Steamrolled is an accurate term! He knew what he was doing at the very least, and was fighting, not just looking scared. Brownie points for looking Obama in the eye!

    And the moderator needs to be fired. He got so pushed around and let the candidates get so far off track it was ridiculous. If you're going to interrupt, speak LOUDER.

    And of course the press is trying to help BO out, Lord knows he needs it. It aint going to work for anyone who say the real debate and not just soundbites. (Though, for fellow YT watchers, they cut off mits closing statement. Nice.) I don't think the people are stupid enough to NOT see how major a fail this was- lets just hope the rest of the debates are this way!


  11. That's what happens when your opponent in the debate prep is John Flippin' Kerry.

  12. I didn't think that Obama was as horrible as the folks on his own side are putting out.

    I hope that's not just a set up for the next debate when they all turn in unison and say WOW, he's back better than ever!

    In my mind, the toughest thing for Obama is that Romney stood on the same stage next to him and was able to swat back every one of Obama's lies and do it with a smile. Romney's effort wiped out the effect of tens of millions of Obama's negative ads which are all that many viewers had seen of Romney up to now.

    AOW, you will recall my concern about an October surprise if the debate goes bad. I'm doubly worried now.

  13. If "Obama was sequestered in a resort-like property for the greater part of a week", will Uncle Joe be sequestered in a mental hospital until he is released to get pummeled by Ryan?

  14. Of course Joe Biden thought NOMObama did a great job and won the debate. He's comparing how well NOMObama did to what he will do--a lot worse.

    I just CAN NOT BELIEVE how much closer to fair the lame stream media has become in the last 15 hours or so. There has to be an ulterior motive, but I can't yet figure out what it might be.

  15. Looks like Hussein just hit "a bump in the road".

    You know, it's too bad he wasn't at that embassy in Libya. After Romney wins, he should throw Barry a bone and appoint him the new Libyan ambassador. It would be a nice thing to do.

  16. From the comments from the MSNBC crew, you'd think they'd seen a different debate. There are some detractors on the left today, but I don't trust them. They'll vote for Obama come November no matter what.

  17. Bill Mahrer's comments surprised me, but glad to see that he wasn't going to cover the mess that we witnessed last night.

    Romney wiped the floor with Obama. It cannot be denied no matter how much the liberals wish to deny it.

    All they have to do is re-watch the footage.

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  20. P.S. I am borrowing the empty chair metaphor.

    Obama's campaign would have been better off with an empty chair!

  21. I saw part of it, the empty suit was really on display for all who had the brains to see wasn't he.

    I think Romney needs to unleash on him a lot more, expose him and the shills in the media who sheltered and protected him for so long.

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  23. Algore said the problem was the thin air.

    I am little confused as to whether this was a climate change crack or he was calling O an airhead.

  24. It was a great debate. I loved the smirks on Obama's face. He is one arrogant SOB.

    Empty podium is right.

    Right Truth

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  26. If anyone wants to know what I thought of the debate, please read the review published at:


    Thank you.

    ~ FT


    Apparently, "the pundits" thought Governor's Romney's performance was far superior to President Obama's last night. Obama has been judged "uncomfortable," "lackluster," "grumpy," "off his game," and "unimpressive" by several commentators from the left.

    Frankly, I didn't see that. The president seemed his usual cool, unflappable, smoothly prevaricating, often charmingly boyish –– even gracious –– old self –– a much more attractive image than the fervid "coon shoutin' southern preacher" instilling fear and loathing into the hearts of his listeners we've seen on the stump these past few weeks.

    Governor Romney was poised, always polite, on top of his material, but nowhere near as incisive, challenging and condemnatory as I believe he could have been and should have been. I give him full marks for repeatedly denying the president's repeated accusation that the governor plans to initiate a five-billion dollar tax cut "for the rich."

    The sweet, benign, faintly amused look on the governor's face throughout the evening was frankly attractive and reassuring, but then so was the president's well-known infectious grin and confident body language when the two exchanged greetings initially, and at the end of the performance.

    I found it interesting –– and frankly encouraging –– that Governor Romney's repeated assertion that President Obama intends to take SEVEN-HUNDRED-SIXTEEN BILLION DOLLARS out of MEDICARE was not denied by the president.

    Over all, except for the irksome aura of self-importance projected by querulous, old Jim Lehrer, whose obvious bias in favor of the president manifested itself in the way he kept trying to interrupt and balk Governor Romney's responses while allowing the president to emit verbal diarrhea in copious abundance, it was a rather too even-tempered, lackluster affair for my taste. Nether candidate made any "gaffes," but neither did either one make such a strong case for himself that his victory should be assured on the strength of last night's performance.

    VERDICT: Better than expected, but still disappointing.

    ~ FreeThinke

  28. What do you all think of the [obviously phony] unemployment numbers that just HAPPENED to fall blow 8% for the first time in four years JUST after Obama got trounced in the debate?

    We cannot trust the polls. We cannot trust the statisticians. We cannot trust the Verification Services.

    So whom COULD we trust?

    Our GUTS, of course.

    That's all we have to go on. Our GUTS.

    ~ FT

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  31. I don't believe the unemployment numbers just released:

    1. The rolls for SSDI have risen astronomically for certain age groups.

    2. A lot of people have quit looking for work as measured by employment agencies.

    3. The underemployed masses have become quite the norm. When Mr. AOW lost his primary job in January 2008, the first downturn for the automotive industry, he never qualified for unemployment because he had a part-time job bartending at our local VFW.

    BTW, when I was out of work, I was never measured as unemployed. The school where I worked did not participate in unemployment insurance.

    Also, if my own business were to go under, I would not qualify for unemployment income as most of us who are self-employed do not.

  32. FT,
    Thank you for your input about the debate.

    I thought that Obama evinced several other signs that were quite unusual for even "Mr. Cool."

    There is one more thing that has crossed my mind....Perhaps BHO already knows that he's going to win; therefore, these debates don't matter to him. I'll leave it to your imagination for right now what I mean by "knows he's going to win."

  33. FT,
    Please take a look at THIS about the unemployment numbers.

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  36. Liberalmann,
    Against my better judgment, I'm going to tell you something....

    1. This is my site. All the other administrators and I will delete as we wish.

    2. The way to get back into our good graces here is not to hurl the f-bomb at us -- hurled twice over the past few months. Now, if you had tried an abject apology, the situation might be different. As it is, you have buried yourself.

    3. People who continue to intrude where they are clearly not wanted are idiots. Yep, that's you.

    4. This blog is private property -- MY private property. Get your own blog, make your own commenting rules over there, and spew all you want.

  37. That's what happens when your opponent in the debate prep is John Flippin' Kerry.

    Well, the idea was that they needed someone as stiff-looking and far-left as Romney, and Rachel Maddow was busy.


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