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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The President's Job?

Bread and circuses! Videos below the fold.

A musical reminder:

Joking and absurdity aside, the above videos illustrate why Obama might win in November 2012.


  1. If you Liberal's think that Republicans are racists, Watch this Video!

    Obama is the biggest disgrace the country has ever experienced. If he's re-elected our Republic is dead. He should be tried for treason. Unfortunately, the uneducated, dependent scum that votes for him are clueless. No idea how economics work. If you continue to take my money through more taxation ill loose the desire to work. Then what? Third World country. This is what he wants.


  2. Everybody likes free stuff.

    It is sad to think that a solid plurality has coalesced around the fear of losing the coddling embrace of the nanny state.

    Tocqueville was right...

  3. That’s the point. Buying votes, giving people wealth they haven’t earned, living off the federal “credit card” with no hope of paying it back, etc. The founding fathers studied the causes of the end of the Roman Republic. It’s clear that your students may be the only ones learning this important knowledge. Good lesson, teacher!

  4. America! Home of the FREEBIES and home of the DEPENDENT CLASS.

  5. That first video is mind numbing. More and more, I worry about the future of this nation if everyone is just looking for the next handout.

    Get'cher Obama phones here... How cheaply people value their votes!

    That second video is great!

  6. Did Alexis de Tocqueville ever refer specifically to "a Nanny State" SF? Was he even aware of the threat of a Collectivist mentality?

    I don't know much about de Tocqueville, so that's why I'm asking.

    What is the quotation you refer to that supports your statement?

    ~ FreeThinke



    The eagle, full of the boundless spirit of freedom, living above the valleys, strong and powerful in his might, has become the national emblem of a country that offers freedom in word and thought and an opportunity for a full and free expansion into the boundless space of the future.

    Such has been the symbol of a proud heritage which has made America the destination of the rest of the World for the opportunities afforded by relative un-bridled freedom. The result has been unequaled prosperity and strength.


    Comes now Liberalism, Socialism &B.O.; will the emblem change?


    I’m mindful of a novelty, popularized in the 50's, known as the dipping or "Dippy Bird". It is a plastic bird which appears to bend down and sip water from a container adjacent to its pedestal, dip-dip-dip. It operates on principles of evaporation and thermodynamics. The Dippy Bird’s water must be replenished in order for him to continue to ‘dip’. Since the Dippy Bird is incapable of replenishing his own sustenance this must be done by someone else. Does this sound like anyone that you know?

    Check out the Dippy Bird at this link:



    Look for the Dippy Bird Logo, coming soon on all of your ‘free’ stuff!



  8. Obama gonna pay my bills
    Obama gonna cure my ills

    Obama gonna give to me
    Everything I want for free.

    On me and mine Obama dotes
    Dat's why he's gonna get our votes.

    We's gonna suck da white man dry
    And laugh to see him sit and cry.

    We laugh and laugh 'cause its so funny
    Dat our bills be paid wiff white man's money.

    ~ Ima F. Moron

  9. Once "The Rich" have been unseated
    All of us will be defeated,
    'Cause once "The Rich" have been destroyed,
    Won't be nothin' left but a deep dark Void.
    A Bottomless Pit -- A Big Black Hole
    Where everyone lives on the Dole.
    And I don't mean ol' RINO Bob,
    Who was just lackey to those who Rob.
    I'm talkin 'bout The Oligarchs
    Whose money once created parks
    And enhanced universities,
    Built hospitals to fight disease,
    Palaces where Opera's housed --
    Places at which no one's groused,
    Libraries and Railroad stations
    Fit for endless celebrations,
    Until that old New Deal was struck
    That changed the rules and killed good luck
    Since then "The Rich," forced to connive
    To find a way they might survive
    Have joined with government to despise,
    Deter, destroy those who would rise.
    We call it Crony Capitalism,
    And it's caused the mammoth schism
    That now yawns twixt rich and poor,
    'Cause we let Marxists in the door.


    ~ FreeThinke

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  11. Making stupid statements
Is a waste of time

    Hatched within the bastions
Of a communistic mind.

  12. Dear Views of a Tea Party Member- I lived in Baltimore-near North Avenue - and I am familiar with racism directed towards me and my family, on a daily basis, because of our skin color. I was even informed in an official letter, I could not vote in an important Mayoral election,
    in which Mr. O'Malley was challenging the incumbent.
    Any denial of rampant racism in those communities is suspect, to say the least.

  13. Dear Free Thinke,
    I love your poems!
    Rhythm and Poetry to be sure.
    It is like water in the desert.
    Carry on!


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