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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Musical Interlude

(If you must politics, please keep scrolling)

Jackie Evancho, age 12:


  1. Can that really be the voice of a child? Remarkable!

  2. The theme song from Walt Disney's Pinocchio.

    Shades of my happy childhood! How good to hear it again by this beautiful young talent!

    I only hope this child is not exploited as many other youngsters with prodigious gifts have been in the past.

    Properly nurtured her lovely voice should mature and ripen into something that will endure and give us the pleasure of enjoying for many years to come.

    But what a joy it is to hear clear, radiant -- almost angelic -- sound from a human voice!

    Thanks, AOW. We do need -- much more than most of us know -- to stay in touch with such things.

    ~ FreeThinke

  3. She's 12?!?

    Wow. I can hardly believe it!

  4. This girl is a very rare talent, isn't she?

    Many years ago, Edna Mae George was also such a talent, albeit in a different genre of vocal music. I had the great privilege of studying voice under the tutelage of Edna Mae. However, she persuaded me not to pursue a professional career because her career constantly took her away from family, including her own children, so that Edna Mae could memorize the required librettos for every concert season.

    When Edna Mae became pregnant with her second child, she walked away from her performing career. She decided that her second child would have the chance to recognize her own mother; her first child barely recognized Edna Mae. I lost her as my teacher when she moved to Bowling Green to teach -- a much better career for the mother of two young girls.

    Edna Mae was Armenian and was her family's ticket out of the mess going on in that region of the world. She began her singing career on the radio around the age of four and, around age 10 or so, came to the United States. For a time, she was a valued contralto/mezzo soprano with the New York Metropolitan Opera. He vocal range was incredible!

  5. FT,
    Doesn't this wonderful song take so many of us back to a happy and simpler time? And a time of so much less contention!

    I fear that our souls have been poisoned.

    I well recall the first Disney film with which I fell in love: Cinderella. I even had the coloring book! The DVD is now in re-release, and I have the Cinderella DVD queued up at NetFlix, but there is a long wait.

    BTW, one of my public speaking students may be giving a presentation about Walt Disney this coming Tuesday. I hope so! Disney gave us so much. I miss him.

  6. I need to buy some of the CD's of this child's incredible singing. Maybe she has a Christmas CD. I'm going to check Amazon right now!

  7. I just bought Heavenly Christmas, 1 CD for myself and 2 as Christmas gifts.

  8. Janet Evancho singing "What Child Is This?", one of the selections of Heavenly Christmas. Goosebumps!

  9. I always wanted to sing, but I sound like a croaking frog when I try, ha. So I do appreciate the sound of a beautiful voice, an instrument given by God.

    Right Truth

  10. Whatever happened to Intermissions? They're so short now that there's barely time to take care of the "necessaries".

    *shakes head*

  11. Does Jackie have an equally talented sister names Janet, AOW?

    You mentioned her twice.

    ~ FT

  12. I was thinking mostly of Charlotte Church, who at an equally tender age as Jackie, was all over television billed as "The Voice of an Angel."

    Charlotte, I don't think was quite so talented as Jackie, but there is still a great similarity between them.

    Charlotte Church suffered from Too Much, Too Soon. quickly degenerated after the onset of puberty and went the way of all flesh. Sad!

    I just hope that doesn't happen to Jackie.

  13. In Britain the intermission is called "the interval, Thersites."

    I attend the opera regularly, and we have more-than-adequate time during each interval to enjoy a drink and some excellent light refreshments, a bit of conversation AND do the "necessary."

    Im sorry if that is no longer the case in your part of the world.

    Part of the pleasure of gong to the opera has always been to do a bit of swanning among the swells, if you know what I mean?

    Personally, I LIKE it. Too much casualness makes for a slothful, inconsiderate society. Too much pretentiousness a vain one.

    I'd rather be vain than vile any day, however, given a clear choice.

  14. FT,
    I keep getting her first name wrong. **sigh**

  15. I vaguely remember Charlotte Church. Will listen to some of her material at YouTube.

  16. I do recall something about this "controversy" relating to Charlotte Church.

    I listened to one of her songs at YouTube. She has a beautiful voice -- no doubt about it. But Evancho's voice is purer, I think.

  17. I'm more for a little BLACK swanning amongst the swells... but perhaps, THAT is just, "me". ;)


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