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Monday, October 15, 2012

Under the Obama Regime, Any Incompetence Is Possible

Because of Visa issues, the Obama Administration didn't reach Benghazi for seventeen days after the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. Consulate and the murder of Ambassador Stevens?

The mind reels.

Gateway Pundit says:
Terrorists attacked our consulate and murdered our ambassador on 9-11 and the Obama administration waited 17 days to investigate the crime scene because they were waiting on visas.
Please see this report of October 6.

Also see my post yesterday: "Benghazi-gate?"


  1. Mind numbingly stupid! If this were a Republican administration, the press would be crudifying the President and the State Department.

  2. It seem as if the Media as well as the Democratic voters does not care if Obama and his administration, especially his high ranking members like Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder lies, deceives and or cheats, but their only care is for them to win the election at all cost! Isn’t that something they have accused the republicans of doing for years? It seems to me that they are better at playing that game than anyone else is.. There are so many unanswered questions and answers that are untrue that remain about the vicious attack (yes ATTACK, not a Protest) in Benghazi two weeks ago) that killed four Americans, including our Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and two former Navy Seals. And Congress has a responsibility to do something about it and may I add that the America Citizens want answers for.
    The truth is that the same people who are accusing the Republicans for not providing fund for the security for the American consulate in Benghazi are the ones who have been lying and covering up the whole debacle , a classic liberal tactic. This whole cover up would have made any Republican president resign by now. But not Obama, The Obama campaign has two choices right now, lie his way out of this as he is doing by having the blame shifted to Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, who was dragging this phoney story around allover TV or they can try to rig the election, something else that I wouldn’t put past them.
    It’s been four years since the Bush presidency ended and Obama is still Blaming Bush. , America is in a the worst financial crisis since the Great Depressions , the housing market continues to be in the toilet, and the number of people out of work is more than 12 million, and something like a record high of 46 million of them are on Food Stamps. Added to that, we have Americans under attack all around the world and in our own Embassies. And our military’s funds have been cut when we least can afford it.
    Hopefully President Mitt Romney will free us from this nightmare we have in the White House now.

  3. Lies and madness!!!

    This is so mind-bogglingly absurd that words fail me!

    Does this administration reallybelieve We The People are so stupid?


  4. This could be a big issue if we still had an independent news media...

  5. Confirmed ignorance. The same thing is going down in Yemen as I shamelessly encourage you to visit my blog. Our marines are told to leave our embassy.

  6. Confirmed ignorance. The same thing is going down in Yemen as I shamelessly encourage you to visit my blog. Our marines are told to leave our embassy.

  7. Surreal:

    Rep. Mike Kelly noted that on May 7, the State Department approved $108,000 for a new electric car charging station to service Chevy Volts in the motor pool at the Vienna embassy. Kelly also revealed that on May 3, the State Department denied a request for use of a DC-3 airplane to a Special Forces group doing embassy security in Libya. Ambassador Chris Stevens, slain in a terrorist attack in Benghazi on September 11, was copied on the email from the State Department.

  8. I highly recommend that all here check out Bunkerville's post about Yemen.

    More about the failure of the Obama regime's foreign policy!

    Will the media cover this in any depth?

  9. Meanwhile, we have THIS MESS on the domestic front:

    ith little notice, inspectors generals across federal agencies are piecing together criminal and civil cases into stimulus money that was misspent, wasted or defrauded.

  10. Let the trail go cold?

    I went to Ghana, W. Africa with the Navy, and applied for and received my official government passport from the State Department with a very short lead time. And I am a "nobody".

    NYTimes editorial blames the Republicans for slashing the State Department budget. It is not about money. It is about ThreatCon assessment, responding to the concerns of a (now murdered) Ambassador, and asset management.

    The buck stops with the CinC and the SecState. It happened on their watch. They are ultimately responsible for what should have been a preventable death.

    Tammy Swofford

  11. This is how most cowards act when trying to lead.

  12. So lets talk about Benghazi, I’d love to. I for one have had it with these sick, twisted, brain dead leftist/progressive radicals who are so blinded by their ideology that they don’t even care about the security of this nation, and will do everything say anything including backing up the lies of their beloved leader and then support his re-election. . It is absolutely outrageous how far they will go. Just listen to them here on these blogs and just read the CRAP on their own blogs You would think that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan was running this country and having their Secretary of State and their UN Ambassador parading out in frunt of the TV cameras LYING this ass’s off for the sake of their Messiah. They are extremely dangerous to this country, and must be voted out. Obama told us that he wants to bring the perpetrators to justice. How about bringing his own Administration to Justice?
    This is worse than Watergate, no one at Watergate was murdered, and Watergate was not an Act of War! I hope that Romney and Ryan calls these liars out in front of the nation and the world, and lets the world hear the facts in no uncertain terms.
    And that Smirking Monkey Biden saying that it was the fault of the Republicans for cutting the funds for security at the embassy. Another lie by that Smirking Jerk.
    This bunch of people are so incompetent it’s a wonder that more people haven’t died. If Obama, Hillary and Rice had the love for their country that Nixon did and if they had any class the three of them would step down, and the news media should be harping about this nonstop. It’s time for a statesman like Romney to be put in office and not the Liberal/Progressive gang of hoodlums.
    And another thing: They blamed a stupid video for this attack, instead of calling it what it was, a terrorist attack. And by saying that it was the “Video” that cause the other riots all over the Mid-East on our Embassy’s. If you recall, there were about 25 other riots following the ones in Libya and Egypt, because of Obama telling them about the “Film” prior to that these scum-bags didn’t even know that a “Film” even existed. .

  13. Tammy,
    Thanks for weighing in and for telling that story about getting a Visa to Ghana.

    Ambassador Stevens is dead. In my view, our government didn't do enough to protect him, a career diplomat. And the ambassador made numerous requests of additional security! That security never arrived, and the ambassador and three other Americans are dead.

    Every American should be concerned! More than that, we must DEMAND answers -- not shifting stories.

    The buck stops with the CinC and the SecState. It happened on their watch. They are ultimately responsible for what should have been a preventable death.


  14. Tammy Swofford recently wrote Inconceivable, a must-read on the topic of Benghazi-gate.

  15. Radical Redneck,
    Hear, hear!

    Blood was spilled. American blood. The blood of our ambassador.

    Yes, Benghazi-gate is worse than Watergate.

  16. Meanwhile, in Syria:

    Rebel Arms Flow Is Said to Benefit Jihadists in Syria

    The United States is not sending arms directly to the Syrian opposition. Instead, it is providing intelligence and other support for shipments of secondhand light weapons like rifles and grenades into Syria, mainly orchestrated from Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The reports indicate that the shipments organized from Qatar, in particular, are largely going to hard-line Islamists.

    Shakespeare: "Something is rotten in Denmark."

    Wiktionary's definition of the above phrase:

    Something is not right, rife with errors from top to bottom, leading to suspicion of motive.

  17. AOW: Re one of your comments at my place, I responded with 'I am speaking generally. For a Christian you would qualify more as a Spiritual person like myself, from my point of view. My real gripe is with BELIEVING in preference to KNOWING. It's so much easier to have people tell us what to think instead of finding out what's true and not true for ourselves, and that kind of mental laziness drives me up a wall."

    Sorry for OTS but it matters to me that you know that.

  18. Dealing with the Federal government involving mindnumbing paperwork.

    Just wait until you have to schedule a health procedure...

    As for the incompetence of this Admin.,,

    They could nt get Big Bird to work for them

    Any one remember a certain Republican who said something stupid about a woman's control over getting pregnant....nope

    Obama is going to play that 47% comment tomorrow and it is going to fall faster than the guy who just fell 24 miles.

    The fake unemployment numbers.

    Gas prices still rising.

    Hollywood types defecting.

    Some of the media actually starting to ask questions of Obamaturd.

    and Romeny just picked up another 170 million to add to his huge war chest.

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  20. Hillary fell on the sword, taking responsibility for the security at the consulate in Libya, saying Obama and Biden are not responsible.

    Right Truth

  21. There's no way to promote gay marriage with this. Don't expect Romney to bother with it for long.

  22. Everyday i tell myself, geez can the lying and B.S. get any worse ?
    And yep, everyday it does.

    There is so much in this turds Presidency that needs to be uncovered and laid bare , it would take a team of Prosecutors years to get to the bottom of it.

    When Romney is elected, i hope there are no backroom deals and golden handshakes and he appoints a special Federal DA to uncover all the criminal activity thats taken place.

    We need to deamnd such, and there is no way in hell Obummer should be given a free pass.

    No way.

  23. Debbie,
    Hillary fell on the sword, taking responsibility...

    I fail to understand why she would do such a thing.

    Yes, she is responsible -- no doubt about it. But she's not solely responsible, IMO.

  24. Beamish,
    I wonder if anyone in the townhall debate tonight will ask Romney about his shifting positions on gay marriage.

    Of course, BHO shifted his position on that matter as well. Remember the big announcement? His daughters showed him the way.

  25. As Debbie mentioned above, HERE is the video with Hillary taking responsibility.

    Political expediency!

    Anyway, watch the video at the above link.

  26. I note that a lot of commenters at the above CNN link aren't buying Hillary's spin. Hmmmm....

    The CNN piece has already garnered almost 600 comments!

  27. I note that Hillary takes responsibility but blames her underlings. So, that's not really taking responsibility, is it?

  28. What?!? If Hillary is taking this sooooo personally, one thinks she would resign at the very least!

    No, I would like to know what she was promised, and what her insurance on that is...

  29. Brooke,
    Maybe Hillary is angling for an appointment to the United States Supreme Court? Wouldn't surprise me.

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. I agree with AOW, Hillary just traded away her signature achievement that would have put her a head aboove any Republican challenger---foreign policy experience.


    She must be hoping Obama can win but I have heard nothing about Bill campaigning for Obama this time.

    What was the deal?

    She does look more Presidential for taking responsibility. Something Obama has not done for anything.

    I was thinking VP instead of SCOTUS.

    We all know Biden is questionable. How easy would it be for him to step down for health reasons shortly after the elction? Then she gets the nod for VP and if Obama can get Obamacare passed, he can certainly gets the 1st woman VP past the Senate.

    I know its a crazy right wing theory but it is the only real way to reestablish her creditenials if she wants President.

  32. Blogginator,
    I have another out-there theory.

    Obama hasn't looked physically well the past few months. I do wonder if he's very ill.

    If he is and has to step down, Biden becomes POTUS. Then, Biden could appoint Hillary as VP.

    Yes, I admit that what I'm saying is out there.

    As I mentioned before, I think that Hillary is angling for a position on the SCOTUS. I have nothing to prove this idea, of course. Well, except for my intuition, which certainly isn't infallible.


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