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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


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  1. I really shouldn't be aghast.

    When an illegal immigrant rear-ended me at a four-way stop sign in 2005 and ruined my back forever, the court said to me, "The sympathies of the court lie with the immigrant. If the situation were reversed and you had run into him, you'd be taken to the cleaner's."

    I'll never forget those words as long as I live!

  2. The only bright spot was the drunk driver going away for 17 years.

  3. I don't get it. That must be because I don't understand, which should be perfectly understandable given the situation that the person who made the mess claimed it wasn't fair for her to pay for somebody to clean up her mess. That should make things crystal clear.

  4. The drunk driver who killed here son was an illegal immigrant who lived here for 12 years.

    But if cops had stopped to pull her over they would be under investigation from the Obama Justice Department had they inquired about her citizenship.

    The mother of the dead victim being asked to pay to clean the blood up is messed up. Round up the illegals family and make them pay.

  5. One again, I feel compelled to say something that will probably be unpopular:

    Of course I believe that drivers who kill or injure others out of malice, drunkenness, negligence, or stupidity are wrong and deserve punishment -- only a pervert or an imbecile would think otherwise.

    HOWEVER, I view this case, all similar cases –– yours too, AOW –– as more evidence that our "AUTHORITIES" and our so-called JUSTICE SYSTEM commit a far more heinous offense –– even than vehicular homicide –– when they issue these twisted, perverted, demented, downright MALEVOLENT "interpretations" of "the law" from the bench or from a city hall.

    I also feel compelled to add that vehicular homicide or manslaughter, or serious personal injuries and damage to property, etc. is not made any WORSE by the offenders immigration status. And I do think it's wrong to take isolated cases like these and say in effect "This is what illegal aliens do."

    Of course they do, but it's because they're HUMAN like all the rest of us. Being in the USA illegally does not constitute proof that one is not really a fellow human being.

    Sorry, but you know I'm right as well as I do –– and my opinion does not mean I lack empathy for the victims in cases like these.

    However, it's the cockamamie liberal JUDGES who should be sent up for 17 years to serve right along side the "defendants" the liberal judges persist in glorifying as more deserving of sympathy and "understanding" than the family of someone whose LIFE was ended –– or whose back was injured so as to cause chronic suffering –– by idiotic conduct.

    Let's just get our PRIORITIES straight. It's primarily our lunatic, farcical, out-of-control SYSTEM that needs to be "punished" the most.

    ~ FreeThinke

  6. We are a nation of men, not of laws. It used to be the other way around but not anymore. Our president is a corrupt racist pig who rules by decree. Our laws are applied according to who's in charge of applying them, there is no longer one rule for all of us.

    Maybe if I say this often enough, someone will listen and start doing it: Shoot the invaders! Kill them as fast as they swarm over our borders and leave the bodies there to rot for the next wave of invaders to have to climb over. Give the ones already here 48 hours to go back to Mexico or Guatemala or wherever, and then grab them up and dump them across the border. They can find their way home from there and if not, too bad.

    Kill the sons of bitches. I'm serious. Station guards, the National Guard, the Army, I don't care, along our border with Mexico and shoot every last one trying to sneak in.

    This is an act of self defense. The American people have a RIGHT to protect themselves from the diseased, the murderers, the drug pushers, the rapists and pedophiles that keep coming here in droves. Why wait until we and our children get tuberculosis, shot in a drive-by, raped? We know who the enemy is, kill them before they can kill us.

  7. Kill Freethinke while you're at it.

  8. FreeThinke,
    vehicular homicide or manslaughter, or serious personal injuries and damage to property, etc. is not made any WORSE by the offenders immigration status

    I have to disagree as many illegal immigrants do not have auto insurance. And it is illegal for someone without a license to be driving anyone's vehicle as then the auto insurance is null and void.

  9. In the case of my accident, the illegal immigrant -- a cab driver -- did have auto insurance and plenty of coverage to pay for my medical bills. He had the auto insurance only because he had obtained his driver's license before 9/11.

    Anyway, his insurance company's attorney fought tooth and nail not to pay me. In fact, the insurance company spent more money fighting my law suit than if the company had settled out of court! We're talking quite a paltry amount; terms of the settlement require that I not divulge the amount. But I can say that the law suit was not even in the six figures at all! The cab driver's insurance policy had more than enough to settle for less than I even asked. Sheesh.

    When the officer of the court said to me "The sympathies of the court lie with the immigrant. If the situation were reversed and you had run into him, you'd be taken to the cleaner's," I thought that I'd come unglued!

    Why should the sympathies of the court lie with the one who broke the law? He was illegal, he was under-insured according to the Virginia statute for vehicles for hire, he refused to report the accident to his insurance company, he did not show up for the court hearing about a month after the accident.

    Yes, I'm angry. Enraged, in fact.

    I live with pain every single day.

    Doesn't matter. "The sympathies of the court lie with the immigrant."

    I wish that I had run that stop sign!

  10. BTW, this is a fact little known....If your vehicle is totaled by an accident caused by another driver and you leave that vehicle, the police will impound it to the tune of $400/day (here in Northern Virginia). Insurance will not cover the impound cost!

    When Mr. AOW and I had a car stolen in 1972, the police found the vehicle but didn't tell us that they had nor where the vehicle was impounded. Several days later, we owed a fortune!

    Mr. AOW and I had been married only 12 weeks when that car -- our only car -- was stolen. The vehicle was old, so we didn't have theft insurance. The financial hardship for the next two years was surreal.

  11. FT,
    And I do think it's wrong to take isolated cases like these and say in effect "This is what illegal aliens do."

    It is wrong to stereotype. Certainly, not all illegal immigrants commit such deeds. Some who are born and bred Americans commit such deeds, too.

    However, as one who lives in a sanctuary city, I can assure you that we do have multiple car "incidents" with illegals -- as well as issues of true identity. It is now a requirement of the state of Virginia that all insurance policies have an uninsured motorist rider on all car insurance policies to protect those of us who are insured from getting sucked down a financial whirlpool. I don't know if South Carolina has such a provision.

    I've been rear-ended TWICE by an illegal immigrant without a license (once at a red light and once at a stop sign, the latter as mentioned above). TWICE! Between 2000-2005. And I typically drive less than 50 miles a week and in off peak times.

    The first time, the damage to my vehicle was very minor, and I really didn't think a thing about it as the owner of the car had insurance which paid for the scratch on my bumper.

    The second time was a much different story as I've indicated above. I was injured -- a permanent injury. My health insurance company weaseled out for a long time, so I was left paying the bills! I had to hire an attorney to force my health insurance company to pony up. Another expense!

    Did you know that a private health insurance policy doesn't have to pay one thin dime ultimately if a settlement is involved? Subrogation kicks in. ObamaCare does the same with Medicare coverage. However, one has an employer-based health insurance policy in the state of Virginia, we have so many people driving around without licenses that there is a specific statute which requires the employer-based insurance to pick up the entire tab with no subrogation. When I had my terrible car accident, I had employer-based health insurance. Thank God!

    I am a foreign language major and not a xenophobe. But I've learned very hard lessons about illegal immigration and how it affects my life.

  12. Black Sheep,
    The scenarios you mention (the diseased, the murderers, the drug pushers, the rapists and pedophiles) aren't bad enough for most Americans to realize what can happen.

    Will those things happen? I don't know.

    Are they already happening? I don't know to what extent.

    Do we have any stats to look at?

    I do believe that most who come here are looking for a better life. But I'll tell you something that gets on my nerves: most non-citizen immigrants -- and even some who are naturalized citizens -- refer to their country of origin as "my country." "In my country" this, "in my country" that.

    If one immigrates with the intention of becoming a naturalized citizen, should not one then consider America as his country?

  13. Damn right! When I see the Mexican flags flying in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, even in L.A., I want to make those ungrateful bastards eat their flags. Without salt.

  14. Shame this story is seen everywhere.

    What a horrid and tragic story, no parent should ever have to bury their child and then to have to pay for the aftermath of the results because of someone's reckless driving, illegal or not.

    This should be a wake up call that, regardless how the Obama administration feels, our laws need to be obeyed.

    I am glad that woman is serving time, but what about all the millions of illegals breaking laws and never get caught?

    It's time to shut our borders. That poor woman lost her child and it is breaking my heart.

  15. AOW: I am sorry for your pain. My recent accident was a nightmare to get accountability from the perp, and they WERE legal!

    Your story is a jaw-dropper to any sane American. More and more, I feel that we're living in the Mirror Universe.

  16. Mark,

    Thank you, YOU GOT IT.

    THAT truly IS the real issue in this sad, sick story.

    It's a crime that anyone should feel that wholesale murder of fellow human beings could act as a solution to any set of problems.

    Two wrongs never have and never will make a right, and what's more committing a far GREATER WRONG would be the worst possible solution to ANY problem.

    No one could be more sympathetic to or supportive of AOW than I. I understand her anger very well, and would doubtless feel the same –– or worse –– if anything like that had happened to me.

    All I'm trying to say is the anger should be directed more at the judge, the insurance companies, the police, at INS -- and above all the corrupt slimy bastards in Washington, DC who have steadfastly refused to do ANYTHiNG to protect American citizens from ANY of the numerous undesirable elements in our midst --- many many many of whom are natural-born, full-fledged American Citizens.

    Lots of natural-born American citizens and officially naturalized. ones too drive without insurance, drive without being licensed, rob banks, commit mayhem, vandalism, rape, arson, child abuse, blackmail and murder –– you name it.

    AOW is absolutely correct. It is flat out WRONG to stereotype. ALL barrels are apt to contain a rotten apple or two. It can't be helped, but it NEVER means that all apples from a particular barrel should be regarded as rotten without a thorough examination.

    ~ FreeThinke

  17. AOW, the truth is I just GOogled and can only find bits and pieces of information, but a HUGE percentage of illegals are driving with no license and, especially, no insurance.
    I feel so sorry for this woman...truly, no matter what the nationality or insurance status of the driver, the fact that she had to pay is unspeakably unfair.

  18. Geez what a story ! It's the damn dismal tide. The only reason these mexees get away with it is because we have politicians who are self serving and don't give a shit ! Sorry but this pisses me off ! WE ARE LOSING OUR COUNTRY ! Check out the video i found about about christians being attacked in Dearbornistan Mich...it'll make ya mad, but please watch it and wonder what the hell is going on in this country ? Spread it around too, and post it if ya wish...the more that know the better !

  19. Mark,
    This story is not about illegal immigrants. It is about the victim's mother having to pay for the clean up of the wreck that killed her son.

    Yes, it is -- as FT concurred.

    But this fact remains: the one at fault in an accident is supposed to pay for damages, including road damages and possibly even the impounding of the vehicle of the person not at fault.

    Insurance fact, according to my cousin who works car insurance for a huge national company: If you yourself cause an accident, your insurance pays for the road damages, etc. However, if you yourself cause an accident while drunk and your are convicted of DUI, then your insurance is not obligated to pay one red cent. Check it out.

    When I had the terrible accident and the police were going to tow away my car, I said, "No! That's expensive, and I have liability coverage only."

    He replied, "But the other guy has insurance."

    I said, "He SAYS that he has insurance. That hasn't been verified."

    The policeman said, "Well, if he doesn't have insurance, then you will be stuck with the bill."

    I stayed with my vehicle and had the car flat-bedded home, which was only four blocks away.

    In the case of the woman in the posted story, I have to wonder this: Did the driver who killed her son have the insurance to pay for the impounded vehicle? Nope.

    It comes down to this: if the driver who causes the accident has insurance, the victim of the accident is off the hook for paying for road damages, towing, vehicle storage, etc.

    I will admit that I'm all wound up about this. For a reason I haven't shared. I will now.

    I was the victim AGAIN of a hit and run in the grocery store parking lot last Friday. Damage to my vehicle is minor -- only $291. Rather than file an insurance claim, I'm paying for that damage. I do not suggest that an illegal immigrant ran into my car last Friday. But somebody did!

    The vast majority of immigrants come to the United States for a better life. I can't blame them for wanting to do so, and I don't blame them for wanting to do so.

    But we can't take in the whole world.

    And illegal immigration is a problem. It does not only bring to America good people but a host of problems that most people don't find out about on the same personal level that I have discovered. And understand this: all of us pay a certain portion of our car insurance premium to offset the uninsured motorist, immigrant or otherwise.

    Oh, BTW, when I had that terrible car accident. the cab driver gave false insurance information. He did indeed have insurance -- but not with the company he named; there has never been a policy with that number issued by that company. The court let that slide too!

  20. FT,
    the anger should be directed more at the judge

    In my case, I directed my anger at the officer of the court as the officer of the court was the de facto judge. My attorney sat mute when the words were spoken: "The sympathies of the court lie with the immigrant...."

    When my attorney did not speak, I blew up! It's a wonder that I didn't get held in contempt!

    Of course, my words made no difference whatsoever.

    Early on, I did chew out the police when they refused to follow through a few weeks after the accident. Chewing out the police didn't do any good, either. They ignored me: "That's just the way it is."

  21. Z,
    I just GOogled and can only find bits and pieces of information

    Those kinds of records aren't kept! It was never brought up before the court that the cab driver who caused my accident was an illegal immigrant who had been under a deportation order since the mid-1980s. Two attorneys told me that his immigration status made no legal difference.

    I nearly couldn't find an attorney to take my case. All the ones I called wouldn't touch it: "Not enough damage to your car" and "An immigrant cab driver? He won't have any property for you to recover against" and "He doesn't have all that much insurance for me to go after."

    It took me a full year to find an attorney to take my case!

  22. From this source:

    Nearly 15 percent of drivers on the road today do not have the legally required .

    From this liberal opinion piece:

    ...The man who would later be behind the wheel of the car that struck my son was caught on June 14, 2010 driving the wrong way on a one-way street without a license or insurance. His car was impounded, but only because he couldn't get anyone to come and get the car. He had the car back in less than 24 hours. The San Francisco district attorney's office allowed him to plead guilty to the wrong-way driving charge but dropped the other two counts. I have since learned this office doesn't prosecute unlicensed drivers.

    He had already been driving again for more than 45 days when the D.A.'s office dropped the charges. A short time later he struck and killed my son. According to four eyewitnesses, he struck my son while trying to beat a light making a left turn without signaling. Given the circumstances (my son's motorcycle was nearly stopped in rush-hour traffic), it's likely my son was alive after he was hit the first time. But instead of stopping, the unlicensed driver accelerated and drove over my son. When he couldn't continue forward, the driver backed up and drove over my son a second time. He attempted to drive forward again, but a brave man stood in front of the motorist's car. Unfortunately, the car stopped with its front tire on my son's body. Five men had to lift the car off him.

    At his preliminary hearing, the judge dropped the vehicular manslaughter charge to a misdemeanor. The motorist will serve, at most, a year in jail....

  23. Also from the last link I left above:

    I have nothing against the Latino community, but I have everything against people who break the law and police chiefs and newspapers that condone it. After all, I couldn't care less about the immigration status or nationality of the person who killed my son.

    -- Don Rosenberg

    Mr. Rosenberg advocates giving driver's licenses and offering insurance to any on the road -- including illegal immigrants.

  24. Justice John Roberts on Monday, June 25, 2012, speaking for the majority in the decision before the SCOTUS:

    "As a general rule, it is not a crime for a removable alien to remain in the United States."

  25. Where to begin....

    Why do we offer Driver's written tests in any languauge other than the one on the signs?

    Any person of any nationality should be able to communicate in English. Otherwise how will they explain what happened after a wreck? Or should the taxpayers provide translators for every language?

    As to the SCOTUS. They got it wrong in the past and this will be in Court again because they got it wrong again.

    Is Arizona a sovereign State now separate from the USA? The Feds cut them off so I am wondering? Or are they merely subjects of Washington DC?

    More importantly is your State sovereign? Or is it just a matter of time when the Washington DC folks decide your State isnt playing by their rules and they cut your State off too?

    My experience is mostly folks from other Nations that do not know English and do not know a system that requires licenses and insurance and they arrived here illegally generally do not care and drive without licenses and without insurance. The car is usually bought by someone who speeaks english and that person may or may not still be in the US.

  26. And we had such great hopes for John Roberts!

    So much for that. I can practically GUARANTEE that the high court will NOT strike down Obamacare.

    Every member of the court –– with the possible exception of Antonin Scalia –– is bought and paid for. They are there -- just like every member of congress AND whatever president sits in the Oval Office to do the bidding of The OLIGARCHS.

    We the People are regarded as irrelevant by our de facto MASTERS.

    You can take THAT to the bank -- or CAN you?

    The banks are failing left and right. And that TOO is the work of the OLIGARCHS. They WANT us to fail. They WANT us to become helpless. They WANT our lives to be hopeless.


    Because then "THEY" will be able to rush in the guise of "rescuers" and FULLY enslave us -- their stated goal for the past hundred years.

    What has happened to you is a tiny fragment of the Fate that is i store for ALL of us, AOW.

    Ask not for whom the bells tolls, it tolls for the USA and for Liberty, herself.

    ~ FreeThinke

  27. FT,
    Ask not for whom the bells tolls, it tolls for the USA and for Liberty, herself.


    The outlook is so grim!

  28. A woman's son is dead. I sincerely doubt that the woman cares if the driver who killed her son is an illegal immigrant or not.

    Nor should we.

    The drunk driver's immigration status is a subject for another discussion in this case.

    If she had been legal, would that change the circumstances of the case? Would the dead boy's mother NOT have to pay for cleaning up his blood?

    It is an outrage that she should have to pay anything regarding the murder of her son.

  29. Mark,
    A woman's son is dead. I sincerely doubt that the woman cares if the driver who killed her son is an illegal immigrant or not.

    As I understand the story, she indeed did not care!

    As I've tried to bring out in my many comments above, any time an accident is caused by any uninsured motorist, the only recovery for cleanup is via the policy of an insured motorist, if an insured motorist were involved at all.

    How many uninsured motorists are immigrants, legal or otherwise. I don't know. If you can find out, please post that information here or email me. My addy is toward the top of my right sidebar.

  30. Besides this story being mostly false (he was NOT an illegal) and intended to keep those with hateful pea brains outraged;

    The GOP in this state CUT funding for Victims Assistance Programs.

    You reap what you sew.

  31. Tow Truck Driver Responds:

    He said towers can use their discretion on what to charge for accident cleanups if a rate is not set by the agency that calls them out.

    "The average rate is about $89 per hour, per man," said Bristow. "Most of those charges are paid by the insurance company, and the consumer never sees this part."

    If the parties involved do not have car insurance, they do see the bill. That's what Spain said happened in this case. Neither the accident victim or the drunken driver had car insurance.

    He is shocked and saddened the $50 extra cleanup bill for his time has stuck in this mother's mind for so long, especially since he kept her son's vehicle on his lot for six months after his death and charged her for only 10 days storage.

    Spain is willing to do more for the mother. He had a $50 money order ready to give her.

    "I got no problem refunding it if it bothers her that bad," said Spain. "I don't want for that to stick in her mind. Fifty dollars is not worth all that."

    Read more: http://www.wyff4.com/news/local-news/greenville-news/Tow-truck-driver-defends-cleanup-bill-to-accident-victim-s-mother/-/9654794/15280304/-/wdaxnf/-/index.html#ixzz1z0UbanLa


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