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Monday, June 18, 2012

Obama: "Don't know much about..."

A while back, Reliapundit of THE ASUTUTE BLOGGERS pointed out that the following should be the theme song for Obama's campaign:

HERE is why that theme song fits!

Another video, one of a serious nature, below the fold (hat tip to Will of MFS - The Other News).

If you are pressed for time, you might want to jump ahead to the 6:00 time marker:


  1. The left hates Obama, what a surprise. Told ya.

  2. ahahahahahhahahaah ha ha ha aaaaaaa ! The song fits that turd to a "T" (BTW I Love that song !)

  3. Kind of a shame to connect a great old R&B classic with Hussein, actually, but yeah, that describes him. The Know-Nothing President.

  4. Add a new verse?

    Don't know much about the Constitution,
    Just talking sh*t, fomenting revolution,
    Don't know much about economy,
    Just spend your money on my friends and me,
    But I do know that I love me,
    and if I fool enough to vote for me,
    What a wonderful world it will be


  5. At least Sam knew he didn't know much!

  6. @ viburnum

    Very well done!

    The One is dumb like a fox.

  7. The commies he's surrounded himself with will help him out.

  8. To be fair, Obama probably doesn't have anything to do with the info distributed by his campaign. That being said,, these are his people, and if he can't pick people any better than that, he has no business running the country.

  9. Viburnum, good one!
    DOES he know "one and one makes two?" Not sure.
    I think the only thing obama's really good at is DIVIDING.:-*(

  10. Awesome video below the song.

    And I LOVE Viburnum's new version, lol! Perfect reflection of Obama's attitude.

  11. Wonderful! Good to get a laugh once in a while in these grim gray days.

    Viburnum, that was a terrific improvisation.

    "I don't really know a blessed thing.
    Hell! Don't you hear that I can't even sing.
    But the area in which I swing is foolin' you. Hoo hoo!
    Foolin' you! Hoo hoo hoo!
    Foolin' you!'

    Someone needs to write a song setting of BAH HUMBUG!

    ~ FreeThinke

  12. I have to disagree. He and his handlers knew exactly what they were doing when they got started.

    The problem is things unraveled faster than they thought and now the public is starting to see. The reason the left is upset is two fold. There are those that wanted communism and feel like he has revealed their objective thus endangering the long term goal. The second group of leftists were not really leftist but idealists with unicorns and pixie dust ideals. This group has started to realize where this train is actuallly going and they want off.


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