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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fasten Your Seat Belts!

The 2012 National Election will continue beyond Election Day (hat tip).


  1. I'm hoping the election won't be close enough for Obama's crooks to steal.

    But, I'm afraid it will.

  2. Same here. Current polls put him ahead, add that level of voter stupidity to all the illegals who will vote 3 times for him and all the Acorn-style cheaters... It doesn't look good for Romney and America.

  3. Consider the alternative. After all the hard work the Stalinists of the Tea Party "movement" put into giving the Supreme Court the power to magically create a tax from legislation allegedly unrelated to taxation, do we really want to put the Tea Party's most favored leftist in the White House?

    Romney says he'll issue "waivers" to the states to forgive non-compliance with the Tea Party's efforts to force people to buy health insurance.

    When I bought a car after January 1st, I got a property tax "waiver" for the year, but had to pay taxes on that car thet next year.

    A "waiver" does not repeal Teabaggercare. It merely becomes a political award Romney could very well choose to attach strings upon. "You don't have to comply with Tea Party communists like Rick Perry's dreams to socialize health care for one year if..."

    And that "if?"? With Tea Party darlings like the extreme far leftist Mitt Romney, that "if" could very well be "impliment Romneycare in your state or you'll get Obama's Teabaggercare instead."

    Romney wants to "repeal and replace" Teabaggercare. Replace it? With what?

  4. Beamish,
    I'll have to do some research about those Romney waivers you mentioned.

    Of course, we all know how many waivers that Obama has granted. Sheesh.

  5. Little saying from a billionaire friend we have:

    "A tax deferred is a tax never paid."


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