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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Obama's Unconstitutional Executive Order

(Two posts today, the just below this one a non-political post that you will enjoy, I think)

The order was announced yesterday. In March 2011, Obama himself stated that what he just did is unconstitutional. Video from March 2011 below the fold (hat tip to Reliapundit of THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS).

In this Junius horribilis for Obama, why is he shooting off his mouth in ways that may well alienate many voters and adherents? I can think of only four reasons that he might be doing so:

1. Obama is desperate to win the votes of certain sectors of our society. See this recent development, for example.

2. Obama is completely tone deaf as to the reality on the ground across America. Remember his uttering these incredulous words a week ago: "The private sector is doing fine"?

3. Obama is on drugs. I speculated about this possibility in December 2010.

4. Obama knows that he is going to stay in office because (a) the fix is in via voter fraud or (b) he is going to suspend the November 2012 elections.

What do YOU think is going on with all these recent gaffes and missteps, as well as with his overbearing arrogance?


  1. All of the above maybe? He either looks wasted or grinning like a possum eating crap. No in between.

  2. Hi AOW.

    I'm inclined to go with Number 3-4.

  3. Reliapundit has mentioned THIS in a post that I overlooked:



  4. Not to mention that bomb of a speech that Obama gave in Ohio on Thursday. Even Dana Milbank has recently sliced and diced Obama. Dana Milbank is certainly not a conservative!

  5. Wow, talk about whacking a hornet's nest with a stick.

    Clearly a purely political move since the cowardly little amoral puke (Full disclosure: I despise Obummer more than conservatives do) wouldn't dare risk a controversy under other circumstances.
    I don't see that this is going to make much of a difference. May help in a couple smaller swing states.

  6. Almost each day Obama does something more to confirm my belief that he is totally unfit to sit in the Oval Office. Nothing but lies and half-truths flow from his mouth. Yes, he is a great politician, but a worry leader. Without a doubt, this latest executive order is unconstitutional, but when will it ever get to the SCOTUS. Never!

  7. Let's see. Obama bought off the unions by packing the NLRB with union supporters, women with free contraceptives, gays with the right to marriage, blacks by telling them he has their back, and now Hispanics with amnesty. I think he has covered most of his bases.

  8. It is surely illegal what he did, this man is the most dangerous leader we have ever had. Congress needs to proceed with an investigation and impeach him....not gonna happen during an election year though. I fully expect as his numbers fall, for that other political snake Hillary to launch her bid to oust him at the Dem Convention. Things are getting interesting............

  9. AOW

    I try not to discuss immigration for obvious reasons.

    Obama basically announced what has been going on for a while and just added a new class for employment authorizations.

    Essentially what he did was say stop
    deportation procedings for people we never deport anyway uless there are criminal or national security implications.

    Tommorow he will promise that Marvin
    the Martian will not steal your beer
    under his watch.

  10. Beak,
    Essentially what he did was say stop
    deportation procedings for people we never deport anyway uless there are criminal or national security implications.

    But what is going to happen at community colleges?

  11. Note THIS in the WaPo:

    Young illegal immigrants’ amnesty could tighten competition for jobs, college

    ...opponents of illegal immigration warned that the policy could create significant new competition for jobs and university slots at a time of nationwide recession and numerous states’ efforts to curb public spending.

    “I see a tidal wave coming,” said Brad Botwin, president of Help Save Maryland, a group that opposes legalization for undocumented immigrants. “Half of our college graduates today can’t find jobs, and the unemployment rate for high-school-aged Americans is extremely high. This is unfair to U.S. citizens and legal immigrants who are out there struggling to get ahead.”...

  12. AOW

    Do you think Obama cares about those students. This is another boon for his true constuency higher
    ed faculty lounges.

    Obama had just commited his greatest
    gaffe yet when he proclaimed the private sector is fine. This is up there with let them eat cake especially with the looming mess in Greece and Spain. Don't believe your
    own eyes or your friends and family
    who can't find work. Ignore the conga line of illegal aliens going home because there are no jobs. Ignore bankers driving cabs and people working part time hoping for something better because Saint Obama
    said we are doing well.

    Obama gets in front of the camera and says we aren't going to deport people we weren't going to deport anyway. He tosses in employment authorization cards for imaginary jobs and adds extra competition for the few jobs that are out there through attrition.

    Are we talking about the "private sector doing fine"? No

    We've all been played for fools

  13. I am still outraged at Herr Obama and our gutless COngress for not immediately standing up for their privilege to create laws as granted by us , we the people.

    Impeachment proceedings should have begun a long time ago when Obama started reewritting the Obamacare law but this takes the Grammy.

    The good news folks is this, people are pissed off. In the end like everything else Herr Obama has touched the result is lead not gold. Expect his real poll numbers to fall even further. This wil not counter the anticipated overturning of Obamacare.

    I think it entirely possible that Hillary would try to upset the apple cart but she is smart enough to avoid what is a train wreck. No, she will stay on the side lines and watch Obama go down in flames. Remember Romney will be taking body blows the moment he is sworn in and he will not be able to blame Obama like Obama has blamed Bush for over 3years. Hillary is positioned well right now just wait and be the saviour of the Democrat Party. She can even say 8 years ago, I stood here and told you who was the better person to represent the Demos.

    Can not wait to see Obama in a debate trying to wiggle his way out of all of this...the quoets are going to be memorable.

    I think Obama announced this because yes he is on drugs. No doubt in my mind. But morebecause Romney is likely to choose Rubio or Allen West. Either way minorities are already leaving the DNC tent and a smart VP pick just adds to the steam roll coming towards the Demos this fall.

    Riots in the streets this Fall???

  14. Funny, and his plan comes no were near as close to a far more liberal plan by Saint Ronald.

  15. This is what Mitt Romney had to say about President Obama's executive order on immigration.

    "I believe the status of young people who come here through no fault of their own is an important matter to be considered, and should be solved on a long term basis so they know what their future would be in this country," Romney said after a campaign stop in Milford, New Hampshire.

    So, apparently he's against long-term amnesty*, but for long-term amnesty. Very convincing!

    "I think the action that the president took today makes it more difficult to reach that long term solution because an executive order is, of course, a short term matter and can be reversed by subsequent presidents," Romney said.

  16. As a matter of fact, G.W Bush issued more executive orders and more signing statements that any other president.  And, Ronald Reagan in 1986 legalized nearly 3 million undocumented aliens, including many, many children. But of course, if Obama gives a reprieve to children who have been here most of their lives, well! Obama is a commie. The repubs are so blinded by hate they can't see that giving these kids a chance is good for the economy and a way to deter criminal behavior (I'd probably turn to crime if I did the right thing all my life but faced deportation because of something my parents did years ago). I know they don't care about being humane, but how about a little enlightened self-interest? They've declared war on college kids, voters in various states, minorities, women, and now innocent kids who arrived here without any voice or choice. 
    at what point does America stand up and say, "Enough"? 

  17. First Reagan was no saint. Second Conservatives do not believe or support everything their elected representatives say or believe (I know this is ahard concept because Demos are slaves to their elected representatives and surrender all free will and thinkng). Thirs with the exception of Jesus, no one else on earth is or has been perfect in their thinking or actions.

    Now with respect to Reagan, one has to include historical context. The problem of illegal immigration was what a couple of million? Also this issue was Against the backdrop of the cold war and the economic disaster of Jimmy Carter. Reagan had some ideas but the difference is he signed a LAW passed by Congress not an executive order.

    Finally, Reagan in this area was sort of proved wrong as the approach taken actually is an example of why we should not grant amnesty because now the problem is more like 11 million. Of course one could argue the 1st provision of the law was to secure the border and since that was never done so we can never know if the one time amnesty program would have worked...

    But all of this misses the pioint completely because the problem is Obama not Reagan. Obama bypassed the Congress just like Hitler bypassed the legislative body in Germany. That is the problem.. We could be talking about the amount of salt on french fries. The topic does not matter it is the way the Occupier in the WH is acting not the topic.

  18. Beak,
    As you know, I have several students who can get into anywhere their hearts desire.

    I have a few other students who need to go to community college first. I worry that they'll be passed over so as to favor immigrants' applications, especially if those immigrants' applications show that they are "more desirable as an asset to the college."

    I completely agree with you that the private-sector gaffe was a huge one! Right now, I think that Obama and his handlers are looking for a way to divert attention from that horrendous gaffe. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Obama initiated some "overseas military contingency plan" as sleight of hand. He MUST know that the private-sector statement is damaging in the extreme to his re-election chances.

  19. It is Constitutional for a President to issue executive orders. Wasn't JFK the first POTUS to use those orders to a great extent?

    Anyway, it is NOT Constitutional for a President to make such a blatant end run around Congress's Constitutional powers. In fact, did not Obama so state in March 2011? He absolutely did!

  20. Loooserman

    Do you even bother to write fresh comments.

    Unlike the rest I am no conservative
    but find you an abomination. I may not always agree with AOW or this generations greatest American Mr Beamish, but I respect them. We share a common love of our country and its traditions.

    The Duck may be dreadfully wrong but at least he is interesting and sometimes useful when not talking about politics. You are predictable
    and above all not informed nor entertaining.


    The theory we could keep everyone out itself was flawed. The economic boom created oportunities and now the economy is so bad even the illegals are going home. If the economy gets much worse we will see
    self deportation empty whole enclaves.

  21. AOW

    The administration will hand over more money for community colleges.
    It keeps the Obama faithful happy and out of OWS camps

  22. He's trying to buy votes from the Latinos, but it won't work. The legal immigrants are the only ones that can vote and they resent those illegals who didn't become citizens legally, so they will vote ABO.

    And, the illegal immigrants can't vote.

  23. didn't we get RID of "ROYALTY" - OH- somewhere around 1776!

    Let's do it again-

    and not just with the 'chosen' candidates that the elite Rs "give" us in the US!


  24. Coming up shortly in America: "anti-immigrant guilt," much along the lines of "white guilt."

    Honestly, I have no doubt that these children of illegal immigrants will get preferential treatment for admission to community colleges or other institutions of higher education.

    Already, white males are at the bottom of the admissions totem pole. I see no reason for the children of immigrants not now to take their place toward the top of the totem pole. Another manifestation of the New World Order! **sigh**

  25. Beak,
    The administration will hand over more money for community colleges.

    Money out of the taxpayers' pockets and making these institutions of higher learning even more dependent on the federal government.

  26. beakerkin

    um duh. trying to keep everyone out is like trying to catch every criminal....a great goal but unachievable.

    You are right no fence will stop a criminal whether he wants to enter this country illegally or your house illegally. A locked door will not keep out a criminal yet today you will lock the doors to your houses and cars....why bother if they really will not stop criminals....

    deterrence, make it harder

    In this case, actually border security would cut down.

    But you are right so long as we give any government welfare, citizenship, education, and jobs we will never stop the probelm. A fence in this scenario is a waste of time....

    Sort of like locking the door to your house and then giving the criminal your tv at the door....

  27. the illegals cant vote...lol

    Eric Holder striking down voter id laws and obstructing floridas attempt to purge rolls with illegals


  28. Blogginator,
    I fail to understand why Holder hasn't been removed from office.

    As "an officer of the court," he is violating his oath of office by attempting to destroy the integrity of the ballot box.

    Yes, you can BET that many unregistered and/or ineligible voters will be casting ballots in November. How many such fraudulent votes will be cast is anybody's guess. But history shows that it is long tradition in the Democratic Party.

  29. ISee an entirely different slant n this issue at


    I don't disagree with the cynicism and disapproval regarding Obama's conduct. I too think his motives have been "questionable" at best, but I believe he may very well be serving a Higher Purpose unwittingly.

    God works in mysterious ways, indeed! we should never forget that. Bad stuff brings good results all the time. Watch for it.

    ~ FreeThinke

  30. This is not an executive order. It is a decree! And as such, is realizing the ultimate power for which the administration longs. The United States government was set up to abide by certain checks and balances. Executive order is a loophole which needs to be closed.

    The current state of the government, in general, is out of control and ripe with corruption and treasonous activities. The tree of liberty is in need of refreshing!

    -Like Hell (will we stand idol)

  31. I agree with you FreeThinke. God does work in mysterious ways. Sometimes these ways are moving men to action. If not, there would not be an America. Nor would there have been an exodus. There would have been no ark, no David, no Solomon, no Moses, no Christ, no hope. Yet, there was and is all of this because men were moved to action. The time for passive prayers is past. Only an accertive, head on, unified movement, involving prayer and action, can lead us from this wilderness.

  32. FT,
    Bad stuff brings good results all the time.


    IMO, however, this move by Obama is not going to bring good results, particularly in the short term: (1) There will be more balkanization of America, (2) affirmative action will come into play, and, most significantly, (3) the principles of our Constitution are being violated as the executive branch seizes even more power by establishing yet another dangerous precedent.

    In certain types of jobs, I can see American citizens being laid off as even more young people flood the already-overcrowded job market. For example, if I have a 55+ someone working for me in my yard for $15/hour and a younger person with a green card comes along and offers to work for $10/hour (or less), in my current economic straits, I would hire that younger person. There are many, many older folks working menial jobs right now because they lost their careers in this ailing economy.

    Actually, I learned some time ago that some maid services are much more expensive than other such services -- exactly because the more expensive companies (And I've used them in years past) charge more when they employ workers with green cards. The same is true in the warehouse industries (auto parts, hardware, department stores, grocery stores, etc.).

  33. BTW, I completely favor the fast track to citizenship for those who have served honorably in our armed forces. These people have proven themselves and have a vested interest in America!

  34. And one more thing....I believe that employers who hire illegals should have their business licenses terminated.

    Watch out for cab drivers, folks. A word to the wise.

  35. While I would agree with the "fast track to citizenship for those who have served honorably in our armed forces" on the surface, I have serious concern as to how this comes to pass. If non-citizens are allowed to serve in the military, doesn't that create a wide open infiltration point for those whose loyalty lie elsewhere? How many Hugo Chavez, or Al-Queda operatives are "serving" in the US military?

  36. If the immigration laws need to be changed (and I agree some should be),Congress is who should do it. Not the President by executive order. And that's the bottom line.

  37. Outraged,
    You bring up an important point:

    If non-citizens are allowed to serve in the military, doesn't that create a wide open infiltration point for those whose loyalty lie elsewhere? How many Hugo Chavez, or Al-Queda operatives are "serving" in the US military?

    Do we not now have non-citizens serving in the U.S. military? See THIS and THIS. I don't know how reliable the source is.

  38. "In order for a non-citizen to enlist in the military, he/she must first be a legal immigrant (with a green card), permamently residing in the United States. It's important to note that the military cannot and will not assist in the immigration process."

    This is yet another reason the immigration process should not be side stepped by an executive decree. These people have not been through the process to become legal. They have been dubbed legal! And therefore eligible for military service, as well as all benefits the government deems justified to delve out.

    Improve the legalization process. Welcome those who wish to be American. BUT, they must conform to America, not vice versa!

  39. Obama has Romney and the rest of the GOP by the short hairs on this one! Lol!

  40. If a President is capable of making such decrees then I would not blame the President but blame the laws that allow it - ie stop whining and change it, or accept it.

    As yet there has been no evidence that Obama has done something unConstitutional (so far it is only some on the Right who have hinted it) and if he has then it will be pointed out and then taken to some form of judicial process to work it out. That is the system you got and unless your willing to change it, your stuck with it.

    From an outsider's point of view, that is part of what makes America great but fragile and thus to a small degree - a flaw. You give great power to an Executive and then you put every single barrier (and complaint) when those powers are used. You place a huge Congress that is practically unlimited in its capacity to question, accuse and interfer (let alone put its' nose in everything) and yet you put powers in the hands of others' to circumvent or ignore it. You design much of your laws and culture around a great "nationhood" and yet legally speaking your States can decide taxes and laws as well as chosing to execute criminals - basically going their own direction. Most strange of all, America choses to promote democracy overseas and you are rightly proud of it but in fact your nation is not really that democratic.

    Do not get me wrong, I adore the US, it is just that what the reality is compared to the image pushed is two very different things and you would be a lot better of if your country was honest with itself first.

    Damien Charles

  41. "If a President is capable of making such decrees" Herein lies the problem. The president does not have the authority to do this. As I stated above, this loop hole must be closed. To side step the legislative process is dictatorship. This is very dangerous ground. It is familiar to anyone who knows the history of natzi Germany.
    Do you so long to be ruled?

  42. Damien Charles,
    As yet there has been no evidence that Obama has done something unConstitutional...

    Outraged is correct that Obama The president does not have the authority to do this.

    Furthermore, it is an election year. Impeachment proceedings would be a waste of time! The House might indict, but the Dem Senate would not convict.

  43. Outraged,
    Yes, Hitler did similar things as he bypassed and overrode the legislative body. Just yesterday, I was discussing the similarities with a friend living in the UK.

  44. No, there is no evidence that he has no right or "cannot" do what he did. As "outrage" has pointed out it may be considered a "loophole". A loophole means that there is an alternative even though it may be considered by some or most as wrong, remains legal.

    My point is blasting away a catchphrase like unconstitutional sounds wonderful and forthright but in fact only works when you are correct.

    Again, "outrage" has correctly responded the solution - the loophole must be closed which goes back to what I said - change the law but do not bash those that use it, bash those that created it.

    Damien Charles

  45. Stewart Catches Fox News Editing Obama-Again!


  46. I could not get the video loaded up. I am not saying Foxnews have never edited Obama in an unfavorable way. I will say these other news outlets have a history of edits that are more and more questionable. We all know Foxnews favors conservatives. The difference is NBC and MSNBC and the rest claim to be unbiased despite evidence to contrary. We actually dont care if they edit RNC candidate poorly just admit your are the lapdogs of the DNC. The good news, all of these liberals news sources are loosing circulation and viewership in droves as people realize they are being lied to.

  47. As yet Obama has not done anything unconstitutional

    The creation of Czars. The Constitution forbids the uses of titles and besides who the heck are these people and what are they doing?

    The recess apppointments that were done while the House was in Recess but it is the Senate that must be in Recess for the President to make Recess Appointments.

    Changes to Obamacare by Executive Order invovling brith control.

    This most recent immigration decree that isnt even an Executive Order after the Dream Act was voted down in Congress 2 years ago.

    Use of Executive Order in the Fast and Furoius Case when he is not currently the subject of the investigation.

    The ordering of lawsuits against various States for daring to enforce immigration laws that they will not enforce.

    A public decree that the AG will not be defending DOMA.

    Military action in Libya was not apporved by Congress

    The list goes on, the problen is we have a Congress without a backbone.


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