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Friday, June 29, 2012

Look At The Supreme Court's ObamaCare Decision This Way

Opinion piece by Joseph Curl below the fold.

From the Washington Times:
...In voting to uphold Mr. Obama’s disastrous health-care overhaul, the chief justice took away the president’s main line of attack that surely would have been deployed had the court voted 5-4, along party lines. The Divider in Chief, already bent on stoking cultural warfare — upper-middle class vs. lower-middle class, white against black against Hispanic, gay against straight, believers against non-believers — had no doubt hoped to win one more target for his bilious bifurcation.

Were the five justices appointed by Republican president to have stuck together in opposition, Mr. Obama would have toured the country (at taxpayer expense) to decry the court’s action as nothing more than an act political usurpation...
Read the rest HERE.

November 2012 will be the last referendum on ObamaCare – and on the Obama administration itself.  Moreover, November 2012 gives voters the opportunity to change our elected public servants on Capitol Hill.

Another opinion piece HERE (hat tip to FreeThinke).

Vote accordingly.


  1. If only the Republicans, namely Romney, had the fangs and claws to use this decision, and then to repeal it!


  2. That's exactly it, Brooke. Romney just doesn't strike me as enough of a fire-breathing dragon to combat The Obamazilla who is now smugly ensconced in the White House.

    I resigned from the Republican Party several years ago. Their style is much too TEPID for me. Worse than that it tends to be downright INSIPID.

    ~ FreeThinke

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  3. There is a silver lining to the SCOTUS decision in that it already has boosted Romney's shot at the Whilte House. However, I do not like to think that our Chief Justice used this decision as a high-stakes poker game to influence the election. That is really despicable when you think about it. Our constitution is not a game and Obamacare could be the death knell for our economy and our freedoms.

  4. Like Curl and Erickson, I am not upset by this. I don't like the decision, but I think I understand it.

    You are right. The fate of Obamacare now rests in the hands of the voters, which is where it belongs.


    'Obamacare is unconstitutional if it were to be enacted via the Commerce Clause, but not if it’s simply a tax, the justice wrote. “Because the Constitution permits such a tax, it is not our role to forbid it, or to pass upon its wisdom or fairness.”

    'Now that Obamacare’s penalty is a “tax,” not a “fee,” Mr. Obama is breaking a 2008 campaign pledge not to raise taxes on Americans earning less than $250,000. This new “tax” will hit across the economic spectrum, despite his campaign declaration that health care should “never be purchased with tax increase on middle-class families.'

    Don't you see that this is nothing but an intellectual SHELL GAME -- the moral equivalent of MENTAL MASTURBATION?

    These people in high places are playing MIND GAMES with our LIVES, our FINANCES, our FUTURE and the future of our CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN.

    I think it's UNCONSCIONABLE for the Chief Justice, who us supposed to be a "conservative," to have HAD the opportunity to STOP this horrid thing dead in it's tracks one and for all, and DIDN'T TAKE IT.

    We can console ourselves by playing Mind Games and indulge in convoluted logic and twisted, strained interpretations all we like, but the fact remains that WE HAVE BEEN BETRAYED by a man most of us believed would protect us from the ravages of Progressivism run Amok.

    Instead, we get an axe in the neck, a knee in the groin, and a swift kick in the shins with a hobnailed boot.

    I'd like to believe the positive spin put on this calumny by Erick Erickson of RedState.org (Posted at FreeThinke's blog) and this Washington Times piece by Joseph Curl.

    To me it feels too much like wound-licking in dark, deserted alley.

    ~ FreeThinke

  6. Too high a percentage of the voters are IMBECILES, Kurt.

    And what makes you think the electoral process will not be contaminated by voter fraud of mammoth proportions.

    This is not a Tennis Match or nice friendly game of Touch football. This is WAR.

    When engaged in an all out war, I don't believe in flowing "ethical" Rules of Engagement -- especially when your enemy is totally unprincipled and means to do you in by any mans fair or foul.

    At the risk of sound "corny," I can only say GIVE ME LIBERTY, OR GIVE ME DEATH.

    This is no time to be "cool," "detached," "aloof" "dispassionate" and "fair to our enemies."

    What John Roberts did yesterday was PUSILLANIMOUS>

    I wonder if he hadn't been told "You'll never see your little boy again, unless ..."

    DON'T think that's not possible in a world that in truth is ruled by unseen, unknown, unknowable and unaccountable OLIGARCHS who dictate everyone Marching Orders from dark shadows behind the scenes.

    ~ FreeThinke

  7. After all is said and done ... Do those 5 putzes read the same Constitution I do?

  8. I had already considered and discarded the faulty reasoning that upholding Obamacare would take the wind out of the presidential sails for the upcoming election cycle.

    That being said, should the Tea Party be invigorated by what is clearly stated by SCOTUS to be a new system of taxation, we may indeed see a newly-minted POTUS.

    I would prefer four more years of Obama to the next one hundred years of Obamacare. We have yet to succeed in reversing Roe v Wade.

  9. Funny how this bill which will save the lives of even those who are stomping and lying like babies about it's passage yet you didn't see anyone from the left with the same level of vitriol after the SCOTUS upheld Citizen's United which sold our Democracy to the highest bidder.

    Wake up.

    Top 6 hyperbolic responses to the health care ruling:

  10. Can somebody show me the word "tax" anywhere in the over 2000 pages of the Affordable Care Act? This was judicial activism pure and simple. If Republicans don't win the prwsidency and keep control of the House md win at least 50 Senate seats, Obamacare becomes law. Roberts betrayed the constitution and the Anerican people.

  11. For what it's worth, HERE is Dick Morris's take on yesterday's decision by the SCOTUS.

  12. My friend Will has an excellent post about yesterday's ruling.

  13. Liberalmann,
    You are wrong.

    Do some research.

    For God's sake.

    Quit spouting off about something you don't have a clue about.

  14. I see no positives in this ruling. Our only hope is ousting Obama and the Democrats in November, and then Republicans have to have the balls to repeal it, two things that are not assured.

    He may win. And, even if he doesn't, will Romney work to repeal it? Will Congress repeal it?

    If they don't,then what?

  15. As to Mr. Joseph Curl and his comments about Obama on the campaign trail, I say "SO!" "So what!" Who cares what Obama says about the Supreme Court, or about Romney or about anything else. The Court isn't supposed to worry about what people say. The GOP isn't supposed to worry about what people 'say'. They are supposed to uphold the law, do what is right!

    That seems to be too simple a concept these days. Everybody wants to make things complicated.

    Right Truth

  16. A precedent was set that can never ever be changed. Tax anyone who does not comply with any demand. No difference than the commerce clause.

  17. Libmann...want to talk about how Obama swore it's NOT A TAX for the last 18 months?
    Your lies don't count, right?

  18. Debbie,
    Today, Obama's official minions are calling the mandate-now-called-tax...


    a "penalty" for not having bought insurance.

  19. Bunkerville,
    Tax anyone who does not comply with any demand.

    I can't argue with you. It is indeed true that this is a terribly slippery slope.

    The new header at Infidel Bloggers Alliance now reads as follows:

    We cannot MAKE you do something ... but we can TAX away your ability to LIVE, if you do not do it.

    Danger, Will Robinson!

  20. Wow! That many donations to Romney since the SCOTUS ruling yesterday.

  21. If you all didn't have your heads up the backside of the extreme right wing controlled by corporations who are out to screw the middle class, you might learn something...

    Romneycare Architect: Individual Mandate 'Very Similar' In Obama, Romney Bills

    Four Reasons Why The Court’s Decision To Uphold Obamacare Is Good News For The Economy

    Five Health Care Mandates Republicans Support

    Taxes Are The New Death Panels: Exposing The Latest Lie About Obamacare

    What health care reform means to you

    Top 6 hyperbolic responses to the health care ruling:

  22. Liberalmann,
    How many times do I have to tell you that you are making an ass of yourself!

    Go HERE, the Washington Post web site, which offers an interactive and IMPORTANT AND ACCURATE assessment of how much ObamaCare will cost YOU.

  23. Americans deserve the government they elect. Barack Obama told everyone he intended to destroy this country, and he's doing it. There is no justification for anyone to claim surprise.

    The Supreme Court gave the states their justice vis-à-vis States’ Rights. As for the other provisions, the Chief Justice is correct to argue Obama-Care is a problem for the American people to solve. It is not an issue for the Supreme Court.

    If the American people decide Obama is the sort of person most desirable as a leader of this once-great country, then the American people have no basis to complain when it turns out that Obama was lying all along about whether the mandatory provision is a massive increase in taxes. Anyone voting for Obama also voted for his socialist ideology. Maybe it is time real Americans took their country back.

  24. The judges and Obama have never fully read or even comprehended the constitution.

    And honestly, I do not believe that Supreme Court Justices should have lifetime seats. I believe they should serve terms like everyone else. It gives them too much power.

    This whole thing is a disaster.

  25. Good point Always, come november you all are going to have to take the trash out yourselves, as usual.

    I see that Romney has said he would repeal if he wins. Seems like a clear choice to me.

  26. This law fundamentally shifts the relationship between government and the people. We are not beholdened to government for our birth, maintenance of life, education, retrement, employment in many cases as government is the only entityt with job opportunities, and ultinately death whne you reach the lifetime cap. We are subjects. Welcome to the United Socialists of America.

    We found out earlier this week that States also have no soverienty as well.

  27. You might want to check out Erick Erickson's article from RedState.com expressing a similar point of view over at my place:


    I'd love to have your input.

    ~ FreeThinke


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