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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The most arrogant man in the world

By Sam Huntington


  1. Ducky!
    Rush should get an award, however; single handedly clearing the way for at least half of AMerica to get information they would never get in this environment today. He can be arrogant...he deserves to be.

    Sam, I wonder if AOW's got electricity.

    The video's correct, of course...I'm not at all sure it would be a good campaign tool for Romney, however, though I think some would like to see it used that way. My question to you is how far can R's go to show the truth about Obama when so many people are still sucked into his glory (and we can't kid ourselves that plenty still are in spite of his arrogance, exec. priv, lies, etc) How badly could it backfire?

  2. Romney needs to just accentuate how he will fix the problems instead of attacking Obama, in my opinion.

    I think independents will appreciate a clean campaign, for once. You know Obama won't run a clean campaign.

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  4. @Z

    While we may find some humor in this video, Romney would be ill advised to rely on such tactics. Romney bears the burden of demonstrating that he, not Obama, should be our next president. He must convince the moderate center, and ignore the fringe positions (no matter how clever they are). Is Romney likely to win the election? I have serious doubts. There are too many numbskulls like Liberal man in our country today —proof of how clever the progressive agenda has been for the past sixty or so years, and how lethargic and uninformed the average voter.

  5. Isn't this boy just too too coy?

    MY THEME SONG by Barack Obama

    A I'm adorable

    B I'm so beautiful

    C I'm a cutey full of charms.

    D I'm a darling and

    E I'm exciting and

    F I know I’d feel good in your arms.

    G I look good to me

    H I'm so heavenly

    I I'm the one I idolize

    J I'm Jack and you are Jill

    K I am so kissable

    L I'm the lovelight in your eyes

    M, N, O, P, I could go on all day

    Q, R, S, T, I'm beyond OK!

    U make my life complete

    V means I'm very sweet

    W, X, Y, Z

    Don't you love to wander free
    Through he alphabet with me
    So I can tell you just how much I mean to me?

    ~ FreeThinke

    PS: Removed and reposted, because the formating was imperfect. (Sorry, but I'm obsessive and compulsive about things appearing disorderly. ;-)

  6. Seriously, I think ads lampooning or attacking barack Obama are the very LAST thing any Republican running for office ought to do.


    Because everyone – R and D alike –– needs to outline and emphasize the POSITIVE policies they can put in place to

    A. Foster Independence

    B. Encourage and enhance the possibility of accumulating private property and personal wealth

    C. Educate the people about the virtues and great advantages of practicing thrift, studying realistic options for sound long-range financial planning, and making long-term investments.

    D. Present ideas in ways that engage the attention and capture the imagination.

    Voters don't need to be lectured on how greedy, selfish, stupid, short-sighted and immoral they are. Neither do they have any appetite for endless insults and harangues.

    Instead, they need ENCOURAGEMENT -- something on which to build hopeful eager visions and fuel ambition to build a better future by PUTTING POWER and a strong, healthy MEASURE of CNTROL BACK INTO THE HANDS of the INDIVIDUAL.

    We need to return to the moral equivalent of offering FORTY ACRES and a MULE, then lettg the chips fall where they may.


    What they do NOT need is to be MICRO-MANAGED "for their own good."

    ~ FreeThinke

  7. How dare he save countless American lives with health care reform. How dare he end the war in Iraq take out Osama and decimate Al Queda? How dare he lead a coalition to take out Khadaffi? How dare he prevent another depression and save the auto industry? How dare he end 'don't ask don't tell? How dare he enact credit card reform saving consumers thousands, how dare he lower our taxes? Wake up idiots. The corporate GOP is selling you a load of goods and don't give a shit about the middle class.


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