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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee

(If you must have politics, please scroll down)

The Diamond Jubilee Celebration begins today and continues through June 5.  The only other British monarch to celebrate a diamond jubilee was Queen Victoria in 1897.

The schedule is HERE.

I plan to watch some of the live coverage. I know that I will enjoy the pageantry and the elegance, both of which will surpass the pageantry and elegance of the royal weddings.


  1. Hey, the only difference between the queen and a welfare case is one of degree, so why all the whining, duckman... the queen is the model for your entire concept of economy and government.

  2. Enjoy the festivities!

    The whole royalty thing does nothing for me, but I don't begrudge them it...

  3. This is one strong woman.

    Right Truth

  4. Our distinctly ENGLISH heritage is the primary thing that made us great.

    The farther we get away from the ideals and innate character of "Englishness," the more degenerate and unravelled we become.

    The world would be much the poorer in a thousand ways if the British Monarchy were to cease its existence.

    I could explain why, but right now there are things that must be done and places that must be visited.

    We need the dignity of pomp, pageantry, art and glory of brilliantly written ceremonial music as much or more than we need "bread."

    If that were not true, the cave pantings would never have been produced.

    As a species we appear to be unique in our need to find reasons to look outward and upward -- to feel an ALLEGIANCE to something greater than our itty bitty selves.


    And long live the beauty, the luxury and the towering, majestic grandeur that goes along with it. I visited England during the summer of the Silver Anniversary of the Queen's Coronation. It astonished and delighted me to see how enlivened and uplifted my British hosts and there friends were by the occasion. It was like an electric current -- invisible but very powerful -- that ran through every gathering attended. There was a BRIGHTNESS in England that very frankly don't believe I have ever experienced here at home, except in the immediate post war days in the 1940's.

    What a great time THAT was to have been born!

    I remember when then-Princess Elizabeth was first married. I can still see the Movietone News footage of her wedding at Westminster Abbey.

    Not long after that we experienced her Coronation live through commentary on transatlantic cable. TV was in its infancy then, so the only pictures we saw were crude black and white affairs with a thick black line running through the middle of them.

    Even so, it was a heady experience for a child just to know it was happening.

    I am not looking forward to Elizabeth's passing. It may usher in a long period of darkness. Her progeny are all so weak. It's a pity!

    "Glory in the flower while yet it blooms."

    ~ FreeThinke

  5. Brits and Americans aren't so different. In America, we feed, clothe, and house our inbred, non-productive mendicant class, and in Britain they do the same AND give them crowns.

  6. Beamish! Haven't seen you around the blogosphere in quite a while.

    Glad to know that you're still alive and kicking.

  7. definitely kicking.

    so what else is new?

  8. Good for the old gal. The Brits do love their royalty, they represent the last vestige of a formerly glorious empire, and god knows the brits live in the past every chance they get.

    I should know, my fathers parents were British immigrants to Canada and I heard plenty of The Glory Of Britain and all that jazz as a kid from them. But you know, that's what makes England England. They have tradition and a lot of history and I can't blame them for being proud of it any more than I blame us for our 1776 parades and so forth. Heritage is great stuff, it helps bind people and nations together and gives people something to feel good about when everything else has gone to crap.

    Hey, I took a look at that comment you left on Fiddlefaddles blog, thank you. I'm not sure about the "varied in an unusual way" that you can't describe, part, but I'll take whatever postitives I can get.

    I also saw where he (she?) called me female, knowing that I'm male, and a "sheeple", so I took the opportunity to return a flame or two to the half-witted hypocrite. Oh what fun, eh?

  9. Black Sheep,
    Silverfiddle is definitely male.

    I do frequent that blog and often agree with Silverfiddle; sometimes I disagree. The same statement applies to your blog.

    I'm not sure about the "varied in an unusual way" that you can't describe, part, but I'll take whatever postitives I can get.

    That was meant as a compliment. If I figure out the descriptive words that fit, I'll let you know.

  10. Duck referred to Queen Elizabeth II as the old leech.

    Granted that I live across The Pond here in America, but I don't see the British monarchy that way at all -- particularly during the Diamond Jubilee. Queen Elizabeth II symbolizes both the historical and the cultural heritage of that nation. I also recognize England as our "mother country." Besides, I view the queen as an elegant LADY. As FT pointed out, her progeny, particularly Charles, I do not hold in any sort of high esteem: "Defender of the Faiths." Pfffft.

    I have zero doubt that Duck would rejoice to the heavens if Castro or other Communist ilk were celebrating such a diamond jubilee. When Castro finally does kick the bucket, Duck will go into prolonged mourning, I'm sure.

  11. "When Castro finally does kick the bucket, Duck will go into prolonged mourning, I'm sure."

    I sincerely doubt that, AOW. After nearly a decade of close observation at several blogs and websites it is my considered opinion that Canardo hasn't the ability to approve, like, admire or endorse anyone well enough ever to mourn their passing.

    Victims of acute Narcissistic Personality Disorder tend to be like that.

    Self-worship usually implies abundant contempt for the remainder of humanity accompanied by no capacity whatsoever for mirth or jocularity.

    No doubt Canardo looks in the mirror each day, preens his feathers, and sees "God."

    The rest of us look at him, and all we see is an Ugly Duckling with no hope of incipient "swanhood" anywhere in sight.


    ~ FT

  12. I absolutely agree with FT ... Ducky loves himself to such a degree there is no room in his life for anyone else. Worse, he is pathetically delusional about his own contribution to any meaningful discussion. Far from stupid, he is the least intelligent commenter among the blogs I frequent. His best shot is a much-worn list of communist talking points. If there is anyone on our planet unqualified to criticize Elizabeth of England, it is Ducky.

  13. FT and Sam,
    I admit that I'm chuckling over your comments.

    Yeah, you're right. Duck grieves over nobody but himself -- if even doing that.

  14. The Thames Fleet Event is today! I want to see that.

    I also read that Big Ben is probably going to be Elizabeth Tower. The decision about the renaming will come at the end of this month.

  15. @FT - We need the dignity of pomp, pageantry, art and glory of brilliantly written ceremonial music

    When the British court cut of all patronage to Purcell and other court musicians, what happened to English music, FT?

    Does that change your mind about state subsidized art?

  16. Ducky reveals himself, for true art does not depend on government mercy; only filth demands government subsidy. The fact that much of western art does depend on the forced contributions of taxpayer funds simply illustrates the failure of progressive culture. We should teach our children to value and support enlightened art; if we are successful in doing that, then there is no need for government subsidy. I emphasize “enlightened” art … not the muck Ducky most readily identifies with.

  17. AOW - No problem. I wasn't expecting you to take sides. I was merely expressing my own. Fiddlediddler does have cogent things to say from time to time, unfortunately he took offense at my disagreement with his position and launched an attack instead of a discourse. That's doesn't work well with me.

    The thing about my blog is that it is my blog. I can delete anything, over-write anything, do what I like. I'm a regular despot, and when people leave insulting or assaultive remarks aimed at me on it, I find no reason why I should tolerate it. Anyone is free to disagree with me without attacking me. I don't care if their ego is bruised because I challenged their assertions. I don't do it to insult, I do it to open up other possibilities. No one has a hammerlock on the truth, including me.

  18. Purcell was filth, mustang?

    A minority opinion for sure but do explain.

  19. Sorry I haven't been around. My career got on a skyrocket... doing very well but have no time to blog and carouse and such. I'll be around!

  20. Disingenuous argumentation -- developed into a perverse, pernicious art form by the left -- is SUCH a bore.

    Any fool could tell Mustang was not talking about Henry Purcell, and even the dull-witted know darned well that Canardo knows that and that Mustang -- and all the rest of us -- know he knows it, so why go through these tedious jousts with silly straw men?

    ~ FT

  21. "English Music" by the way thrived brilliantly all through the baroque era, even if one if Johann Christian Bach and Georg Friederich Haendel were emigrants from Germany. Liturgical music in Britain was always a great wonder, and thrives still even today. The British welcomed Haydn to London with open arms. Hubert Parry wrote beautiful anthems, while Edward Elgar, Gustav Holst, Ralph Vaughan-Williams, William Walton, Arnold Bax, and above all Benjamin Britten all wrote glorious symphonic works. After the Baroque period ended there was a deficiency in solo works and concerti for piano and violin, and very little of consequence in the world of Opera till Britten came along, but any attempt to tie the progress of English Music to government is simply ludicrous.

    The CHURCH was the primary patron of the arts for centuries. Music, as we know it, developed largely because of the Church. The aristocracy sponsored many composers strictly for its own amusement, and did a rather poor job of it, but that never stopped a tremendous amount of good from coming of it. However, the truth is that virtually none of the important composers were supported -- handsomely or otherwise -- by a Central Government, unless you count Lully at the court of Louis XIV and Haydn at the court of the Esterhazys.

    The most wonderful thing about all the great classical music is that every bit of it was the product of ONE uniquely-gifted, self-inspired creative genius whose talent was so strong it compelled him to write reams and reams of magnificent stuff whether he got "paid" for it or not. As Goethe said, "Music is the most spiritual of all the arts." It transcends politics, and truly is a law unto itself. It needs support to be sure, but not necessarily from government.

    ~ FreeThinke

  22. Beamish,
    My career got on a skyrocket... doing very well...


  23. FT,
    The Buckingham Palace concert celebrating the queen's jubilee is scheduled for 7:30 P.M., BST, that is, 2:30 P.M., EDT. HERE is a short video about that concert. Unfortunately, it looks as if the concert won't be filled with some of the great British music of the classical genre; see THIS. I was hoping for a great deal of choral music.

  24. I've seen a bit of it and even though I won't be staying up to watch it I see a lot of very happy people celebrating an elegant and graceful queen. That is a good thing.

    On a side a note I read somewhere that it's not costing a lost if money, it's bringing in far more money than the expense and the people actually get to participate.

    If anyone wants to whine about the cost try whining about the Olympics, it costs far more and the British people dont get to participate for free. Perhaps that's why some are feeling itchy about it.


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