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Monday, June 25, 2012

Fun With PhotoShop

(Scroll down to read Sam Huntington's post for today)

See below the fold the spoof of this.

With thanks to Reliapundit of THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS:


  1. Sort of sad too. Looks like the Dems are desperate, which is a good thing.

    (Speaking of Photoshop. Hubby and I both have Mac laptops now and we can not use our photo program from our old Windows laptops. We now have Photoshop Elements 10. I'm trying to teach myself to use it. Pretty neat.)

    Right Truth

  2. Sadly, Team Obama and many voters will see this joke as a good idea.

  3. It's a short step from the Great Leader asking for gifts to demanding tribute.

    But wait. Obama is already doing that by requiring huge contributions from Unions and his green energy buddies who then get Billions in returns for their contributions.

  4. I was just there and left them my wooden teeth.

  5. Perfect! Some more:

    - Give your dowry to Obama;
    - Give your bonus to Obama;
    - Give your car wash coupon to Obama;
    - Sacrifice a month's food for Obama;
    - Give what you spend on pet food to Obama;
    - Turn your electricity off for a month, give the savings to Obama;
    - Pull your gold or silver teeth for Obama;

    And so much more!

    This could be GREAT fun!


  6. I don't know how to do work with graphics.

    But my good friend Stogie does! He's been offering his skills for like-minded bloggers.


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