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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Few "Hidden" Truths About Obama

See Democrat Media Trying Hard to Deflect Unpleasant Truths by Stogie at Saberpoint.

Brief excerpt below the fold.
...[N]o matter how well documented Obama's socialist and Communist ties, the mainstream media continues to deflect public attention away from these facts, to deny that they are true, and to cover them up....
Read the rest HERE.


  1. It is really such a shame that the media, instead of doing their job and reporting, spend all their time and energy acting as a propaganda unit for the left.

    Speaking from personal experience (living in Cuba from birth to early adolescence, all mostly under the Castro regime), I can only imagine how miserable they, and all the rest of the liberals who blindly support the doctrine embraced by Obama and those MSM useful idiots, will be if the day ever comes when they are "victorious" and we are subjected to the kind of government they so readily endorse.

    Instead of trying so hard to do away with America as we know it and force this evil on all of us, they should leave us alone and go, themselves, someplace where communism is the "accepted" form of government.

  2. I cannot imagine that these people want to have their children live in the kind of State that they are proposing is an advancement.

  3. "Brief excerpt below the fold."

    Something I've long wondered about: Why does there have to be a "fold"?

  4. These "truths" are only hidden from those who will not look for them. Liberals.

  5. I use the "Read more" option so as to show more posts on the same page -- especially, when I have more than one post on a single day.

    Besides, sometimes I'm just long-winded. ;)

  6. Anybody that can examine the associations and record of Barack Obama & not come to the conclusion that he's a Marxist at best and full-blown communist at worst is either a Democrat or on the staff of the New York times.

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