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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Mental Disorder

by Sam Huntington

The cooperative model of social theory suggests that society improves when everyone cooperates. We call the opposing argument the conflict model, suggesting that society improves when conflict demands compromise. I find it interesting that most progressives favor the former with only slight modification: society improves when everyone cooperates, and anyone who doesn't cooperate is a racist homophobe.

The term “progressive” used in context with political or social theory is a contradiction. The progressive agenda is actually regressive and punitive, particularly among ethnic minorities and economically disadvantaged. Rather than improve the condition of these people, it actually causes more suffering. If this isn’t true, then why is there no end to the number of impoverished Americans? After all our spending, where is Mr. Johnson’s “Great Society?” The answer is that Mr. Johnson’s great society are all standing in the welfare line, using government issued needles, or killing one another inside the ghettoes.

In a similar manner, it is impossible to make an effective argument for progressive education models when American students are among the least educated in the entire industrialized world. Of course, we do recognize there is an insidious nature to progressive education. Rather than teaching students how to think, public education today tells students what to think. Progressive educationalists lie to our children so that they end up thinking America isn’t so exceptional after all, that all of our founding fathers owned slaves, and that a gay lifestyles enhance mental and physical health.

Progressive programs provide socialists with much needed self-fulfilling prophesies. There must always be more suffering, for otherwise progressivism is unsustainable. More suffering demands increased spending —preferably with other people’s money. Naturally, it is necessary to sprinkle in a little class warfare and racial division from time to time, just to keep things interesting.

So armed, progressives goose step toward center stage, and reassure us of their intellectual superiority; it is how astute politicians are elected as democrats —and reelected. But whether it is a progressive politician seeking government expenditures to support an increase in subsidized slum areas, which have a substantial impact on local economies, or a progressive egghead suggesting cooperative education teaches students anything beyond laziness and dishonesty, we have gotten used to American progressives. But now we should begin thinking about what to do with them once they’ve solved all of our social problems. I’ve been thinking that perhaps we should place them in state mental hospitals.


  1. Yes, we keep hearing from the progressive corner that if we would all just get along and cooperate (and do what they say), society would be much better.

    I posted this over at FreeThinke's so I apologize for recycling a comment, but it sums up how I feel about the federalization of everything:

    My solution (I didn't author it, but I subscribe to it), is to confine the federal government to its constitutionally-mandated duties and return the rest to the states and the people.

    This is what drives my medium-core libertarianism.

    Federalization of everything has led to endless political bickering that has poisoned our lives. We are not homogenous and we will never agree on everything. It is folly, and destructive to our society, to try and make it otherwise.

    I give you as an example Texas and Massachusetts. Two prospering states with very different outlooks.

    Both sides could quibble that the other is not really prospering because of X, Y or Z, but the people in those states seem to be happy so who cares what anyone else thinks?

    That is how it should be. I would love nothing more than for the the 24/7 political bickering media fonts to dry up and blow away. I'd love to pass days and weeks without a political issue pushing to the forefront, rudely crowding out our simple daily pleasures.

    I would love to blog about BBQ'ing, shooting, fishing and playing music...

    Alas, in our present condition, we must all be on guard 24/7...

  2. When Americans have sufferred enough, they will change our political system. We apparently have not yet suffered enough.

  3. Well, you can't expect me to agree with that. That would be cooperating with you.

    Kind regards,

    Armed Racist Homophobe

  4. ...or an obstructionist Republicans who cares more for corporate American than average Americans

  5. Good article, Sam. It makes perfect sense to me.

    Progressive really means Oppressive

    Liberal really mean Tyrannical

    Socialist really means Kleptocratic

    Communist really means Totalitarian

    COOPERATION to a "progressive" really means RIGID CONFORMITY

    BI-PARTISAN to a liberal really means ROLL OVER and PLAY DEAD for the LIBERAL AGENDA.

    Years ago –– at the very beginning of his radio career –– Rush Limbaugh used to refer routinely to "Compassion Fascists" and "Feminazis."

    Could any thinking person seriously not comprehend and thoroughly concur with Rush's quasi-comedic, quasi-satirical terminology?

    ~ FreeThinke

  6. PS: SIlver Fiddle, one of my many wise old aunts once told me, "Never complain, never explain, never apologize and –– above all–– NEVER VOLUNTEER.

    Remarks truly worth sharing in one location should be certainly worth sharing in a hundred others.

    I would interpret that as exercising one's options in a free marketplace of ideas.

    If your ideas stank, I'd tell you, but I'd never begrudge your sharing your many good ones with as large a number as you could possibly reach.

    Take care,


  7. "More suffering demands increased spending —preferably with other people’s money."

    It's always other peoples money and throw in 'more controlling' for accuracy.

    For your average garden variety liberal idiot, it's about helping, feeling and what not, but for their leftist masters, it's all about control.


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