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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Playing The Race Card

(Two posts today. Keep scrolling)

Obama's latest radio ad, with photos added (hat tip to Weasel Zippers):

Some reading HERE.


  1. He's got their back? I think there are a lot of Blacks that are waking up and seeing the light. Obama only cares about votes and pushing his agenda. If you get in his way, you are "dead to him" as Axelrod said.

    Right Truth

  2. His campaign will become increasingly desperate as the campaign goes on.

    Bill Bennett yesterday used a football analogy for Romney. Romney is views as a competent, responsible adult. All he has to do is to keep running the ball, no fancy hail Mary passes or trick plays, just keep running the ball, and I think that is a good assessment.

  3. Unfortunately, the electorate is largely ignorant, lazy-minded, too busy trying to make a living to think through the issues, and deeply prejudiced to be amenable to arguments based on facts and logic.

    In short the electorate is not RATIONAL.

    Therefore, all the information and recorded performance of the president on videotape deleterious to his reputation may not stop him from being reelected.

    The vote seems always to fall along racial, ethnic and partisan political lines -- NOT on rationality.

    I'm n saying it's hopeless, but -- close.

    ~ FreeThinke

  4. By the way, if you have a moment, please stop by Freethinkesblog at blogspot.com

    It's brand new, and not very pretty -- yet -- but we welcome your opinions on whatever topic may be posted. Today, it's about the relevance of historic preservation in this fractious, violence-prone, poverty-stricken world.

    Why should the poor, the long-term unemployed, and the ever-increasing permanent underclass created by the Welfare State care about old buildings, monuments and art treasures?

    We especially welcome creative thinking. Don't be afraid to use your imagination. Statistics can carry us just so far. Original, new-minted perspectives are eagerly sought.

    ~ FT

  5. Mah fellah 'mericans. I done got yo back, wit dis heer knife. Pass de chitlins.

  6. So Black AMerica has his back...SUPER clever phrase as that's used in crimes, isn't it, to protect the hero. The Obama people are cunning with their messages, true or not, we have to admit.
    As if Romney's standing there with a large knife at his back?

    Great minds, AOW...Imagine what we'd have thought only five years ago if someone had said we'd have our first Black president but he'd be doing ads to specifically get Black voters? Ot that his AG would be working so hard to help people vote who shouldn't be? My gosh.

  7. The ad's a waste of money, IMO. He already has the majority of the black vote. What he's done (or, more accurately, not done) for black people has absolutely nothing to do with how they vote. He is black (as far as they are concerned) and he is one of them. That's all they see, and that's all they care about.

    Facts just get in the way.

  8. Obama cannot afford to lose any black votes. If even 1% of that vote goes elsewhere or stays home he gets rolled in Nov.

  9. Class warfare and race warfare are his only cards and he will play them over and over again.

  10. Very targeted message indeed. What a pack of crap--vote for me and I'll make sure your kid gets a college degree on the government dime--isn't that what he said?
    (Nice music, though. Romney could learn a thing or two about the right kind of music in radio ads).

  11. So now the loony right has to take good comments and sully them with selected images and music to try to make this racial? Foolish hate mongers.

  12. Liberalman .....LOLS @ You Fool ! The fact is Obama is starting to feel the heat, and as he does look for more these stupid desperate ads to appear. America has had enough of Baraaaak Hussein Obummer.

  13. Paladin,
    And just maybe America has had enough to the Democratic Party for a long time. Could be, you know.


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