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Saturday, June 30, 2012


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After nearly 16 hours without power as the result of a horrific storm...

we have power right now. Phone service, mobile and landline, is unreliable.

Maybe you've heard about the storm that left over 1 million of us without power here in the D.C. area.

I've spent all day long scurrying around, including going out on a scouting mission for gasoline. I managed to find only one gas station open anywhere near me.

I've been running in high gear ever since 4:30 A.M., when I adjusted Mr. AOW's hospital bed via a power inverter.

My cousin's husband, an electrician and an inactive Marine, saved the day by bringing over a generator, thus allowing for brewed coffee and running the fridge. I'm also prepared to run the sump pump if necessary.

Water pressure is low and dropping.

More storms are expected later today and tomorrow.


  1. Hope you're both OK. Just caught the edge of it here and it was nasty. It's 3 million without power, 13 fatalities. Nothing but pop up storms at the moment but if you're still online you can keep track at


    Enter your zip here for local weather and radar access.


  2. was going to email you but figured if you have no power, there's no point in asking if you have power!
    So glad it's back and you've had some help! xxx

  3. I got all worn out today just watching Mrs. AOW dashing all over the place!

    She's turning in early tonight.

    The power came on just in time! It was almost 90 degrees in the house when the power came back.

  4. Hi.
    Glad to hear that you guys are OK, have been thinking a while of buying an 'emergency generator' this only convinces me it's worthwhile to invest in one.

  5. I was worried about my niece in Florida but she escaped with just a good soaking.

    Been incredibly lucky around Boston since the Hell Winter 0f 2011.

  6. I'll be thinking about you, how they get things working again soon.

    Here in Tennessee nothing but HOT HOT HOT with temps over 100 every day. Still 94 now at 9:35 p.m. Hubby has been down on the river with the band playing for a July 4th weekend celebration. I had the good sense to stay inside, ha

    Right Truth

  7. Glad you guys are getting things sorted out. It is not pleasant losing power. This incident shows that things like violent storms can happen anywhere, anytime especially in an El Nino year.

    Plus, the huge high pressure system sitting over the middle of the nation is not moving, at all.

    Good luck.

  8. The last time we had anything like this mess: Hurricane Isabel in 2003.

    Water pressure is better this morning. People are voluntarily conserving, and the pumps are running better now.

  9. I thought Obama was going to heal the planet? Seems God is angrier than ever since Obama took office!


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