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Friday, June 1, 2012

Life is good, part d'eux

By Sam Huntington

This film makes one wonder whether American unions have become dupes of people much smarter than they are, or if they are just stupid, selfish partners of those who wish to destroy America.

I don’t know the answer to these questions, but I do know that Barack Hussein Obama promised the American people “fundamental changes” to the United States of America.

How’s that hope and change thing working for you, America?


  1. Thank you for posting this informative video. I have linked to you here: http://bobagard.blogspot.com/2012/06/general-motors-becoming-china-motors.html

  2. Ahh so! Looking much forward to day when America called United State of China. Everyone be happy, ride in Chinese car, have Chairman Mao book in special place on dashboard, smile all time, say Yes all time.

  3. I respect GM’s right to make business decisions. I do not believe the American taxpayer should have to pay for them. I do not think the US government has an obligation to award GM military contracts, or grant the company tax incentives. I keep wondering why GE pays no taxes … and I am wondering why Congress is so silent on these issues.

    Maybe we need another revolution.

  4. The best part is that China bought the AMC movie theaters,with an agreement by hollywood spending a Billion in China creating new studios. Talk about Hollywood's hypocrisy- wait I forgot they love mao who killed millions.

  5. Lol, you guys will believe anything instead of checking the facts. The first post on the youtube page:

    "GM is not becoming "China Motors," regardless of the conspiracy theories – such as this erroneous video - that you may hear in the media. Our global policy is to build where we sell, which in turn lowers the cost for consumers. To do business in China, every manufacturer must have a JV w/ a Chinese company. GM has strategic partnerships in 30 countries, incl. China, that position GM as a leading automaker in the world’s largest, and fastest growing market.

    Michael Savoni, GM Community Manager"

  6. And GM has plants all over the world. Brazil, Europe, North America, AND Asia! The fastest growing demand for cars is China.

  7. An obtuse fellow would argue both sides of the issue; Liberalmann does this on a daily basis.

    I have no problem with GM’s status as a global corporation. I do have a problem with the government forcing Americans to save GM, when it is the intention of the company to close down American plants and rebuild them in China. In effect, the American people are subsidizing GM’s Chinese (overseas) investments. Only a complete moron would think this is acceptable.

    Mr. Obama appears to go out of his way to convince voters that he (Obama) is restoring jobs to Americans, which is not only a lie, it is a damn lie. Moreover, Bush and Obama lied when they told the American people that GM was nearly bankrupt. With factories, research facilities, and more than 2,700 dealerships in China, it simply isn’t true. Neither of the last two presidents gives a damn about American jobs, but we can always depend on imbeciles such as Liberalmann to encourage this treason.

  8. and the Chevy Volt is a...dolt.


    another loser in a string of losers Obama and Demos have chosen to invest in with Tax payer dollars..

    At least Romney wasnot playing with taxpayer dollars and those companies continued to make goods where oh yeah in America.

    The Chinese are buying more than movie houses, they are buying stakes in Banks, real estate, tresury bonds etc etc

  9. Sam, a friend sent me this video today..it's amazing, isn't it. I wish the media would release this on television. WAKE UP, AMERICA.
    It sends such a lousy message to the world....America can't manufacture anymore because, as you say, of unions. Dupes? Probably. Selfish? You bet.
    When he said HOPE AND CHANGE, I didn't think that CHANGE would be all we'd have left..no BILLS, just dimes and pennies.
    Don't forget, his JOBS CZAR is sending tons of GE contracts to China for them to employ people, too. And check out FOXCONN, liberals....see how they treat their people since you think China's so terrific.

  10. Two key words sum it all up:



    In that order.

    Companies exist entirely to make MONEY -- products and consumers are only the means that achieve that end -- PROFIT.

    When unions [really an outgrowth of Marxism, which was, itself, a response to the Industrial Revolution] began to achieve significant power, they interfered with and greatly hampered their employers' ability to make MONEY. Once government became responsive to the pressures brought to bear by Unionist-Marxists and started to gang up on Business, corporation heads were forced to go into a defensive mode.

    After the New Deal, America began its long slow descent into the Marxist-Statist Dictatorship it is rapidly becoming today.

    The Captains of Industry will -- quite naturally -- do anything and everything to stay in business, -- and that means making PROFITS.

    It is NOT "outrageous" that Industry has long been employing workers outside the borders of the USA. It is the INEVITABLE result of the partnership between Big Government and Labor.

    Powerful people -- even if they appear to be on opposing sides -- tend to gravitate towards one another and make alliances.


    So they can MAINTAIN and AGGRANDIZE their store of INFLUENCE and POWER. Forget religion. Forget morality. Forget ideology. When the chips are down SURVIVAL and MONEY are ALL that COUNT. Without money survival is impossible.

    The tragedy for our once-beautiful America has been the diabolical MERGER among GOVERNMENT, INTERNATIONAL BANKERS, CAPtAINS of INDUSTRY and the OWNERS and SUPPLIERS of RAW MATERIALS.

    This relatively new POWER BLOC knows no loyalty to the USA -- or any other country. They have truly become A Law Unto Themselves. They are INTERNATIONALISTS.

    The merger of formerly opposing forces is poised to make virtual slaves of the entire world -- ORWELL'S NIGHTMARE VISION MADE MANIFEST.

    History is nothing but a long long chain of developments that occurred simply because of Cause and Effect.

    Matthew Arnold in his famous elegiac poem Dover Beach summed up Human Endeavor with these chilling, profoundly sad words:

    "Confused alarums of struggle and flight
    Where ignorant armies clash by night."

    As the infinite power of the sea ever-so-slowly turns great rocks into sand, so does life, itself, play upon our emotions in a continual grinding down process.

    The Heart asks pleasure first
    And then excuse from pain --

    And then those little Anodynes
    That deaden Suffering --

    And then to go to Sleep
    And then -- if it should be

    The Will of its Inquisitor --
    The Liberty to Die."

    ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

    Is life then nothing but inevitable tragedy? The answer to that is up to us, as individuals, to determine. What happens to us is not so important as the ways in which we choose to deal with it. As Shakespeare said somewhere, "Sweet are the uses of adversity."

    Come what may, just remember this:

    Don't let the bastards get you down.

    ~ FreeThinke

  11. FT,
    What happens to us is not so important as the ways in which we choose to deal with it. As Shakespeare said somewhere, "Sweet are the uses of adversity."

    Difficult in the extreme on my personal level -- as you know.

    Then, add in the doom-filled geopolitical situation. It's a wonder that I'm not running down the road and screaming in madness!

    Everybody is on edge right now. Have you noticed that? Stress levels are topped out, I think.

  12. Good morning, AOW,

    I certainly have noticed everything you describe, which is why I'm seeing more and more that it's very important for all of us to spend time counting our blessings in prayer and serene contemplation. If we give way to fear and aggravation, we really might descend into madness.

    As you may have heard, I'm in the process of buying a second house. The inspection took place yesterday -- the same day the market, which has been dropping steadily for the past several weeks, jolted down by 275 points.

    Not an event to insure confidence, but I'm going ahead with the house project anyway. It's pretty well motivated in that I'm trying to help a deserving young family improve their circumstances, so I feel confident that it will turn out well in the long run.

    I was very discouraged once, because I felt unappreciated after having made a lot extra effort to do a particularly good job -- effort that was ignored and even reviled by some.

    Well, a friend in the clergy said to two things to me I've never forgotten,

    1. Do not weary in well doing.

    2. There have always been more weeds than flowers in Nature's Garden.

    The implication of the latter I took to mean, "Be glad you're not one of the weeds." A tremendous compliment, I thought, and it was all I needed to pick myself up and carry on with a measure of confdence one again.

    Those kind words -- and many others I've collected along the way -- have been a great help.

    Be of good cheer.

    ~ FT

  13. Sam Huntington said..."I do have a problem with the government forcing Americans to save GM, when it is the intention of the company to close down American plants and rebuild them in China."

    So you have no problem with Exxon Mobil paying no taxes and getting billions in subsidies while they have foreign interests?

    You have no problem with the SCOTUS 'Citizens United" decisions which allows corporations to give unlimited amounts anonymously to political campaigns-effectivley buying our democracy-even if they have foreign interests?

  14. Honestly, your lack of understanding is amazing to an nth degree, and biased. You wish to muzzle Citizens United, but allow Michael Moore unrestricted “free speech.” The Supreme Court has held that we must protect free speech, especially when we don’t agree with the rancid opinions of people like you. It should not come as a surprise to you that I don’t agree with hardly anything that originates from Michael Moore, but I do think he is entitled to say what he wants. If our system entitles Moore to produce and distribute skewed political opinions, then our system must allow others to chime in as well.

    Personally, I think we need serious campaign reform in this country. Campaigns should last no more than 30 days. There should be NO private donations to politicians. Let the taxpayer pay for these events, but cap them—preventing any politician from spending “billions.” The Supreme Court doesn’t agree with me, and I can live with that. I understand that the Constitution says what the Supreme Court says that it says.

    Now as to your further inanity regarding oil companies, you wish to cancel subsidies to oil companies —the fossil fuels bad mentality— but allow an Obama bribe of $535 million to a company headed by one of Obama’s political cronies. A half-billion dollars wasted. Do I understand you correctly? You wish to cancel subsidies to oil companies, while granting them to other US companies, which is discrimination —something you leftist pukes know a lot about. You probably also support shutting down all offshore drilling in the US littorals, while sending taxpayer dollars to subsidize Brazilian offshore drilling, the benefactor of which is George Soros.

    Alexander Hamilton was right —we should not allow just anyone to vote.

  15. Most of the oil and gas subsidy argument is a red herring as some of it involves depreciation schedules for the fields (assets) as they are depleted. However, I do agree with your general premise that all credits for energy companies should be gone. I think it comes out to like 21 billion a year and 15 of that goes to non- oil and gas industries such as "green" industries. I did some research on this when I heard Obama say we should it and I recalled Bill Clinton campaigned on the same slogan rallying the lemmings back then. There would theoritically be about 2 cent raise in gas prices...

    The fact that people can pool their money is and should be legal. The problem is we the people. We allow our government to make unConstituional laws. In particular, those laws that govern businesses...

    If say Ford refuses to take Obama dollars then you give special treatment to GM who in turn kicks money back to the Obama campaign. Change a law or two and suddenly the Ford cars have to be modified for the new safety standards and Chevy gets a bunch of city and State contracts to provide vehicles..

    Meanwhile, the Volt gets free press from magazinees, speechs by political figures, news stories etc talk about 1984.

    Liberalmann, you can not get lobby dollars out of government until you get government back under control and within the limits of the Constitution otherwise your are arguing that UNions should be allowed to gather funds together but not any one else...As usual you reveal your intellectual dishonesty and bias.

  16. @Liberalmann

    You said, "Yeah, I have a problem with a corporation which for example wants to put a radioactive waste dump in my backyard and allowed to buy the candidate who would do that for them, with unlimited donations-without my knowledge."

    What in the hell are you talking about?

  17. Sam,
    Liberalmann doesn't know a lie from the truth.


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