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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Zack Davies
The attack earlier this month occurred in Mold, Wales. Muslims and Sikhs have long been enemies.

Please see specific information about the attack in the article UK: Media’s ‘Racist White Supremacist’ attack on Sikh in Tesco supermarket was a Muslim attack. On Facebook, Zack Davies used the name "Zak Ali."  Apparently, he used a machete and a hammer during the attack.

Please note that this blog post is not labeled as a "machete jihad" attack. But if is was an Islamic kill-the-infidel attack, would the media state that it was such an attack? Islamophilia rules the day in the the mainstream media. Orwell's Ministry of Truth has arrived.


  1. I heard someone in the US recently argue that we must refrain from using the expression “Islamic terrorism,” because there is nothing “Islamic” about terrorism. Such absurdities give me a headache. Al Anfal Verse 12 reads, “I (Allah) will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger tips off.” To the leftist mindset, this verse is chock full of peace and tolerance —yes indeed. By the way, if you’re constipated, read what Chris Matthews has to say about radicalized Islam; it is guaranteed to purge your entrails.

  2. One look at Zak's face -- beautiful blond British complexion notwithstanding -- should be enough to tell everyone with the tiniest bit of common sense that THIS is ONE of the MANY FACES of SATANIC MADNESS.

    The question we need to answer, however, is HOW and WHY have the WEST and institutional CHRISTIANITY FAILED so MISERABLY to INCULCATE and PERPETUATE our former Ideals, Values and Mores in our YOUNG?

    WHY have we TURNED our BACKS on our HISTORY, lost FAITH in OURSELVES and in JESUS CHRIST?

    IF we had been true to ourselves -- and to the Lord, -- I doubt very much if EVIL could have gotten such a stranglehold on our Young.

    Precisely WHAT has made "us" so INSIPID, so MALLEABLE, so proudly IGNORANT, and so devoted to MEDIOCRITY at best since the end of World War Two?

    Answer that, and the way to reverse the seemingly inexorable process of DISINTEGRATION and DISSOLUTION may yet be found.

    HINT: The fault is not in ISLAM, it is in OURSELVES. "WE" created a VOID that virtually INVITED the incursions we rightly see as dire threats.

    Alas! We no longer have a Horatio among us willing to stand guard at the Bridge -- or if we do, we MOCK him, SPIT at him, DEFAME him and DISHONOR him and call him an "EXTREMIST," a REACTIONARY," a "NAZI," an "HYSTERICAL ALARMIST," etc.

    1. It is precisely because our culture no longer reflects Christian values and many no longer transmit those values to the younger generation.

      Even people who are not particularly religious in times past would acknowledge the manifold benefits to society of Christianity's values.

      but to get to the heart of you question, one of my favorite quotes explains it succinctly (and I apologize for repeating this all the time in blog threads)...

      Virtue begat prosperity, and the daughter killed the mother
      -- Cotton Mather

  3. This reminds me of back in the 90's when attacks on Jews started to rise in Europe. News stories usually left out detail of who was behind them, leaving everyone to think it was neo-Nazis. Nope. Muslims.

    1. LOL! That's tight, Silver, turn your back to neo-Nazis to focus on Muslims!



    2. No one ever dares to ask WHY the attacks in Jews have been relentless and universal throughout history, do they? We have been COWED into believing that only a "vicious anti-Semite" would ever even dream of asking such a question, since -- according to the Jews and their loudly self-righteous defenders -- the Jews, themselves, have had absolutely NOTHING to do with the development of anti-Semitism.


    3. So Jersey, are you saying that Neo-Nazis are attacking people of color in Europe? Is this a serious problem? I haven't seen anything in the news.

    4. Jersey, put down the hopium pipe and stop clutching your doxies.

      I did not exonerate nazis. They are real, and they are putrid pussbags. I am stating a fact that can be verified by news articles from the time period and statistics. Muslims, not neo-nazis are on the vanguard of a resurgent anti-semitism in Europe.

      Now go stick you head back where you had it. Every time you pop out, you pollute the discussion with ignorance, diversions and disinformation.

    5. FreeThinke,
      Being obnoxious and socialist does not make you fair game for haters and bigots.

      If so, Ducky would be the first to go, and he's not even Jewish...

    6. Being an obnoxious intellectual insurgent bent upon destroying Christian Civilization no matter what it costs by any means fair or foul IS hateful and bigoted in and of itself.

      Our current woe has been brought about by those alienated souls who have steadfastly refused to be assimilated. THEY have been bigoted against US for centuries.

      Alien mentalities inimical to the best interests of Liberty must be IDENTIFIED, DENOUNCED, declared TREASONOUS and vigorously SUPPRESSED.

      Our failure to do so has cost us dearly. BLAME must be AFFiXED where it clearly BELONGS.

      It Is the Rhinoceros in the Rumpus Room wuffling, snuffling, snorting and stamping its feet and GLARING at us that everyone strives to ignore for fear of being called }}}}}}}}}}}} SHUDDER {{{{{{{{{{{{ a NAME!!!

    7. FreeThinke, European Jews were persecuted because of a thing called Christianity.

      Stogie, just 70 years ago tens of millions of Christian Europeans killed each other and Jews, and pretty much anyone else in the way. Cultural nationalism had a lot to do with that.

      What is this? Third grade history class?


    8. And Silver, there aren't many Jews left in Europe anymore. The Christians did that. Remember?


    9. Jersey,

      Nobody here denied the Holocaust, so put away the matches and your strawman.

      I specifically cited contemporary European anti-semitism, and it is coming from Muslims.

  4. FT - so right! Boy, did we create a void. Our values stood for generations like a backflow preventer, to keep contamination out of our clean water system. No wonder we're getting filthy and sick.

    SF - again, so right. The neo-Nazis are a joke - and no state sponsor or anything close. Your comment reminds me of when Hollywood turned a good Tom Clancy story about Islamic terrorists with a nuclear device into the hackneyed neo-Nazis ... again.

    1. Thank you, Baysider. What we must DO to correct it, is the issue we need most to face.

      HINT: It ISN'T going to happen simply by routing Muslims from our midst. Nothing is ever going to be solved by NEGATIVISM. It is our own history of fear and rejection of the "strange," coupled with the corrosive, hyper-critical negativism of the Left that has damaged us almost beyond repair.

      A revival of Faith and the courage to sacrifice oneself for what-one-beieves is right is what we need, but -- as SF indicated above -- we have gotten too COMFORTABLE and COMPLACENT to bother even to think about the value of VIRTUE anymore.

      Thanks to the hopelessly corrupt nature of our ubiquitous popular culture [which NONE of us have escaped] we now regard concepts of Honor, Decency, Loyalty, Bravery and Self-Sacrifice as "corny," "quaint," "old hat," even "foolish."

      Do read Horatius at the Bridge. I only provided excerpts amounting to little more than a third of the piece below. Once I got into it (my "job" for today ;-) I found it an absorbing, easy read, a great adventure story, but it moved me to tears.

      Jus don't let all the ancient Roman-Etruscan "nomenclature" daunt you. It would take an enormous amount of research to sort all that out, but I don't believe it is necessary. The significance of the story doesn't depend on an intimate knowledge of the myriad extraneous deals provided by Macaulay.

    2. FT, yes, well mass-murderers do tend to inspire fear and negativity. However, if we have a positive attitude and think high-minded thoughts, no doubt this well stop.

  5. EXCERPTS from HORATIUS at the BRIDGE - Part One

    [NOTE: It doesn’t matter whether the story is strictly true or who the good guys or the bad guys were in the battle between Rome and the invading Etruscans described in the following excerpts from Macaulay’s epic narrative poem. What should move, and hopefully inspire us, today is the fast-disappearing concept of the nobility in giving everything one has to guard, protect and defend one’s OWN.]


    ~ Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay (1800–1859)


    They held a council, standing
    Before the River-gate;
    Short time was there, ye well may guess,
    For musing or debate.
    Out spake the Consul roundly:
    “The bridge must straight go down:
    For since Janiculum is lost,
    Naught else can save the town.”

    Just then a scout came flying,
    All wild with haste and fear:
    To arms! to arms! sir Sir Consul,
    Lars Posena is here.”
    On the ow hills to westward
      The Consul fixed his eye,
    And saw the swarthy storm of dust
    Rise fast along the sky . ...
    ... And plainly and more plainly,
    Above that glimmering line,
    Now might ye see the banners
    Of twelve fair cities shine,
    But the banner of proud Clusium
     Was highest of them all,—
    The terror of the Umbrian,
    The terror of the Gaul. ...

    ... But the Consul’s brow was sad,
    And the Consul’s speech was low,
    And darkly looked he at the wall,
    And darkly at the foe;

    “Their van will be upon us
    Before the bridge goes down;
    And if they once may win the bridge,
    What hope is there to save the t”own?
    Then out spake brave Horatius,
    The Captain of the gate:
    “To every man upon this earth
    Death cometh soon or late.

    And how can man die better
    Than facing fearful odds
    For the ashes of his fathers
    And the temples of his gods,

    “And for the tender mother
    Who dandled him to rest,
    And for the wife who nurses
    His baby at her breast,

    And for the holy maidens
    Who feed the eternal flame,—
    To save them from false Sextus
    That wrought the deed of shame? ...

    “Hew down the bridge, Sir Consul,
    With all the speed ye may;
    I, with two more to help me,
    Will hold the foe in play.
    In yon strait path a thousand
    May well be stopped by three:
    Now who will stand on either hand,
    And keep the bridge with me?”

    Then out spake Spurius Lartius,—
    A Ramnian proud was he:
    “Lo, I will stand at thy right hand,
    And keep the bridge with thee.”

    And out spake strong Herminius,—       
    Of Titian blood was he:
    “I will abide on thy left side,
    And keep the bridge with thee.”



  6. EXCERPTS from HORATIUS at the BRIDGE - Part Two

    “Horatius,” quoth the Consul,
    “As thou sayest so let it be,”
    And straight against that great array
    Went forth the dauntless three.

    For Romans in Rome’s quarrel ...
    Spared neither land nor gold,
    Nor son nor wife, nor limb nor life,
    In the brave days of old.

    Then none was for a party—
    Then all were for the state;
    Then the great man helped the poor,
    And the poor man loved the great; ...

    As that great host with measured tread,
    And spears advanced, and ensigns spread,
    Rolled slowly toward the bridge’s head,
    Where stood the dauntless three.

    The three stood calm and silent,
    And looked upon the foes,
    And a great shout of laughter
    From all the vanguard rose;

    And forth three chiefs came spurring
    Before that deep array;
    To earth they sprang, their swords they drew,
    And lifted high their shields, and flew
    To win the narrow way. ...

    But now no sound of laughter
    Was heard among the foes;
    A wild and wrathful clamor
    From all the vanguard rose.

    Six spears’ length from the entrance,
    Halted that mighty mass,
    And for a space no man came forth
    To win the narrow pass. ...

    He rushed against Horatius,
    And smote with all his might.
    With shield and blade Horatius
    Right deftly turned the blow.

    The blow, though turned, came yet too nigh
    It missed his helm, but gashed his thigh.
    The Tuscans raised a joyful cry
    To see the red blood flow.

    He reeled, and on Herminius
    He leaned one breathing-space,
    Then, like a wild-cat mad with wounds,
    Sprang right at Astur’s face.

    Through teeth and skull and helmet
    So fierce a thrust he sped,
    The good sword stood a handbreadth out
    Behind the Tuscan’s head. ...

    On Astur’s throat Horatius
    Right firmly pressed his heel,
    And thrice and four times tugged amain,
    Ere he wrenched out the steel.

    And “See,” he cried, “the welcome,
    Fair guests, that waits you here!
    What noble Lucumo comes next
    To taste our Roman cheer?” ...



  7. EXCERPTS from HORATIUS a the BRIDGE - Part Three

    But all Etruria’s noblest
    Felt their hearts sink to see
    On the earth the bloody corpses,
    In the path the dauntless three;

    And from the ghastly entrance,
    Where those bold Romans stood,
    All shrank, ...

    But when they turned their faces,
    And on the farther shore
    Saw brave Horatius stand alone,
    They would have crossed once more;

    But with a crash like thunder
    Fell every loosened beam,
    And, like a dam, the mighty wreck
    Lay right athwart the stream;

    And a long shout of triumph
    Rose from the walls of Rome, ...

    Alone stood brave Horatius,
    But constant still in mind,—
    Thrice thirty thousand foes before,
    And the broad flood behind.

    “Down with him!” cried false Sextus,
     With a smile on his pale face;
    “Now yield thee,” cried Lars Porsena,
    “Now yield thee to our grace!”

    Round turned he, as not deigning
    Those craven ranks to see;
    Naught spake he to Lars Porsena,
    To Sextus naught spake he;

    But he saw on Palatinus
    The white porch of his home;
    And he spake to the noble river
    That rolls by the towers of Rome:

    “O Tiber! Father Tiber!
    To whom the Romans pray,
    A Roman’s life, a Roman’s arms,
    Take thou in charge this day!”

    So he spake, and, speaking, sheathed
    The good sword by his side,
    And, with his harness on his back,
    Plunged headlong in the tide.

    No sound of joy or sorrow
    Was heard from either bank
    But friends in dumb surprise
    With parted lips and straining eyes
    Stood gazing were he sank;

    And when above the surges
    They saw his crest appear,
    All Rome sent forth a rapturous cry,
    And even the ranks of Tuscany
    Could scarce forbear to cheer.

    But fiercely ran the current,
    Swollen high by months of rain;
    And fast his blood was flowing,
    And he was sore in pain,
    And heavy with his armor,

    And spent with changing blows;
    And they oft thought him sinking
    But still again he rose ...

    But his limbs were borne up bravely
    By the brave heart within,
    And our good Father Tiber
    Bare bravely up his chin.
    “Curse on him!” quoth false Sextus,—
     “Will not the villain drown?
    But for this stay, ere close of day
    We should have sacked the town!”

    “Heaven help him!” quoth Lars Porsena,
     “And bring him safe to shore;
    For such a gallant feat of arms
    Was never seen before.”

    And now he feels the bottom;
    Now on dry earth he stands;
    Now round him throng the Fathers
    To press his gory hands;

    And now, with shouts and clapping,
    And noise of weeping loud,
    He enters through the River-gate,
    Birne by the joyous crowd. ...
    When the goodman mends his armor,
    And trims his helmet’s plume;
    When the goodwife’s shuttle merrily
    Goes flashing through the loom;

    With weeping and with laughter
    Still is the story told,
    How well Horatius kept the bridge
    In the brave days of old.

    [NOTE: Macaulay’s entire poem may be found a the following link: http://www.bartleby.com/360/7/158.html ]


  8. Is much known about this guy.

    Is he a mentally ill loner acting out?
    Is he a member of a Muslim group?

    Before theories is accused of some kind of coverup why not ask
    why we know the whole story?

    Was he screaming white power slogans or not?
    This guy sounds like a real case but who knows for sure.

    1. On his Facebook page, one of two favorite books is, "I'm Not Strange, I Have Autism".

      Make of it what you will.

    2. Ducky,
      I'll shock you by saying there is merit in your questions and comment.

      The guy is most likely off his nut, as they say in merry old Englandistan.

      So, what is it about Islam that makes it so attractive to mentally unstable people?

    3. Well I don't know that we can point to Islam exclusively but there might be an attractant militancy.
      The militants have a clear identity and mission while projecting determination. Maybe that's what's attractive. The religion is secondary.

    4. That's well said, Ducky. Truly.

    5. Santa Ana de Alamo said

      Never give the servants of Satan even break. Pity them if you must, but never never never never NEVER give them CREDIT for anything good. It is sure to backfire and possibly destroy you.

    6. Those with autism, particularly high-functioning, are typically not violent, are they?

  9. After all of these atrocities that Islam has committed, Obama our Dear leader and Lair in Chief is still calling Islam a religion of peace! I guess that he still feels that telling a lie often enough will make it the truth.
    Doesn't it matter that knowing that Islam is the great evil in this world, is it thus immoral to vote for a President who calls Islam a religion of peace especially knowing that it's a lie ?
    When it’s as clear as the day is long, that ISIS, Boko Haram, Al quada etc. are evil jihadi psychopaths who want to take over the world, kill When it’s as clear as the day is long, that ISIS, Boko Haram, Al qaeda etc. are evil jihadi psychopaths who want to take over the world, kill infidels for no valid reason, install sharia law everywhere, and send innocent children into slavery!

    So don't be fooled by the myth that Islam is a religion of peace! Anyone that disagrees are either stupid or hypocrites.


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