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Friday, January 2, 2015

Relief At Last!

Nerves on fire
After weeks of agony, I got relief on Thursday from a spine specialist, who administered several lumbar-spine adjustments and several epidural blocks.

These were not pleasant procedures, but they have tamped down all the leg pain and most of the weird sensations (tingling, burning, etc.).  I finally got a full night's sleep!

Meanwhile, I have a few days of severe restrictions on "strenuous physical activity."  Christmas decorations will just have to stay put for a while. 

The spine specialist doesn't know exactly what is going on with my back and leg, but he'll figure out the problem. He's the most respected spine specialist on the East Coast.

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  1. What a perfectly wonderful way to begin a new year! I am happy for you, and hope the relief is long lasting.

    I still think enrolling in some sort of Yoga Class -- or regular sessions in Physical Therapy -- or perhaps even a Back-Pain Support Group that engages in regular Exercise Sessions -- might help keep your body in better balance, and thus prevent a relapse.

    At any rate, enjoy this hard-won victory. I hope it brightens your days and lightens your burdens for years to come,


    1. FT,
      I doubt that I'm in need of yoga. The doctor pronounced me "hyper-mobile," in other words "incredibly flexible with a wide range of motion."

      In general, physical therapy is indeed therapeutic. However, as one actually injured during incorrect PT back in 2005, I've become wary of PT. It is a confirmed fact that the exercises imposed by the PT folks just after the car accident did permanent damage to the sacroiliac ligament because of overstretching.

      I will never again have PT without first having an MRI -- as was the case in 2005.

  2. Good news indeed. Glad you found someone to make you feel better.

    1. Curmudgeon,
      This particular doctor helped me when nobody else could a few years back. We need more doctors like this one!

  3. Good Morning!

    Yes, very glad you have received a level of relief. Happy New Year and here is to a great new year of blogging!


  4. Great news to hear, Happy New Year to you and the Mr.!

  5. Starting out the new year on a better foot?? I sure hope so.

    1. Bunkerville,
      The bottom of my foot still aches, so obviously that particular symptom has not yet been addressed. Perhaps in February, when I next see the spine specialist.

  6. Great news! Let's hope the relief is long lasting.

  7. I echo the sentiment of all the above. Except the yoga (but that's just me.).

  8. @Tammy,

    Do you know much about "Laser Surgery" for back problems? The ads for it seem too good to be true.


    That's good news, indeed!

  9. Replies
    1. Duck,
      Maybe, maybe not.

      But how long the relief lasts is a clue as to exactly what's going on.

      In any case, surgery is not an option. Platelet rich plasma therapy or prolotherapy might be. Time will tell.

  10. "administered several lumbar-spine adjustments and several epidural blocks."

    All in one visit? WOW.
    I am so glad you're feeling so much better ...what did the doc say about how long you'll have this relief? Sounds great.

    1. Z,
      All in one visit?

      Yes! This doctor is quite the expert. He's a chiropractor plus (various medical certifications).

      The injections are for both pain relief and for diagnostic purposes. I appear to have multiple issues.

      But the spinal adjustments, done well before the injections, brought immediate relief from the terrible, front-of-the-left-thigh pain. Absolutely amazing!

      The discomfort I'm having now is bearable -- restricted to the foot (odd tingling) and, of course, the injection sites themselves.

  11. Pain is sad
    Relief is glad
    That said,
    Though Pain
    May tend
    To drive insane,
    In the end
    Living in pain
    Beats being dead!

    Long live, AOW!



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