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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Nincompoopery Poll

(Nincompoopery — and worse — abounds! This edition of "Nincompoopery" offers specific links, and readers have the option of taking a poll as to which story they find the most outrageous. Discussion available in the comments section)

Links to read:

ONE: Hands Up – Don’t Serve: Chipotle In Brooklyn Refuses To Serve Cops Over #BlackLivesMatter

TWO: Obama: Racial tensions surfacing 'probably is healthy'

THREE: Happy Holidays: FDA Moves to Ban Cake, Donut ‘Sprinkles’

FOUR: Unreal: Gay Kids Now Think Graduation Gown Colors Are Discriminatory

FIVE: Taliban indoctrinates kids with jihadist textbooks paid for by the U.S.

Please cast your vote in the following poll, which closes on Tuesday (Note: Unrelated comments will be subject to deletion):

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  1. None... the topics advanced by the links would be too aggravating to read more about!


    1. Thersites,
      Avoid aggravation if you can. Avoiding it may involve avoiding the blogosphere entirely.

  2. Odd! You didn't ask which we thought the most outrageous, the most inane, the most bizarre, the most threatening, etc. you only asked which one we read FIRST.

    Well, I read (part) of NUMBER TWO:

    "Obama welcomed the attention race relations and policing in minority communities have attracted recently and said he believes there will be "progress" on those issues in the next year as a result of the task force of police, community leaders and activists he assembled this year.

    "'I actually think that [the U.S. is] probably in its day-to-day interactions less racially divided,' Obama said in an interview with NPR released Monday ... "The issue of police and communities of color being mistrustful of each other is hardly new; ... It's just something that hasn't been talked about."

    "Obama spoke out after two white police officers who each killed an unarmed black man were not indicted by two separate grand juries ..., empathizing with protesters and urging them to remain non-violent. ..."

    Everything he said, (and implied) is patently absurd, because NO ONE in my 74-year-old lifetime has ever done MORE to aggravate and increase racial tensions and stir up long dormant hatred of "the n-ggers" than Barack Hussein Obama.

    Of course that is exactly what Marxian-Fabian-Socialist-Cmmunist-Progressive-Liberal-Statist-Dictocrats DO. It is -- and always has been their stock-in-trade.

    So NUMBER TWO may not be the most outrageous, most mendacious, or the stupidest of all listed. It's time now to dig into the rest of the list in hopes of finding out.

    1. FT,
      Odd! You didn't ask which we thought the most outrageous, the most inane, the most bizarre, the most threatening, etc. you only asked which one we read FIRST.

      Sometimes, people read the most outrageous first, sometimes not.

    2. Dear Barack:
      Stop using the color of your skin, as an EXCUSE for your failures,.

    3. FT,
      Forgot to say that I agree with your comment.

  3. Here's the essence of NUMBER THREE:

    "Early next year, the FDA is expected to finalize a new regulation intended to eradicate even trace amounts of partially hydrogenated oils, known as trans fats, from our diets."

    Although the amount of trans fats Americans consume has declined significantly in recent years, the FDA’s quest to completely eliminate a particular type of trans fat threatens to eliminate the noble “sprinkle,” used to decorate holiday treats and donuts. Even a small amount of joy is suspect in the FDA’s brave, new, food-monitored world.

    In recent years, research has determined that consuming large amounts of trans fats is harmful to the heart. Trans fats have been in the American diet since the 1950s, but recent awareness of its health risks have pushed food companies and restaurants to minimize its use. Today, Americans consume just 1.3 grams of trans fats a day, around 0.6% of total caloric intake. No research has shown this level of consumption to pose any risk."

    So what does this indicate, besides absurdity on the part of the FDA?

    It is yet-another piece of evidence that CREEPING TYRANNY is rapidly overtaking the land.

    Where does this kind of thing end? Go to my blog and read Edgar Allan Poe's compelling tale The Pit and the Pendulum, and you'll find out in excruciating detail.

    THAT is exactly where unchecked political power -- ESPECIALLY power accrued with the ostensible motive of "Serving the Greater Good" -- i.e." saving people from themselves" -- ultimately leads.

  4. That Gentle Giant Thug was an angry looking dude who was and acting a fool. the store owner or cashier was fussing at him to get out of the store, then the dude push down the store owner and the items in the store. He acted the same way when the cop tried to arrest him.

    He go what he was asking for..

    1. The Watchman said

      Your mindless expression of hatred and discontent is IRRELEVANT and should be ERADICATED according to the rules and guidelines of his blog.

    2. Go back to Chaw's swamp, she need more readers and stupid people to make comments like yours.

  5. Everyone including the media should have waited for the report to see the evidence that the Grand Jury had then decide what to do. As far back as i can remember blacks whether they are at fault, or not, always blame Slavery, and that needs to stop. There are no slaves. or slave owners alive today.

  6. I pick number Two:

    The black is never to blame for the crimes committed, the jails they fill, they lazy handout culture that has babies with know idea who the father is and then while assassinating the white character of America they complain we do not give them more and more while they either sell drugs or collect welfare. No one wants to see the obvious that the reason the country is in the shape it is is because blacks cause crimes at the rightest rate of any race, murder, steal and rape while living in our country for free and never take one inch of blame for their actions because their great great great great ancestors picked cotton and therefore they are not to be blamed instead the white race is the cause of the choices they make and we make the country dumber and dumber for them to get jobs and take jobs whites with four times the IQ away because old granny picked cotton. wake up white America, they are now feel that they can kill cops even if every trace of evidence proves their guilt, even if captured on camera, it does not matter because they are black and never will have a fair chance, hence sending them all back to Africa to be amongst their people and freeing us from their murderous genetically inferior being in the world.

    The poor unarmed “Teen” Michael brown who was killed by Officer Darren Wilson…Yet the negro protesters claimed that Mr. Brown was a good man, a poor unarmed gentle giant who was about to start classes at the local city college. OH REALLY? Yet, what we saw was this physically VERY big black man steal a $40.00 box of cigars from a local liquor store and then assault and batter the store’s clerk, and beat6 him up when he tried to stop “Mr. Brown the gentle giant” from leaving his store. This man was not a good man, nor was he a “Gentle Giant”. He was a Hoodlum who attacked a police Officer whe the police officer tried to arrest him.


  7. I been listen and reading a lot of all the comments on this bog, and frankly, I am sick and tired of this asinine complaint about the “hope and dream of the slave” that I continue to hear black people use as a shield and sword to combat what they claim/perceive as white racism in America. What slave? What white racism? Where are these black slaves working in the fields and in the homes? There are no slaves—not one black person in this country is a slave! And not one person in this country is a slave owner or as far as we know the ancestor or one. Slavery has long been GONE, it’s history. It simply does not exist. Stop using such a false and misplaced discontentment as a rallying cry to battle something that no longer exists. The former slavery issue is but a giant crutch for blacks who rather deceptively veil their lazy inactive ways rather than rise up from their slothful, indolent and apathetic lifestyles and enroll in an adult school or community college to receive an education or get themselves a job instead of collecting county aide and being a financial burden to the state. Simply blaming whites for their socioeconomic ills is an old, hackneyed, played out tune that is erroneous, false and bogus and a misplaced accusation. Stop! Stop! Stop! Enough is enough! Stop blaming whites for your laziness and combative attitude. Stop exploiting and dishonoring Maya Angelou’s poetic words to describe something completely diametric to what she actually meant. It’s unethical, immoral and criminal. Just stop playing the victim and take responsibility for yourselves. Enough is enough!
    We have to face the facts. right is right and wrong is wrong. Michael Brown screw up and started this mess and he paid with his life for it. Sad, yes, but true.
    If blacks continue on their tirades and aggressive combative behavior towards whites--such as stripping them naked of all their clothes, robbing them and brutally beating them and humiliating them (Baltimore and Louisville incidents among others), and raping, sodomizing, torturing and killing them a terrible backlash of self-defense will happen one day, when they least expect it, come down upon them like a raging fire sweeping through a cornfield, because whites are a people who historically are a powerful, industrious, militaristic machine-like race who will not tolerate being push around. History always repeats itself, this we can count on, its inevitable, and white people will finally say enough and will soon rise in countless unstoppable droves and may very well institute the old order of a bygone era so vehemently and vitriolically hated.
    Doesn’t it matter to you if you if he tried to grab the Policeman’s gun or not.
    So all these Progressive GOODY Two shoes should quit tiring to blame it on the police, you libs are beating a dead horse to pieces. Use common sense


    "Members of the Gay Student Alliance at one Massachusetts high school are up in arms about a tradition they now believe discriminates against transgender classmates. Graduating seniors at Franklin High School have long worn different colored gowns, depending on their sex, when receiving diplomas. This year, however, the practice is being called into question."

    "The traditional approach – boys wearing blue gowns and girls wearing white – should be replaced with only one color option ... to reduce the possibility of discriminating against students who decide they do not fit into either category."

    "As a result of the controversy, Principal Peter Light has announced plans to revamp the school’s approach to graduation gowns."

    The REAL story here lies in the principal's bothering to take any such suggestion so seriously as to give it a public hearing.

    While I am, personally, in sympathy with graduates wearing one uniform color -- a position the LGBT kids (surprisingly!) advocate -- I am dead set against the methods used to try to get their way.

    The very existence of a "Gay Students Alliance" in a public high school constitutes a distracting disturbing elements that takes time, attention, and energy away from the proper business of any school. That business should be to EDUCATE students to function optimally so they can SURVIVE in an increasingly complex, heartlessly competitive, and demanding society.

    Identity Politics is a rapidly metastasizing CANCER on Society. It has been PLANTED in our midst by LEFTIST intellectual insurgents NOT to HELP "minorities," but to UNDERMINE and DESTROY the USA as we have known and loved it.

    What next? DRAG QUEENS demanding their right" to wear pink tutus, sequined brassieres, feathered headdresses, black net stockings and gold dancing slippers to graduation ceremonies?

    NUDISTS demanding their "right" to attend NAKED?

    DRUG ADDICTS demanding their "right" to smoke pot and "shoot up" ONSTAGE during the ceremonies?

    ORGIASTS demanding their "right" to have GROUP SEX ONSTAGE while the valedictorian gives his speech?

    SATANISTS their "right" to sacrifice an INFANT during the ceremonies?

    DISPUTATIONISTS demanding their "right" to INTERRUPT and SHOUT DOWN anyone they happen to dislike or with whom they happen to disagree?

    I mean once we permit ourselves to venture onto this "slippery slope" WHERE DOES IT END?


    n the 1980s, the State Department foreign policy establishment thought that they could use jihadis against the Soviet Union, and win their gratitude as they aided their struggle to be free from the Soviet yoke. The State Department’s thinking has not changed much since then; the foreign policy “experts” still underestimate the global jihad and think they can win the hearts and minds of jihadis. Far too much of American resources are still devoted to attempts to do just that — which is as much a waste as throwing billions of dollars off a cliff.

    “The Taliban indoctrinates kids with jihadist textbooks paid for by the U.S.,” by Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post, December 8, 2014:

    Oh WHY NOT? It's no more asinine than anything ELSE our blessed gubmint has been perpetrating since time immemorial.

    FACE IT. We have a government OF, BY and FOR a bunch of FARCEURS.

    "And why is that?" you ask.


    And why is THAT?

    I know, but It's high time YOU chimed in and told ME. };-)>

  10. While voting for # 3 because I have cupcake Sprinkles in my pantry, I must give a pithy comment about # 4.

    I do not form my opinions based on the opinion of a minor who is still *minimally educated and *a minor who has yet to fully enter the work force.

    I always look up instead of down, when examining issues. Don't really give a rat's ass about the childhood angst of a seventeen year old who is still wet behind the ears. If they believe that the zenith of their existence is dependent on a color wheel, they might as well just suffer an early death. My college graduation gown was black. Big deal. I had to go out after that and secure employment.

    I do listen with intention to the words of an individual who is seasoned with education and/or work experience. But the greater should not bow to the willfull and senseless demands of the lesser. To do so, shows a lack of backbone.


    1. Tammy,
      I certainly had no choice about my color of graduation gown. As you said, Big deal. We grads wore whatever color of gowns was available.

      Graduation gowns aren't wedding dresses.


    "A Chipotle representative responded to the incident. They took appropriate action against the employee involved.

    "On Dec. 16, a group of eight NY police officers came to one our Brooklyn restaurants at about 6:15 PM, and before approaching the counter saw a single Chipotle employee raise her hands in what appears to have been a spontaneous, unplanned gesture of protest directed at the police. The group of officers then left without ordering food.

    In no way was this statement from our employee consistent with our culture and values. ... We work very hard to make all of our customers feel welcome . ...

    "... We have ... taken appropriate actions with regard to the employee involved ,..

    Finally, we have apologized to many of the people who have contacted us regarding this issue.

    Above all, we apologize to the officers involved. We serve law enforcement officials in our restaurants around the country every day, and we appreciate their service."

    "Quite simply, this incident should never have happened."

    Instead of making all these stupid apologies, wouldn't it have been better simply to have SHOT the G-D SOB DEAD, dragged the body out behind the restaurant and incinerated the corpse without further comment? }:-)>

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. 1. A single employee. Big whoop.

    2. He is correct.

    4. Tempest in a teapot. Tell them to pick a color.

    5. We spent a trillion to turn a country into a drug lab and this is what upsets you? Bore me later.

    Three is the winner. There isn't any value in eliminating trace levels. Unless one is consuming mountains of ice cream and donuts it doesn't matter .
    And if you are, you have larger problems.

    1. Tempestina Peepott said

      You have no sense of humor. Did you know that not being able to see the funny side of things shows a lack of intelligence?

  14. The employee at Chipotle better hope he/she never needs a cop in an emergency.

  15. Racial tensions are healthy... For the toads and batwinged gargoyles who benefit from keeping us herded into tribes and at war with one another.

    The taliban story should be no surprise. Our presence in Afghanistan has enriched them beyond their wildest dreams. I don't have the exact number, but way over 50% of reconstruction money in that country cannot be accounted for by our government.

    The rest of it? Just more raw sewage flooding our culture...

    I would love to see the entire NYPD go on strike...

    The gay mafia doesn't want equality; it wants dominance, and I fear for the psyches of those who must act out. What will they do when they've reached full cultural acceptance? They will have to perpetrate greater and greater outrages to get the attention they crave.

    Anyone who doesn't see Obamacare leading to government making us eat our broccoli and punishing us for eating too many sweets hasn't been paying attention.

  16. What we must remember is that these individual stories are sometimes a 'one off' situation, but the TREND is what is important. That they're even considered would have been considered insane 10 years ago. And should have been.

    Silverfiddle is right; what's next, being told to eat broccoli, banning sweets? Why, that'd be as silly as trying to ban large Cokes, or not putting salt on restaurant tables. Oh, wait a minute...that's actually been put in action.

    I say put pink grad gowns on the boys, have the cops stop protecting that Chipotle restaurant, take all cakes and sprinkles off the shelves, let Al Sharpton be the new WHite House Race Czar, tell America on the front page of the NY Times that we're paying for Jihadist Textbooks, tell the police to take a month's sabbatical, and see how America likes it.

    Let's hope what happens to all of that, once it's all experienced, is what happened to Mrs. Obama's stinking school lunch fiasco.

    1. Well, z, the cops are taking a sabbatical from writing tickets for trivial offenses in NYC and folks love it.

      What this does expose is their prime function as tax collectors.

    2. Ducky, the only "folks loving it" are urinating on walls, parking where they're not supposed to, not getting arrested for drugs, and other things not many city dwellers like to see go unchecked, but you believe what you like.

      "With low-level policing this week, comparing the crime levels during this time frame last year; stats are showing citations for traffic violations fell by 94 percent, from 10,069 to 587. Summonses for low-level offenses, like public drinking and urination plunged 94 percent, from 4,831 to 300. Even parking violations dropped by 92 percent, from 14,699 to 1,241. Drug arrests by cops assigned to the NYPD’s Organized Crime Control Bureau, which are part of the overall number, dropped by 84 percent; from 382 to 63."

    3. By the way, I was thinking .... what's so injurious to our country is that if I stick up for the police, libs think I believe ALL cops are perfect.
      See, NOBODY is perfect, and while there are overzealous cops, there are very good ones, as well. Arresting someone isn't a BAD THING. Another silly lib thing.
      We have to start understanding that humanity is HUMAN and things like a good cop..who handles bad people, big emotions, fears, etc., cannot be LEGISLATED.
      Please, liberals, we need to mature and work to better things. Ever think that those arrested just might be guilty? That if 20 black kids do something wrong over a year's time, the cops might want to be on the look out for a black kid when that same thing's done...and that's not racism?
      Just a thought. I think it's an instructive one.

    4. Ducky, I have to admit Matt Taibbi does a good job there. Nobody can argue that giving tickets just to make money isn't what cops should be doing. At least I hope nobody can argue that. Maybe De Blasio would. Or any mayor, actually...who's put a city back into problems again after it had been doing so well before he came in...and deficits need fixing.

      Broken Window is appreciated by most neighborhoods, by the way..it did wonders. Who really wants filth around us, right?

      Not sure myself about the HUGE deficit in tickets....I suppose it's mostly "We'll show THEM" on the part of the NYPD. There's no explaining the lowering of the amount of arrests; they don't make money and they're way down, too.
      I kind of LIKE to think they're not ticketing so they're not bringing money in, frankly.

      I think it's more a "Screw you" by NYPD and I guess when somebody important's said that to them, I can't really blame them.

      Thanks for the link. I thought it was very well thought out...good stuff.

    5. Z,
      what's so injurious to our country is that if I stick up for the police, libs think I believe ALL cops are perfect.

      I agree. Very injurious.

      As one who rarely phones the police, I can say that I quickly phoned the police on two occasions: when my car was stolen from in front of my house in 1972 and when our home was burglarized in 2009. The latter was particular troublesome because I didn't know if the burglar was still hiding in the house.

      When one needs an officer of the law, one is very grateful to be able to contact such an officer.

      Have I ever had run-ins with the police? Once.

      When I was in college (1968 or 1969) and was being harassed by an officer, who stopped me because, in his words, he didn't "like the look" of me: long, straight hair, black leather jacket with fringe, college parking sticker on the bumper.

      I kept my cool, didn't even raise my voice.

      I said, "I want my attorney now," then recited our family attorney's name and phone number. End of story. If I had started screaming or gone for his weapon, the story would have had a different ending, I'm sure.

    6. Duck,
      You mentioned: writing tickets for trivial offenses.

      Then take the laws off the books. That removal happens at the legislative level.

  17. Conservatism and honesty are mutually exclusive concepts...

    1. It was one employee, Chipotle apologized, taste buds everywhere can get back to being abused.

    2. Obama is right.

    3. If you really like eating trans-fat, just like if you really liked the "insurance" you lost because of Obamacare, you're too stupid to pay attention to anyway.

    4. Let the gay kids wear something gay of they want. Whatever. Some people just can't live without attention.

    5. Proof of the real and tragic nincompoopery of the Cold War, the same nincompoopery that eventually brought us 9/11 and the next excuse for incessant war and trillions of dollars flushed down the ridiculously expensive military toilet.


    1. JMJ,
      2. Obama is right.

      You actually believe that?

      These recent racial tensions have caused a wariness in me that I haven't felt since the 1950s and 1960s. I don't like that feeling! That's not a time to which I personally want to return.

  18. Jersey -

    Disagree with you on number 4. Society benefits from maintaining a few commemorative traditions. It brings cohesion to society. Let all malcontents:

    *Secure a venue *Plan the event and *Secure the cost for their disagreeable lil' personalities.

    My statement is always the same on such things: Your conviction demands your sacrifice, not mine. I should not bear the cost for the sexual proclivity of another, the religion of another, the ingratitude of the other.


    1. Tammy, these kids parents are paying the taxes to put them through school too. There's the only "sacrifice" that matters here. By your very logic as well, we should at least try to make them happy if possible, even if some uptight douchebags don't like it.


  19. Life without contention would be boring.
    In such a placid world we'd all be snoring.

    Face it, everyone takes great delight
    In a good old-fashioned knock-down-drag-out fight.

    ~ Ima Showoff

  20. Funny though, but, I always thought that we the people are supposed to be running the country. And that the public servants we vote into Washington, like Obie and Moochelle are supposed to be working for us?

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I picked #5. As for #4, let those with various gender identification problems ware gowns and mortar boards with alternating blue and white stripes or tell them to just SHUT-UP! I'm sick and tired of minorities and odd-balls trying to control everything.

  23. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  24. Jersey -

    I am not responsible for the "happiness" of another individual. Self-respect, hard work, gratitude for the many blessings we have as Americans - now that brings "happiness".

    I lived in a large shed with a light bulb hanging from the ceiling and a cot in a corner during one college semester. In other words, I was essentially homeless. I would have frozen at night without my electric blanket. Yet I was happy. I was achieving a goal. And I was grateful to have a place to lay my head at night. People who have been given too much worry about things that do not amount to much. We have raised a generation of children with narcissistic personality disorder.

    I remain extremely grateful for my life as an American, and what I endured was no real hardship. It is also no real hardship to require a student to comply with a dress code. We have lost our moral compass as a nation. We have angst about the color of a graduation robe and disrespect for authority is treated as a human right.

    * Just my opinion.


    1. Tammy, it's a good opinion. Bravo for your comment

    2. So, Tammy, then the parents of those kids, who pay taxes just like all the other parents to send all the kids to school, what they want doesn't count, but rather only what you want, right? This isn't about rights. It's about conservatives being uptight douchebags.

      Yeah, Z, what an honest and consistent argument (not).

      Conservatives can't see two inches beyond their own peccadilloes.


    3. JMJ,
      Gratuitous insulting of conservatives -- you have twice insulted conservatives or conservatism per se in this thread -- serves no useful purpose in this discussion. If you cannot make a comment without hurling ad hominem attacks, then stop typing in comments.

      Thank you.

    4. Take away his insults, and Jersey ain't got nuthin'

    5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    6. Jersey; you really need to start to think better before commenting.
      Those poor who pay taxes and care about their children want SCHOOL CHOICE but you liberals are keeping it from them. why?
      WHY must liberals get all steamed up about the choice of the people...unless, of course, that choice involves killing fetuses?
      I can never quite figure that out.

  25. Obviously 5. Paying the civilized world's enemies to make them stronger. Nothing more stupid than that other than what libtards dream and yap about. :)

  26. Who the hell voted for 3. cake? donut sprinkles? That's your issue? :) No wonder obama was voted in twice.

    1. Kid,
      Perhaps readers clicked on Number 3 first because they just couldn't believe that our government was doing such a stupid and useless thing?

  27. Number three is about excessive government regulation. I can assure you that the super obese (BMI greater than 50) that I care for on a weekly basis do not suffer from donut sprinkle overdose. They succumb to the compulsion to eat anything that does not move off their plates fast enough. Had a woman with a BMI of 67.1 a few weeks ago. This required three nurses to push the bed to the floor. Two of us could not gain the momentum to keep the wheels moving.

    Banning donut sprinkles is like spitting in the wind. I propose we ban tortillas...... get my drift?


  28. This blog has been the most accurate and perceptive review of the problems of Obama's administration that I have seen on the blogisphere. And I thank you AOW for being so honest and having the backbone, spirit, and grit, to say it even though you have had to put up with the fools who seem to gather here only to disrupt your blog, you have shown us how your bravery, and endurance has won out.I think that you have been an excellent analyst, and I thank you for all of your contributions to the Conservative cause.
    I am one of the ones who was turned against Obama, from day one. For example, his failing to follow through on Guantanamo, for his stance on NSA and whistleblowers, for his vastly over aggressiveness of his siding with any cause that involves a Black person, the wimpish way he has acted toward his foreign aggressors, and his failure to work on removing the Patriot Act. His failure to pass the keystone pipeline. Bowing to just about every Dictator. Proposing amnesty for illegal aliens.
    He turned an active supporter into an even more zealous opponent with these actions. And yes, I grew angry at him for doing nothing but meaningless speeches when real action was needed. And to my mind, he has botched the Russia-Ukraine issue too. And very badly. Naming numerous Communists/Socialists/Progressives to his various Czar positions and then watching them scurry for cover when Glenn Beck began to call them out, forcing them to resign. Calling the Tea Party racists!
    He has been much more of an Epic Failure than President Carter.
    So yes. Obama, like the series "Lost," had so much potential and abysmal follow through. And he has transformed me from a left-leaning independent at the time of his first inauguration, into the anarchist I am today.

  29. Other than being Secretary of State, please list the accomplishments of Secretary Clinton while Secretary of State, besides winning the tittle of the Biggest Liar!.
    Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin have poisoned the water hole for presidential female candidates for a long time to come.
    I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin but I think that she's far from the idiot that the Progressives make her out to be.

    As for Michelle Obama disguising herself to go to Target and if a woman asked her for help getting something off a high shelf it's because she is tall......some people like to play the victim.....maybe the Obamas should remember that if people were that racist he wouldn't have been elected president twice.
    I say that we should end racism by ending the Obama's reign in the white house .

  30. @John,

    "He turned an active supporter into an even more zealous opponent "

    Everything that you say is true but, given his background, why [did] you expect anything else? Also, the fact that this fraud got reelected is BONE CHILLING, indeed!

  31. What the “Progressives” don't realize is that we hate what Obama stands for just as we hate what these media useful idiots stand for philosophically - because it's the same anti-American progressive philosophy.

    And yes, we hate:
    1) the liberals and their misguided policies have created a generation of dependent poor who resort to gangs, drugs, and violence to stay alive, and who are glorified by Hollywood and the liberal elites.

    2) you and the rest of the liberal elite keep whipping up class envy and anti-rich hatred- enticing these criminals to attack us in our homes with impunity, bolstered by a sense of entitlement created by your demonizing us every chance you get;

    3) You and the socialists have taken over your party and are, slowly but surely, eroding our liberties and threatening our way of life.

    Racism is so far down the list of reasons to dislike obama that it doesn't even show up on the top 10 list. His insufferable arrogance, incompetence, venal dishonesty, stupidity, laziness, bad judgement, callous indifference to the grief that he is manufacturing, and a host of other reasons make racism, if it exists at all, such a minor factor, that it is a waste of time to respond to those leftist idiots who bring it up.
    arrogant, venally dishonest, callously indifferent, and has bad judgment.
    But he's not incompetent, stupid, or lazy. His goal is the destruction of the United States of America as a world superpower. He knows exactly what he's doing, why, is working very hard to accomplish it, and unfortunately, succeeding.
    That's all the you Liberals have left, "fake accusations of racism." Talk about a broken record..

    And by the way, I don't dislike the Commie Organizer because he’s half black, I dislike him because he is ruining our country.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  32. The Racist Conservitives/Repubs have zero respect for our President or the office of the Presidency. But nothing but friendship, pride, and kinship toward white supremacist groups.This is not surprising coming from the political party that routinely insulted and still insults our first bi-racial president and his family, starting with their non-stop demands to see President Obama's birth certificate, something no other president has had to endure. While they piously claim to not hold any racial prejudices (it's only President Obama's policies they're against, you see), they continue to get caught sharing filthy racist photo shopped images of Mr. and Mrs. Obama, as well as disgusting racist jokes and slurs. In our own little circle of blogging acquaintances, Lisa's blog, otherwise known as the Smut Hut, regularly hosts low-lifes who make fun of Malia and Sasha, and the First Lady with racial smears and slander.

    These bottom-feeders may not be the majority, but they are very welcome in the GOP and are very comfortable in maligning and defaming the POTUS and FLOTUS. But they never miss a Sunday when they show off to their followers what exceptionally devout and humble Christianists they are.

    As I said, if nothing else, these Party Nazis lovers are consistent in loving the malice and ugly racism they wallow in on a daily basis. If you need any examples that Tea Partiers are pro-gun, middle-American, white supremacists., just read Glenn Beck's Blaze website.

    1. Thanks for that CRAP Shaw.

  33. I love that first one. Liberals just don't think before they act. Who are they going to call if they're in trouble?

    1. No, liberals look at the NYC situation and see a police force which considers itself above civilian governance and its own commissioner.

      And you want to further militarize these rogues.
      And you give leftists the tone? Get real.

    2. Prohibiting a police officer service doesn't help the problem ... being real.

  34. Ducky, they haven't a problem with their commissioner and I think you'd have to admit you're full of it on the civilian governance thing, too.
    Do you even realize how they'd feel at De Blasio's comments, or do you ignore those, conjure up your own negative feelings about the cop and bring them here for some reason?
    Good job that the protesters made it difficult for stores in their wake to have people come in at the height of the buying season, and closed down main capillary/bridges at rush hour. Now there's a great way to win positive attention, huh?>
    Or walk into restaurants in NYC, SF and other cities and read the names of Blacks killed by cops? I'm thinking if they read the names of blacks killed by blacks, they'd have to move into the restaurants for time....I always wonder why they don't consider those killed by blacks important.
    Conservatives do.

    1. So let's get this straight, z.

      In your frightened little world it is forbidden to criticize the police. Is that it.
      De Blasio runs on a platform to greatly reduce stop & frisk and speaks the truth about that discrimination and that is out of line just how?

      And were the protesters supposed to be polite, z?
      We wouldn't want anything to disrupt your commute to your luncheon date regardless of the issue, right?

      And don't start with the black on black crime dodge as if blacks don't want those crimes solved.
      Right now the closure rate on murders by the Boston police dept. is 30%. Yeah, a rousing 30% but there's plenty of time for these guys to cluster around to no effect.
      But just don't start with that black on black meme.

      1. It's a straw man unrelated to the issue at hand.

      2. It's disgraceful to think black neighborhoods don't want those crimes solved.

      3. It exposes you as a fool.

    2. Duck,
      Your last two comments, one at this thread and one at yesterday's thread, have been particularly acerbic and insulting. Please do not take out your bad mood on other commenters. Thank you.

    3. Z,
      As you know, I am not a law enforcement officer.

      But I know exactly how it feels to have an administrator not support those of us "in the trenches." Morale plummets in such situations -- as does doing the job effectively.

  35. AOW, how do you stand to have "Ducky ". Here and not have high blood pressure ?

    1. Sheila,
      I dunno. Guess that I have a high tolerance for not letting others' opinions drive me up the wall.


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