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Friday, January 9, 2015

Recommended Reading And Breaking News (Paris Hostage Situation)

See The Blame for the Charlie Hebdo Murders in The New Yorker.  This essay in a major publication makes a direct link between the terrorists and Islam.


Paris: Islamist Takes Man Hostage in Kosher Grocery Store A report from AFP just now stated that there are five hostages at the grocery store. Women and children are being held hostage. Weasel Zippers has updates. Fourth shooting near Eiffel Tower.


  1. I am through intellectualizing over the issue of Islam's incompatibility with White Christian Civilization.

    Aside from the cry for DIDADIN, perennial since 911, I have nothing to say beyond this:


    I'm with M. Charbonnier, ironically a man of the left.

    "I'd rather die standing up than live on my knees."

  2. Obamás presidency is part of the problem. Obamás soft policies have Embolden these terrorists Freakazoids to pull off things like this.

  3. Free Thinke:

    I have already incorporated Charb's statement in my next commentary for Daily Times Pakistan, "Muhammad Carries a Kalashnikov".

    Here is another Charlie Hebdo cover:


    I am a Christian. I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. But I would never consider picking up a weapon and killing cartoonists for their edgy cartoons. My secular religion of human liberty means that I must defend that which I also embrace. My strong embrace of Freedom of Expression demands that I defend that same right for others. In fact, I am neither upset nor uptight over the magazine cover which lampoons the life of Jesus. The cartoonists are guardians of the "faith". smile

    Yes, the current POTUS is part of the problem. He is not a champion of liberty.

    Tammy Swofford

    1. I couldn't agree more, Tammy, but defending the liberty of those whose main purpose in life is to defeat and destroy liberty for everyone in the world strikes me as impossible. That is why I have no mercy in my heart for Marxists or Mohammedans.

      The president and those who support him and his way of thinking are out-and-out fiends.

      A serious problem in all of this arises when we try to find and define the exact moment when sufficient defense of our interests and ideals becomes persecution of those who may be innocent bystanders.

      It's often a very tough call.

  4. The Mohammedans may
    Be as great as they say
    but they wouldn't be missed
    If they ceased to exist!

    ~ Piet Hein (modified)

  5. A good example of this phenomenon is the liberal response to George W. Bush. They couldn’t accept that Bush happened to support different policies than they did—instead, he was a stupid, uneducated hick controlled by a diabolical Dick Cheney. (This about a man who went to Yale, and whose family has set down some pretty solid roots among the Eastern elite).

    It was inevitable that such attacks would crop up among conservatives as well. Most of them are irrelevant but tolerable—the worst of these are the nutty but harmless birth certificate rumors.

    There are other, more harmful attacks as well, and unfortunately some of them involve race. One, which I experienced, was a chain email, the gist of which was an unflattering photo of Michelle Obama next to a picture of monkey. Another example was a conversation I had with a conservative stranger; she suggested that Obama’s sterling college record was tainted by affirmative action and summer classes, which in her experience were apparently crutches used by “stupid” blacks to retake hard courses. (Speaking as a college student, taking very difficult courses during the summer isn’t exactly uncommon, nor is it done only by unintelligent people).

  6. Great Orwell's ghost! Some rare fact-facing and intellectual honesty from Packer and The New Yorker.

    That may be the first time ever I completely agreed with an articled from that rag.

    Step one is to face facts and call things by their proper names. If honest liberals can find ways to do that in a noninflammatory way like Packer has done, we may get somewhere.

  7. Given the reality in the Islamic State, Boko Harem, Taliban Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the Sudan, Yemen, and much of Pakistan, it is still amazing that not everyone can see that the Salafi strain of Islam is widely accepted. Majorities have voted for fundamentalist Muslims in Egypt and Turkey and Algeria (25 years ago). Only in Tunisia has had an election that removed an Islamist party from power.

    It's amazing that the New Yorker is one of the few that can face the current reality. It's becoming a joke when Westerners are telling a large fraction (perhaps a majority) of the world's Muslims that they don't practice real Islam.

    1. Interesting that Tunisia is one county we kept our hands off.

    2. Jason,
      it is still amazing that not everyone can see that the Salafi strain of Islam is widely accepted

      And gaining momentum.

      Ostriches make excellent targets.


      Jason, if you have time, let me know what you think of al-Sisi's recent address to a large group of imams. A Sadat moment?

    3. Dagmar Davidowitz O'Beirne said


      Mr. Pappas informed us: "Only ... Tunisia has had an election that removed an Islamist party from power."

      What ELSE do you need to now to understand WHY we have "kept our hands off Tunisia, you foolish fathead?

  8. Sisi is doing more than just giving a speech about reforming Islam. He’s established a totalitarian state. Previous dictators jailed activist Brotherhood members but left educational and religious institutions in the hands of their sympathizers. The Brotherhood support in recent elections must have shocked secular Muslims. From the little I have read, Sisi has taken over religious institutions. Friday sermons are not written by a central authority and the same exact sermon is given in every mosque.

    Recently a document was signed by 126 Islamic authorities rejecting, in depth, the theology of the Islamic State. Only 1 signer was from Saudi Arabia and 2 were from Pakistan. I found that all 3 are Sufi. About 1/3 of the signers were from Egypt. One American Muslim complained that the document was basically Sufi (see ISIL’s wiki article for reference) and cronies of the Egyptian government. I suspect Sisi is doing more than giving a speech. Will it play outside of Egypt?

    1. That was meant to appear in the above thread after AOW's question.

      PS Best New Year's wishes to everyone.

    2. Jason,
      Will it play outside of Egypt?

      That's the big question.

      I also have to wonder if al-Sisi's Sadat moment will end with al-Sisi's assassination.

      As far as I've noticed, no mainstream media outlets have called attention to al-Sisi's speech. Fox News has.

    3. Jason,
      I will transfer your comment to the above thread.

    4. Perhaps Sisi will become a 21st Century Attaturk.

      This is important. Isn't Egypt the seat of Sunni Islamic scholarship?

      The west cannot cure the sickness infecting Islam. Muslims have to put their own house in order.


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