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Friday, January 16, 2015

Obama And Gitmo

Dated January 15, 2015: Freed Gitmo Captive Opens ISIS Base in Afghanistan.

Also dated January 15, 2015: five more Gitmo detainees were freed this week.

Question for readers here: Why is Obama so determined to empty Gitmo?


  1. Because it was a campaign promise...and an ongoing effort since the previous Administration.


  2. The majority of the 127 prisoners at the facility, the legislation would also bar the transfer of any detainees to Yemen for two years. 127 high risk prisoners at GITMO, 81 of them from Yemen. And Obama wants to send them back to Yemen
    The Guantanamo Prison was first opened following the attacks of September 11, 2001, to house suspected jihadist militants with ties to Al-Qaeda. It eventually became an international symbol of human rights abuses.
    This citadel of evil will never close. Republicans shouldn’t allow.
    welcome to America, amigos.

    Maybe he should release them and give them new homes, a car, hospitalization, food stamps and a good job when they can get a decent living wage in Washington, D.C.

    1. "Maybe [Obama] should release [the Gitmo detainees] and give them new homes, a car, hospitalization, food stamps and a good job when they can get a decent living wage in Washington, D.C."

      I'm sure he'd love to do just that, and if the nutless and gutless RINOS don't do something beside fedaddle around as is their wont, he may DO exactly what you suggest.

  3. The question is WHY did Obama make it a campaign promise? WHO among the electorate had a burning desire to see the end of the US Military prison at Guantanamo?

    If we can believe he meant what he said when he claimed he would "side with the Muslims" should conflict arise, and that the Mueuzzin's Call to Prayer was "the sweetest sound" he'd ever heard, experienced daily when he was a young boy educated in a MUSLIM School presumably under the guidance of Mr. Soetero, the INDONESIAN MUSLIM stepfather his flagrantly immoral, lunatic, WHITE COMMUNIST b-tch of a mother chose to marry after her savage NEGRO-ARAB KENYAN husband abandoned her and baby Barack, –– if all that is true, then why would our esteemed president feel ANY ALLEGIANCE WHATSOEVER to the United States of America -- a country he was raised sedulously to despise?

    Since RESULTS are all that COUNT -- evil intentions notwithstanding -- I think it may be safe to say that Barack's not-so-secret agenda has been to dismantle and ultimately to destroy our United States systematically.

    If that has NOT been his intention, he's certainly done a magnificent job of making it appear that way.

  4. He wants to stick it to us. The sooner we catch on the better we will be for it. He hates America. He hates whites, the white part of him. We try and make it difficult because we cannot conceive he would want this for us.

    1. Yes. And for all the reasons enumerated my post above. Can you think of others?

  5. Well, I understand why Muslims despair. and let me tell you why! If you spend time as I have in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Sudan, as well as the depressing, segregated housing projects in some French cities such as Paris, Lyon, and in other pockets of squalor warehousing these Muslim and African immigrants where these religious fanatics reside, you’d begin to understand the brothers Cherif Kouachi and Said Kouachi, who were killed Friday in a gun battle with French police. Now don’t get me wrong, I am NOT at all making excuses for them, just reporting the facts.
    Expecting Muslims to 'assimilate' to the American’s standards is like asking Sarah Palin to stop making a fool out of herself in public.
    A confused Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News this morning and blasted Islamic extremists for killing the cartoonists who draw the Charlie Brown comic strip.

    The Fox and Friends crew were baffled by Palin’s diatribe, until they realized she was mistaking Charlie Hebdo - the French satirical magazine targeted by Al-Qaeda this week with the iconic American comic strip character. Sarah Palin should really just shut her mouth.

    Also,French Muslims make up 60 to 70 percent of the prison population in France. Drugs and alcohol beckon like sirens to blunt the pain of poor Muslim communities."

    Lets not forget our principles, making fun of Muslims or Muhammad is "hate speech," It’s something that we here in America do not practice.

    1. What-is-now-mistakenly-labelled "HATE SPEECH" is one of the healthiest possible outlets we could employ in relieving tension while defending ourselves against those who hate US and mean to DESTROY everything WE love and have stood for.


      DEFENDING HATRED (against ones own kind) is NO VIRTUE.

  6. From his birth, Obola was raised to hate the values of this country, all the while enjoying the perks of living here.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Please WAIT! Hold it till I fetch the basin. AOW's carpets can't stand any more abuse, and she can't afford to replace right now.

  8. I don't relish the role of contrarian, but here goes...

    We are living through the results of George Bush's ill-considered global adventures, which should go down in history as the colossal disasters of Biblical proportions that they were.

    This is where going it alone instead of building a consensus gets you: Hornets nests knocked down, bee hives tipped over, global chaos, and former friends and allies cursing you every time they get stung.

    The US went from enjoying grudging, rarely-voiced respect to global opprobrium in less than a generation. This is the Titanic and Hindenburg of PR disasters. And this from the home of Hollywood and slick advertising.

    We should close Gitmo, turn the prisoners over to Saudi Arabia, beg the world for forgiveness, and retreat to within our borders for a generation of contemplating our global sins, the greatest of which was stupidity and willful ignorance.

    1. SF,
      If I understand your comment correctly, you believe that we should go into isolationism. Is that correct?

    2. Cheers to SF... one of the few willing to even entertain that where we are today is not totally as a result of the current Administration.

      Perhaps if more of us had seen the folly of a "go it alone" strategy and our nation had worked to build a real coalition, as his dad did, we would not find ourselves essentially isolated and impotent on the sidelines.

      AOW, we'll never be isolationists because as a country, we refuse to live within our means and leave others to live as they see fit, even if it is terrible.

      It's a difficult question...

    3. Ah, yes...isolationism; and the minute they have a tidal wave or earthquake, they'll be screaming for America and we'll come because that's who we are.

      I don't believe any Conservative on the planet believes this mess America's experiencing today is totally the result of this current administration, by the way.
      For discussion purposes on blogs, the left comes out insulting and I'm afraid the right goes into defensive mode; who wouldn't?
      In a better world where people wanted to get along and do what's right for America, the insults would stop from both sides and we would all admit the sins of our own side.

      But no president has driven a deficit this high and no president has apologized to the world this big...weakening us in every possible way.

      We didn't act completely alone in Iraq or Afghanistan...there wasn't a true coalition but others were there...and many believed strongly that there were WMD (I know experts who still insist they were there and moved) and many were American Democrats...and , of course, killing millions of kurds with gas seems pretty 'WMD' to ME.

      SF, the problem with true isolationism is that they're HERE NOW and so we literally can't ....we're a country which doesn't even take proper care of its borders! We can't even TRY to be isolationist if we tried

  9. Not isolationism, but one hell of a lot more humility.

    We should continue and strengthen partnerships with longtime allies like Japan, Australia, etc, but resist poking our noses into new stinkpiles.

    Still basking in the warm wishes of Dave Miller, I must throw cold water on them. Obama has doubled down on Bush's follies.

    Leslie Gelb, liberal foreign policy reporter and fan of the like of Kissenger and Brezensky, fears for the safety of our nation at the incompetent hands of Obama's amateur warlord kids club.


    Syria was another colossal mistake. Who knows who the 'rebels' are, or who gassed who? Christians are fearing for their lives where they were not previously and ISIS took our weapons, aid and training and are now using it to terrorize those not sufficiently Muslim.

    Everything we touch turns to sh*t, our military is tactically brilliant, but our politicians are ignorant fools and don't know what they are doing on a strategic level.

    We need a good dose of humility, and we don't need to jump into every fight.

    And, dammit, it's critical that conservatives understand what a grave mistake Bush and Cheney made. They had a noble idea, to remake the Middle East, but you don't do that going off half cocked and busting up countries.

    A project of such ambition requires buy-in and cooperation from people and states inside and outside the ME. And in the best of circumstances it will take 2 generations or more, and everybody needs to understand all the bad stuff that will happen before we reach the goal.

    Stupid, hubristic, grossly wasteful and disdainful of human life. That sums up Bush-Cheney. We are sadder, poorer and less safe because of what they unleashed.

    1. SF,
      I'm glad the you clarified your earlier comment.

      Not isolationism, but one hell of a lot more humility...and we don't need to jump into every fight.

      The very idea of the West remaking the Middle East was an oxymoron. Islamic countries don't want the West's help -- except for wheat subsidies and the like.

      We are sadder, poorer and less safe because of what they unleashed. And no better under the Obama administration.


    2. Good points SF. Just as in Iraq...we didn't know...or didn't profess to know that we were aiding and empowering the same militia's who had spent the previous three decades under IRGC tutelage. In Iraq, we enabled the very attacks on our own forces.

      Will we do likewise with regards to Syria?

  10. They hit the world trade center long before we entered any war in the mid east. For decades the third rate dictators have been pulling our chain. Iran held our prisoners for over 400 days during Carter. Problems have been brewing since the Ottoman empire was ended and they want the Levant back and then some. Sure, blame us for breaking it up, but nothing was going to stop them anyway if we had not intervened way back when. WWII just put a crimp in their plans for a while.

    1. Bunkerville,
      Valid points.

      From the beginning, I had serious doubts about "winning hearts and minds." Certainly hasn't worked out. I have to wonder if some of the same people who, as children, fawned all over our troops are not now trying to kill us.

    2. I wonder as well. We divided Germany to impair their possible war machine from developing again as well as blasting them to hell and back. We did the same with the Middle East. Divided it up to weaken it. Had we not, the map would have the Muslims and Germany at each others throats IMO.

    3. "We" didn't divide Germany. That was the work of the Soviet bloc, and they did so for reasons completely disconnected from Islam.

    4. We were more than happy to have Germany divided. True, nothing to do with Islam but you miss my point. . Try the Potsdam meeting.

  11. The lesson we must learn from our misadventures in the Middle East is this: Where Muslims -- especially of the SEMITIC variety -- are concerned no matter what 'side 'you choose to support it's going to turn out to be the WRONG side.

    1. FT,
      no matter what 'side 'you choose to support it's going to turn out to be the WRONG side

      Looks that way, huh?

  12. Now that the US is in a war against the ISIS, where does he plan to put the prisoners?

    1. Undoubtedly, most would be remanded to the custody of the host nation they were captured in.

    2. Swifton Dedleigh said

      Since "enhanced interrogation" techniques have been defamed, derided and are now defunct, no prisoners should be taken at all. All involved in "action" against OUR forces should be SHOT DEAD on the battlefield the SECOND they are apprehended.

  13. Republican senators have proposed legislation that seeks a moratorium on the release of "medium- and high-risk detainees" held at the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
    In addition to imposing a two-year hold on the transfer of the majority of the 127 prisoners at the facility, the legislation would also bar the transfer of any detainees to Yemen for two years.

    Meanwhile, in Paris, Obama was noticeably awol as World Leaders in Paris Lead Largest Demonstration in Nation's History Against Terrorism
    Even the Russians and the Palestinians marched with the Israeli Prime Minister but no top U.S. official!

    Over three million people took to the streets on Sunday to support democracy and freedom, but the only representative from the United States was our Ambassador to France. Attorney General Eric Holder, who at least is a high ranking Cabinet official was in the country on other business but did not attend.

    Could there be any bigger evidence of the incompetence, indifference and sheer stupidity of the Obama Administration than sending out a Tweet when the rest of the world's leaders put themselves at the front of the march?

    This isn't just another example of Obama "leading from behind." It's an example of Obama not leading AT ALL!

    Obama and his stooge Joe the Joker Biden have committed so many gaffes and have had to back walk so many stories it is impossible to keep track of or to remember all of them. Worried about Security ? Really ? With the secret services of Israel and Germany already there ? I don't think so. Just another illustration of the gross incompetence and nonchalance of this horrible president. Nice job America for re-electing this fool !

  14. .

    " Why is Obama so determined to empty Gitmo?"

    It is the right thing to do.

    USA Constitution states in part:

    Amendment VI

    In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

    The original reason for setting up the torture chambers at "GITMO" was to get around the law.

    Ema Nymton


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