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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Islamic Humor And Breaking News About Charlie Hebdo

[Point of clarification: this blog post was queued up several days before the attack on Charlie Hebdo. It an eerie confluence]

No humor in Islam?

Think again!

From Living on Mars is un-Islamic, and five other weird fatwas from 2014:
1. Take a stealthy look at your bathing fiancee

2. The return of concubation

3. Open buffet is “haram”

4. Elections prohibited

5. Lying is halal

6. Living on Mars impermissible
Read the rest HERE at Jihad Watch.


Not funny: Gun attack on French magazine Charlie Hebdo kills 11. The satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is famous for these cartoons.


  1. Antonio Fukuyama O'Grady said

    None of this makes a particle of sense.

  2. Apparently, today's attack on Charlie Hebdo is, in the words of the hardliners, a gift of the Prophet on the anniversary of his birth

  3. Reports are indicating that the cartoonist who satirized Mohammed may have been killed.

    1. Thanks - another clue that this was well planned attack. No loups solitaires here.

    2. Mullah Loadabullah,

      Definitely not a lone wolf attack nor workplace violence.

    3. PS: Will be putting you on my blog roll when I get home from work tonight.

  4. Yes, read the statement on this being a "gift of the Prophet on the anniversary of his birthday" on a jihad portal. The avatar stated it was posted by a senior member of Al-Qassam brigades.

    Being blocked from some sites this morning. Our government is doing a good job of containing the news.

    There is a video by MSM reporting the attackers shouted Allahu Akbar. Last weekend I was sharing a tray of Saudi Arabia sweets and nuts celebrating the birth of a man known as Muhammad. I am always aware that whilst finding friendship within the Muslim Ummah, any one of us may be the next one deprived of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    When will we carefully identify the problems? And what are the solutions? Because if the stable powers continue to drag their heels and do not institute healthy governance initiatives, we will see the rise of a dangerous far right nationalist movement. Self-preservation of values and culture are strong reasons for most to begin pushing back. Our values must be promoted and our civilization not erased by the world's largest ideological eraser. Islam - erases all other cultures. This concept is fundamental to Islamic law. Where Islam is allowed to encroach in the public space, Western liberties are lost. Humanity, becomes enslaved. As for me, I will die free.


    1. I agree that Islam erases western values. The solution is as Geert Wilders advocates: stopping all Islamic immigration into the west, and encouraging those already here to leave.

    2. Stogie,

      I see no other answer. If [they] are allowed to proliferate the situation will only worsen. I'm sure, however, that there is at least one frequent commenter here that will disagree while offering no cogent alternative.

  5. AOW,

    You mentioned cartoonists killed. Stephane Charbonnier - made the assassination list for a 2013 Inspire agit-prop piece. Other cartoonists were targeted.



  6. "Charlie Hebdo is famous for these cartoons."

    For once, I wish that I could understand French !

    1. Just try. It's easy. After all little children in France understand it perfectly, so why shouldn't you? ;-)

    2. Alas, If only I could be one of those "little children in France". What's that like, anyway, FT?

  7. Lime Rickey said said

    ___ INVALID SALAD ___

    Nothing that's labelled "Islamic"
    Should ever be thought of as comic,
    It's more than rumor
    'Tis true they've no humor,
    And might kill you for dressing Balsamic!

  8. Charlie Hebdo is no different than "The Onion". I always pick one up when I travel to the D.C. area. I love the manner in which they spoof all things great and small. It is just freedom of expression, which brings societal health. I also love _Mad_ magazine. What can I say? Simple pleasures for simple minds.....

  9. "Islamic Humor," like "Good Progressive" is an oxymoron.

    Meanwhile, leftwing progs shriek about dominionists and Sarah Palin taking over our government, and they fulminate and engage in two minutes hate against those dangerous rightwingchristianfundamentalisthutatiklanmilitias (SPLC said it, so it must be true!!!) And don't forget the GOP's war on women!

    Meanwhile, a real war on women continues in the muslim world, and the true humorless puritans are the Hitlers in headscarves who carry out bloody attacks like the one in Paris.

    Works of "art" that throw elephant dung on images of the Virgin Mary or feature a crucifix in a jar of urine are offensive, but you don't see Christians bombing art galleries, and we didn't burn down Hollywood over "The Last Temptation of Christ" or "The Da Vinci Code). We don't behead the myriad blasphemers and Christian mockers in our midst. They're all trite, boring and unfunny anyway. Leaving them to stew in their own miserable, pus-filled crapulence is the best punishment for them anyway.

    So, lets hear how the good little dhimmilibs defend this latest work of Satan's Little Helpers from The Religion of Pieces.

    1. Just for the record, the dung was not thrown at the canvas and you are unaware of the significance of elephant dung in certain African cultures but damn them for expressing the image of the virgin in their own terms.

      But that isn't the real issue here.
      Just what sparked the attacks. The cartoons were printed quite a while ago and there is a round of fascist activity again in Europe.
      So people get stuck up in the middle and this violence certainly will continue.

      I'm surprised we aren't more focused on the bloodbath in Mexico and the increasing atrocities by the cartels and their handmaids, the police.

      No we don't see Christians bombing galleries, thankfully. But their impulse to censor is strong and they manage to put a chill on expression.

      Now we see if France can find a way to stand for free expression and against terrorism simultaneously.
      Marine Le Pen and the National Front will make it difficult and I suspect she will have the support of many posters here.

      By the way, if you think "The Last Temptation of Christ" was trite you disappoint me. Thought you were a little deeper than that.
      I imagine you preferred Mel Gibson's homoerotic sadomasochism as the path to understanding God become man.

    2. "a chill on expression?"

      Examples please, and you're equating supposed Christian "chilling" to murderous muslim bombers is beyond the pale.

      You're blaming 'a round of fascist activity?'

      Sure, Ducky, and women who wear provocative clothing deserved to be raped, right?

      You're so predictable. I knew we could count on you to fly in here and quack nonsense out your @ss.

    3. I'm not "blaming" anything.

      I am saying that the neofascists do not have freaking God on their side and are co-partners in a bad situation.

      I also state that the cartoons are not the primary motivation here. This was only a target of opportunity and once again you start pleasuring yourself thinking of decent Muslims and non Muslims caught in the middle of the hatred and madness.

      By the way, did you see Gibson's film. I would imagine his masochistic conception of understanding God as man would be preferable to Kazantzakis'.

    4. SF,
      "Islamic Humor," like "Good Progressive" is an oxymoron.

      One reason that I chose this title for this blog post, which was queued up several days before the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

    5. Duck,
      If "normals" do not make a stand against Islamomania, then the neofascists really will rule the day.

    6. Does anyone in Europe beside muslims claim to have God on their side anymore? Their churches are tombs and museums. The Christian God is dead over there, vaguely invoked for baptisms, funerals, Christmas and Easter.

      We may think of Europeans as cosmopolitan, but outside big cities like London, it just ain't so. I know. I lived and traveled there.

      Muslims are a foreign presence. We're talking about people who don't even like gypsies or people the next country over (sometimes even the next town over).

      I did see Gibson's The Passion once. I thought parts of it were artfully done, but I found it overwrought and I have no desire to see it again. I think Gibson is a disgusting person, but he's in good company in Hollywood.

      You used the giggly liberal description 'homoerotic" so could you please tell us what exactly you found homoerotic about The Passion?

      Related question. Did you find The Fight Club homoerotic?

    7. Muslim mussolinis and Hitlers in headscarves are the neofascists.

    8. SF,
      Does anyone in Europe beside muslims claim to have God on their side anymore?

      Good point.

      What happened in Paris yesterday blows the Leftist memes about Islam to smithereens -- not that the Left will admit that reality.

  10. Paris: Fortunately, it's not terrorism. I know. Obama's press sec said so.

    1. Baysider,
      it's not terrorism....Obama's press sec said so.


  11. Fort Hood was not terrorism either.

  12. " it's not terrorism"

    What is it, a PRANK (?) ! Notwithstanding arguments about semantics the outcome is the result of allowing barbarians to enter and run amuck in a society which is, otherwise, civilized.

  13. actually, within an hour or so, the WH was at least calling it TERROR...but not ISLAMIC TERROR...so what that they yelled "Allahu Akhbar"....that's not ISLAMIST, right? :-)

    So, what now? How will Brigitte Gabriel feel? How will news people at FOX and CNN feel? (I don't think MSNBC has much to worry about as they rarely come out against anything that's not American, right? And, truly, CNN's pretty safe, too) ...but what of ALL the journalists who've warned about jihadis pretty openly?
    Who wouldn't worry?!!
    The muslims have it all OVER us! They know about our kindness and our reticence to offend....where's that leave us?
    And Kerry quoted a French Imam who said the dead journalists are "martyrs for liberty". I'm thinking I'd be all behind that Imam if he had been leading marches against jihad, huh? Maybe?

    1. How will freaking Bridgette Gabriel feel?
      Who the bleep cares?

    2. Z,
      They know about our kindness and our reticence to offend....where's that leave us?



    3. Bridget Gabriel preaches kindness?
      I thought she preached that all Muslims suck and need to be exterminated.

  14. Point of clarification:

    I had this post about Islamic humor queued up days before the attack on Charlie Hebdo.

  15. Bridgette Gabriel and the rest of the pack? A good old fashioned death threat is only good for their political stock. If someone wanted her dead, she would be dead.


  16. Three Paris Terrorists Identified:

    [T]wo of the three men, aged 18, 32 and 34 were actually born in France...Said Kouachi, Cherif Kouachi and Hamyd Mourad.

    1. The brothers were orphans and the third man is homeless with unknown citizenship.
      The usual alienated profile.

      Marginalized men with easy access to guns and a sick cause.

    2. Ducky,
      Cry me a river over their deprived lives.

      These jihadists perpetrated a military-style attack. Their goal was clear. Furthermore, they were not "the usual wack jobs."

      Millions of people have the same obstacles, but don't go around slaughtering people.

    3. Alienated? Marginalized? How far backward does the French government have to bend over to not 'alienate' and/or 'marginalize' a pair of muzzie fundies that subscribe to an idealized fundie version of the alien culture of their parent's birth?

  17. Replies
    1. At this point AOW, who hasn't seen the cartoons?

      What good does it do to rub it in the face of the whack jobs.
      The ones waiting around as the Tsarnaev trial gets underway.

    2. Duck,
      So as not to cower and further embolden Islamomaniacs.

      Without freedom of expression, all our freedoms collapse like a house of cards.

  18. Evaginata de la Merde Putride a dit:

    A Fabled Leftist Septic Tank Weighs in on the Hebdo Affair

    Charlie Pierce says it best:

    It was an act of medieval, anti-Enlightenment barbarism, and the fact that a lot of people who aren't usually so tender toward France and its leftists -- or towards the Enlightenment itself, for that matter -- have attached themselves to the horror in order to proclaim their righteousness atop a pile of corpses ought not to obscure the truth of it. There are genuine values -- honored only in the breach by some, but no less genuine for that -- under armed assault here. Charlie Hebdo's staff was murdered to stifle the publication's voice, no less than Elijah Lovejoy was murdered to stifle his.

    This is the mass, unbridled, brainless Id of the barbarian at war with modernity in all its expressions. This is where anti-science leads, where a contempt for education leads, where the suppression of women leads, where marrying political fanaticism to religious fervor almost always leads. This is where theocracy brings us, over and over again.

    In 1572, in Paris, on St. Bartholomew's Day, 3000 French Huguenot Protestants were butchered by Catholic mobs. (The death toll throughout France is thought to have been over 70,000.) None of this is new. It rises from the same foul ground it always has. This is why Mr. Madison believed that the adoption of Christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire by Constantine to be one of the worst things that ever happened to both religion and government.

    Official religions end in blood, always. That's why we don't have one here.

    Nous sommes Charlie, I guess, but, deep in us all, in that part of us that reeks of stale incense and the smell of old and guttering candles, nous sommes des barbares, aussi. And "political correctness," that empty, impotent phrase, is inadequate to account for the monsters that lurk in the shadows there.'

    1. Evaginata de la Merde Putride a dit:

      As you can see above, a leftist can never say anything without twisting it to favor the left's depraved, demented view of reality.

    2. Right. French Huguenot heretics.

  19. Evaginata de la Merde Putride a dit:,

    They have no "view of reality". If they did they , simply, wouldn't exist!

  20. AOW: I put this up earlier this week and it's even more germane now:


    President of Egypt, al-Sisi in major New Year's Day address calling for "revolution" in Islam condemning extremism. But it got so little coverage. Obama has kept al-Sisi at arm's length after punishing the Egyptian military for overthrowing the Muslim Brotherhood that Obama seemed to prefer.

    We've been begging for Muslims to stand up and reject the violence of the jihadis but when they do, we ignore it.


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