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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Nincompoopery Poll

(Nincompoopery — and worse — abounds! This edition of "Nincompoopery" offers specific links, and readers have the option of taking a poll as to which story they find the most outrageous. Discussion available in the comments section)

Links to read:

ONE: Department of Homeland Security official took bribes in cash and egg rolls

TWO: Link between Enterovirus D68 and illegal immigrant children? See Polio-like illness claims fifth life in U.S. and Human rhinoviruses and enteroviruses in influenza-like illness in Latin America.

THREE: Chicago pension crisis three times worse than just 10 years ago

FOUR: Teacher's wife phones in bomb threat to get him out of NYC charter-school staff meeting

FIVE: Imam at Dar Al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, and other prominent Muslims here in the United States will not condemn ISIS

Please cast your vote in the following poll, which closes on Tuesday:

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  1. Looks like everyone so far has gone for number four.
    In voting, I remembered that this isn't the "outrage" poll, but the Nincompoopery poll.
    That is the most nincompoop thing I read there.
    Unless the DHS official sold out for egg rolls and some change (instead of big money)

    1. Have to agree.

      Given the tite of the poll, "egg rolls" is your only choice.

  2. When I was just looking for that quote of his "We have no strategy" I found this

    This has Obama pegged to a tee.

    "Obama’s real answer to the question about ISIS is “attend more fundraisers.” His immediate “pivot” from vacationing to partisan fund-raising puts me in mind of SNL’s Father Guido Sarducci’s riff on the priorities of dogs: “Why are you eating so fast? Late for a nap?”

    The mind boggles to consider where we would be today at other crucial points in our history—Pearl Harbor, the Great Depression, the Cuban Missile Crisis, so many others before and since, if our national leader at the time simply said

    “Sorry.but we have no strategy, I have no idea what we need to do here. Sorry. Maybe by next week.” This is no less than a confession to the U.S. public and the world that our nation has a leadership vacuum at its head." Another leftist disaster by our Incompetent , inept Dear Leader. But at this time, What difference does it Make?.

  3. I think some are too serious for "nincompoopery" but ...I agree with Ed, even though Ducky does, too (sorry, couldn't resist, Ducky!)

    the Imam on FOX last night wouldn't condemn Hezobollah or Hamas, but did condemn ISIS's terror. I could see his desperation in what he was hearing from the panel and could see he really was in earnest in his opinions; and I respected Hannity (which I don't often do) for his panel of muslim-ignoring liberals and muslim-concerned conservatives.

    AOW: I thought you'd be interested in this; sorry it's somewhat Off Topic: Muslim Zuhdi Jasser (who I have heard in person and greatly admire) was in that panel and he tried so hard to alert America to the FACT that the Koran is NOT well known to most muslims, that IMAMS TELL them what's in it, much like Priests and Nuns in Catholic schools and churches TOLD Catholics what the Bible said (though Catholics are now encouraged to read Scriptures on their own, which is a good thing); And while this IMAM on Hannity last night probably DOES know the Koran, he certainly doesn't tout killing innocent people!
    Hannity completely ignored Jasser when he brought this up, as I was literally saying to the TV "Let him TALK, it's important that Americans know that most Muslims HERE don't know the full scripture of the Koran and that is important..."
    Again, I HIGHLY urge you all to read SEEKING ALLAH FINDING JESUS. It really educates you to the mind of a very faithful young Muslim medical student and his sincere and righteous new and in -depth study of the faith his family is still so strong in; peaceful, good Americans. He found the truth of how to treat infidels, etc., etc., etc., and had to leave it, after MUCH AGONY and almost losing his devout muslim family, but it's important in understanding the muslim mind in the West and WHY they think like they do, in general.

    1. It's a matter of how fundamental you are.

      Someone educated in a Saudi madrassa may well know the Quran by heart much as an orthodox Jew will be immersed in the Pentateuch.

      But ultimately people will find a church which most closely fits their beliefs.

      Thinking about it, the ditz who phoned in the bomb scare might be worth a vote.

    2. what's important is my point that most muslims who Americans are afraid of sincerely do not know parts of the Koran. The death calls are just not taught by moderate muslims and the death calls which are taught are taught by jihadist imams to jihadi-minded muslims (here and over there).
      Of course, the argument that "they should know the evils in their koran now that they see ISIS and Al Qaeda" is a good one....because there clearly is scripture to kill infidels, and worse....it's just undeniable. But, I believe in Zuhdi Jasser. I just do.
      He's smart, he loves this country, he served this country in the navy and serves it now as a cardiac surgeon in Arizona, and is a strongly believing muslim. He calls for reformation. It won't happen, but he's right.

    3. Z,
      most muslims who Americans are afraid of sincerely do not know parts of the Koran

      Yes, but as long as Salafists are in the mosques here in the United States, there exists the danger of "the revival" of non-fundamentalist Muslims.

      I'm not as optimistic about Zuhdi Jasser as you are.

    4. Do you mean you don't believe Jasser or you're not as optimistic as he is about reformation? You can see I'm not optimistic about reformation in my comment above.
      What makes you doubt Jasser?
      I'm amazed at the caliber of intelligence of some of our blogger friends who actually believe every single muslim wants us dead. It never ceases to astonish me and then I'm hinted at as being naïve and not quite understanding islam and that every single muslim is duplicitous and I need to wake up. I'll never believe that ...ever.

    5. Z, am I to believe your conception of the Quran is definitive and correct?
      Don't you see the problem there?

      That belief mirrors the position of the right which has somehow determined that the Bernard Lewis (or worse, Patai) is definitive. All this to the exclusion of scholars like Said and others.

      But there are good Muslims who see the superiority of Christian fundamentalism.
      That goes nowhere.

    6. Duck,
      Christian fundamentalists aren't sawing off people's heads here in the 21st Century.

      I know that you are an Islamophile, but try not to go over the edge with such blatant leaps into the illogical depths.

    7. Z,
      I'm amazed at the caliber of intelligence of some of our blogger friends who actually believe every single muslim wants us dead.

      As you know, I've never said any such thing. But I do understand how people can believe that every single muslim wants us dead. Emotions run high for various reasons.

      Do you mean you don't believe Jasser or you're not as optimistic as he is about reformation?

      Mostly the latter. You might be interested in watching this video.

      I've reached the point that I I better understand those who walk away from Islam and become secular atheists or Christians.

    8. Ducky, you still manage to stun me with your miscomprehensions. Did I ever say that all Muslims need to become Christians? I think they DO because I believe in Christ only, but I have never even hinted that a muslims has to feel Christianity is superior. EVER. And, sadly, I think you know that, so please stop.

      There is little room for interpretation in the Koran....And it's not my conception of the Koran; I have SO clearly said that it's the young man I read in his book SEEKING ALLAH FINDING JESUS who woke up to the fact of the hideous enthusiasm of killing infidels and more in the Koran that changed his mind. His family is like millions of other muslims; they know better, he's pointed it out to his father and mother (very clearly) and yet they can't "go there," and as long as they don't buy into the killing of infidels, who can't live with that?
      Don't misquote or mischaracterize; it does nothing for the discussion. thanks.

    9. Well, AOW, I wouldn't call myself an Islamophile by any stretch. That said, I don't believe the core of Islam wishes to destroy the West and I do have a serious interest in Islamic art.

      Just as I don't believe all evangelicals want to go out and murder abortion doctors or all evangelists are rural Tennessee snake handlers.

      It's a large world and contains Malala Yousafzai as well as he thugs who shot her.

      As for z's protestations, I think the fact that she freaked out today over the decision of some Subway stores in Muslim ares not to carry pork on the menu as they also do in Orthodox Jewish areas (but that's okay, right z). Simple business decision but here come the scary Muslims.

      Thereis little room for interpretation in the Quran ... and you say this with what hard knowledge or authority?

    10. Duck,
      As I've mentioned to you before, I, too, am interested in Islamic art -- specifically, architecture. Did a long paper on that topic when I was in a college Spanish Civilization class: "La arquitectura musulmana en España" -- in Spanish, of course, because I am a Spanish major. The paper was published by the Spanish Embassy.

      So, Duck, how do you explain some of the obviously overt trends in Europe today? Critical mass of Salafists?

  4. Yea, clearly 2. 5 is probably a good thing, maybe 1 or 2 libtards will wake up.

  5. If you like your Ebola free nation, you can keep your Ebola free nation.

  6. I equate nincompoopery with idiocy - so I voted for 4. I'm not into outrage today - or 2 would be a winner. "Serious" muslims who cannot condemn ISIS et al is beyond outrage. Including the reason one media maven offered: "When you ask Muslims to condemn or denounce heinous actions, ideologies or groups what you’re saying is that you don’t trust any Muslim." WRONG! What people are 'saying' is noting how Muslims don't condemn this and asking 'is there something wrong here?' Contrary to the infant Affleck's charge, well over half of Muslims worldwide support what we would call criminal behavior. Maybe so many don't speak out because not many disagree .... or are afraid of the other over 50%.

    1. Baysider,
      "Serious" muslims who cannot condemn ISIS et al is beyond outrage.

      Why isn't our government using RICO?

  7. Like the clear majority I chose #2, because the importation and spread of dread disease unknown here until the current White House Regime in its infinite wisdom opened its arms -- and by extension those of the entire nation -- to a flood tide of tens-possibly-hundreds of thousands sick, displaced, deluded, poverty-stricken children (most of them teenagers) who have no legal right whatsoever to be here.

    None of these poor creatures have been vetted in any way. Instead, like thousands of ticking time bombs they have been spirited by stealth ALL OVER the country to UNNOWN destinations by a perverse, utterly lawless, devil-may-care administration determined to FOIST greater and greater burdens and increasingly destructive policies on a still-predominantly-white citizenry it seems bound and determined to PUNISH simply for having had the temerity to have been born in these United States at a time when we were in truth by FAR The Greatest Nation the World Has Ever Known.

    "We are the Little Folk we ––
    Too little to love or to hate.
    Leave us alone, and you'll see
    How quickly we'll drag down the State."

    Kipling's words seared themselves into my consciousness many years ago. It has been heartbreaking to see him proved right time and time again.

    It is the demon-induced exploitation of the worst aspects of human nature that produced the stupefying apathy of an "ignoranticized" public. This in turn has ENABLED these "Oligarchs" to remain aloof flying high above The Common Crowd dumping excrement on everyone whenever and wherever they please.

    1. FT,
      As you might imagine, I am very concerned about #2 -- on a personal level. Many of my students have younger siblings. My students and I are scrubbing our hands at every opportunity and are also armed with our little bottles of hand sanitizer. But those younger siblings don't follow those same hygiene procedures. Those younger ones are at risk, IMO.

    2. ... and spread of dread disease unknown here until the current White House Regime
      It was known and identified in the U.S. in the early 60's.
      Now, the child immigrants may well have something to do with this appearance and I'm quite certain that is the only explanation you will accept but it has been demonstrated that you speak from ignorance.

  8. AOW: I just watched 75% of the discussion in your link (I believe I saw it years ago, too). And I don't see any difference in what I'm saying and what they were saying, basically. Sadly, I've forgotten the interviewer's name (and he makes better points on this than Spencer does, I'm not a Spencer fan, or a Horowitz fan, whom I've spoken to several times,tho I believe they are in earnest....).

    The interviewer himself mentions that patriotic muslims have turned in muslims who were planning terrible things in our country, or committed them.....like the BLind Sheikh, etc. He calls them "natural allies" Yet Conservatives will never ever give ONE INCH in that regard. EVER. I don't think we'll ever learn that way.

    He said he has the argument with himself all the time, about islam and about all muslims being evil, etc., and I feel exactly the same way. I do struggle with it.

    I DESPISE Islam,,,,I TOTALLY despise what it's done to our world through the worst among it, who follow its 'holy' book. DETEST.
    But do I detest Jasser? Quite the contrary.

    I believe this, which one of them said in that video "To say there are 'moderate muslims' is not to say islam is moderate." That sums it up for me.
    As Spencer said "Many muslims don't want to participate in killing." voila. That's all I'm saying, too.

    How can these two men know more about islam than Jasser? Yet they appear to think they do. He is aware of the evils of Islamism!! And why would Jasser still have faith in a religion he believes only needs reformation to come up to the level of Judaism and Christianity?...a level of peace and forgiveness and grace...quite contrary to KILL THE NON BELIEVERS.

    Would that every American would read SEEKING ALLAH FINDING JESUS. I'm tired of typing that title already! :) SO much understanding in that book. If he hadn't "found Jesus," but only woke to the atrocities in the Koran, I'd still be a big fan for what it taught me about the minds of many American muslims.

    1. Z,
      Was the interviewer Andrew McCarthy?

    2. Z,
      How can these two men know more about islam than Jasser?

      There might be a matter of objectivity.

      I believe this, which one of them said in that video "To say there are 'moderate muslims' is not to say islam is moderate." That sums it up for me.

      In other words, there is no moderate Islam.

      If one is devout about one's faith, at what point does one take the faith seriously -- that is, according to its doctrines? When the concern about one's eternal destiny becomes the overriding concern, I think.

      As for Islamism, is that term a Western invention? I read that it is because Islam is political by its very nature.

      Are you familiar with Uthman and how Mohammed's "revelations" were sorted out? Please see the the last sentence here: Uthman compiled the Qur'an, and burnt its other copies. Uthman's governing policies and nepotism led to openly rise of dissatisfaction and resistance throughout most of the empire, especially among noble Companions of Muhammad .

      What agenda did Uthman have?

      Has Dr. Jasser ever mentioned Uthman?

    3. Z,
      You might want to read the comments at this thread at Jihad Watch.

      Now, about Robert Spencer's background (emphasis mine):

      Spencer is a member of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church, the Eastern Catholic counterpart of the ancient Greek Orthodox Church of Antioch. It is a sui iuris church of the Catholic Church whose adherents are, according to Spencer, "mostly concentrated in Lebanon and Syria, also in Jordan and the Palestinian territories." His grandparents were forced to emigrate from an area that is now part of Turkey because they were Christians. According to a 2010 interview in New York magazine, Spencer's father worked for the Voice of America during the Cold War, and in his younger days, Spencer himself worked at Revolution Books, a Communist bookstore in New York City founded by Robert Avakian.

      Spencer received a B.A. in 1983 and an M.A. in 1986 in religious studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His masters thesis was on Catholic history. He has said he has been studying Islamic theology, law, and history since 1980. He worked in think tanks for more than 20 years, and in 2002–2003 did a stint as an adjunct fellow with the Free Congress Foundation, an arm of the Heritage Foundation. Spencer named Paul Weyrich, also a Melkite Catholic, as a mentor of his writings on Islam. Spencer writes, "Paul Weyrich taught me a great deal, by word and by example..."

      Some of the above helps one to understand why Mr. Spencer has his particular perspective.

    4. Wetrich is a supporter of dominionism.

      Not exactly someone compatible with democracy.

    5. Ducky, the hysterical bed-wetting over the far enemy [Islamic terrorism] is exactly what the near enemy [Dominionism] is counting on. Islam will not bring about the demise of our liberty...but other domestic forces surely will.

    6. At this point, Dominionism (coined term, BTW) is not on the ascendant; fundamentalist Islam, on the other hand, is.

      Also, I don't recall Dominionists committing acts of terrorism, nor do I recall any death threats if those subscribing to Dominionism choose to leave the movement.

    7. Strawman. Nobody is claiming that Dominionists or Christian Nationalists are conducting acts of terror; and I at least am not advocating allowing Islamic terrorist organizations to flourish and fester. But I am far more concerned with the people and groups who wish to, and are capable of, using a politically correct world view to degrade individual liberty domestically. I am far more concerned with the State using the hysteria against Islamic terrorism to institute security and surveillance protocols that make a mockery of what our nations is supposed to stand for.

      Our national sovereignty and security are not mortally threatened from without....but are at great risk from within.

    8. CI,
      Not exactly strawman. Too many people are worried about the threat of Dominionists. As far as I can tell, that "movement" is no longer a force in our country. Do you know differently?

      People can believe as they wish in their hearts -- and vote for their candidates of choice.

      I am far more concerned with the State using the hysteria against Islamic terrorism to institute security and surveillance protocols that make a mockery of what our nations is supposed to stand for.

      No argument there. On the other hand, Islamification in one form or another is continuing within our country -- in the name of political correctness and the like. For example, Muslims pray openly and proselytize on various college campuses, but Christian groups are forbidden to do so. Where is the parity?

    9. It's absolutely a strawman. It's not an either-or proposition between Islamic extremism and Christian extremism. It would be disingenuous to couch an argument thusly. You'll have to define for yourself what constitutes a 'force'. But groups such as the Oak Initiative, National Christian Foundation and lesser in stature but more publicly known....ADF, AFA, FRC, etc....are a monetary and influential force to be reckoned with. And a threat to individual liberty.

      "People can believe as they wish in their hearts -- and vote for their candidates of choice."

      Who has stated differently?

      And after taking a quick survey of the countless Christian campus ministries...I'm unsure of your last point.

    10. CI,
      The Christian Campus Ministry is quite active. Typically, however, more restrictions are places on those ministries than on Islamic outreach.

      As for the either-or proposition between Islamic extremism and Christian extremism, my point was that Duck seems to believe that such is the case. I've seen the same opinion stated by others on the Left as well.

      Exactly how are the ADF, AFA, FRC, etc. a threat to individual liberty?

      And how are their monetary and influential force something to be reckoned with? Locally? Nationally? Lobbying power? Voting blocs? As a Christian, I'm certainly aware of those organizations, but I don't support them financially; in other words, I'm not "in the loop." From where I'm sitting, the atheist and secular organizations have more clout.

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. "....my point was that Duck seems to believe that such is the case."

      Fair enough, I won't presume to speak for Ducky; and am not trying to mischaracterize anyone else's message.

      "Exactly how are the ADF, AFA, FRC, etc. a threat to individual liberty?"

      By the very legislation they seek to enact. No different than leftists pursuing unconstitutional efforts. They are a threat.

      "From where I'm sitting, the atheist and secular organizations have more clout."

      Given that there are no secular or Atheist elected representatives at the national level, the tax incentives given to religious entities, nowhere near the number of concerted and influential Atheist lobbying groups and the intertwined politically correct narrative and symbology of patriotism and religion.....I respect your opinion, but wholeheartedly disagree.

      None of this diminishes the negative effects of Islam, but religious extremism can easily be our undoing as a free society if unchecked. Shari'a is not the primary driver of the extremism that threatens liberty in America. It's a threat, but it's the far enemy.

    13. CI,
      I respect your opinion, but wholeheartedly disagree.

      Thank you for that.

      I think you know me well enough via the blogs to understand that I have strong personal convictions of faith, but I have ZERO DESIRE to force them onto anyone else. My faith tells me that I should leave the matter of convicting others in their hearts up to the Lord. Yes, I will bear witness, but I will not beat anyone over the head. As my father drummed into me, "I have enough trouble taking care of my own soul to try to take care of yours."

      I favor a pluralistic society, but with individual freedoms that stop at another person's nose -- if you follow what I mean.

      I don't entirely agree with the following statement from you: Shari'a is not the primary driver of the extremism that threatens liberty in America. It's a threat, but it's the far enemy. I see "creeping shari'a" as one driver of extremism threatening our liberties here. More precisely, I don't like religious zealotry worn as a badge of proof of commitment to the faith.

      Thanks for the discussion, CI.

    14. I certainly agree with everything you say, excepting Shari'a. No need to beat the off-topic horse any further....thank you as well for the back and forth.

  9. yes, AOW... that's the name. I really do like him. He's on Megyn Kelly's show quite a bit.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.


  11. ZOctober 11, 2014 at 10:41:00 PM EDT

    "To say there are 'moderate muslims' is not to say islam is moderate."

    AOW, all this means is exactly what I've been saying! It doesn't mean there's no moderate islam. I keep trying to say that all muslims don't know all about their faith. There are moderate muslims; islam is not so moderate; Listen to Jasser's take on it...he makes the points I've always been saying..

    Re Robt Spencer, I'm Armenian; my ancestors fled Turkey though the Turks killed some of them before they got out, too. Spencer just doesn't impress me and never has. I know his background, I know his stance and I'm happy he's working against islamists. But for him to suggest he knows more about islam than Jasser, and for HIM to act like he does know more, is odd!

    1. Z,
      If Dr. Jasser knows what's in the Quran and the Haditha, why is he still a Muslim?

      By chance (our cat Cameo -- or maybe it was Mysti -- stepped on the remote and changed the channel), I happened to catch a few minutes of Hannity's Friday show. If I'm not mistaken, Bob Beckel confronted Dr. Jasser with that very question. A screaming match ensued. Did you happen to see that show?


      for [Spencer] to suggest he knows more about islam than Jasser, and for HIM to act like he does know more, is odd!

      Personality differences. Mr. Spencer can be bristly, Dr. Jasser typically not.

      I've not met Dr. Jasser, but I have met Mr. Spencer, the latter on more than one occasion.

      Please take a moment to read this. Despite the intensity of the two men's debates, Spencer makes a good point and indicates that he does not consider Dr. Jasser an enemy: I have had some differences with Jasser (you can see our 2011 debate here) about the nature of Islamic teaching and the necessity of reform in Islam, but there is no doubt that he is a strong voice against Hamas-linked CAIR and other malignant Islamic supremacist forces.

      The larger oddity, IMO, is how people like Dr. Jasser reconcile their stance for democracy with the Quran, particularly "the new testament" thereof, and the Haditha.

      Muslim reformers insist that the Quran can be interpreted so as to allow for freedom as we define the word "freedom." However, the Quran is considered the literal word of Allah, and the attempted earlier reformation of Islam ended in failure because of that literal-word matter.

      In Christianity, we have so many different denominations. How many denominations are there within Islam? I see only Sufi and Sunni mosques here in the United States. I see many, many different kinds of churches. The idea of the collective (the ummah) is very strong -- so much stronger than in Christianity.

    2. Z,
      Question: Have you read any of Robert Spencer's books?

  12. Replies
    1. About the toddler:

      The girl had been on life support since mid-September, the Detroit Free Press reported.

  13. To all you sicko Obama haters and Fox News parrots and Ditto Heads. The fact is, and I know how much you all hate facts; nearly ALL PEDOPHILES ARE REPUBLICAN, just read your local newspapers and see the kind of people you have been admiring all these years!
    There’s nothing like a demagogue to get us all invigorated in the morning!!

  14. Thanks for the information Ducky, we can always count on you 🇯🇵

    1. Duck believes in New England Exceptionalism -- and has a prejudice against the American South.

      "Pride goeth before a fall."

  15. I'm surprised -- and none too pleased -- that NUMBER FIVE did not come in as a close second to NUMBER TWO.

    The MUSLIM THREAT is only a tiny bit less powerful than that of the spread of DREAD DISEASE.

    1. FT,
      The problem of imams here in the United States not condemning the IS is not limited to the mosque in Falls Church. **sigh**

  16. Bill de Blasio say CASE CLOSED! on that $170,000 phoney criminal lover Rachel Noerdlinger: ‘
    I Think We’ve Talked Enough About This’

    Mayor Bill de Blasio marching in the Columbus Day Parade today. (Photo: Jillian Jorgensen)

    Mayor Bill de Blasio marching in the Columbus Day Parade today. (Photo: Jillian Jorgensen)

    The case on Rachel Noerdlinger remains closed, as far as Mayor Bill de Blasio is concerned — despite continuing controversy surrounding the City Hall aide and her ex-con boyfriend.

    “I have absolute faith in Rachel. She is a fine public servant. She is helping to move the agenda we were sent here to work on. I think we’ve talked enough about this. We’ve explained all the situations. It’s time to move forward,” Mr. de Blasio told reporters during a two-and-a-half minute availability.

    After a week of being hammered in the press — the New York Times assailed his lack of transparency, the New York Post offered up a photo illustration of the mayor with his fingers in his ears, the Daily News called for Ms. Noerdlinger to be fired — the mayor spent Monday being chased by them, literally, along the parade route

    This “woman”, by any reasonable standard, has forfeited her right to being a high ranking city official and the mayor is damaging his reputation by repeatedly condoning her lack of judgement, lies and tax cheating. When De Blasio ran on the "tale of two cities" concept, we are now starting to understand what that meant. One rule for him and his cronies, another for everyone else. From Charter Schools to dealing with unions to lack of transparency with the press, to his desire to ban horse carriages (a legal, private enterprise), to his handling of the Noerdlinger mess, it seems clear this buffoon is way over his head. New York City needs a real Mayor. Wish we could recall this one as we have three more years to suffer through. This is beyond irresponsible, we need her out of here! This administration STINKS enough without her!


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