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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Obama's Ebola Negligence

A team of scientists at Northeastern University in Boston have used air travel information to predict where the deadly Ebola virus could reach in the next three weeks 

From the Daily Mail:
...Professor Alessandro Vespignani of Northeastern University in Boston, who led the research [about Ebola-spread patterns], said: 'This is not a deterministic list, it's about probabilities – but those probabilities are growing for everyone.

'It's just a matter of who gets lucky and who gets unlucky.

'Air traffic is the driver.'...
By not banning incoming flights from the Ebola Hot Zone in Africa, Obama will become Murderer-In-Chief if there is an Ebola pandemic here in the United States.


  1. Great article. Meanwhile, our state-run "news" media is all over the latest outbreak of celebrity nude selfies...

    Back in the 90's I knew an army doctor who specialized in epidemiology, and he went to Africa to study the latest Ebola outbreak. I wondered how something so deadly could also not spread like crazy, and his basic answer was that the virus worked so fast that it killed people in their tracks before they could move out and spread it to others. Also, the areas of the outbreak were low mobility areas with almost no public transportation.

    It's all different now, and the leftwing progs are already in high gear, screaming at anyone who suggests prudent action and time-tested methods, calling us racists, alarmists, etc.

    The urge to worship The One triumphs over all...

  2. You may want to check out my post today. Since January, the Cutoms Border Protect has reported they caught 71 people from those very West African countries. If Ebola breaks out in Central America and/or Mexico, America is in for a very serious problem.

  3. SilverFiddle is right: The lastest 'leather boustier' on some star is in Yahoo's headlines, near the top.
    But, you know, Obama's in charge, he even met with the CDC Dir. the other day and spoke right after it. So, he's up to snuff on this and you don't have to worry!!! Isn't that a relief? (sarcasm)
    I've said several times that I'm more concerned about the children's Entervirus than the spread of Ebola, but I'd feel even less concerned if we were putting into practice something better in regards to air travel.
    On the other hand; DON'T WORRY! The TSA folks are trained to find EBOLA !! (oh, wait..........no they aren't :-( )

  4. Yeah, we should interdict all flights from Liberia which are virtually zero.
    So that gives us an example of right wing thought.

    Please remember that this carrier came in from Belgium.
    Now if you want to do something cut off visas from Liberia. Do it but stop this insane flapping about stopping nonexistent flights.

    SNAP OUT OF IT !!!

  5. I agree with Ducky. We need to deny entry visas, which effectively stops the air travel. Both thoughts, speak of containment of what is an epidemiological nightmare.

    I am pushing hard for the Democrats in Washington to travel to Liberia to see first hand, how Ebola decimates a human frame. I may be forced to finally join Facebook so I can start a fundraising effort for their trip. wink

    *I noted that Susan Rice (the liar of Benghazi spin) was seated within coughing range of the Commander in Chief.....

    Gallows humor aside, the onus is on the White House for any deaths in America because of allowance for a Liberian to create his own germ factory in Dallas. Naturally, since I am a nurse, I am thrilled to know that nurses in Spain have contracted Ebola.


  6. Dr. Ed Scott said

    Face it. It's the new Black Death. Ebola will turn out to be Nature's way of thinning out the bloated excesses of surplus population.

    There are far too many BLACK and TAN people, and far too few WHITE ones. THEY overbreed. WE do not breed enough. We whites think we are smart, but in fact we are very stupid. We have guaranteed our own demise, and the world will be much the poorer for it, just as it was much the richer for our ascendancy.

    Of course Ebola -- like ANY plague -- does not discriminate, so millions of whites will die too, but in the end the world will be a more viable place for those who survive the plague.

    Plagues are God's way of separating the wheat from the chaff.

    God only knows what His Plan is to be. All we can do realistically is pray for grace, and hope for mercy when we reach the Other Side, as all of us surely will sooner or later. At the rate things are going, frankly "sooner" seems more attractive than "later."

    Whatever will be will be. DON't FIGHT. Just SURRENDER to the PLAGUE. It's more relaxing, less foolish. Enjoy what little time you may have left. Don't waste it in fruitless struggle. We cannot thwart GOD's WILL.

  7. More canards and semantic hair-splitting from Ducky.

    We realize there are few direct flights from the Ebola stricken countries, so yes, visa restrictions are in order.

    What this really boils down to is a crapulent, bloated, wasteful and dangerously inept federal government that seeks to ever expand its purview while failing at basic tasks. I agree with Z: The virus strain that brings respiratory illness and polio-like symptoms is a greater concern.

    1. Well non of the right wing policy heroes like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz have mentioned visas.

      Yeah, just shake your fist at the government and it all goes away. That's why Libertarianism is considered a preschool sandbox.

    2. Just bow down to government and spew venom at anyone who dares question it.

      That's why leftwing statist progs like you are the greatest danger we face as a nation.

      This isn't about anarchic libertarianism, or whatever other diseased hobgoblins infest your fevered mind, but rather basic government competence.

  8. What the F-ck?! Dr. Ed Scott? Too many tan and black people? You think a virus recognizes skin color, ethnicity, eye color? Stay on target. We are talking about a virus which does not discriminate, does not have a refined palate, and is an equal opportunity vector.


    1. Maybe God is pulling some weeds

    2. Dr. Ed Scott said

      Dear, Lady, you have a serious problem with reading comprehension. Like most who most on these blogs you seized one sentence out of context, and pounced on it like a mad dog. If you were interested in finding truth instead of expressing disdain, you would have read the entire post, thought a bit, and then commented more soberly and reasonably. These hair trigger temper tantrums most indulge in today are ruining what's left of our society. You are not alone, but it would be better to resist following the crowd, and learn to exercise more restraint.

  9. I think we could solve a lot of our problems if all arriving flights landed first in Boston. Clearly, this would be a win-win situation.

  10. Duck is correct.

    Now if you want to do something cut off visas from Liberia

  11. From A vexing mystery in Spain: How did a nurse contract Ebola? in the WaPo:

    The nurse became infected at Madrid's Carlos III hospital while treating Manuel Garcia Viejo, a priest who contracted the virus in West Africa. The woman, a "sanitary technician," entered Garcia Viejo's room only twice, according to Spanish officials.

    In one case, she entered the room to change his diaper; another time, after he had died, she entered to collect his belongings, according to Mercedes Vinuesa Sebastian, Spain's public health director. Both times, the nurse wore personal protective equipment.

    1. There is a report that the protective equipment was low grade.

      Spanish nurse Ebola infection blamed on substandard gear and protocol lapse
      -The Guardian

    2. Duck,
      One such report.

      Who knows what the truth is?

      Details are muddy -- at best.

    3. Oh, but here in Barack's 'Merica, we have SUPERIOR protective equipment and protocols!

      What a naked American exceptionalist that Ducky is!

  12. We need to relax.
    Obama has assured the country that no one with Ebola could just step off an airplane in the US. Nothing to worry about because our Nobel winner has assured us and he would never lie

    1. Bravo! Any Nobel Peace Prize winner who has killed more people than Laureate Yassir Arafat must be believed!

  13. Hey man,

    I laid down this track just for constipated pro-government types like Here's Ducky.

    Take the stick out of your @$$, man!

  14. Pssst....
    Ebola Was Already Here

    1. Pssst.....

      Hey Lester Libtard. Go read your own link. The Ebola that "was already here" is contained in government labs. This is the first known case of it being carried in by a human. The other instances, as the author carefully points out, were not Ebola.

      Try again, leftwing lunatic

  15. From the WaPo...Epidemiologist: Stop the flights now.

    Note this paragraph:

    The incubation period for Ebola is up to 21 days, so a person could get on a plane the day he or she is exposed and spend three weeks in the United States or elsewhere before exhibiting symptoms. Then he or she could potentially infect any number of people here before the disease is properly diagnosed, and they are isolated or quarantined.


  16. We Live In A Nation Run By Idiots, I guess that when you´re brain-dead from years of thinking like a liberal it´s no wonder you can´t see the problems of the world like Ebola, ISIS and Russian aggression staring you in the face.

  17. Good article: The chain of errors that set the Spanish ebola crisis in motion; Sick health worker repeatedly called Carlos III Hospital to report fever, yet was told to wait.


    Romero soon began to feel sick, but this did not prevent her from sitting an official examination along with 20,000 other people on September 27 to try to secure a permanent contract as a nursing assistant in the Madrid public health system.

  18. Does anyone else notice how Ducky flees the forum, flapping and quacking, when confronted with his own nonsense?

    Hello? Ducky? Where are you? You have left your fellow posters hanging again.


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