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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Open Thread

So, what's on your mind?

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Two matters that have been on my mind:

1.  Counties look at cost of educating unaccompanied minors who crossed border (Washington Post).

...Fairfax schools would spend more than $14 million to educate the 1,131 refugees over the course of a full school year if they all enrolled, based on a per-pupil cost of $14,755 for each English language-learner in the county’s schools.

Candland said in his petition that Prince William would spend more than $12 million during the school year, an amount based on a student population of more than twice as many unaccompanied children as are now living in Prince William. His calculation accounted for children continuing to arrive in Prince William at the same monthly rate, even though the rate of children crossing the border has dropped since the summer....
2. [The CDC publishes updated list of] States with Lab-confirmed Enterovirus D68.  Excerpt:
From mid-August to October 10, 2014, CDC or state public health laboratories have confirmed a total of 691 people from 46 states and the District of Columbia with respiratory illness caused by EV-D68.


  1. When a household's breadwinner is under Ebola restrictions, how are the household bills paid? See the link for detailed information about Ebola restrictions.

  2. The Obama administration is living proof that ignorance and arrogance are a dangerous combination.

    1. SF,
      Will the November 4 voters see that reality at long last?

    2. Who knows.

      Does anybody know what the GOP stands for?

      I think our nation is seriously off the rails, and short of DC breaking off of the eastern seaboard and sliding into the briny abyss, I don't see anything improving.

  3. Everything Obama's doing is breaking America financially. I wonder if he'll ever even notice. Or care?

    1. If you look at American economic history (pre-2008) and just go back to the days of Reagan you will discover that American growth has been fueled by increasing levels of debt.

      If you wish to explain how that can be reversed we are all ears but simply blaming the Muslim Communist Kenyan usurper and assuming a Republican representative of the oligarchy would change this structural fact is foolish.

    2. You don't win anything by more and more spending.

    3. Wow, if THAT's true ducky, our economy must be REALLY humming! America has accumulated more debt in the past six years than the entire 200 before it!

    4. In other words ducky, WHAT you spend your money on is much more important than merely "spending". This is Adam Smith 101. The quickest way to waste a fortune is to hire a staff of personal servants instead of on a building filled with machine tools.

    5. Health care for 40 million welfare parasites paid for by taxing the 10,000 wealthiest American investors and invreasing foreign debt is hardly a "sound" investment.

    6. Thank you, Anon, for knocking down Ducky's economic ignorance.

      No one can argue our government, including GOP ones, spend too much money, but it's silly to say government spending drives economic growth. Were that true, we'd have a booming economy now.

  4. I believe that there is too little focus on why the procedures at the hospital went so wrong.
    A hospital that is a member of the major medical conglomerate in a major metropolitan center wasn't prepared.

    If the epidemic spreads to a couple of population centers like Lagos and Accra then it's going to be very difficult to contain a major spread in Africa and at that point total containment would be virtually impossible.

    Putting our faith in an travel ban is foolish.
    We can't isolate ourselves from the world and we would probably regret it if we just let the epidemic spread.

    1. Another strawman draped in a false dichotomy from Ducky.

      Please, Ducky, spare us. Obama already has professional liars in him employ, amateurs like you add nothing.

      We can put a reasonable and selective travel ban in place, with obvious exceptions and special procedures. It wouldn't keep all disease out, but it would reduce the risk of contagion here.

    2. As the CDC is currently "revising" their Ebola guidelines, putting ANY faith in the government's "regulatory" powers is equally foolish, ducky.

      And nobody is calling for a travel "ban"... merely a period of quarantine on either end of a travel "event". unlike permitting unrestricted future travel, THAT makes tremendous sense.

  5. One subject that is a good topic of discussion is so called "Zinnism" and, inevitably" the right wings opposition to it.

    Right now we virtually all agree that we are ruled by an oligarchy but my right wing brethren seem to feel that realizing that change has to come from the people and the history of the people needs to be understood is a plot.

    It's strictly a dangerous denial.

    1. Plot or not, we can't survive with this amount of debt. Call it PLOT, call it what you wish, who cares what it's called? Spending more isn't going to help.

    2. By all means, let's document the history of life's losers. We can learn sooooo much from from learning about the "up-side" of implementing values guaranteed to squander money and leave on ill-prepared for life in perpetual "Consumerism".

  6. Duck said: we would probably regret it if we just let the epidemic spread

    I'm not advocating any such thing! Protect home and hearth first; in that process, also allow medical experts to go the Ebola Hot Zone to help.

    I think of a pack of marauding wolves. Secure home and hearth -- then go out to take care of the problem "at the source."

    But know this: Ebola has never been brought under control via medical treatment. The only measures that have ever worked are isolation and quarantine.

  7. So far we've had one index case here in the United States -- Thomas Eric Duncan.

    And just look at what's happened? Think dollars and cents. How much was the cost of the mad scramble yesterday here in Northern Virginia with the vomit scare at the Pentagon parking lot? But if there hadn't been a scramble and it had turned out to be Ebola, then what?

    What happens if we get just two more index cases? Close the door before that happens! Temporarily close the door to ready the protocols in a fashion that will make them as effective as possible.

  8. Replies
    1. AOW, Don't take this with any serious note at all. Since the US began the TOPGUN program, there is not an air force on the entire Earth that could present a respectable challenge. And these yahoos? Remember that not a single Iraq plane came up during any of our conflicts with Iraq. They knew it was no contest.

      And do you know the amount of maintenance and the relative intelligence and parts that it takes to keep these things in the air? This is a non issue,

    2. Agree completely with Kid. But it would be nice to send our F-22s after them. Mount a Go-Pro in the cockpit and stream the ass-kicking to YouTube.

    3. Kid and CI,
      But will this administration do anything to attack such an air force should the IS Air Force actually come into being?

    4. Probably not AOW. I'm thinking in terms of one or all of them attacking one of our planes that does an occasional air bombing of an IS thing to make it look like we're doing something. Our pilots would certainly protect themselves.

      Remember the Great Turkey Shoot of WWII in the Pacific? It was when Japan was out of experienced pilots and put thee brand new kids in Zero's and our planes shot them down so fast their heads were spinning. And that was before TOPGUN.

  9. I'm wondering if the obama team is working an agenda, or are they the stupidest SOBs ever to grace the political landscape. It is Quite often hard to tell.

  10. United States National Debt $17,907,532,547,675.24
    United States National Debt Per Person $56,017.58
    United States National Debt Per Household $145,085.52
    Total US Unfunded Liabilities $123,278,747,473,378.50
    Social Security Unfunded Liability $15,109,366,083,532.21
    Medicare Unfunded Liability $79,024,131,507,620.98
    Prescription Drug Unfunded Liability $19,943,509,444,107.07
    National Healthcare Unfunded Liability $9,201,740,438,118.21
    Total US Unfunded Liabilities Per Person $385,635.30
    Total US Unfunded Liabilities Per Household $998,795.42

  11. Who dropped the Ebola ball?

    CNN) -- The World Health Organization vowed Saturday to make public a full review of its response to the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa once the crisis is under control.

    But the United Nations health agency, which is among those leading the battle against a scourge that has claimed more than 4,500 lives in West Africa, declined to comment on a scathing internal document, cited in an Associated Press report, describing its response as botched and riddled with incompetence.

    "Nearly everyone involved in the outbreak response failed to see some fairly plain writing on the wall," WHO said in the document, according to the Associated Press. "A perfect storm was brewing, ready to burst open in full force."


    The leaked document said that Dr. Bruce Aylward, normally in charge of polio eradication, alerted WHO Director-General Margaret Chan via email in June that national health organizations and charities believed the U.N. agency was "compromising rather than aiding" the Ebola response. "None of the news about WHO's performance is good," Aylward wrote, according to the Associated Press....

  12. I've seen this question posed:

    Why did the Dallas hospital screw up?

    In my view, a number of possibilities exist.

    First and foremost, let us remember that Thomas Eric Duncan's first visit to a hospital ER here in the United States was the first Ebola patient ever to appear in such a venue.

    The previous Ebola patients here in the United States were handled by CDC or NIH facilities specially equipped for a pathogen such as Ebola -- and those facilities and their personnel had previous warning and training.

    Texas Presbyterian did not have those same advantages.

    Now all Western hospitals are one the alert. Yet, the Left is criticizing the reactions to possible Ebola patients as hysteria.

    Don't over-react, and get labeled as incompetent; react according to protocol and get labeled hysterical fools.

    I do note that Virginia Hospital Center rejected taking in the Pentagon vomiter last Friday. Haven't heard any criticism of that move. Why not? Because Virginia Hospital Center is based in Liberal-land (Northern Virginia)?

  13. The White House celebrated it’s first-everEid al-Adhathis week, a Muslim holiday celebrating the end of the Hajj, the holy pilgrimage to Mecca:
    yes, the White House hosted an event to celebrate Eid al-Adha on Tuesday for the first time ever with the sponsorship of the Rumi Forum, an international organization established by Turks living in Washington, D.C., to foster intercultural dialogue.

    The White House traditionally hosts an iftar (fast-breaking) dinner every year for representatives of Muslim communities in the United States, but Tuesday’s event was the first time that they have hosted a celebratory event for Eid al-Adha, upon the suggestion of Rumi Forum. The opening speech of the event was made by White House Public Relations Office Deputy Director Ashley Allison and Rumi Forum President Emre Çelik.

    The forum, of which Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen is the honorary chairman, provided food for the event.
    Obama sure does celebrate a lot of Muslim Holidays, for a Christian.

  14. Dr. Carson seems to be a t the top of the Lefties destruction list now.
    The call him names, denigrate him personally, and attack him unceasingly. You can always tell when the idiotic leftist fanatics are really scared of somebody and can't refute what he says.
    And he totally respects us and hasn’t the contempt for America and Americans that Eboma does..

    He’s CERTAINLY better in every respect than Eboma is.

  15. AOW,
    "Another possibility for the problems ..............................."

    Have we taken complete leave of common sense?.

    1. Jon,
      Speaking of the death of common sense, see this, one of my recent posts at Infidel Bloggers Alliance. Our mutual friend Mustang made an excellent comment to that post.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Obola's entire agenda is about redistribution. That's what Maobamacare was about, as even its authors conceded, and it's the motivating force behind everything this jackbooted collectivist does.

    Up to and including his insane Ebola policy. Because it would be "unfair" and "racist" to let African nations suffer this disease alone, while this white, racist nation escapes it. We are One World and we all have a stake in African nations' suffering; it's our responsibility to deal with the calamity, and if we won't make a priority of finding a cure for Ebola, then Obola will invite it into this country to FORCE this racist nation to make it a priority.

  18. Exactly, and that goes DOUBLE for the Moocher!

  19. My hospital paints a happy picture of nurses volunteering to care for potential Ebola clients. The mouth speaks..... but it is asses and elbows for some of us. That is the last you will see of us, if an Ebola client hits our doorstep.

    *Naturally, we all anticipate that senior nursing leadership will set the example by taking the first client - as opposed to shoving other nurses through the door. Joking! Just joking! The altruistic and young lambs of our flock - like Nina Pham - will provide the care.

    Senior nursing leadership needs to lead from the front. Aha! What a novel thought! They need to lead by doing. We don't need them clapping wildly like a bunch of seals as they stand behind us with benign smiles. We need them to take the lead and care for the first Ebola patient so they can count the personal and psychological cost of care-giving in the presence of a deadly virus. Let them then count the cost of returning home for 21 days under a mandatory quarantine as they watch the minutes tick by and contemplate their own mortality whilst checking their temperature repeatedly.

    Tammy Swofford, R.N. BSN

    1. Well Tammy, a lot of the news is good.

      The Spanish nurse is testing negative for the virus.

      The first U.S. nurse is apparently improving. I haven't read anything about the second.

      The standards for protective procedures have been revised after the initial screwup.
      The knowledge of how to treat and protect against this virus is there and there is no reason the health system can't execute.

  20. If obama hadn't started letting all the damn illegal’s in here maybe, just maybe some of this shit never would have developed in the first damn place. he's an idiot and he does even know just how bad this ebola disease really is.... or does he? And these stupid lefties just go along with anything he say's and does. maybe the ebola virus has been here for sometime, we don't know, maybe they have just been hiding it like they are so good at doing. The White House needs to throw out these people who are sick with this virus, instead of bringing them in. Sent them back to Kenya where they came from. and take a few of Obama’s cronies with them like Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangel, Valerie Jarrett, Eric Holder,and Jackson and a whole lot more of those morons. So don't say you don't blame obama, who are we suppose to blame? he let's them come in here by the planes full and by the borders. you need to get your facts straight before you go to telling someone else to do that.

    The Progressive fools who ran around chanting "Yes, we can!" and "Hope and Change!" in the millions are, stuck with a Moron who is sinking like a brick in the ocean. But some of them like (You Know Who) can’t seem to get themselves to admit it, so they stick to him like flies to horse manure. . The smarter ones are now scurrying for cover by denying that they ever voted for him. But make no mistake they’d vote socialist again in the next election. They're convinced that their stupid redistributive utopia will work if they get the "right" people in charge.And the sheer incompetence, wastefulness and inefficiency of Big Government doesn't seem to deter them in their fanciful thinking. That's downright frightening

  21. Conservative Patriot Searching for TruthOctober 19, 2014 at 4:50:00 PM EDT

    Ask just about any black person what he or she honestly thinks about whites and or Conservatives or republicans... They’ll tell you the most vile, disgusting things you ever heard. I'm telling you the truth - they think we are ridiculous. They outright LAUGH at us. Because the Liberals, and progressives like Bill di blasio , Cory Booker and that lot patronize and pander to these groups of people and give them whatever it takes. And let them get away with everything a honest “White” politician would never do. .. And thats what happens when monkeys and humans mate, isn’t that so Ducky!

  22. So Obama picks a Ebola Czar with ZERO Medical Knowledge? Well what did you expect? Something Logical?
    I guess that I was hoping Obama would finally make a smart decision and put an experienced doctor in charge to plan for a potential outbreak. Instead, we get a guy who is good at spinning. I see where the priorities are with this administration.. But that would be asking too much wouldn’t it. This guy knows absolutely nothing about medicine! Zippo, Nada, Bupkis, Diddly-squat, Zilch, An ambulance chasing lawyer. and political hack. And this should make us all feel safer? Every day, in every way, we see the absolute ineptitude of the Organizer-in-Chief.
    I guess expecting a Physician who has also been the chief of staff, or the Manager of a MAJOR hospital, who has experience in medicine and communicable diseases?

    1. Maybe organizational ability is what's needed?

      If you wanted a medical authority, that would be the Surgeon General but that nomination was blocked by the gun loons.

  23. I am not sure that Nina Pham is improving. We have not had an update in two days and the last report stated she was suffering from extreme fatigue and her status was downgraded from good to fair.

    Yes, I am glad to read about the Spanish nurse's aide.


  24. October 29 will mark 21 days since the death of index patient Thomas Eric Duncan. Keep the date in mind -- even though the 21-day period of incubation is not an absolute. Please read this link carefully.


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