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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Open Thread

So, what's on your mind one week before the November 2014 elections?

Here is your chance to vent, but please observe the guidelines listed below the fold:

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  1. National Geographic magazine has an article on the most lethal plagues in history. Their "graphic" clearly shows that the HIV/AIDS epidemic is #3, at 30 million deaths. But then in the articles text, it lists the epidemics and OMITS any mention of HIV/AIDS.

    This is a perfect example of the Left's political correctness. They failed to contain the AIDS epidemic. They are failing to contain the Ebola epidemic. They are incapable AND incompetent when it comes to public health and safety.

  2. "WAGM-TV reported late Monday that school officials had offered Wilbur the option of staying in on-campus student housing for the duration of the quarantine period or suspending his studies so that he could stay with Hickox in his off-campus home during that time. A University of Maine system spokesman told the Associated Press that he couldn't confirm details of discussions with Wilbur."

    Wilbur is the boyfriend of CDC employee Kaci Hickox, R.N. He is a nursing student.

    This is coming down to a very critical issue: states rights to control their own agenda.

    Anyone else notice that the media plug has been pulled on Dr. Thomas Frieden? The CDC has a credibility gap. Dr. Fauci (NIH) is the new media darling.

    Here is a valid question. Did the White House use Kaci HIckox as part of a false flag operation to wrest control of Ebola response from the state level and place it firmly within the domain of the Federal branch? Anyone else getting a bit of a whiff coming from the stagecrafting by a CDC nurse?

    The Obama team? Unsure why they lack the common sense to support a 21 day quarantine of individuals traveling to the U.S. from the hot zone.


    1. I can understand how allowing 52 disparate policies will generate an efficient response.
      For instance, Hickox was asymptomatic and trying to change flights to return home to Maine. Should Maine have made the judgement or should it be left to two hacks trying to make political points?
      You worry about Obama yet he had NOTHING to do with l'affaire Hickox. That was Andrew Cuomo and former right wing hero Christie.

      But let's make this a neo-confederate appeal to states rights rather than an informed, calm public health policy.

      "When in danger,
      when in doubt,
      run in circles,
      scream and shout."

    2. Ducky hugs his strawman again.

      When in doubt, quarantine. The only ones screaming and shouting are the lefties.

    3. Act out of doubt and fear when sound medical knowledge is available.

      That should work.

    4. Tell that to the Ebola doctor who strolled around NY City.

      Does "an ounce of prevention" ring any bells?

    5. How has the application of "sound medical knowledge" been working out for Liberia, Guinea, et al? 11,000 cases this week. And another three, we should be up around 25,000. Good show, Science!

      The same epidemiologists that developed the "guidelines" for HIV/AIDS are now hard at work replicating them for Ebola.

      There were no "quarantines" for HIV/AIDS, were there? Just lots of "contact tracing".

    6. Hey Silverfiddle, he was NOT symptomatic.

      He had extensive experience with the virus and represented no threat.

    7. He represented no threat... Until he did

    8. Tammy,
      I think that Nurse Hickox loves all the media attention. Frankly, I find that aspect disgusting.

      A false flag operation? Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

      Anyone else notice that the media plug has been pulled on Dr. Thomas Frieden?

      Yep. He has made the CDC ludicrous in the CDC's "handling" of Ebola in the United States. Sheesh.

  3. Addendum:


  4. If there is a concern about public health that affects more than one state, then by definition, it is also a federal issue —albeit with restrictions. The federal government may not, under our Constitution, meddle in the way states manage this disease insofar as states do not provide treatment based on racial or other discrimination. When I speak of “may not,” I mean to suggest that some states may freely relinquish their sovereignty to the federal government —and that this has been a problem in the past.

    The federal government does have a role to play in the Ebola story, however —a Constitutional duty. It could begin by suspending the issuance of visas to the United States on behalf of any person living in an Ebola state. It could focus its resources at major points of entry into the United States. It could place into quarantine any person federal officials regard as a disease risk, based on protocols that do not change every fifteen minutes. It could provide advocates on behalf of such persons in order that quarantined individuals do not feel as if anyone has violated their rights.

    Everything beyond this is a state responsibility. Let the people decide whether their governor has jealously guarded their safety and welfare. In New Jersey, the governor has done the right thing for the people, and if he erred in the case of Nurse Hickok, he erred on behalf of the safety of his people. In New York ... well, there you go. The people deserve whom they elect.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Let's see, your hero declared that quarantining an asymptomatic nurse trying to change flights and get home to Maine in a tent without a shower or flush toilet and generally treated like dirt at a time when volunteers are desperately needed protects citizens of New Jersey

      Please stop.

    3. That thermometer that registered 101 must have been invented by a non-scientist.

    4. Mustang, they did err on the side of safety; She should be grateful she lives in a state whose gov. does care enough.

    5. No Farmer, you're wrong. She did not have any temperature iitially and only registered over 96 after she'd been pushed around for a few hours and was flush.
      She informed HMS but she's just a health care professional so what would she know.

      Christie acted like a freaking pig and he got Cuomo to buddy up for a photo shoot because those two hacks control Port Authority.

      No, z, they didn't err on the side of safety. SHE WAS ASYMPTOMATIC. She presented no possibility of contagion.

      All they did was play to the fears of people like yourself.

      More people died from gun violence in Colorado recently than have died in America since the START of the West African outbreak.
      Should we act out of an abundance of caution on hand guns?

    6. She didn't? Then why did she state in her "article" that it registered 101 TWICE???

    7. Because it was 2 different types of thermometers - one on the forehead skin, and one under the tongue. You can flush and raise skin temperature easily when your body temp is perfectly normal. We have all done that. She's a nurse. She told them to use the correct type for fever and it took 6 hours and a police parade to do it. That was disgusting. A rare agreement with Ducky.

    8. Did the blood test PROVE that she doesn't have ebola, Baysider/ducky? Because the blood test may be creating a false negative. Blood tests are known to be extremely UNRELIABLE in the early stages of ebola infection, which is why they don't give them to health care workers before they leave the hot zone. In fact, the only "reliable" indicator is one that emerges after the passage of a considerable amount of TIME. And a quarantine allows that to happen.

    9. One of the problems of a complete reliance upon "science" is that "science" can't always provide the answers. And in the case of ebola, "science" is "blind".

    10. btw - I don't suppose the "duck" remembers "Typhoid Mary's" symptoms?

      Oh, THAT's right, she didn't exhibit any. She was simply a virus carrier.

      "Science" can be a tricky thing.

    11. Not talking blood tests T, but that disgusting scene at the airport with thermometers. You challenged why 101 degree temp wasn't a problem. 6 hours of being pushed around by officious jerks, using the wrong instrument for their own criteria. What doctor measures your blood pressure right after a hold up?

      If you're checking ... do it the right way.

    12. Got authority problems, Baysider? Some of the people "jerking her around" were her fellow CDC employees. Perhaps she should have identified herself as "one of them" to them?

    13. Besides, weren't the thermometers they were using part of her agencies much avowed "protocols"? If not, shouldn't they have been?

    14. Nope... Oral thermometers aren't part of the "protocol"... the mis-reading thermometer was the "official" instrument for ebola temperature taking at airports...

    15. Perhaps next time, they should go right to the rectal variety!

    16. Like I said, the wrong instrument for their criteria. Even Ducky could deduce that they'd authorize a 'non-invasive' type to make it fast and easy. Once you have a 'hit' then double-test with something more reliable. It's just so obvious.

      Authority problems? Unless you LIKE brown shirts, who is not sick and tired of how the encroaching police state manhandles the people who pay their salaries, treats citizens with condescension and expects to order them about in a rude and abrasive manner? Whether it's the 'freeze' trials at airports, the Black Asphalt program, abuse of bystanders filming police action without interference, or forcible hospitalization with enemas and colonscopies of motorists for minor traffic infractions and stopped with NO evidence of drug involvement, the attitude has gotten out of control and needs a hard slap down. Reasonable measures yes. Rude, insulting, degrading bullying -- NO.

      Now I'm well aware they're not ALL like that. The last time Obama was in town, he had a meeting next door to me. The police locked down our alley and, specifically, our garages - no in or out. When I approached the cop because my husband had to leave for a doctor's appointment, he was very cooperative and they opened the blockade. But generally we are not moving in the right direction.

    17. Is the P.C.R. being used in screening protocols?

      ...Since the 1990s, novel methods have allowed doctors to detect viruses in the pre-symptomatic phase of an infection, often with remarkable sensitivity and precision. One of these involves the polymerase chain reaction, or P.C.R., a chemical reaction that amplifies pieces of a virus’s genes floating in blood by more than a millionfold, which is what makes early, pre-symptomatic infections identifiable. The technique is not particularly cumbersome: As an oncologist working with blood cancers, I have been using variants of it to detect subclinical infections in patients for nearly a decade.

      A 2000 study in The Lancet illustrates the power of this approach. Twenty-four “asymptomatic” individuals exposed to Ebola were tested using P.C.R. Eleven of the exposed patients eventually developed the infection. Seven of the 11 tested positive for the P.C.R. assay; none of the other 13 did. In 2004, virologists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention further refined this method to increase its sensitivity. The test now requires only a teaspoon of blood. The sample is transported, on ice, to a centralized lab. Results are back in a few hours.

      Technologies like this allow us to imagine a new form of quarantine. Rather than relying on primitive instruments, indiscriminate profiling or questionnaires, we should consider running a pilot program to test asymptomatic travelers using sensitive P.C.R.-based techniques. Obviously, such technologies are expensive, but the cost is not prohibitive. A typical P.C.R. reaction, including labor, costs between $60 and $200 (we have already spent 100 times more disposing of the contaminated sheets from the home Mr. Duncan stayed in). Since the test takes about a third of the time of a trans-Atlantic flight, the flight would become the quarantine....

      I'm wondering if anyone here knows whether or not Nurse Hickox has undergone at P.C.R. test.

    18. The test missed 4 of the 11 tested. That's still pretty unreliable.

      And in the absence of CERTAIN scientific evidence, a "purely reasoned" but "unscientific" approach (aka - quarantine) is the more "rational" solution.

    19. Nobody likes arbitrary or capricious displays of "authority". But when the health and safety of millions is at stake, a "reasonable" person will submit to the necessity of a confused bureaucracy just given a new "direction".

  5. Wanna know why the Democrats don't care about the ebola epidemic?

    It mostly kills women!

    The deadly spread of Ebola has been making headlines for weeks now, but one side of the story isn't getting the coverage it deserves.

    In one of the most affected countries, 3 out of 4 patients affected by Ebola have one thing in common: They're all women. As reported by Lauren Wolfe at Foreign Policy, the Liberian government announced that 75% of those infected are female.

    Why are women dying? Their vulnerability to the disease isn't rooted in biological dispositions; it's purely structural. They are caring for the sick, and it's literaly killing them.

    It ain't America's doctors who are at risk. It's their nurses!

  6. Democrats. Patronizing women since Adam met Eve.

  7. 72% of America's workforce earn less than the threshold level to be considered middle class.


    Would that every voter thought about that fact when voting.

  8. This could be your next President.


  9. As far as elections go, AOW, there isn't much going on nationally here.
    The big race is Jeanne Shaheen (D - competent moderate) vs. Scott Brown (R - hack carpetbagger). I contributed to Shaheen's campaign.

    The Mass. governor's race is topped by two losers and I'll vote third party. I'll vote for Independent Evan Falchuk because he gave some common sense debate answers on health care costs.
    Scott Lively, the Christian right candidate who helped influence Uganda's law to punish gays with death isn't my idea of a Christian.

    Big votes this year are the ballot initiatives. Yes on all of them.

    1. Repeal the automatic gas tax increase.

    2. Add plastic bottles to the deposit bottle law.
    Not shocked?

    3. Repeal the Massachusetts casino gaming law.
    Bad for the economic environment and Steve Wynn is going
    to build a vulgar tower a few miles from me an turn the Route 99 traffic circle into a parking lot.

    4. Require certain employers to grant 5 days of sick leave.
    But you know I love to tamper with the Free market (LMAO)

    Overall, it's going to be close and reflect a nation divided between the current center/right government and the Teabgs who are represented by the likes of Ted Cruz' chief of staff who recently pointed out that there was no Ebola in the U.S. before Obama's administration.

    Moderate governance or crazy. That's the choice.

    1. According to friends in NH, it's Massholes like you, Ducky, who have ruined their once-sensible state. Mass citizens vote for more government and higher taxes, then move on to infest and infect New Hampshire with their virulent leftwing progressivism.

      Shaheen isn't from NH, either, but at least Scott Brown is trying to restore some balance and sanity to a state sick with liberalism.

    2. Masshole? Now, be nice.

      At least Mass. doesn't have regular school shootings.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Quiz: What is Silverfiddle's family more likely to die from?

      A. Ebola

      B. Hand gun violence

      Now, why shouldn't gun loons be quarantined?

    5. Of course it's hand gun violence. Has anyone claimed otherwise?

      Let's see... Car quarantines, pool quarantines, fatty foods...

      The reason your argument is fallacious (among many reasons) is that there is no use of Ebola, but there is for firearms.

      There are many laws on the books that punish improper and dangerous firearm use.

      Next question

    6. @Silverfiddle, Shaheen isn't from New Hampshire ...
      No, she's only lived there for 40 years and has been a two term Senator and three term governor.
      Brown "moved" there a year after Elizabeth Warren punched his face in and really knows the state.

    7. Ducky. She isn't from New Hampshire. No matter WHAT you say. Get that?

    8. So what.

      She certainly meets any resident requirement easily.
      I'd say that two terms in the state senate and three as governor indicate she knows something about the state.

      Mind you, she's running against someone who has "lived" in the state for less than two years. In fact, he just bought some property there and has never really lived in New Hampshire.

    9. She's been in New Hampshire a good deal longer than your favorite, Issa.

      Speaking of Issa, this is what happens when you listen to the chatter at the children's table:

      "Rep. Darrell Issa humiliated himself on CNN today. While criticizing President Obama’s Ebola response, Issa held up his smartphone to show the world how easy it would be to monitor body temperatures on our phones. Unfortunately for him, the phone gave him the weather forecast, not his body temperature."

    10. Ducky,Can you please link anything that shows my 'favorite' is Darryl Issa? I can't stand the guy.

      As for Shaheen, are you REALLY having trouble tracking the fact that all I confirmed was that she is not from New Hampshire? Who cares how much longer she's been there? All Silverfiddle mentioned was that fact and you jump on it as if he's wrong. He ISN'T WRONG: She wasn't born in New Hampshire? That anybody cares about that fact doesn't matter; Scott Brown is better for ANY state than this woman.

    11. And, by the way, it's in every liberal site that ISSA HUMILIATED HIMSELF. He used the wrong app...so what? How important is that?
      Glad you've never made a mistake.

    12. Ducky,

      I should have put the Mass epithet in quotation marks, since I was repeating what my NH friends called the progressive swarms destroying their once-sane state.

    13. Z, she has lived in New Hampshire most of her adult life.

      Just what constitutes being "from New Hampshire" in your world.
      I'd say that living your adult life in one place gives you some standing.

    14. SF - I disagree - there IS a use for Ebola. To create a crisis and distract. Not quite working, but a good tool. :)

    15. Ducky, no offense, but ALL I SAID is the truth; THE FACT... I'm not slamming her for living ANYWHERE. ALL I said is Silverfiddle's right; she wasn't born in New Hampshire. You called him on it and I straightened you out.
      again :-)

    16. Well it is an interesting comparison. According to Brown, New Hampshire is "like a second home" in part because "I was born at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard."
      If he knew New Hampshire, he'd know the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is in Kittery, Maine.

    17. It is in Kittery Maine... about 500 feet from the New Hampshire state border.... running midway through the Piscataqua River.

  10. Thersites:

    The 39,000,000 AIDS deaths began with the number one. What will our number be in a decade for Ebola deaths?

    1. If we allow Republican control as we did with Saint Ronnie Raygun it will be much higher than it needs to be.

    2. It's a lie a minute from the left about Reagan and aids.

      Ducky: Get your facts from somewhere beside a Hollywood movie.

      Go google spending on AIDS during the Reagan years and get back to us.

    3. Remember Patient Zero for HIV/AIDS? 39 million deaths later, the CDC is still pushing "contact tracing".

      (shakes head*

    4. Decade? If current trends of infection continue, in 15 months every last person on the planet will already have it.

    5. ...and the population of the Earth will be reduced to about 2 billion inhabitants. That's NOT science, by the way. It's "just" simple math.

  11. " Mass citizens vote for more government and higher taxes, then move on to infest and infect New Hampshire with their virulent leftwing progressivism."

    That sounds just like the Californication of Colorado, to me.

    1. I really wish more people knew HOW CLOSE many California elections are and how many strong conservatives there are here.

    2. Yeah, Jon. We've been californicated here in Colorado, and every two years they put the same crapo initiatives on the ballot enacting the insanity that has destroyed the beautiful state of California.

      Z: Apologies, but the California GOP is a joke. You will probably wake up one day and find you are the last conservative standing. Watch it or you'll find yourself in some progressive star chamber accused of the hate crime of Christianity.

    3. Silverfiddle...I SWEAR that our elections are VERY close to 50/50.. I swear! It's amazing. It isn't a joke! It's TRUE. And don't forget, we elected the wonderful George Deukmejian, Pete Wilson, Arnold (when he was still a conservative and hadn't been tainted by the Kennedy he married,), etc etc....YES~! :-)

    4. California - it's 2 states. Not north and south. But coastal and everybody else. My Soviet Monica elections are not close, but Z is right. Many are by a breath.

  12. http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/white-house-foreign-patients-memo/2014/10/28/id/603702/

    And the reason our POTUS would even CONSIDER doing this? Who pays? Whose taxes?

  13. From Obamacare sends health premiums skyrocketing by as much as 78 percent:

    Average insurance premiums in the sought-after 23-year-old demographic rose most dramatically, with men in that age group seeing an average 78.2 percent price increase before factoring in government subsidies, and women having their premiums rise 44.9 percent, according to a report by HealthPocket scheduled for release Wednesday.

    The study, which was shared Tuesday with The Washington Times, examined average health insurance premiums before the implementation of Obamacare in 2013 and then afterward in 2014. The research focused on people of three ages — 23, 30 and 63 — using data for nonsmoking men and women with no spouses or children.

    The premium increases for 30-year-olds were almost as high as for 23-year-olds — 73.4 percent for men and 35.1 percent for women — said the study, titled "Without Subsidies Women & Men, Old & Young Average Higher Monthly Premiums with Obamacare."


    The price increases for 63-year-olds were less dramatic: a 37.5 percent increase on average for women and 22.7 percent for men.

    The study doesn't include the federal premium subsidies offered to those earning between 100 and 400 percent of the federal poverty limit, but Mr. Coleman points out that not everyone in that bracket qualifies because their premiums must exceed a certain percentage of their income....

    I don't know how true the above is, but I'm tossing in the information here to this thread.

    What I do know: I'm 63 years old, and my monthly premium went up by about 30% last year.

    1. Since the Affordable Care Act does not include any measures to curb for profit insurance company rapaciousness, I don't see why you're surprised.

      It's not so much that premiums have risen because of the ACA but that the ACA does nothing to control costs.

    2. No friend of insurance companies here. They all got their pet projects in the bill, it seems. But the ACA is gasoline on the fire. AOW's lucky her premiums only went up 30%. Of course the ACA doesn't control costs. Wasn't meant for that, wasn't designed for that and is structurally incapable of it. It's there to feed friends of Obama and extend a political machine's vote buying scheme.

    3. That seems a bit low. Mine went up 90% plus thousands more out of pocket.

  14. A top scientist worries that Ebola has mutated to become more contagious (October 18, 2014):

    Peter Jahrling, one of the country's top scientists, has dedicated his life to studying some of the most dangerous viruses on the planet....


    Jahrling now serves as a chief scientist at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, where he runs the emerging viral pathogens section. He has been watching this Ebola epidemic with a mixture of horror, concern and scientific curiosity. And there's one thing he's found particularly worrisome: the mutations of the virus that are circulating now look to be more contagious than the ones that have turned up in the past.

    When his team has run tests on patients in Liberia, they seem to carry a much higher "viral load." In other words, Ebola victims today have more of the virus in their blood — and that could make them more contagious....

    We don't know what we don't know -- very dangerous with a deadly pathogen!

    And there's also this at the WaPo (October 15, 2014):

    ...The virus has its quirks: Some people infected with Ebola never get sick at all. Some who become sick shed massive amounts of virus — they’re “super-shedders” — but others do not. Fever is typically the first symptom of Ebola virus disease, but sometimes it’s a lagging indicator or never appears at all....

    I cannot imagine that the CDC does not know the above information. Can you?

    1. On October 19, 2014 there were 9,936 reported confirmed cases of Ebola in Africa. On October 24, 2014 (5 days later), there were 12,008 reported cases. That's a 20% increase in less than a week.


    2. According to reports, 20,419 people from Sierra Leone and 18,699 from Liberia are listed and being traced as of 17 October. Figures for Guinea are not known.

      10% of ebola's fatalities come from the ranks of the health care "expert"s who follow the "scientific protocols".

    3. All the more reason to focus on containing the virus at its source and working on vaccines.

    4. “I don’t plan on sticking to the guidelines. I remain appalled by these home quarantine policies that have been forced upon me, even though I am in perfectly good health and feeling strong and have been this entire time completely symptom free”

      If I were in charge of the CDC, I'd fire her.

    5. If I were the Governor of Maine, I'd put her in jail and lose the key.

    6. Pure reason. Anarchy vs Representative Government, you choose.

    7. btw _new ebola numbers:

      As of 27 Oct 2014 13,703 infected ≥4,922 deaths.

      On October 24, 2014 there were only 12,008 reported cases

      That's a 14% increase in just 3 days.

    8. The U.S. has said it will oversee construction of 17 treatment units with 100 beds each.

      That's just 5 more beds than needed for treating the past 3 days of new cases.

      We're just bringing coal to Newcastle...

      *shakes head*

    9. FJ,
      Did you see the front page of today's WaPo?

      Headline above the fold: "New cases of Ebola declining, WHO says."

      HERE is the online article.

      What do you make of the WaPo article, FJ?

    10. Pre-election data manipulation. Bam-Ki Moon trying to help out a Nobel Peace Prize weiner.

    11. FJ,
      Pre-election data manipulation -- my take, too.

      I feel like going to live under a rock until the Tuesday election results are in. "It's crazy out there."

  15. Replies
    1. I only hope it was a GD LEFTIST that got it!

    2. Hard to tell, FT, it was a 60 year old woman apparently killed by her son in a murder/suicide but thanks for this demonstration of you spirituality.

    3. ... well FT, you may have been granted your wish.

      She was a professor of English at a local college and was murdered by her son who has a history of mental health problems.

      Professor? Probably liberal. English? Maybe she was fond of Emily Dickinson.

    4. All the facts about the beheading in Long Island are not yet in -- as far as I can tell.

  16. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Watchman,
      I think she's naive to let you get away with it.

      I am not naive, I assure you.

      As of yesterday, I have several household emergencies going on here. Other administrators of this blog are otherwise occupied -- one with his own family emergency going on.

  17. The Watchman,

    I'll bet that Ducky loves your comment!

  18. Ducky will likely find the humor in "Anonymous's" screed......but I'm left wondering why a sad little internet coward feels the need to plug a hole in his/her bleak life by pronouncing commandments on someone else's blog.

    1. CI,
      by pronouncing commandments on someone else's blog

      That's exactly why I removed the comment.

  19. Ducky said...

    More people died from gun violence in Colorado recently than have died in America since the START of the West African outbreak.

    Perhaps. I'll have to take your word on that since you provided no statistics and cited no sources for your assertion.

    If true, theneven more people died from gun violence in Massachusetts, which has a higher gun murder rate than Colorado. How can that be, when our gun ownership rate is 3X that of the Bay State? And we keep our guns in our homes, not lockered three states away...


    Heh heh heh...

    I love it when leftwing loudmouths step in their own BS...

    Better go scrape off your shoes, Ducky.

    Or better yet, just ignore this, like you do the avalanche of countervailing information good Right Blogistanis shovel your way every day.

    1. SF,
      If true, theneven more people died from gun violence in Massachusetts, which has a higher gun murder rate than Colorado.

      Evidence uncomfortable for the Left is typically ignored and typically heeded.

    2. AOW,

      Indeed, and the reason I have pretty much disengaged from much of the left-right back and forth is because any phenomena we can put our finger on cannot be explained by one factor ("Ronny Raygun" or "liberal governments"), but rather are a result of myriad forces both seen and unseen.

      Having said that, even when certain factors stand out and poke someone in the eye, ideology will prevent him or her from learning anything, and that goes for all sides.

      I don't rejoice that Massachusetts has a higher firearm murder rate than Colorado, but I am tired of pointing out facts to people who are impervious to them.

  20. "....but I am tired of pointing out facts to people who are impervious to them."

    No surprise that it's tiring work. The gun control cabal [trying to re-brand as "safety"] rests it's entire argument on false narratives and meme's.

  21. I have grown to HATE this blog, because it has become nothing but a Sounding Board for leftists afflicted with Diarrhea of the Mouth and Constipation of the Mind

    Don Corleone

    1. Don Corleone,
      You're wrong because many conservatives comment here.

      If you don't like this blog, go elsewhere.

    2. Im only here to try and equalize the crap they you folks write on "Progressives" boards.
      You should be deeply embarrassed by the trash some of you folks HERE write over these!
      But then again, we ALL know that we are SO much more Intellectually above you all.

      Ahh yes, Hitler’s white-supremacists, also depended on ignorance.

    3. Don Corleone,
      Most commenters here have given up on "building bridges" at the Progressive boards.

  22. I have been reading this fine blog for the past 45 minutes or so, and i would like to thank you for your extensive and interesting remarks, and the comments of your followers, I give you a lot of credit for putting up with several of these nay-sayers who come here only to disrupt and to cause mayhem. You call them “trolls” I wouldn’t be that nice. I must say that you and several of your comments have nailed Obama' and his policies as being destructive for America perfectly. While was not a Bush fan, Obama is the current president, and the who is destroying America. It’s not about Bush any longer. This is all Obama’s responsibility and he has done absolutely zero as far as accomplishments are concerned, in fact I would rate him minus 75 percent.. His list of failures are a mile long, pro-unions, anti-gun rights, his handling of racial affairs, his anti-American and anti individual rights stances are all quite on record. Even while he allows thieves, lies, and crooks to go free and rewards the bankers with more taxpayer money. History won't be kind to this imposter of a U.S. president. Obama has done more to destroy America than both Bushs combined. And I’m not even going to get into the long list of why his wife, our “first lady” is a failure as well, because it has been told time and time again, and right now, we are ONLY talking about Barack Obama, Michelle is for another day. . Thanks for all your support, your blog, and your comments..


  23. I’m sure that you folks here are as SICK and TIRED of hearing and reading this crap from these Leftist idiots who just can’t seem to stay away from Republican-Conservative blogs. They say that good triumphs over evil, however there will be a lot of evil done by this Presidency before good prevails. Everyday I must turn to conservative talk radio and my conservative blogging brothers and sisters to get the straight scoop, but it is getting harder and harder to take.

    Wake up you Liberal Morons, our Free speech is gone. the ENTIRE Bill of Rights is under heavy siege, and you are the ones that helped this all to happen..

    The sickness of liberalism has been slowly taking over the country for decades while conservatives stood on the sidelines. A President Obama was inevitable.

    If you voted for Obam, you deserve what you get. But I want to say, THANK YOU for screwing up my children’s future !

    Ever since day one when Obama was elected and Rush Limbaugh stated that he wanted Obama’s policies to fail he has been attacked by the mainstream press, leftist bloggers, and other entities such as MoveOn.org – for saying that the famous “I want Obama to fail” . It has been portrayed as an un-American sentiment by those great patriots on the Left.
    I actually agree with Limbaugh wholeheartedly. I also want Obama to fail – abjectly, miserably, completely – and visibly. I may even pray for it.
    as for the issue of illegal immigration, I believe that if you are selling me a Big Mac, do it in English.
    I believe everyone has a right to pray to his or her God when and where they want to.
    My heroes are John Wayne, Babe Ruth, Roy Rogers, and Ronald Reagan. I don’t hate the rich, and I don’t pity the poor.
    I know wrestling is fake and I don’t waste my time watching or arguing about it.
    I’ve never owned a slave, nor did my Father or his Father! I haven’t burned any witches or been persecuted by the Turks and neither have you! Shut up already.

  24. Don’t be fooled by the liberals propaganda about the "low" unemployment rate, as you and and as everyone else who has a brain in their head knows..... the reason the Unemployment Rate has been dropping is for the WRONG REASON.
    Only a fool, dolt, or mutton head would believe those numbers.
    It's not dropping because Obama's policies have generated so many jobs....it has dropped because so many people have dropped out of the pool of people COUNTED.
    You can attempt to downplay the numbers who have dropped out of the rat race, 'inflating' the unemployment rate significantly, you can drink the O’Bamster admenstruation's love potion, and you can make decisions based on those fairy tales, but few here will believe one word of it

    In other words, Obama has used slight of hand. It can be a little complicated to follow but he's basically dropped the number UNEMPLOYED by making the pool of those counted smaller.
    The idiot in the White House don’t tell you that we have almost a third of all Americans that have stopped looking for jobs, and all the overwhelming jobs that are being created are minimum wage jobs that yes jackass, unemployment will appear to go down and job openings will appear to go up. Look at the average income numbers for Americans to get a better picture of what's going on.


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