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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Midweek Political Satire

(Note: Active open thread HERE)

Satire — and the wry truth.

With a hat tip to IMAO:

Short video published on YouTube on July 17, 2014:


  1. Exasperation in the White House (WaPo, 10/28/2014):

    ...[T]he current feeling among Obama and his aides is “exasperation.”

    “He doesn’t think they have any reason to run away from him,” the adviser said....


    Earlier this year, the White House and congressional Democrats appeared to be in harmony on a strategy, with an agreed-upon issue agenda. They would attempt to overcome a toxic political environment — and encourage minorities, women and young people to vote — by touting proposals such as expanding the federal minimum wage and passing equal-pay legislation.

    But none of those issues has loomed as large as Obama’s unpopularity....

    Yesterday in Wisconsin, Crowd Begins to File Out While Obama Speaks in Wisconsin.

  2. The POTUS challenges the SCOTUS regarding election day protocol? Does anyone need to be reminded? In Texas you must present a valid form of identification to vote. The Supreme Court did not overturn our current process for the mid-term elections. Show up with a clown hat and a harmonica but no I.D. and you will not be casting your vote in Texas.

    The POTUS is asking citizens to break the law. Is that a good thing?


  3. Sorry, bit it's all much too true to be the least bit funny.

    To quote the late Queen Victoria, "We are not amused."

    1. FT, is it my imagination but other than flailing liberals alive you don't speak much about what makes you laugh.

    2. Ducky,

      Shouldn't that be "flaying" liberals alive?

  4. I vote GOP becasue I hate the government intruding into my life.....except when I want them to control the reproductive rights of women, quarantine health care workers coming back from helping ebola patients in Africa, help with natural disaster clean up, prevent health insurance companies from denying treatment, regulate the quality of food we eat....

    1. ALL leftist trolls must DIE!


      Harpoon Hannah of the good ship Brigantine

    2. Please don't vote GOP; you've got it so wrong you could only be helped by liberals. Thanks so much.

  5. Obama: It's one thing, in deed, to wonder how this fraud got elected in the first place (needless to say in the second place) but why has it taken so long for Americans to wise-up? One needed only to look at his history to handily predict where he would try to take us; a fantasy road to nowhere. Sadly, for a majority that didn't happen and here-we-are. Now, are we about to make the same mistake again?

    1. For the same reason Hillary will likely be elected.

      The Republican party is batshite crazy.

      You have people talking about running Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and the like.
      Look to yourself and stop whining.

    2. And then there are people on the loony left talking about running Elizabeth "Lie-awatha" Warren, so there are barking moonbats on both ends of the political teeter-totter.

    3. SF,
      Speaking of Lie-awatha...

      Elizabeth Warren blames the GOP for Ebola. Excerpt:

      ...Warren did not point out, however, in 2014 the Republican-controlled House increased CDC spending $300 million more than was requested by President Barack Obama, to $567 million. Since 2000, the CDC budget has increased from $3.5 billion to $6.8 billion....

      And exactly what was the CDC doing with their budget? One research program: why lesbians are fat. You can't make this stuff up!

  6. Maybe if Andrew Klavan and Bill Whitlle had had prime time slots on Fox for the last ten years, America wouldn't be so far down the rabbit hole.

    1. Except the Conservatives are so pitiful about getting their word out, this couldn't have happened. It sure is a good idea...particularly Whittle.

  7. Maybe if Andrew Klavan and Bill Whitlle had had prime time slots on Fox

    Please. You don't think they'd get "Glenn Beck'd"?

    From Wiki:

    His show's high ratings did not come without controversy. The Washington Post '​s Howard Kurtz reported that Beck's use of "distorted or inflammatory rhetoric" had complicated the channel's and their journalists' efforts to neutralize White House criticism that Fox is not really a news organization. Television analyst Andrew Tyndall echoed these sentiments, saying that Beck's incendiary style had created "a real crossroads for Fox News", stating "they're right on the cusp of losing their image as a news organization.

    They can't get their word out because, "establishment" (read: "corporate") Republicans will always be there to de-legitimize them.

    1. http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Journalism/2014/08/25/Glenn-Beck-Ripped-Conservatives-While-Trying-to-Get-CNN-Deal
      Glenn Beck disgusts me.

  8. Poor Z is such a fool.

    1. Thanks, Thersites...very much. here's someone scared enough to use "Anonymous" as their moniker and I'm the fool? :)
      Ah, well......
      And I still think that Beck thing had truth in it, no matter who wrote it. It seemed odd to me, but I haven't been a fan of his in a few years now. Sad, isn't it. They start brilliantly then buy into their cache.
      Breitbart never did.

    2. His was a flawed history, but no more so than the Zinn version. But still, any criticism from a CNN hack should not be taken at face value. Just an opportunity to sew resentment.

  9. Oh my, don't it drag on.

    Trying to understand our condition and we look to the likes of Andrew Clavan and Bill Whittle. That should clear the air.

    So we have Clavan complaining that Obama hasn't created jobs in a world that has a gross surplus of labor. Declining wages and declining demand but Clavan has the solution right?
    Then we have the silliness of stating that Obama lost the war in Iraq when it had been won. Never admitting it was a long term disaster to intervene in the first place.

    Just a lot of childish finger pointing that accomplishes nothing.
    Why do we allow ourselves to be manipulated this way?

    1. are you living on the same planet? Your assumptions are so off the wall I'm actually worried for you.
      Clavan and Whittle bug you don't they.

    2. Would you care to give your opinion on the glut of labor?

    3. Would you care to give your opinion on the lack of jobs?

    4. Z,
      are you living on the same planet? Your assumptions are so off the wall I'm actually worried for you

      Don't worry about it. It's the madness of election season.

      Does the Left anticipate defeat?

    5. Please look at the chart in this post over at Asylum Watch. The chart shows the real median income of households in the United States, 2000-mid-2013. THAT is the economic reality! Will an understanding of that reality be reflected on November 4? We shall see.

    6. I've been pretty clear on that, Finntann.

      There is surplus labor. Demand is being met.

      Not an environment that encourages job creation.

    7. Clearly, Ducky is leading us to the Communist Politburo solution.

      Surplus labor?

      Kill a bunch of people to get it back in balance!

      Of course, the real answer is to lower the bar to employment and business startups, to include small mom and pop businesses. But the behemoth Big Gov-Big Biz (which includes Big Labor)-Big Banking Axis of Evil has been quashing that at every turn.

  10. ... as for Glenn Beck, a fool who should be dipped in phlegm and allowed to harden.

    Why do we even mention that village idiot?

    1. I'm sure that you think you are smarter than Glenn is, but you're all alone on that thought. Moron

    2. Glenn Beck strikes me as being primarily a performer. Many on the Left are performers, too.

  11. Too close to the truth to be humorous.

  12. Replies
    1. Finntann,
      In my own experience, many liberals who claim to believe in tolerance are not themselves tolerant of those who express views contrary to the liberals' agenda.

      In fact, of all the liberals I know -- and I do know several -- only two aren't in favor of shutting up anyone just a bit Right of center. I've see this intolerance of the Left for at least 40 years -- and I don't mean on the web, in the media, etc. Rather, I'm referring to classroom situations, dinner conversations, the workplace, and similar personal situations.

    2. Well let's look at the pro choice cartoon.

      1. Education - I don't know anyone who wants to eliminate choice in education but most liberal resist the privatization of public schools.
      They also resist the hypocrisy of many on the right who use poor minority children as pawns to facilitate privatization.

      2. Guns - Do most liberals follow the NRA line? Of course not.
      But what that has do do with choice is beyond me.

      3. Trade - What the hell does that even mean?

      4. Health care - Liberals I know don't think unlimited choice means much when you don't have coverage. Compromise is necessary.

      5. Energy - Desiring that solar become viable hardly limits your choice. This one;s the pure stinky cheese.

      6. Smoking - Yes, ban it. Said as a former smoker.

      7. Union membership - Unions have been effectively broken and you see the negative results. Do Walmart workers and fast food workers have a choice to unionize? Yes? Please stop.

      8. Light bulbs - This is an instance where consumers are not going to be conscious of the long term issue if allowed to choose. Choice is NOT the ultimate good.

      9. Plastic bags - I see the damn things being blown down the street all the time. Myself, I shop at Trader Joe's partially because they use paper. Choice, no?

      10. Walmart - What does that even mean?

      11. What foods you eat - Eat whatever crap you desire. Clog 'em up and get diabetes before your 40. Then complain because your health premiums are high.

      One thing I notice about the right, especially Libertarians, is they ae very uncomfortable with the idea of conflict of interest.

    3. Duck,
      The phrase the ultimate good has been one of the leading causes -- if not the leading cause -- of misery inflicted upon millions and millions throughout the centuries.

      Furthermore, the definition of good is at least somewhat subjective.

      As for health care, we can blab all we want about choice from the Left or the Right perspective. But the reality is this: doctors are fleeing and, thereby, limiting choices in a way that results in no viable work-around. See Over 214,000 Doctors Opt Out of Obamacare Exchanges:

      Over 214,000 doctors won't participate in the new plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA,) analysis of a new survey by Medical Group Management Association shows. That number of 214,524, estimated by American Action Forum, is through May 2014, but appears to be growing due to plans that force doctors to take on burdensome costs. It's also about a quarter of the total number of 893,851 active professional physicians reported by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

      In January, an estimated 70% of California's physicians were not participating in Covered California plans....

      Read the entire article to see the reasons.

    4. Silverfiddle,
      Why, thank you!

      And I typed in that response on less that one cup of coffee, too. :^)

  13. AOW: I WISH you could have seen MSNBC's Chris Hayes tonight. He was bemoaning how Republicans are suddenly BIG GOV'T in their approach to Ebola. That's apparently the White House/Dem Party MEME because I've heard that 3 times today from various lefties on TV. Yup...apparently, Republicans can NEVER want gov't to do ANYTHING and if they do, the left's whining like crazy. It's actually pretty hilarious.

    1. Well, I don't find Republicans particularly consistent.

      My observation s they want government actin when the feel threatened.

      As much as they want government out of the economic system you have a couple comments here on Obama's failure to create jobs.
      Which is it?

    2. Z,
      AOW: I WISH you could have seen MSNBC's Chris Hayes tonight. He was bemoaning how Republicans are suddenly BIG GOV'T in their approach to Ebola. That's apparently the White House/Dem Party MEME

      The Constitution makes provision for specific "big government" situations. Apparently, the Left doesn't believe in a "big government" situation in response to a deadly pathogen.

    3. "threatened" Ducky? Wrong. We believe government needs to get involved when nothing else can solve a big issue.

      AOW...right.....odd that the Left's all over big gov't being in charge of our lives but even suggest a pathogen is in America that could kill people and they're suddenly against it. What a VERY odd bunch of freaks they are.

  14. Glenn Beck? He is as dull as Dr. Phil who got his start because of Oprah.

    Both of them are able to pontificate whilst retaining an average show of I.Q.

    Beck is all about sophistry and Dr. Phil is all about platitudes.


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