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Friday, October 10, 2014

Enterovirus D68

Please adjust the video to begin at time marker 6:07 and continue to watch and listen through at least time marker 12:40.

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Your thoughts?


  1. The journalists make one point with which I am in total agreement. Americans can handle the truth. We have never been prone to mass hysteria and panic on national scale. This was mirrored in the days after 9/11 when Americans went to work and would stop to put donations in a fireman's boot, etc. We trusted our government to sort out the mess. And I was very proud of fellow citizens for their posture and sensibility.

    Lying to children is wrong. Lying to adults is morally reprehensible and creates a confidence gap. Regarding Enterovirus D68, I read one article where a researcher stated that the movement of this virus across America is anomalous and unprecedented. Whilst knowing that we only have conjecture and not hard facts to support a speculative theory on the national origin of patient zero, it is factual that many of the tens of thousands of children south of our border who were allowed to cross, had never received vaccinations. Hence, they were both at risk, and posed a risk. It is amazing that we fund the CDC and then refuse to use a hard science medical model as primary, and humanitarian considerations as secondary, whilst moving tens of thousands of children with no vaccination history across our borders.

    Not to reinvent the wheel:


    Adults can be trusted with the truth. But then again, the ugly truth of incompetence in governance may drive our voting patterns next month. smile


    1. Tammy,
      Great analogy in your article:

      Checking a temperature at the airport for this pathogen is akin to running a pregnancy test on a virgin.

    2. This was mirrored in the days after 9/11 when ... we bought into the WMD hysteria and invaded Iraq which has become the gift that keeps on giving.

    3. Tammy, Agreed, people can adapt to anything.

  2. If the truth got out, their immigration amnesty policy would be toast. So they "lie by omission", omission of the data that would directly link-connect the outbreak to their immigration policy that disperses tens of thousands of potential carriers into the midst of America's heartland.

  3. Well, AOW, you are obviously a Hispanic-hating racist.

    All joking aside, that is the standard canard thrown out by PC Leftwingers like Ducky and his ilk.

    If Americans learn the truth, Amnesty is dead and everyone will demand border enforcement, not to mention realize that their federal government has been criminally negligent.

    I had a back and forth with the owner of a "science blog," and its pretty representative of big government progressive thinking:

    He name-calls those who deviate from the press-propagated government propaganda that this is a "mystery illness," using such colorful terms as racist, nativist and of course, he also employs the old tin foil hat.

    Laughably, he defends that this just spontaneously popped up all over the place, and even blames global warming. This is just on instance, but if you stroll around Left Blogistan, its a chorus of bleating voices all reading from the same government-provided propaganda sheet.

    Here's the link. I don't know much about viruses and such, so I couldn't mount an all-out attack.


    1. He seems to be saying reasonable things to me, but he falsely assumes that you're an idiot, which gets in the way of effective communication. It's a pity, I can see you arguing past each other.

    2. The British Knowitall speaks again. Only he can see the truth. All others ae subject to analysis and probable reprimand from his august, oh-so superior self.

      Anne Hadderweigh

    3. Thanks for the analysis & reprimand, FT.

  4. Ella Wheeler Wilcox said

    Talk health!
    There's nothing that can either charm or please
    By harping on that minor chord
    Disease! Disease! Disease!

  5. As a polio survivor ( I contracted polio in 1952, the year before Dr Jonas Salk came out with his vaccine.) I am particularly sensitive this issue. Also, because I live in South America, I can tell that diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya, and Malaria are on the rise and nearly pandemic down here. There absolutely no reason to believe that these and other diseases will not be crossing our(your) southern border with our government's cavalier attitude.

    1. I hope you made a full recovery, Jim? My poor cousin R never did. She was stricken at age four in 1918. Her right arm never developed fully, and her right leg was shorter than her left and ended in a club foot. She had to wear special shoes all her life, but never asked for any special consideration from anyone. Nevertheless, she graduated cum laude from Barnard, then went on to earn two masters degrees one from Columbia in Social Work the other years later on Child Psychology at NYU. She enjoyed a long career in social work were she was highly regarded by her clients and colleagues alike. R lived to age 78, and would surely have lived longer had it not been for Post-Polio Syndrome that sapped much of her hard win strength in later years. She worked with kids from the ghettos and Hell's Kitchen in New York where she commanded respect and made many friends, yet she remained a political conservative all her life.

    2. I well remember the polio outbreak here in the Washington area when I was a very young child -- about 4 years old, I think. Summers were especially bad, and public swimming pools -- even the Crystal Swimming Pool at Glen Echo Park -- shut down so as not to spread polio.

      When I was growing up, I knew several who had contracted polio and had lifelong health issues if not outright disabilities. Every school had several students with "polio legs"; one girl in my 3rd ad 4th grade classes had her leg supported by a sling and had to use crutches to walk.

      Decades later, Laura, one of my colleagues at the school where I worked for 18 years wore a cumbersome brace, a brace which she wears to this day as she enters her 7th decade of life. Laura continues to work -- although now not in the classroom. Her back has gotten so bad that she can't swing that dead leg very much, so she is now consigned to office work. She much prefers working with children.

      Some do recover -- mostly, anyway -- from polio. My cousin recovered very well: his only permanent "disability" was having to walk on his toes; apparently, a heel-to-toe stride was impossible as a result of polio. My cousin died quite young a few years ago, at the age of 66, from some rare disorder. We never found out if there was any connection to polio.

      Post-Polio Syndrome is an interesting affliction. It strikes those who have less severe permanent effects of polio.

  6. the video's troubling on so many levels. It rang my bell when the doctor insisted several times what good care the child had rec'd. Why wouldn't she? Since when do we have to mention that?...Yes, we know you're ON IT. Why wouldn't you?

    This virus is a COLD, and his ridiculous point that many will get it is right but...many won't DIE, most won't be paralyzed by the common cold. This guy is scared and lying.

    And the Left, risking their own children, will call us racists before they pay serious attention to the administration's lies which could jeopardize their own leftist children, too.

    Some people will do anything to protect their agenda. here's what thinking conservatives ask : "So, LIbs, it might NOT be from the thousands of children who've come in illegally...but IT MIGHT BE. Must we not check them and then call it for what it is? or are future leftwing votes worth the death of your children due to this obfuscation of how this disease has started?
    TB is up. Whooping Cough is up......we know those are largely due to illegal children.
    This one, this particular entero,,,,,? Maybe so, maybe not. But WHY NOT? And WHY NOT make sure so we can stop it effectively?\

    By the way; is that a cable channel show or internet TV program?

    1. Noted virologist Tammy Bruce getting everyone excited.

      But it probably would be a benefit to have responsible reporting of entero rather than the blather we're hearing as everyone panics over Ebola which so far has infected nobody in the U.S.

      Time to hermetically seal the U.S.

    2. Tammy Bruce, a Fox shill with no medical training whatsoever decides to contradict a medical doctor who must clearly be lying and the right just falls in line.

      Whip them into hysterics. That's when we make intelligent decisions.

  7. Ducky, as usual, you kill the messenger: Cheap shots don't help further the conversation.
    We need to stop the belittling of pretty important situations today and pay attention...even if it includes challenging a doctor, particularly because we (he, included) know so little of both of these viruses.

    1. Well said, Z.
      It's rich, being lectured on hysterics by leftwing screamers who shriek about fantastical global warming catastrophes and wight wing wathists behind evwy twee, not to mention all those militias running around in the woods and plotting a revolution...

      And of course, they all know that every white conservative is a closet racist...

      Facts and reason are not the left's strong suit.

    2. To be considered an effective messenger shouldn't said messenger have some knowledge of the subject at hand?

      Otherwise your just peddling agitprop.
      She doesn't agree with a medical doctor. Wouldn't it be proper to defer to the doctor until you have solid information?

      The fact that you don't know squat in this matter is even more reason that you are going to have to depend on knowledgeable commentators rather than rabies media pimps.

    3. Medea bin Laden of CODE STINK said

      Wight wing wathithth and WAPITHTH too who indulge in WITHIOUTH campaignth of THEXTHUAL HAWATHMENT againtht poowah Innothent weftitht ideowogueth who potht thoughtfoow intewwigent thwceedths againthst wotten Repubwicanth out to dethtwoy WOMYN. Think of pooah Thandra Fwuck and what THEE wath put thwough -- a DITHGWATHE!

    4. Ducky,
      I have read the NIH reports, as well as the news. Have you?

      I have a brain and powers of reason. Do you? Or do you just open your brain and accept whatever leftwing prog propagandists puke into it?

  8. You're never going to hear the truth on this. I'll bet real money this came from the central america kids.

    1. Kid,
      Probably not -- unless some of the political elite have their children affected.


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