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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Open Thread

So, what's on your mind?

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My contributions to this open thread: Leicester KFC customer shocked as he is refused hand-wipe because of branch's halal policy and U.S. tax dollars pay for U.S. mosque security upgrades.


  1. Has American is become a weak Nation? Has Obama done that much to destroy the military and the confidence as well as the hope of the American people?
    Obama’s combination of ineptness, ideology, and ignorance has put America in a very bad and very dangerous position. We are no longer the world super power and the Leader of the Free World. Nobody wants to be led by the USA any longer Obama’s failure to provide leadership to a nation that other nations have looked to for leadership and protection since the end of World War II , our position as the Leader of the World has gone. . When Obama spoke before the UN last week, .he sounded like somebody in a zombie movie.
    NOBODY in their right mind would tell the enemy that “We don’t yet have ANY strategy. Obama is guilty of not knowing his ass from his elbow. . When it comes to the art of war, he truly is clueless.
    Maybe next time, they’ll think twice before they give the Nobel Peace Prize to a weenie like Obama.

    Well, Mr. Obama, maybe it is time to craft a strategy?

  2. Newsflash:
    I have some wake up news for those Liberal Bush Bashers, George Bush has not been the President since January 19th, 2009.
    Obama has had 6 years to do something about Iraq, other than take credit for others work. Instead he has golfed. partied, vacationed, and attended fundraisers.
    When will You people and the Democrats admit that Obama is a gross failure? When? If Ever!

  3. And I was always told that Sarah Palin was too stupid to hold office.!

  4. Rabbi..you ROCK!

    My TOPIC is ISIS now threatening all our American military personnel's families....they're using social media and Yellow Pages to find addresses of our military with the threat of killing them.
    They're BRILLIANT...you all seeing the terror our military families must be feeling today? Being told to stop their social media, etc...? REALLY? WE have to run and hide?

    Should we be worried? Should our military families be worried? Probably, since our military is now worried enough to be giving them ways to hide and stay safe.

    I say "Brillliant" on the part of ISIS because we can't fight this back. You all see that? We've never been allowed to bomb for fear of collateral damage....because 'we're better than that'. Sadly, Americans are going to be 'deader' for that. All we have is panels discussing these hideous situations while our enemies are sharpening swords and threatening...and, while OUR PROTECTION is going to cost us billions (part of why they're threatening is apparently to drive us into economic failure for the precautions we've had to take), what they're doing COSTS NOTHING.
    The great America is cowering.........Islamists are so far ahead in this game.

  5. Here’s the bottom line, we elected an inept, unqualified man as our president who had no experience at anything whatsoever. Yet many of these Obamatrons still support this totally inept inexperience "Executive" ONLY because he’s black! So don’t deny it.
    How totally stupid you people are that voted for a black man so you wouldn't feel guilty!
    Not one minute of any executive experience that would have trained Obama for the minimum requirements of being an executive i.e. KNOWING he should be attending 100% of the security briefings instead..
    As reported by the Government Accountability Institute, Obama has skipped nearly 60% of his presidential security briefings in his second term in office!
    And then as the immature person he is.. He, our Dear Leader lays the blame for any such underestimates at the feet of Jim Clapper, his Director of National Intelligence!
    Well, he pretty much laid it at the feet of the intelligence community and then said they ignored their own intelligence on ISIS
    Well Duh! . Isn't Clapper part of his the administration?
    It’s No wonder you Obamatrons are so totally inept...YOU follow a totally inept leader!

    Jim Clapper to Obama: Mr. President, an Islamist terrorist group is threatening to take over northern Iraq.

    Obama: Iraq? Did you say Iraq? What are you talking about? I ended the war in Iraq. Now excuse me and hand me my 9-iron.

  6. @ Ben Gazi,

    "Has Obama done that much to destroy the military and the confidence as well as the hope of the American people?"

    Not exactly. The "American people"(collectively) have elected to self-destruct, vicariously, through this fraudulent POS. We had a clear chance to turn this around a couple of years ago and didn't. Barring a miracle; stick a fork in us, we're done!

  7. What's on my mind?

    1. Not the moist towelettes at some Leicester KFC. The local Islamic society said the decision was foolish and if KFC wants to be foolish then that's that.

    2. Not ISIS. I don't believe they represent any existential threat to the U.S. and it is going to have to be the Mideast the ultimately solves the Mideast's problems. We have brought nothing but grief and will only bring more grief.

    3. Not Ebola. I don't believe there will be a significant spread. We will probably overreact and keep talking about banning all flights from Liberia even though this man flew in from Belgium. Whether we can keep a clear head about it is not known.

    The recent events that trouble me the most are Hong Kong and the Secret Service and I see them somewhat related.
    Hong Kong is essentially an #OWS event and the response will be a crackdown.
    The Secret Service fiasco including the former idiot director's statement that she wanted the agency run more like Disneyworld (Yes, source Huffington) is not going to lead to institutional reform. Armed convicted felons will probably still be able to enter an elevator and get a selfie with whomever is pres.
    No, it's going to lead to more crackdowns.

    And for some reason we don't see it coming. We think the important decision is how much tonnage we drop in Syria.

    "We were -- neck deep in the Big Muddy
    And the big fool said to push on."

    1. So epidemic and terrorism to Americans aren't a concern to you, but Hong Kong is.
      What kind of crackdown do you see due to the Secret Service fiasco?
      This whole administration is run like Disneyworld....portray everything as HAPPY, JV, NO WORRIES...the economy is GREAT no matter how your neighbors don't have jobs, your healthcare is screwed..businesses up and down the street are closing.....but smile, everything is just fine.Why should she have been any different?

    2. I will repeat z, in hopes that you at least understand my position.

      1. ISIS does not represent an existential threat to the U.S. However, we will continue to go around in this circle as long as we think the answer to the issues in the Mideast can be solved by tonnage (worked in Vietnam, didn't it? Remember Cambodia?).

      2. As for Ebola ...
      Charlie Pierce says it so well

    3. Ducky I partially agree regarding ISIS. The group does not currently pose an existential threat to the U.S. But that could change in the future. Eradicating them in Syria and Iraq now, is a proper course of action.

    4. I am not at all scared of any epidemic of Ebola here... Do I think we should concerned? Probably.
      As for ISIS...to assume no ISIS members are here and nobody here means us any harm is beyond consideration.


    5. Z,
      If we get through this coming Saturday without further outbreak of Ebola not traced to Mr. Duncan's pre-first-hospital-visit in Dallas, I'll relax a bit. This Saturday marks the 21st day since Mr. Duncan's flight touched down here in the United States. We really don't know that he was symptom free when he arrived; Ebola symptoms usually progress rapidly. But always at the same rate of "rapidly"? Who knows?

      If anyone with whom Duncan had contact shows symptoms, the 21-day count begins again.

      What I see as beyond foolish....More Liberians and other West Africans from the Ebola Hot Zone are still coming into the United States. In my view, allowing that flow is playing Russian Roulette with the health of the citizenry of our homeland.

      Overall, the Obama Administration does not inspire confidence.

      Meanwhile, Enterovirus D68 is on the rise -- or so it seems.

  8. I don't care what else government does as long as it protects our safety, our security, our freedoms, and our laws and rights. Unfortunately it's not doing a very good job of any of these, and to make matters even worse, this government is more of the cause of damage to my rights than a defense against such.
    Unfortunately one of the biggest problem s that we face today, besides from the terrorism in the world is the constant lying from our own president.
    My concepts don’t change, liberalism and conservatism at their cores don’t change, but the times certainly do, and so does my preference as to which approach we need more have, and which, less of. These days I’m proudly conservative…

  9. I find it interesting that some of the left's defense of the Administration's actions regarding Ebola, has consisted of blaming the NRA for the lack of a current Surgeon General...and that it would be immoral to place a travel quarantine on Liberia, because of slavery.

    Cognitive dissonance, given that the demographic most susceptible to contracting Ebola here in the US...is inner city blacks.

    1. I find it amazing that you conflate the entire left's position to some ridiculous anecdote about the Surgeon General (as if that makes any difference) and a belief that we would not be worse off by allowing an ineffective measure like a flight interdiction to allow us to become complacent.

      Your reaction reminds me of a critical example of why we are in so much trouble.

      I notice that you managed to insert your obsession with firearms into the topic of infectious disease control.

    2. Wow. Project much?

      Speaking of cognitive dissonance, you write: "the entire left's position" in response to my statement: "some of the left's defense".

      And highlighting an argument of the left is somehow inserting some sort of obsession on my part. But thanks for interjecting an issue of AP History curriculum into the topic of infectious disease control. Mere irony or rank hypocrisy?

      Thank you Ducky. You've made my case even better than I could. Bravo.

    3. So let me get this staight

      There is an article that states we have heard nothing from the Surgeon General because the position is vacant. The article then states ACCURATELY that the NRA was critical in holding up the nomination.
      You somehow translate this one ACCURATE article into a comprehensive liberal position. Stunning.

      My interjection of the AP history issue (a serious issue) is only to give a hint at a possible start to understanding why the right is so indoctrinated.

      Now, are we to understand that a single article ACCURATELY discussing why the Surgeon General has had no comment is representative of the totality of the left's position?

    4. ".....representative of the totality of the left's position?"

      You haven't shown yourself to be irresponsibly ignorant before...why do you insist on showcasing either a lack of english comprehension, or childish projection?

  10. Just when you thought you had heard it all... Just when you thought that Obama couldn’t possibly be so stupidly ridiculous! He DID!
    Our Dear Leader in an address to the Democratic Hispanic Caucus Institution Gala Thursday, offered AMNESTY and a promise to relax immigration restrictions "between the November elections and the end of the year," citing the failure of Congress to pass immigration reform.

    President Barack Obama promised late Thursday he would unilaterally reduce enforcement of immigration rules for some illegals by year’s end. Obama told the all-Democratic Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Gala in Washington D.C., “I’ve said before that if Congress failed to live up to its responsibilities to solve this problem, I would act to fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own … and it will be taking place between the November elections and the end of the year."

    Since where does he have the right to change our immigration law? He is flouting Congressional power by doing so, and is blatantly abusing his executive power. As with Obamacare, he is changing the law, undoing years and years of legal precedent to appease members of his base. Don't get mad at me folks, those were his own words.
    I guess that he feels that since no one has done anything to stop him so far that he can just do whatever the f..k he wants. And apparently he is right. Let the law be damned, let the United States Constitution be damned! He’ll do it his way!

    This man has failed us badly, in so many ways, that I am sick of him and just about everything that this man is doing to this country.? His stand on Islam is scary and after all that’s
    going on he is still ill informed, and inept at his job as the leader of this nation and of the free World.
    “Hope and Change” How about DESTROY AND CHANGE!
    The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. Blaming the Prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their Prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of the Liberal and Progressive fools such as those who made him their president.

  11. "we wonder how much of the security funding will be used to hinder counter-terror and law enforcement efforts."

    How about US tax dollars for demolition?


  12. Don Surber of the Charleston Daily Mail sums it up perfectly. Islam is a scourge to this world. The Quran is a book, of Hate, it is in no way holy at all - and the tenets of Islam are in no way compatible with a free-thinking society based on compassion and humanity. Even the arab word that we falsely translate to mean "peace" means anything but peace. It means submission to their shitty word for G-d, according to the forced restrictions of their shitty, flawed book. ISIS takes the worst aspects of Islam (which is not all that hard to do) and shows them to us all at once. ISIS needs to die, and I mean, it needs to completely die. Every single ISIS soldier needs to be executed. ISIS needs to be removed from the face of the planet.

    I didn't say that all Muslims should die, so don't misquote me. I respect their right to believe anything they want, but those who act out this barbarism need to die. I feel sorry for every human being who has the misfortune of having to be born into this shitty religion that has brought our world so much misery.

    Who would think that in the 21st century, a "world" religion would have adherents who are beheading innocent people, crushing babies heads, abducting teens and pre-teens and forcing people into slavery?

    I will say it one more time, and remember, I'm called a Liberal here in the USA, and I say that : ISIS needs to die, every single man and woman who fights for ISIS, without exception!
    He also says that every single thing this president has tried has failed. Now aint that the truth!
    I am not on the ballot this fall," President Obama told voters in Evanston, Illinois, on Thursday. "Michelle’s pretty happy about that. But make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them."

    Republicans should be dancing in the streets with laughter. His presidency is one failure after another..
    And how about “You can keep your doctor. Period”?
    Every single thing this president has tried or promised has failed. The economy? Fail. Transparency in government? Fail. Easing racial tension? Fail. Ending war? Fail. Winning Afghanistan? Fail.
    Healthcare, Employment, Iraq, Racial harmony, Economic recovery, His own legacy, Benghazi, IRS
    Stopping voter fraud, Creating the most transparent administration.. And it goes on and on....
    .Hell, he could not even pull off the Beer Summit between Professor Gates and the white cop. It ended with no one conceding anything..

  13. One can only hope voters are paying attention now and, in the November 2014 midterm elections, they will elect Republican candidates to limit the damage that Obama continues to inflict on the US economy. etc, and etc. . And realize that Al Sharptońs 60th birthday party isn’t the most important thing going on in the world.

  14. "Republicans should be dancing in the streets with laughter. His presidency is one failure after another.."

    Well, that would be true if [he] was president of some other country!


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