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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Worm Turns

Apparently, Tingles is disillusioned and may have discovered that Obama is not "The One" after all (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance):

Money quote:
Obama's surrounded by virtual people....little kids with propellers on their heads," Americans have "nothing to ROOT FOR with Obama....


  1. I just saw this at Z's.

    So, Chrissy is having some buyer's remorse, eh? HA!

    Like I said at Z's, if he continues to speak out against The One, I'm sure the rest of the MSM will see him suddenly 'retire.'

  2. The cone of silence that surrounds Obama finally begins to crack...

    I guess Obama's Ring of Gyges is losing its' magical power if incompetence invisibility. Do you suppose that one day some hobbit will actually reached Mt. Doom and thrown the ring in?

  3. The more it doesn't tingle the better it is for our country. You're in trouble when your biggest fan is disappointed.

  4. And he is a worm. I actually used to like him and watch his show before it became a wall to wall bash Bush fest.

  5. Looks like Chrissy has finally noticed the Emperor has no clothes.

    But it's more like he wants Obama to tell him what to think. Is he that shallow?

  6. Ha ha!! Is it just me, or does Obama seem to be in serious political trouble here?

  7. Well not exactly Stogie. If you've been paying attention to the Republican clown car you'll realize it isn't the politico class that is in trouble, they always grift the suckers.

    THE NATION, all of us, we are in trouble.

  8. Suddenly, a song comes to mind . . .


  9. "He hasn't told us how he will reform Health Care?" How old is this.

    Watch his show, he is clearly a supporter of Obama, he always plays the devil's advocate.

    But that's the difference between the right and the left. The right follows in lock step whomever they are told to support-usually with lame talking points.

    The left questions everyone, even Obama. The left questions everyone. Even Obama. They have the critical thinking skills the winguts do not.

  10. This is Matthews' rebuttal or comeback of sorts after Larry Elder spanked him on air last week for being a lockstep leftist rather than a journalist. He probably did some soul searching, had this unusual moment of clarity and will now fall back in line for awhile in his ardent support of the Commander. Bottom line is, who cares what this guy says anyway, he's a flip-flopping hack. Not that I didn't enjoy watching, so thanks for that.

  11. Libdude,

    The left questions everyone, even Obama. The left questions everyone. Even Obama. They have the critical thinking skills the winguts do not.

    Are you joking? Are you joking?

    Watch any news program (Fox, CNN, MSNBC). Flip through the channels. You know what is coming out of the mouths of leftists before they even open them.

    When is the last time you saw a leftist question Obama? For the umpteenth time, examples. I ask you this every time you make one of these idiotic statements and you slink away without an answer.

    Please, step up to the plate.

  12. Theresites said it

    The cone of silence that surrounds Obama finally begins to crack...

    I think Obama is in a lot more trouble than what we think. The left is finally arriving to the party. They are starting to realize they were sold a lie in 2008. He's an empty suit.

    I'm not as convinced as others that he has the inside track to the election next year.

    As to Duck's continued comments about the field of GOP nominees, he and the rest of the left spend a lot of time talking about people they view as no threat.

  13. I never thought I'd hear Tingles speak such beautiful words!

    On to 2012! Nobama 2012!

  14. Chuck, liberaldude doesn't ever know what he's talking about because he can't venture from his little box, poor little man.

    I almost laughed out loud at the 'walk lockstep' thing; have you EVER seen liberals arguing on television?
    If anybody has, PLEASE LINK OR TELL US ABOUT IT.

    FOX, on the other hand, has disagreement all the time...not only between Conservatives but (gasp!) they actually have LIBERALS on every single day, practically every hour......and DISCUSS THINGS.
    Maybe that's finally working on Tingles, too? :-) There are a LOT of defectors to the Right, as we all know.......SOME people are thinking.

  15. I don't know how much significance THIS has, but it IS interesting:

    This past week, anti-Obama merchandise outpaced sales of pro-Obama merchandise 79 percent to 21 percent at the online clothing store CafePress, which has been tracking sales of election-relevant items....

  16. As I said. When Matthews says ""He hasn't told us how he will reform Health Care?" I have to ask....How old (and irrelevant) is this?

    Obama will winner bigger in 2012 the he did in 2008 thanks to the loony, out of touch wingnuts.

  17. Right Z, Fox have their token, paid off liberals they bring on a sacrificial lambs. And yes the right walks in lock step. They get their marching orders from Rogers Ales. How do you think they get their daily lies and talking points which they all repeat ad nauseum.
    At least liberals repeat the truth.

    This just out today, LOLOL!!!

    Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don't Watch Any News: Study


  18. Hmmmm....Apparently, some Occupiers heckled Obama today in New Hampshire.

  19. We see where libdude gets his info.

    Still working on that question about the last time you saw a lib criticizing Obama? Huh, libdude?

  20. Liberals can say what they want, I'll wait to see what they say and do when the election rolls around.

  21. I read liberaldude's comment with laughter.

    Are you old enough to remember when Republicans were in charge?

    Obama and the Demos won because the Republicans screwed up, They talked abig game of reducing the size and scope of government. The straw that broke McCain's Campaign was when Bush signed the 1st Tarp.

    The Tea Party is both Demo and Repub but mostly disaffecte Repubs. If we were lock step would there be a Tea Party? No

    The current crop of RNC candidates do look a bit like clowns as Ducktard suggested. Why because we are learning everything about them real and imagined.

    In contrast, the leftist President we still know nothing except the people he is surrounded by have no experience and/or are criminals......Tony Resco Tim Geitner etc etc


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