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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Newt Gingrich On The Occupiers

I'm no big fan of Newt Gingrich, but he is spot on about the Occupiers:

(With a hat tip to Adrienne's Corner for the above video)

Another video about the Occupiers (hat tip to Mike's America):

If the Right were to disrupt lives in such a manner, the mainstream media would be all over the story on every news broadcast.


  1. Newt is good at talking, which is what makes him an attractive candidate. When you look at what he's done and supported in the past, it gets murkier...

    Yeah, it is amazing how the media gives these apes a complete pass. Remember when this same media was performing on-camera hostile interrogations of sign-wielding grannies at tea party events?

  2. The MSM is even trying to demonize Gingrich for calling out the occupiers, but like AOW says, they actual vagrants get a continual pass.

  3. Right on Newt!

    These occupiers need to occupy Mobile Alabama. I'd pay to watch that!

  4. The media's screwing us again in every way they can. I don't know how we win an election with that happening.
    Taunting the children is despicable...probably the same kids whose teachers had them listen to Gore's movie, giving them nightmares about NYC drowning, remember?

    As for Newt; We all feel that way. I'm so scared of him for some reason. I think he's rEALLY smart but if he is the nominee we are REALLY losing.
    By the way, did you hear how one of the leaders of the NY OWS spent the night at the W Hotel to the tune of $700 for one night? He was tired and needed a shower$$$$

    what hypocrites.

  5. they are beneath contempt which is why all the libs support them! hope you are having a super weekend my friend~!.:)

  6. The reason Newt is up in the polls is because it's enormously satisfying to hear a presidential candidate to say such things.

  7. I started out totally against Newt as the old school Republican that we just didnt need in this election.

    Months ago, the guy had no money and his campaign staff quit and like most I said he is done.

    Then in debate after debate he delivered a clear consistent message. He consistently admonished the childish quibbly others and reminded them the problem is Obama and the Democrats.

    Unlike Perry, Newt can take Obama in a debate.

    Unlike Mitt, Newt will take Obama in a debate.

    The best the media can dig up so far on present day Newt is that his company got paid for providing a service......

  8. Newt is despicable and is obviously nervous he may lose his donors who have told him to help shut this down.

    I guess you are not capable of seeing that OWS is out to help average Americans LIKE YOU-not millionaires-like Newt (who asked his wife to sign divorce papers while she was dying in the hospital).

  9. It's easy to be right on the occupiers. A bunch of greedy slobs given to violence who are uniting to make America a much worse place. Easy target.

    Liberal said: "I guess you are not capable of seeing that OWS is out to help average Americans"

    Not capable of seeing what is not there. OWS is out to help the ruling class and greatly increase their power. Nothing more.

  10. Yep and Newt is also sorry he ever did any deal with Pelosi!

    I agree with you AOW he was treading with the thugs till he got some sense. Unfortunately the leftards are feeling threatened because Newt talked against them the “far left loons”.

  11. Gee no one talked nice about the Tea Party helping the country from the left view!


    occupiers are nothing but low life and they are here to hurt America!

  12. BTW AOL,

    I knew Newt would piss off the left with that speech that is why I posted on him nothing more. LOL

  13. How exactly are the OWS folks helping the average guy?

    They are costing the average guy money as tax money is diverted to provide security and other logistics to OWS. Money that was allocated to provide additional patrols in communities to deter house break ins and other property crimes. House break ins are up because your ignorant leader has caused unemplyment to triple. That money is now being divereted to watch a couple of dozen mal contents who do not want to pay their student loans.

    The average guy/gal is like me he pays his/her own students loans.

    So no I cant see how OWS is helping the average guy if anything they are a drain on society and should be scrubbed off of every site and told to get a job.

    As to millionaires...I dont give a damn about millionaires. We will always have such folks and here is a newsflash idiot they are not affected by this down turn in the economy and they are raking in money hand over fist because of your party. Your and your ilk decry capitalism and government in bed together but your are so blind you dont even ask where the trillions are going. It went into the hands of GE, AIG, and dozens of other companies....Meanwhile you shut your mantra of 2 unfounded wars blah blah with no snaptic firing between your ears to realize Bush's last deficit was 1/10 of that of 2011

  14. Blogginator,
    Check out THIS INFORMATIONL about the Occupiers and homeless shelters.


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