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Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans Day 2011

See this post at Mr. AOW's site.


  1. Jim DeMint (R-of course) was the only senator to oppose a measure aimed at hiring veterans. "Despite the overwhelm­ng evidence that these tax credits do not stimulate hiring for targeted groups..." DeMint said.

    If I might re-phrase that for him:
    "Despite the overwhelmi­ng evidence that extending tax cuts for the wealthy does NOT stimulate hiring for ANYONE, the GOP/TP continue to press for extensions and even LOWER tax rates"!!!

  2. Thank you, Mr. AOW, truly from the bottom of my heart.

    And I do agree that our veterans and those still serving have been disregarded for far too long. That must be rectified, however, under this current administration, that is not a possibility.

    My grandfather and dad, both served and I am proud of their legacy.

  3. Mr. AOW is at our local VFW tonight. I think the place is packed -- as is the norm on Veterans Day.

  4. Good to hear! Hope he has a great time AOW!

  5. 5 Reasons Veterans are part of the 99%

    1.) Veterans Deserve Economic Justice: Thousands of veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are finding a grim job market. Veterans who served since 9/11 experience a 12.1% unemployment rate, which is higher than the national average, while one in three male veterans are jobless. Recent reports have showed that the number of homeless veterans is surging, while there are insufficient job placement programs.

    2.) Veterans Embrace Occupy Wall Street Out Of Love For Country: A growing number of veterans groups are enthusiastically embracing the movement. Although some are demonstrating against a terrible economic conditions, many are doing so out of simple patriotism. Thousands have marched near Zuccotti Park and at other occupy encampments with a message about taking their country back from the grip of lobbyists and predatory financial institutions. One iconic sign, held by a veteran at Occupy Wall Street, summed up the sentiment: “Second time I’ve fought for my country. First time I’ve known my enemy.”

    3.) The Banks Are Preying On Veterans: Big banks have found ways to rip off and ruin the men and women who placed their lives on the line for this country. According to a recent whistleblower lawsuit, some of the nation’s biggest banks, including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and J.P. Morgan Chase, “defrauded veterans and taxpayers out of hundreds of millions of dollars by disguising illegal fees in veterans’ home refinancing loans.” Fly-by-night scam for-profit universities, many of which are owned by Wall Street investment banks, heavily target veterans with fraudulent educational programs. While military families struggle to get by all over the country, defense contractor CEO’s earn as much as $19 million a year.

    4.) K Street Domination Of Government Means Defense Money Goes To War Profiteering Corporations Over Veterans: America spends more on the military than most of our rival nations combined. Yet much of that money, because of the influence of defense contractors and other private military interests, is spent on expensive weapons we never use instead of on rank and file soldiers. Revolving door lobbyists, who go from the Pentagon to K Street firms, have secured over a trillion in wasteful spending to companies like Lockheed Martin.

    5.) During The Economic Downturn, Veterans Programs Are Being Cut And Privatized As Well: As Republicans and their allies have succeeded so far in pushing an austerity agenda of massive government cuts, veterans have also been targeted. According to a recent analysis by Military.com of a CBO study outlining suggested cuts, Congress is debating proposals to cap military basic pay and limiting veterans health benefits. Notably, the Defense Business Board is also considering a move to privatize the military pension program, swapping it out with a 401k system. If there is another crisis on Wall Street, veterans could lose see their retirement benefits wiped out if such a system is put in place.

  6. Liberal Dude,
    To my knowledge, the numbers of veterans who are Occupiers are few. Do you have stats to prove otherwise?

  7. Clearly, not all veterans are Occupiers. See THIS.

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  10. I'm not saying they are. I'm saying they should be, (and so should you).

    Your link with the GI and his sign is another example of the right not understanding or intentionally trying to sabotage a movement which will help both.

    No one is looking for handouts. But the Banks sure have had theirs in the from of billions of dollars of bail outs, which the middle class is paying for-and STILL not getting anything in return for their sacrifice. While the 1% still piss on our heads.

    Wake up.


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