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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Inhumane Occupiers

As one whose spouse is wheelchair bound, I find the following action by the Occupiers disgusting (hat tip to Conservative Hideout 2.0):

More information about the "Occupods" HERE at Conservative Hideout 2.0. As Matt points out:
In essence, is this not illegal restraint? They are blocking the doors, and not allowing people to leave. And, isn’t blocking the exits to a building illegal? What if there was a fire, or other emergency?...
And what about this non-emergency? Anyone who travels via the paratransit system we have here in the Washington, D.C. area and who misses the return ride home is trapped in such a situation. Miss the ride home, and you're stuck for hours, possibly overnight, where you are.

Today, Mr. AOW will be using his scooter, a machine that we cannot transport with our sedans, to travel today via the paratransit system. The Occupiers are forcing Mr. AOW and others using MetroAccess to consider whether or not to go on local outings because of the disruptive actions of Leftist loons? OUTRAGE!

Mr. AOW and I can only hope that nothing happens on his outing today, an outing planned and arranged over a week ago. He will be traveling alone, but after I do the grocery shopping, I'll be coming along later in my own car to assist Mr. AOW with his bathrooming. More worries today for both of us: that I might not be able to get inside to assist him or that he'll miss his paratransit ride back home!


  1. As I said at IBA, this is yet another reason to arrest these vagrants!

    Go early. Most of these derelicts should still be passed out. ;)

  2. Its gone well beyond 'peaceful protest', many should be asking dad for bail money by now.

  3. People are allowed to enjoy their rights as long as so doing does not interfere with the rights of others. If Tea Party protesters behaved in this manner, they would have been forcibly removed by the police. Why are these jerks receiving special privileges? You are right to be OUTRAGED!

  4. Bring a gun.

    LOL! My word verification word is "dialib". No kidding!

  5. A gun would part that crowd pretty effectively. And, you wouldn't even have to fire it.

  6. the more vile they are the more Hussein O will support them! Have a beautiful Sunday my friend:)

  7. A society will get even more of whatever it tolerates.

    Peaceful protest is one thing, but interfering with the rights of others crosses the line. The animals are running the zoo.

  8. This is incredible but sadly not new. I wrote this a couple of years ago


    It's about a tough guy from the left beating up a young lady in a wheelchair - all in the name of peace.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. The sooner we face this in the US and get these people some help the better.

  9. These thugs are very brave in the face of an older woman in a wheel chair. It is way past time to clear them out of the public places they now infest, at the point of National Guard bayonets if that's what it takes.

    Hope Mr. AOW has no trouble today.

  10. Silverfiddle said:

    The animals are running the zoo.

    Well, take a look at THIS, especially this image, which states: "Fight directly for communism."

    Those who support the Occupiers and their so-called movement as a movement speaking up for the little guy as victim are, at the least, deceived. Something else is going on -- and it ain't pretty.

    I think back to the Russians in 1917. They certainly had legitimate gripes. But after deposing the House of Romanov, were they better off? Nope. Indeed, the suffering people of Russia were manipulated into something worse than they'd ever had to endure before.

  11. I had not seen this, terrible. So what will happen? Charges I hope.

    Right Truth

  12. AOW,

    Ok I'm pissed!

    I hope she has a lawyer but then again they are nothing but scum bags so there you have it!

    What a bunch of ....morons!

    Stupid does do what stupid is! This is what it looks like! Every last one of them on the other side of the glass doors keeping this poor woman hostage!

    I’m sure that a so called intellect will come on and tell me I am wrong again. LOL Somewhere in this crowed is a decent human being…NOT!

  13. Hmm, a woman's exit is blocked but she is perfectly composed and delivers a right wing talking point screed that could have been composed by Andrew Breitbart.

    Then we cut to someone saying her exit is blocked but she isn't in the frame.

    If they were in fact blocking her it's a disgrace and I don't understand why protesters would do it.

    If it's a doctored video and it certainly smells like the pure stinky cheese, then we'll have to wait for more comprehensive coverage.

  14. And there's this video from Daily Caller in which two elderly ladies are pushed to the hard concrete, one is 78 yrs old and reportedly went tumbling down the stairs all the while the protesters are trying to prevent videos and photos of their violence.


  15. See how stupid does!

    Nice find Indigo! :+:

  16. You know if it was me in a car trying to get to my destination I would first call 9-11 say that I fear for my life and I am going to keep driving!

    Just like anyone that tries to threaten me with violence and I have a gun!

    The moronic occupussies are out of line!

  17. I'm with Ducky. This looks like bullshit for those who don't get that this protest is about helping them-the middle class-and have to stoop to this crap so they can continue to be lapdogs for the wealthy owned GOP.


  18. Dave:-

    "I'm glad that my father, who served in World War II, isn't around now to see what's happening to America."


  19. Wow, it took quite awhile for the libs to get here to pull the old "it's doctored" bit.

    Libdude, for God's sake please tell us how rioting in the streets is helping us out.

  20. Personally I find the entire political spectrum in the US skewered beyond comprehension.

    Both the occupy movement and the Tea Party are grass root creations by a frustrated population - one seeks to show its genuine frustration at the financial system and the leaderships that leet it happen. The second wants to put core conservative values back into power. The problem is both are often hijacked by those with other agendas and the far-left takes over the occupy movement and rat-bag spoilers are making a mockery of the term conservative.

    The question is why? America's greatness always came from bipartisanship and galvanising when there is a problem. Can America return to this? Guess we have to wait and see if the far-left and right-wing spoilers expose themselves to a point of being cooked.

  21. D Charles,
    Both the occupy movement and the Tea Party are grass root creations by a frustrated population...

    That may be the case. But, as you basically pointed out, both movements have now been co-opted.

    The question is why?

    Once any movement starts, others see that movement and just have to try to take advantage of it. Furthermore, we have decades upon decades of schools promoting feelings and not critical thinking -- never mind the much bragging from schools that "We teach critical thinking."

    I've never seen America as divided as she is now. Tensions always run high close to a Presidential election. But this cycle is particularly ugly. The media are in a feeding frenzy as well.

    BTW, the above is the short version from me.

  22. Duck,
    Hmm, a woman's exit is blocked but she is perfectly composed...

    FYI...the disabled often have more poise than you can relate to.

    I often have meltdowns when Mr. AOW is in a predicament. But he remains calm and insists, "Don't worry. We'll figure this out." Even when he's lying flat on the floor! On one specific occasion, at 3:00 AM, I called 911, but Mr. AOW said, "Just give me a blanket and a pillow. I'll be fine for three or four hours."

    Is the video doctored? I have no idea. I know that I didn't doctor it.

  23. From YouTube:

    For those of you who think this was staged, I can assure you it was not. I am the woman in the wheelchair holding my seizure alert dog in my lap. I am well educated, life experienced and perfectly able to form and express my own opinions. I don't need a script or a teleprompter. Anyone else have any other asinine accusations to toss out about the reality of the situation? Bring them. I can take it.

    And here's the thing: if this woman's situation is real, we full well know that the mainstream media won't tell what happened.

    Just imagine if a Tea Partier had blocked a wheelchair-bound Leftist's exit from a building? The mind reels at the very thought of the media frenzy that would ensue.

  24. Mark,
    A gun would part that crowd pretty effectively. And, you wouldn't even have to fire it.

    Hear, hear.

    How about some sulfur drops? They might work too.

  25. Dcat,
    I hope she has a lawyer but then again they are nothing but scum bags so there you have it!

    You can't get blood out of a turnip. I found that out for myself when I sued an immigrant for rear ending me at a four-way stop sign.

  26. Christopher,
    This is a lesson to all who voted for Obama and his ilk, period.

    You get what you ask for.

    And the entire country suffers as a result.

  27. Brooke,
    Go early. Most of these derelicts should still be passed out.

    And some aren't even spending the night at the protest sites. I wonder if they go home to their penthouse suites?

    Have you seen how many have iphones and iPads? Sheesh.

  28. Alex,
    Mr. AOW does read the news on his iPad. But he gets all riled up! Jokes are better, and laughter is the best medicine.

  29. "decades upon decades of schools promoting feelings and not critical thinking "

    That does say a great deal.

  30. I agree with D Charles

    We have had decades of schools promoting feeling over substantive analysis and the result is our current collections of societal values where crime is rewarded, back talking children the norm, and bevahior like that on display from the occupy folks tolerated and or explained as doctored video. How about the fighting with police and defecating on cars...I guess that was made up too

  31. blogginator, just to clarify, that quote is from AOW, but you are absolutely right in what you say.

  32. You know, when the family dog gets rabies, it must be put down one way or the other. We've all seen Old Yeller.

    The more and more that these Children of Obama act like rabid dogs, the more I wonder about this.

    Am I implying they need to be shot? Of course not. Am I implying that they need to be put down? Oh yes. They only understand one thing, and you can see what that is based on how they behave.

  33. Have you seen the latest from zuccotti park -

    It's just crazy, i wouldn't want to be caught out alone with these vermin. Avoid them if you can.

  34. MK,
    Thanks for the link.

    I've been overwhelmed lately and, therefore, unable to keep up with all the details of the Occupiers.

  35. Occupiers are looking for a Kent State moment, and they do everything and use everyone they can to force police to respond. They don't care if a person is disabled. They even use their own children as human shields.

  36. The woman nailed it, "This is what mob rule looks like." Actually, they are both correct. A true democracy IS mob rule, which is why our founders formed a Republic.

  37. Looks as if the Occupiers have diseases. See THIS and THIS.


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