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Friday, November 25, 2011

Blog Break (With A Feel-Good Addendum)

For this Thanksgiving weekend. I'll be back on Monday, November 28.

I am co-hosting The Gathering Storm Radio Show today, Friday, November 25, at noon Pacific Time. Warren is our scheduled guest.


Warren has a puppy!

Check out this cute girl:

More pictures at the above link.


  1. Good for you, a much needed break I'm sure.

    You and Mr. AOW enjoy!

    Right Truth

  2. Your little pup has the same toy ours does! Squeaker in the head and tip of the tail? It drove him nuts when we first got it. He's older now so the excitement has worn off...

  3. Hosting the show! That's neat. You deserve the recognition.

    --- about your comment on my "occupy" post, you sounded serious and that was actually just a parody, a joke on the Occupy movement. Heh. I hope I don't get sued... :-)

  4. Black Sheep,
    Well, I did take it seriously. I put nothing past the Occupiers. Really.

    Also, note the time. I hadn't finished even one cup of coffee.

  5. Black Sheep,
    I've been co-hosting for years. I've even ventured into terrestrial radio.

    I don't know about deserving any recognition. Most days, I feel like a broken record. **sigh**

  6. Silverfiddle,
    The pup is Warren's -- not ours. Too bad! She's a beauty.


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