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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Virginia 2011 Elections

A bellwether for 2012?

From this source:
Obama's Virginia Defeat

Democrats were trounced in Tuesday's state legislature election, despite the president's heavy investment of time in the state.


Of all the noise of this week's state election results, what mattered most for Election 2012 came out of Virginia. It was the sound of the air leaking out of the Plouffe plan.

That would be David Plouffe, President Obama's former campaign manager and current senior strategist, who is focused today on how to cobble together 270 electoral votes for re-election. That's proving tough, what with the economy hurting Mr. Obama in states like Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania that he won in 2008. The White House's response has been to pin its hopes on a more roundabout path to electoral victory, one based on the Southern and Western states Mr. Obama also claimed in 2008.

States like Virginia. Mr. Obama was the first Democrat to win Virginia since 1964; he beat John McCain by seven percentage points; and he did so on the strength of his appeal to Northern Virginia's many white-collar independents. Along with victories in North Carolina, Colorado and Nevada, the Obama Old Dominion win in 2008 inspired a flurry of stories about how Democrats had forever altered the political map.

So the White House is pouring resources into what Tim Kaine, the state's former Democratic governor, now pridefully refers to as Democrats' "New Dominion." The Obama campaign has held some 1,600 events in the state in the last half-year alone. Only last month Mr. Obama hopped a three-day bus trip through Virginia and North Carolina. Obama officials keep flocking to the state, and Tuesday's election was to offer the first indication of how these efforts are succeeding.

Let's just say the New Dominion is looking an awful lot like the Old Dominion. If anything, more so....
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With a GOP sweep, the November 2009 Virginia Elections were a complete trounce of the Democratic Party, and those Virginia elections were followed by another trounce of the Democratic Party in various states in the 2012 mid-term elections. And now in 2011, Virginia has again rejected the Obama agenda.

November 2012 is promising to be very interesting, huh? The bellwethers are not indicating that Obama will be pulling off another huge win.


  1. As I mentioned over at my place, I voted for a straight Republican ticket.

    Every candidate I voted for won. Except one, for Stafford County school board, and I don't know if he is Republican or Democrat. The ballot didn't say, and I'd never heard of either candidate, so I chose the first name. He lost.

    One of my Liberal friends asked me, "If the candidate was a womanizer, a pedophile. or a crook with an IQ of 60, would you still have voted a straight ticket?"

    I replied, "That's why I don't vote for Democrats".

  2. Huh. I haven't hear Plouffe's name mentioned in a while!

    Here in Ohio, Cincinnati specifically, a Republican city council was ousted. (The arrogant, mismanaging leftist mayor was not up for re-election.)

    I think that people are angry enough that whoever is in power is going to be given the pink slip.

    A good thing: Issue three was approved; Ohioans wholly rejected Obamacare.

  3. A trapped rat is very dangerous. We're going to see unprecedented levels of fear and smear between now and next November.

  4. Aren't Virginia's odd year elections a wonderful expression of federalism. btw - I have corrected an long standing egregious oversight by adding you to the Bob Schieffer Blog Roll. Welcome aboard.

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  5. The Virginia victories are a positive sign, they give some hope, but its not over until the fat lady sings. A lot can happen and turn between now and election.

    Fiddle - exactly why I made this statement.

    Brooke - yes, people are all over the map politically now. Too many of them still get their news and editorials from the lame-stream media. They know something is really, really wrong but they don't know the exactly what, so they automatically lash at ALL incumbents when up for election.

  6. I still think Obama's toast next year. He is in trouble in the swing states he needs.

    I think the GOP sweeps next year.

  7. After the lunacy and lies the GOP has shown since 2008, Obama and the Dems win bigger in 2012.

  8. Let's hope the more money they pour in, the worse they'll lose.

    The 2012 election is for the republicans to lose. obama is a loser and deserves to lose.

  9. Lib,

    After the lunacy and lies the GOP has shown since 2008, Obama and the Dems win bigger in 2012.

    How'd that theory work out for you in 2010?

  10. Good news in Virginia but a mixed bag in Ohio and we need BOTH STATES to rid ourselves of Obama.

    Don't underestimate the power, money and determination of the well-organized and funded left.

    Too many people on our side with more to lose in this contest than myself are not stepping up to fund the effort we need to overcome Obama's edge with the media.


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