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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Mighty Huntress

Don't let Mysti's sweet face deceive you. That cat CAN hunt!

Below the fold, see what Mysti hunted down and slew in our cellar last week. I found "the gift" on the kitchen floor when I arrived home from work one day last week.

A juvenile black rat snake (Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta):

Mysti was strutting around with pride for hours following her great deed.

More information about this breed of snake HERE at Wikipedia.


  1. Smiles, really well done Mysti probably didden't like the 'competition' moving in.Act first.... ask questions later.lol

  2. Will,
    Mysti is not a young cat. She is almost 12 years old -- and a spry and relentless as ever.

    I have no vermin in my house!

  3. That is cool! This is the cat that had the infection earlier this year isn't she?

  4. Silverfiddle,
    Actually, it was Cameo who had the bladder stones this past summer.

    Mysti does have some health woes, however. She has IBD because she had a severe case of coccidiosis when she was a kitten. Therefore, she has remained petite. Her projectile vomiting (not on a regular basis) is her chronic problem now.

    BTW, she doesn't eat what she kills. She learned from a few bad experience, I think.

  5. Awesome truelly awesome!

    I would love to have a cat but I am unfortunately allergic. I have a Parrot called "Smurf" - because that is all he can say.

  6. Never had a cat that didn't hunt and leave trophies.

  7. Oh I hate snakes. I know the do a lot of good, they eat mice etc. but I can't identify a poison one from a harmless one. I always wear boots when working outside.

    I've never had cats, but my hubby's family did. They always like to bring their catch back to their master so they can get praised.

    Good kitty.

    Right Truth

  8. Mustang,
    I don't hate snakes. In fact, I have plenty of them in my wooded lot, where I welcome them, particularly the black snakes.

    But I don't want snakes inside the house!

  9. Debbie,
    They always like to bring their catch back to their master so they can get praised.

    Mr. AOW is lucky that Mysti didn't bring the snake up to his hospital bed and leave her catch there on the bedspread.


  10. Conservatives On Fire,
    Never had a cat that didn't hunt and leave trophies.

    One of my cats, Dusti, will not hunt -- except for tracking. She leaves the slaying to the other two cats.

  11. When I was a young boy we always kept cats on the farm and not just for the obvious reason--RATS---but the ole-timers knew they would kill snakes. And we seldom found one close to the old place unless it was dead---a victim of a close-encounter of our beloved felines!

  12. Cats, eh? You're interestingly mute about yesterday's elections. No wonder. Nice to see the voters wake up and give a resounding NO to the draconian and crazy polices of the GOP yesterday. Way to go Ohio and Mississippi! Walker is next. Go OWS! Obama 2012!

  13. oish I would faint!! Have a blessed week my friend.:)

  14. I remember getting half chewed mice from cats when I was younger.

    The tree I have now are freeloaders, or my house is completely vermin free.

  15. Liberal Dude,
    You're interestingly mute about yesterday's elections. No wonder.

    As you've probably noticed, I don't usually bother responding to your comments.

    This time, I will answer.

    This is my site. What I post is MY business.

    What outside factors impact the material I post and my posting schedule are MY business.

    But I will inform you of the following: I work (Do you?) and am the sole caregiver for my totally disabled husband. I myself have also been ill the past several days. Furthermore, I've been dealing with car repair problems.

    I strongly advise you of the following: Don't scold me again. You are allowed to post comments here by my grace and because I have a high level of tolerance of fools.

  16. What the voting results in Ohio and Mississippi mean:

    Landslide against limiting public union collective bargaining rights, means LITERALLY .. seniority and not merit will be used to increase teacher pay, and that tenure will not be reformed (something all polls showed voters were AGAINST) AND that employee contributions to health insurance are ZERO, but the decisive issue might have been that police and fire fighters would have been affected.

    Ohioans voted in FAVOR of Ohio opting out of Obamacare.

    Mississippi voters went mandate size vote against declaring a fetus a human at conception, and overwhelmingly to end the state’s ability to use eminent domain to seize private property to give it to another private entity which would then pay more taxes.

  17. Mysti looks very much like my cat, Missy.

  18. AOW, your tolerance of liberalschmuck is a lot greater than my tolerance of such fools.

    Funny, people like him are happy when unions prevail, even though it means higher prices and/or taxes along with everyone else.

    High taxes, fewer jobs, more debt, a continuing weakness in the economy, and that makes liberalfool happy -- because that is what the outcome of the recent elections will mean.

  19. I think "liberal dude" is progress-speak meaning idiot.

  20. Good heavens, look at the size of that thing. She did well, that cat has earned her food, and the good stuff please, the juicier the better.

  21. I would've tried to save it had I been given a chance, but with cats you are seldom given that chance.

  22. BTW I meant to mention that Mysti
    reminds me so much of Tribby, our beloved Maine Coon.

  23. Yep that snake didn't have a chance! ;]

  24. Cube,
    I wasn't home at the time.

    But I'm not sure that I'd have taken the risk to save the snake. At first glance, it looks like a copperhead!


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